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Moderator taking sides + open positions

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Sir Texas Sir    3,667

I haven't seen the two players we had as moderators on Global since before patch.  Starting to think we might need a few more Mods and some that actually play during US prime time @The Red Duke has pretty much been our only moderator other than @Iroquois Confederacy where the only two mods that I know of we had on.  Both are MIA or off playing on EU server.  Shouldn't we have actually Mods that play and constant on the GLOBAL servers?   Hell I would put myself in for the position but I have done it on other games and it's a big headache, but I'm also one of the most active players in game or on the Forums for GLOBAL.  I just wanted to put it out there we really need some prime time US player base Moderators on Global along with a few others that cover the SEA/AU and EU prime times that are going to stay active on our server and not run off to EU or go inactive.  

I think each of the major nations need to have at least one active moderator that can watch over nation chat (doesn't get as bad at times) and global chat for any folks that step out of line or get abusive.


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