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Found 77 results

  1. Wind

    Gun Packages

    @admin please introduce gun packages (rare item drop) to Naval Action. It would be a one time use item that will automatically fill all your guns (heaviest allowed per broadside) on a newly acquired ship or any ship with no guns mounted. Have 3 types: Long Guns Package Medium Guns Package Carronades Package These items have a small drop chance and could drop from NPCs, PBs, Players, Missions etc.. Having one gun package ready will quickly get your ship ready for battle in no time. How will it work? Must be in the ship with no guns mounted, select Use Gun Package (Long), Confirm. Set sail with your battle ready ship. Can trade same as Labor contracts. In reality it's bacicaly a service that delivers and installs all the guns for you. These can be sold as Premium content as well (short cuts) Premium Package Example 15L, 15M, 15C, - $3.99 45L, 45M, 45C - $6.99 135L, 135M, 135C, - $14.99
  2. Suggestion: Introduce "basic surprise" as starting ship beside "basic cutter" Background: "Basic cutter" is kind of outdated due to tutorial rewards. Necomers can start as Master and Commander if they pass the final exam. I believe most newcomers know about the HMS Victory, and many may have seen the movie "Master and Commander" which makes the HMS Surprise kind of famous as well. I would lie when I would deny that one of the reasons I bought Naval Action was to feel like Jack while sailing the surprise. Details: "Basic surprise" is a ship every NPC ship store offers same rules RoE like baisc cutter reduced repair count compared to normal surprise - makes equiping for new players easier and they get used to the repair system NPC shops sells basic 6pd + 9pd meds for 1gold each - makes equiping for new players easier and they get used to the cannon equip window Basic ships get new RoE in friendly carezones. - Battles vs AI close instant like missions (to avoid ganking by vets) basic surprise offers no reward expect money (like baisc cutter) Pros: up to date change regarding tutorial keeps people hooked to master the tutorial and set a foot on the first milestone surprise makes starting and acquisition of Naval Action environment easier for new players (loss can be replaced in a few clicks) Cons: More Database needed same drawbacks as the basic cutter has
  3. Jack Spencer

    Experience Points (XPs)

