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New port battles feedback

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Perhaps once they do something about the boarding mechanic they could implement something relatively easy because what's a fort or tower from a programming perspective but a heavily armored, heavily armed, high crew count, highly accurate, stationary ship? I'm sure I'm oversimplifying but just change the graphics. Many forts would also need to be repositioned in relation to capture circles. If there was a strategic location where an enemy could control a port, there would have been coastal defenses covering it assuming the nation could afford it.

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I'd love to be able to post a meaningful message here.  I 'hear' they're great, but with the restrictions, and long lead times, and taking a whole region at a time, only the players with the best ships for the battle get in, and the rest of us end up fighting screening battles.  Port battles were my absolute favorite part of this game, now...take them out entirely for all I care.  IF all can't have a chance to take part at some point, get rid of it.  Not to worry everyone, Dev's arent going to listen to me, and I play less and less and less anymore so you can rage at my comment all you want, I'll never get into a port battle at this rate, and I hate it.

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