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Found 2 results

  1. VCO - A History Home to Christendom, the People's voice Home to the Screen Master, Santi Disaster, Amplify the CNN Coordinator Home to Coraline "Cupcake and Craft" Vodka Home to Tiargo "Grumpy" German Home to the Studying Aussie down under who picks up the ladies, Dusty "Dusty-San" Attenborough Home to Lady "Want to see my legs?" Hamilton Home to the cynical and bored (but good at "elite pvp"), skmarsh Home to "Master Planner Mcmannis" Home to the spymaster, Teutonic, or better known as "look guys, come play Eve" Home to Elric "Real English spoken here" theTwo. Or the "faceless man" Home to Louisvann "Oh gotta go, my kid woke up" boxtel Home to the Grandfather, John Paul Smith Home to William "The Better Demaster" Death Home to "Banned Twice" Wraith Home to the Master of coin, guardian of wealth, and the 1%, Aventador Home to perdweeb the Herc man Home to Spikes, The Sidekick Home to Shit "Fuck You" Faced and many more We are a Long standing clan that have been through many iterations from the very beginning in early 2016. The clan has a global influence with both US, EU, and Ocean players who all work together to create an ever flowing and ever growing NA community. From the beginnings of ultimate carebearing, to the new life of privateering, VCO has a hand in every aspect of Naval Action. This allows us to coordinate "all walks of life" into a machine that can function and support everyone within the clan. We truly enjoy the OW PvP and RvR aspects of Naval Action, but we also understand there are times when folks like to relax more, shoot at ai, or trade to their hearts content. VCO Focuses on the team first, we take care of our own and makes sure everyone is stocked with the supplies they need to enjoy the game. Being fiercely independent we hold no permanent diplomatic ties and we believe that the game is best experienced with as few allies as possible. One day you are a friend, another day you are food, no hard feelings. If you wish to hire VCO as mercenaries, please contact Christendom or Vodka for further details. Being our collection of colorful characters, VCO requires a few things from new recruits and active members alike: 1. A thick-skin -- Be ready to take a joke and dish them out. for questions, ask Amplify. 2. Use of communication applications -- VCO has both a Discord and a Teamspeak and requests recruits to be on both during group events 3. Maturity -- We have no Age limit and we do fool around, but we also expect players to follow comms discipline in situations that call for it 4. Beer choices -- We have a dedicated channel in discord where we request players to post what beer they are drinking so that others are not left out VCO offers the following: 1. an industry that will cover ship loss, repairs, mods, and cannons to keep our players at sea and engaged in all activites. This includes helping new and returning players get off the ground running instead of slogging through the early grind. 2. Regular "PvP squads" to engage in OW PvP against anyone we find 3. Occasional RvR activities including Screening and Port Battle fights 4. Epic Event and other PvE group events VCO also has a number of theme songs due to the constant argument of what theme song should be the clans song. For ease of access I have linked all theme songs currently under the VCO umbrella. Finally -- VCO achievements 1. Destroying Nations 2. Nightflippers 3. Destroyers of PvP1 4. being Loved twice and Hated twice by Raxius in the span of one week 5. having the longest grudge match in the entire game against Kingy 6. Longest running bill left unfilled from North Viking. We still need that 10 million bro <3. 7. Hated and Loved by the top 5 most prominent EU content creators 8. Did I mention content creation? Thank you for your time and I hope you consider joining the pirate nation and VCO for the ultimate Naval Action experience. You will get to see not only what Naval Action has to offer, but also what every player has to offer.
  2. OFFICIAL NOTICE As of 29 May 2016, the VCO Naval Action Division is no longer an officially supported game of our community. All scheduling and contact details are not guaranteed as current. For more information, please contact the current VCO Community Leader on our website. Glory. Adventure. Riches untold. Rum. Do all of these sound as good to you as they do to us? Does freedom flow through your veins (as do your love of the sea)? Do you seek not just a great sailing experience, but a GRAND one? If yes to any or all of the above, BATTEN DOWN YER HATCHES AND HOIST SAIL! Based out of Calciseu, the Voodoo Shipping Company (VCO) is seeking sailors of all experience and fancies - be they of the shallow or deepwater sailing, merchanting or exploring ilk- to be a part of our crew. - Active, dedicated leadership who put their crew before themselves - An excellent, community oriented atmosphere for players both new and old (because friendship is the best ship c: ) - An "in" on the PVP1 political scene; we love the metagame! Proud members of the American Council and the Association of United Society Leaders. - Readily available opportunities for fleet leadership and one-on-one leadership development - A weekly fleet nights schedule! Fleet nights include (but are not limited to): sea patrol, mission running, port battles, trade runs and more! Join us for our fleet operations nights! All are welcome! Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 2000 to 2200 ET ts.voodooshipping.net And don't forget to apply on our website! Company Officers jpjchris - Company Director, Fleet Commander TYRATTHOS - Executive Officer, Battle Group Commander William Halsey - Master Shipwright, Squadron Commander Branch McKraken - Squadron Commander fryday123 - Squadron Commander Rob Doug - Squadron Commander The Voodoo Shipping Company: Delivering Freedom Across The Caribbean, One Broadside at A Time Est. 2010 www.voodooshipping.net ts.voodooshipping.net