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Found 1 result

  1. Jon Snow lets go

    Change shipmodels of 1st rates

    In order to keep the realistic part I think first rates with thickness above 90 should change their model to something like this (with sails ofc): It will help new players understand that its pointless shooting at the hull because every shot will bounce unless they are melee range, even if you use the biggest cannons in the game. The new upcoming Tutorial should also include the 2 ways of killing a 1st rate with thickness mods: 1. Rageboard him with boarding mods and tell your teammates to grape 2. Demast the ship and use mortars to sink it Lastest PB show how those tactics work (video by @Christendom): TLDW: In this PB 12 1st rates were used, 6 of them got killed during the fight. Every single kill happened through either boarding or mortar kills, even tho all of them immediately went into close range brawl with each other. You will rarely see 1st rates shooting at hull, its more efficient to demast them because shooting hull is pointless. Also change the names and pictures of the following mods: Cartagena Caulking Refit to Cartagena massive steel Navy Structure Refit to Even more steel