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Love and Hate Post

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currently I love "the game for its existence" but I "hate":

the random aspect on crafting

the weird opponent scaling on PvE missions (eg1. One experienced Captain in Wasa and a n00b ina Bellona get a horde of 3xPavel, 3x3rd Rate and 2 Constis in 4th rate Fleet Missions, nearly every time, eg2. With a group of two experienced (Rattlesnake/Mercury) and three Greenhorns (Snow/NavyBrig) for a lowest(!) 6th rate mission, we get 18 ships (ok, Snow&Brig) on the enemy side?! eg3. On a 3rd rate Solo mission, we entered as a team of two (Aga+Wasa), we get a two Pavel,...)

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On 24/7/2017 at 5:57 AM, HarryButpain said:

So I have lost my surprise now for the second time because of the npc boarding my ship. Npc always seems to be rdy to board your vessel no matter the circumstances. I don't mind npc having faster reload or doing more dmg than a player could do, cause I can easily make his shots bounce off my hull in my sleep, but the boarding thing REALLY annoys the hell out of me.

I just lost my Wasa, when the NPC ship was really almost to sink...

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