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DNP - New danish-norwegian clan recruiting on PvP1EU

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Current recruiters are Sverne, Assassin, Gorgons, Staunberg. 


 US timezone - Sverne

Euro timezone - Assassin, Staunberg, Gorgons.

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Danish-Norwegian Privateers are actively looking for new members! If you want to help defend the two kingdoms borders, participate in trading, crafting, PvP'ing or RvR - then we're the clan for you. Maturity and TS is required!

For more information: Assassin, Sverne, Gorgons, Lars Kjaer.

US TZ: Sverne

EU TZ: Assassin, Gorgons, Lars Kjaer


A bit of fun at Gustavia today:


Edited by Lars Kjaer

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