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Green zone = No Safety

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Srupl    1,393

I thought this exploit was fixed long time ago because I haven't encontered the problem for months but I was wrong. Last time I heard about it was back in the days of fishing in the Green Zone. 

  1. Tag AI fleet outside greenzone
  2. Pull ships inside Green Zone
  3. gg wp easy gank

List of bugs:

  • Pulling ships from Green Zone
  • No Green Zone Reinforcements (no one can join and help you like during tag in Green Zone, because tagged ship was outside Green Zone)


The problem is even more serious considering the new RoE huge pulling circle... Good job gankers, enjoy these 2 ships you capped. See you in Castries for the 15th time, really love killing you 11-1 in even fights :lol:



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Intrepido    2,180

Another problem related to "safety areas" around ports and fortifications.

After you finish with all your enemies, the game allows you to leave inmediately the battle with your prizes (the most common tactic is the board fast all enemies) even if the forts are still firing at you. 

The forts should keep reseting you until you get out of range. This is my proposal as fix.

Another suggestion related to this. The forts keep attacking the hull even if their target is quite far to actually damage it. I would "teach" them to focus on sails instead, more effective in my view.


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