    I have followed with interest the discussion on "Single Shot" sinking and how experience may or may not contribute to the problem. For me the XP is a very confusing and often misleading determination of combat experience and ability under fire. For example, I currently have the rank of Captain (Post Captain) which means I have earned 10,000 XP and can manage 400 crew and sail a Trin. About 80% of my XP comes from fishing, trading, exploring = 8000 XP About 10% comes from Missions against AI = 1000 XP About 10% comes from actual PvP combat = 1000 XP So my conclusion is that I have only 2000 XP in actual combat (if you want to count the mission AI), a First Lieutenant rank and I should only be sailing 6th rates in combat. I seems to me that OW sailing XP should be a separate ranking from a combat XP ranking.
  4. Give us back meaningful leeway. Current state of leeway is " is it ingame?" Ships show no difference in leeway. The only way to notice leeway is by sailing backwards. Why we got such a nice and unique feature just to get it nerfed into oblivion? I agree looting is an issue and i guess one of the reasons it got nerfed, because people cant think ahead and struggle. Change looting mechanic first and revert leeway to a meaningful state Rework looting. ship has to be stationary for distance looting the further away the ship that should be looted the longer it takes to get hold access. close looting remains the same (current sate) Mechanic background Every ship that has row boats (even they are not modeled) could get access to distance looting make it even a perk for points or let it be a default mechanic select ship (by clicking on it or have it in view) and press x, esc cancels looting progress Example for distance and time: Instand loot 10 sec till access to hold 30 sec till access to hold
  5. @admin Naval Action foundation is nearly complete and I would like to strongly suggest an interesting story of a young sailor who works through missions, events and adventures to fame and glory. I am a big fan of Patrick O'Brian novels and I want to point out that developers haven't lost all hands just yet. Game development is like a good old ship fight. You can't see your opponent actions through the thick smoke of cannon fire... it's simply a gamble of two Captains. Wrong move can cost you a ship. Developer would need to hire someone who can write short stories that would piece together into a long interesting novel inside NA game. These stories would need to be scripted and translated in all languages with grammar check. No animated avatars needed, just simple pictures with text and scripted missions that would support a solid story. This approach would be very welcomed on Asian market as well as US and Europe. You would start as a young sailor with low rank and ship and would be offered starting missions with rewards that later would become more adventurous and challenging. Story would include - deliver, sink, protect, escort, sell, raise contention, participate, loot and so on.. When foundation with this is set, there is a very valuable catch here - expansions. Paid content to continue the story of your character. New adventures, missions, events and most important item content and ships. I would like to hear Developer opinion on this, as this is the key to NA success. With all respect I hope you will listen to this suggestion and make the right decision in the upcoming months. It could be that you already made them, but need more ideas and here they are. I've put a lot of thought into all those requests for more content, but not a single new ship or a new fleet mission will secure NA with players. They will come and go, write bad reviews, return product and such. This suggestion is by far the best solution to NA revival. Base story would be offered as a requirement to all newly created characters and as an option to all existing ones. Every mission must provide rewards based on rank and difficulty level this includes at least 5 free ships through the story line. Expansions would be paid content for those who would like to continue their adventure and continue to grow their Characters. All passive content - treasure maps, exploration, dynamic events and so on can easily be branched to already existing story line or story missions could randomly drop such passive (side content) to make leveling and game play interesting and not flat and boring. P.S. I have pages of written mission content ready to roll out on request and I am sure you will find many talented novel writers on these forums or elsewhere as well. I propose a catchy story that will grasp every player and won't let it go ;) -Wind
  6. @adminSimple sound signals is all we need. Realistic way to notify Captains of their surroundings. New Day - 2 Bell rings Enemy player is attacking - Drums (Call to Arms) You are attacking - Men shouting and whistling, drums and swords clanking. Port Spotted - Long bosun's whistle Land Spotted - Land Ho! with a bosun's whistle sound. (Disabled at night) Enemy Player Spotted - Sail Ho! with a bosun's whistle sound. (Disabled at Night) Leaving Safe Zone - Trumpet sound + Arms clanking and stomping sound. Entering Safe Zone - Harp instrument sound. Storm - 3 bell rings + 3 bell rings, repeated one more time after 1 minute (3+3+3) if you are entering the storm. *'Enemy spotted' does not indicate where the player is. All it does is just triggers spotting radius for the sound. Player then must be on alert and search for that player. One sound for multiple targets. *'Land Ho!' - charged only when there is no land in sight for over 1 minute in 360 radius. Once land is visible on the horizon it will get triggered. *'Port spotted' sound - only triggered when port name appears. A large invisible circle reaching out to the end of view distance on the horizon is a main sound trigger, but during storms such circle must be smaller. All spotting sounds are disabled during the night.
  7. z4ys

    Pimp my Crown and Anchor

    Suggestion: Add different stakes to Crown and Anchors Details: Additional to cash its possible to use PvP marks / PvE marks as stake (or the new currency that will make it into the game) for gambling Pros: More thrill because gold is worth nothing Cons: creating pve/pvp marks out of nothing
  8. Suggestion: Step 1: Introducing a new starting nation like "North South Company". The starting nation gets an own "Carezone" that makes seal clubbing and other forms of ganking impossible Crafting in the new starting nation only up to lvl 2 shipyard no clans in the new starting nation are allowed can and can be attacked in ow no RVR for this nation Step 2: creating a clan lets the creator pick what nation flag the clan should fly. (A few might remember the flag choice in NAL that only had cosmetic effects to the flag on your ship but did not effect what player side you end up) Every clan is at war with every clan (like in NAL the flag is just cosmetic 2 clans that picked the spanish flag will be able to fight each other for each of them the enemy will fly pirate, US or whatever just like in NAL) A clan can have up to 2 friendly clans. (makes an alliance of 3 clans) to become a friendly clan following rules apply combined clan member strength can not exceed 250 members (might be lowered for low population) Benefits of a friendly clan access to ports of friendly clans Only able to join battles on friendly side if friendly clan is involved Able to join pb of friendly clans Details: ROE: Only able to join battles on friendly side if friendly clan is involved Friendly clans get dragged into battle if they are together in the circle (just like same nation would be) Able to join pb of friendly clans All clans can fight each other except they are friendly to each other Starting nation is hostile to every clan Joining an ongoing battle is possible on every side except a friendly clan is involved. No info is giving who is fighting who except friendly clan is involved Battles show: Side 1 = 300BR vs Side 2 = 500BR (no friendly clan involved) Side 1 = 300 BR vs ESEL =500BR (if friendly clan ESEL is involved) RVR: RvR is not allowed for the new starting nation (but cant lose ports) Every clan can attack a port of an other clan except they are friendly to each other Ports can be set as "Clan" (only access by own clan or smuggler), "Friendly" (only access by them + friendly clans + smuggler) or "open for all" (access for everyone) Starting Nation: all new accounts start in that nation can build shipyards up to lvl 2 ship crafting has no chance of rng ship inbuilds or more then 3 mod slots can not RvR no clans within the starting nation are allowed players of starting nation can not be sunk in their carezone by pvp cannot have outposts outside their carezone Clan: Leaving a Clan puts a player into a 7 day cooldown till he can create or join an other clan Leaving a clan add the player back to the starting nation Rework of forged papers: forged papers let you change your player name every 30 days + reduces not able to join clan cooldown to 0 once every 30 days 😉 Pros: RvR pressure = limited ports and limited friends more targets to fight clan based gameplay nations dont matter anymore meaningful RVR ports matter small scale RVR = easy access freetowns, open for all ports become trading hubs possible to introduce more nations like Portugal for example alts for access to eco become less important due to restricted members and access to port easy nation hopping Cons: nations dont matter anymore RvR pressure 250 member rofl stomper to meaningful no historical interpretation
  9. Wind


    Imagine if NA had Private clubs with paid membership and it's requirements. Quick list of some proposed Club Names: -Thieves Den Club(Pirates) -Royal Lions Club(Britain) -Patriots Club(US) - P R O P O S E O T H E R N A M E S - (The rest of the Nations) What is the Club? Club is a private NPC Guild (player can only have 1 NPC and 1 Player club active at the time). To join a Club every player will be presented with a list of tasks and requirements they have to complete. (similar to the Tutorial missions). Once all tasks are completed, player can accept and enter his National Club (ex. Pirate - Pirates Den Club). Once in the club, player can fly club banner on his ship and enjoy extra rewards and tools Club can provide on monthly basis. 50% of missions will require you to sail on OS, PvP and do econ runs if you want those points. Clubs also have private chat where only members can communicate. Clubs will provide daily missions and such missions will generate special points when completed. Collecting enough points can be turned into Club only Rewards that will change every month or so. Ex. Club Paint (Red) - 1000 Club points Club Loot bonus token - 500 points Club Title - 100 points Club Ship - 5000 Points etc.. Club can also gather a group for epic events. Once let's say a group of 6-12 is in place instant daily/ hourly event can be triggered. Once triggered a group instantly joins the fight. Club trade allows members to list and buy items from Club NPCs, Members and random Black Market deliveries from Europe. Club market is separated from the Global market and is only open to members. Club can provide tools for form quick groups based on what they want to do. -Fleet -Missions/Dailys -Epic Missions -PvP Weekly membership fee of 500 000 DB must be paid in order to remain in the Club and maintain all the privileges. Clubs can be upgraded. All membership fee is stored inside 50% of it is used by NPCs to manage a club, shipping lines etc.. and the rest is stored inside a Club Vault. Upgrades -100 000 000 - Open new LvL2 Missions -100 000 000 - Open new LvL2 Pic quests - 300 000 000 - Open new LvL3 Missions - 300 000 000 - Open new LvL3 Epic quests etc.. Other upgrades can touch Club Economy, Was influence etc.. Same concept could be used for Private Player Guild Clubs that would do similar things.Generate missions that Guild leader would select. (ex. Economy based, PvP/RvR based, NPC kill based etc... ). Only member chat and market.... You get the idea. Such Clubs are always open to public with only Rank requirement set by Club creator. They also require you to complete tasks before you can join. Club Creator is managing the club and assigns titles with restrictions. Club upgrades and vault can be used only by Club creator. If club creator is inactive for more than 60 days automated next in title vote is generated. Inactive creator is kicked. Those who are holding next high title will be on the vote list. Members will have 1 week to vote. If Club only has Creator and no titles Club will auto close in 1 week after Creators inactivity. All deposited vault funds are split and returned to all members equally. Please suggest more ideas. Thanks. -Wind
  10. Captain Aaron Mograine

    ships modification & accessory's

    hey there I'm Been streaming for a few weeks on naval action & Attrect a huge amount of peoples... But during the weeks there was something missing in the game that bugs me which is painting your ship outer & inner hull to masts & sails. & to go a step further than pirates of the burning sea why not making accessory's to make any other players ship look more unique... Such like a pirate ship with golden skull axcessory's or some ones theme channel like my mascott which is a anthro werewolf from world of Warcraft. Making my ship having a wolf bow figure with wolf themed accessorys for stern sides & bow. Let me know what you guys think in the comments ill be watching this:)
  11. rediii

    PBs points for kills

    Hey, right now every kill gives the killing team a fixed amount of points while lowering the killed teams points by the same value. A issue here is that this buffs 1st rates and nerfs smaller ships because they are more likely to sink and therefore the team with less small ships can generate more points. I think we need to make it dependent on BR of port aswell as BR of ship sunk. Examples: Port BR 2500 580 BR sunk = 23,3% of Port BR Points for enemy team = 232 365 BR sunk = 14,6% Points = 146 Prince/Mortar = 32 Points Port BR 5000 580 BR = 116 Points 365 BR = 47 Points 80 BR = 16 Points 10.000 BR PB 580 BR = 58 Points 365 BR = 24 Points 80 BR = 8 Points Ofcourse the formula could be tweaked a bit so you dont get that many points (maybe /2) but you get the point I want to make here.
  12. Prolog Recently i got more into trading and one thing that annoys me most is waiting. Waiting for the other guy to finally reach the port where the trading will happen. Sure it would be possible to place a contract but sometimes we dont want to trade goods for money. Its not possible to trade goods for goods other than player to player trade. Therefore I suggest: Suggestion: Players can place contracts for a specific person with goods for goods trade option. Here is one example: @rediii wants to buy 300 pve marks for 10 pvp. We both agree and set La Tortue as trading location. He is still occupied and needs 20 min to reach La Tortue. Currently i would have to wait 20min. 20 mins are not enough time to start a fight or whatever. Its wasted time for me. But with the specific contract that works like a player to player trade but without being there at the same time there is no wasted time anymore. How it works: I place a contract and enter rediiis name. The trading window could look like this: Now i can leave port and do whatever and my time is not wasted i can deliver content to other players. Rediii now has xy amount of time (maybe 1 maintenance cycle) to claim the contract by paying with 10 pvp marks. This contract would simulate a middleman. He would ofc receive a fee ( tax generation for the port) It could be a fix fee because calculation of the tradevalue will be hard when no money is involved. Fee contains rating of trading good and their amount. Its simulates a middleman and rented warehousespace (numbers presented are just examples) Rules of the Player to Player Contract: Its like the current contracts with some additions. Its possible to withdraw before the other person claims the contract. If the contract isnt concluded in the timeframe (my suggestion was 1 maintenance cycle) the Item returns to the owner + fee has to be paid. When contract is placed the player named in the contract receives a Mail with all contract details, when contract is cancelled the player receives a message as well Both players have to pay a fee fee could depends on item category and amount (kind of similar to the old delivery system) Pros: less time waiting more time to be content in ow quality of life improvement Improves port value items still have to be hauled in OW no Scam what you see is what you get Uncertain: easier alt trading but alts would contribute towards portowners (more tax) Cons: Annyoing other players by canceling the contract
  13. Hey at all I have only a small input, but what do you think about if this game would do a change in the system how a safezone should work. I could not been possible that 3/4 of a nation is permanetly sitting in a safezone... thats no open world PvP gamen then... I mean i can take myself as an example, i can do nearly all i need inside the safezone... ive got all my materials without whiteoak and Teak in the safezones, i got my missions and fleets to earn money in the safezone... i mean i leave this savezone only for Portbattles and if i go hunting too, and where i go to hunt ? ... to next nations savezone... this is ridicoulus and need a change... I mean nothing against a safezone, I understand their purpose. Newbys need something like a safezone to lvl up a bit an get bigger and bigger. But sorry we are playing on a PvP Server, a max lvl character should not been safe in this reinforcement zone. So my suggestion is that the safezone should loose their function if you reach max lvl or one further. If you really think thats to hard, so i still think thats the wrong decision but please then let this safezone shrink for 50% or something like that if you reach max lvl. What do you other guys think about that ? Is this to hard ? Did i forgott some aspect ? I pesonally think with this change the Players get more around because theyre anyway havent a safezone so they probably going lvling at an other spot because so you havent all guys from your nation camping at the same spot like it is with the safezones
  14. Simples. Remove those killed in Fleet Practice from CombatNews.
  15. SKurj

    Whats the crow's nest for?

    As the captain of a ship it is not his responsibility to be the first to spot other sails on the horizon. I'd like to suggest a spotter mechanic/marker be added. Now this could be affected by mods or books too, but i'd like to suggest ships have a 'lookout' that will automatically mark the edge of the screen in the direction of the sail. Now range could be boosted/shrunk with weather and mods, and books. I'd also suggest that the actual player have the slight edge even with max mods and upgrades. The screen markers should not indicate anything more than a contact, not that it is friend or foe etc. Leave them at the edge of the screen as to not mess up the beautiful view and as an option for players to disable. On a long voyage it gets tiresome spinning the view all the time, and that isn't the captain's job afterall.
  16. Hello Everyone. I've been thinking about the mechanics of screening in-game at the moment, and I would like to ask the opinion of others. I have put together a suggestion on how to stop screening from ruining RvR (in my opinion), so please tell me what you think by voting or posting below. Suggestion Overwiew To avoid the situation where a nation decides to screen a port battle instead of actually fighting, a mechanic could be added where a PB fleet is granted immunity for a short period of time before and after the PB, to allow them to get into and out of the area. Mechanics Before the battle, an officer of the clan that scheduled the PB can choose to make a battle group for the specific port battle. (I imagine something where you can click on your scheduled battles, and there is an option to make a battlegroup for that battle.) Once started, this battlegroup will behave normally, except that 15 minutes (time could be adjusted) before the PB starts, everyone in the group will become immune to being tagged, but also will not be able to tag other players. This immunity will continue 15 minutes after the PB has ended, and will then expire. Conditions -If a player leaves the battlegroup, they lose all immunity. -If the battle group is disbanded, all immunity is gone. Argument I think defenders have their chance to stop a battle during the hostility generation. Once the battle is scheduled, it seems silly to be able to park a SOL fleet of 50 people outside a port, to stop the 10 enemies trying to get to the battle. In my opinion, this will put more importance on attacking enemies while they grind hostility, instead of having the safety net of screening them out.
  17. Es ist ja toll das wir so viel freiheit haben ein Schiff zu bauen wie wir es möchte. Aber es geht mir langsam auf die Nerven. Wähle holz x und holz y und man hat ein schnelles oder ein super gepanzertes Schiff. Warum diese vielfältigkeit, es würde doch voll reichen ein Schiff zu bauen wie es historisch gebaut wurde. Als Beispiel die Coni, der Rahmen aus Oak und die planken aus live oak fertig. Beim crafting können geringfügige Variable werte kommen. Nach dem motto der Kiel ist leicht verzogen oder das Ruder ist schwergängiger. Hier sollten die Unterschiede aber nur gering ausfallen. Sagen wir im bereich der geschwindigkeit nur 0,2 knoten +/-, bei der Panzerung maximal ein wert von 0,1-0,25%. Die Drehgeschwindigkeit auch nur maximal um 0,1-0,2 grad in der Variante, währen die Schiffe von ihren grundwerten sehr ähnlich. Die werte die ich jetzt hier angebe sind nur grobe werte. Man kann die Schiffe, wie bisher duch modifikationen aufwerten, aber auch hier sollte kein Schiff wie eine 1st Rate, durch upgrades und die variable beim Bauen zu einem Motorgetriebenen Schiff werden das auf einmal 2knoten schneller wird. Was meint ihr?
  18. Get the Captain off the Masts and back into the Cabin! (during wait times) Basic Feature: Button Toggle On/Off - Sends spotters to the Masts in Open-World. The spotters will report every Player-Ship that has Sails-Up within visible range. The report will have an Audio and Visual component, for example: "Enemy Ship Spotted!" (ding)(ding)(ding) - "Ally Ship Spotted!" (ding) Edit: Limited to 5th rates and above. This basic feature is critical to facilitate PvP in remote locations and ambush situations on the Open-World map, particularly when the server has a low-population. The basic version of this feature should be implemented ASAP, without delaying for more advanced versions. Examples of use: - Ambush - sail your ship to the ambush point, reduce sails to 0, turn on Sail Spotting. You can now step away from your PC until there is a chance for PvP happening. You don't have to keep scanning the horizon for the next minutes-hours. You will spot the enemy likely before they spot you because your sails are down. - Patrol - same as the above but while sailing somewhere, both you and anyone else with spotting will get a notification, resulting in a player interaction or PvP When close to an active port the feature can be turned off to avoid overload of notifications. Advanced Features: Not important right now. Could add extra features from a perk or improve the detail of scouting orders. Could add items and skills that improve range and detail of information. This was suggested in more elaborate ways many times in the past - I believe that when some servers are near-dead this feature is CRITICAL to keep OW alive. Many people log-off simply because it's too much of a hassle to find others in the OW. More Ambushes, more Patrols, more PvP = More people playing over time.
  19. Assady


    Barque used in age of sail. It should be add and suitable for trading and combat https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barque#Barque_rig
  20. Player Bounties, suggested several times elsewhere on forum. Dont think i need to elaborate on this one, pretty strait forward. Bounty Missions: This is AI bounties. A player select missions and then bounty mission. Assignment says something along the lines: "Target X is wanted dead or alive for blablabla. Last known location of target is in the Z region" plus other hints and leads. Could be more leads to other places once the player arrives at the location, or friends of the target is at the first location and attacks the player. Many things that could be added to this AI bounty missions.
  21. Super-Speed is supposed to be against escaping from a PvP battle and getting a chance against revenge fleets. It should not be a sure-fire way to get a defensive tag off NPC ships which is how it is used right now. NPC battles should also be joinable positionally - to avoid Defensive tags on NPC's altogether. * Edit: *This means that if you tag an NPC fleet from max range to prevent me from catching you, I should be able to spawn within shooting distance anyway. This jumping from one NPC fleet to another to escape is an exploit.
  22. JJWolf

    Rework of Economy

    This thread is to discuss my suggestion to get one of the core game mechanics fixed for those interested in other parts of the game outside of combat. This will provide alternative options of gameplay and to supplement non-trade/crafting orientated gameplay (Missions, PvP, PvE, Conquest, Exploring). The biggest issue with the economy revolves around supply/demand supplemented by a player run economy model and low population numbers. To address this we need to break down the economy into the different parts and address each part and how it ties together. First I will cover off on common terms used throughout, then I will identify the key areas with suggestions to fix each if needed, and finally I will provide a conclusion. Terms Common terms used: Store inventory - The quantity available within the shop of a port Raw resources - Goods produced through 'harvesting' in the craft menu - i.e: Logs, Ore, Hemp, etc. Manufactured materials - Parts made from raw resources and other manufactured materials but are not usable themselves - i.e: Frame Parts, Planking, Rigging Parts, etc. Manufactured goods - Finished products usable as consumables, upgrades, and cannons - i.e: Hull Patches, Turning Trim, 6pd Medium Cannons, etc. Trade goods - All the products not usable in crafting but consumables for ports - i.e: Sussex Oak, Fine Leathers, Parisian Furniture, etc. Goods - Encompasses all the previously mentioned goods - Trade goods, Raw resources, Manufactured materials, and Manufactured goods Currently in game: Supply The supply of goods can come in three different forms: Acquisition Appears in the shop for sale Acquisition is a static figure with a % chance of occurring to add stock to a port. Production Produced by players Production is goods produced through raw resource harvesting buildings Trade Populates the port inventory through the sale of goods to the store Trade occurs when players sell goods to a store or when NPC trade ships arrive at a port (unconfirmed the effect). Consumption The consumption of goods in a port are static transactions that reduce the port stock by a set amount every hour. Biggest Issues: Population Player numbers are FAR too low to support the existing model! Acquisition Quantity of acquired goods are purely added by a static figure that does not adjust based on nation population/activity Acquired goods are mostly only shippable from region capital to region capital, other ports are not interested in the goods Production Raw resources produced by players are more expensive than NPC port prices, it is actually more affordable to source from NPC shop inventory then from player contracts Some goods are ignored by players and therefore create massive shortages when NPC shops are not populating regularly as an alternative No profit in shipping goods from raw resource ports to the manufacturing hubs Some raw resources are not available through production Trade Goods moved from an acquiring port to a consumption port are being consumed at a static rate similar to acquisition of goods, there is no adjustment for player population/activity to increase/decrease in proportion Dock space Limited to a small number of slots globally Limited in number of upgrades available Upgrade costs to increase number of slots are astronomically high Building Slots Global limit of 5 buildings Upgrading buildings is costly for minimal gains Production ports Minimal variations of raw resources of ports in proximity to one another meaning ports further from a hub will rarely see any activity Proposed changes: Ports Dock space: Needs to be port dependant, not global. Each player with an outpost in a port should be granted 1 slot in a production port or 3 slots in a regional capital. A player will then need to purchase the upgrades currently available at the current prices to increase their slots available that is applied globally (to make it easy to store a players data). The UI also needs to indicate slots currently used vs total available so a player can visually see how many they have total in a port, currently there is nothing. Outposts should remain the current model of purchasing additional spots however, the increasing pricing without a hard limit needs to be slightly more reasonable. Building slots: (I will cover buildings in more detail later) Limits need to be port specific, not global. In a raw resource port the limit should be 3 and regional capitals 5. 'Upgrading' of buildings needs to change. Buildings Speaking of buildings, it needs a different approach: When you purchase an 'upgrade' to an existing building it should use up an additional slot within that port - A capital cannot have a level 3 shipyard, a workshop, AND a level 3 oak lumber camp. Raw goods ports will require more careful planning, one should choose to either a single level 3 resource building OR 3 separate level 1 resource harvesting buildings if multiple resources are available within a port. This means that for someone to have level three harvesting buildings across multiple ports it will quickly become time consuming and more investment capital required in outpost permits. This will limit massive conglomerates but reward the hard working and smart investors while remaining viable for players entering the resource or manufacturing market. Workshops should be upgradable - Level 1 to class 6, level 2 to class 3, level 3 all cannons/carronades. Again, this will force players into considering investing in a level 3 shipyard OR level 3 workshop unless they invest in another regional capital and split their manufacturing across multiple hubs. Port Population There currently is no difference between major hubs and smaller ports while consumption/acquisition is static. This needs to change to provide the dynamic and evolving world for players to interact with. I am proposing that population be based on two key figures - Production activity and Trade activity. Production Activity As players construct outposts and production/manufacturing buildings within a port, it will 'grow' the population figure of the port with better figures from 'active' ports (players harvesting resources) Port population increases the 'consumption' figures to reflect more people settling in the port for work at the production buildings. Trade Activity Key component as a flourishing port where raw goods are purchased from NPC producers which in turn promotes increasing NPC stock availability of that good to be supplied to the port store at a price above player production costs but not cost prohibitive to purchase nor restrict player profits in port either (~50% markup?) Sale of consumption goods to port encourages the growth through supplying the needs of a port. At any point that players demolish their buildings and outposts or when consumption goods go unfulfilled for long periods then the population would decrease. The supply of goods should remain with the three primary methods mentioned earlier however to address shortages and supply: Acquisition Expensive Trade goods should be exclusive to regions, not necessarily nation but will promote smuggling activity when another nation in a far port has a valuable trade good where massive profits could be made. Lower cost nation specific trade goods appear in all regional capitals and are in demand in all non-capital ports based on population. Raw resources specific to ports can be treated as 'acquired' as an interim measure to replicate NPC producers. Needs to scale based on port activity as mentioned above in trade activity Manufactured materials should appear in small dynamic quantities to replicate NPC crafters, needs to be expensive (2-3x player crafting) to provide space for player sellers without blowing the market out of proportion. Production As per buildings section above, players will be the primary producers of goods Raw resources in the shop will be populated under the acquisition section until NPC producers could be implemented in a better form. Trade Ports need to have far more consumption items including commonsense items such as whole fish, fish meat, and food supplies. Ports need to have consumption of all trade goods with better prices the further they are away from regional capitals or when they are becoming larger/wealthier from player activity/trade. Goods Pricing This has been partially covered previously but prices are currently very confusing. There is no commonsense approach to this, when production cost for Oak Logs currently is 73 gold and I can purchase them for 42 from an NPC shop, it defies logic. This is where prices need to be adjusted and as developers you can influence the economy to ensure it doesn't stagnate while promoting shipment of goods. Raw resources Purchase prices at raw resources ports should be low but not lower than production costs with a little margin thrown in (50% markup?) Purchase prices at manufacturing hubs should be punishing but not insane (~300% markup from craft cost?) Sale prices of raw resources in production ports should punish stuipidity (half production cost) Sale prices of raw resources in manufacturing hubs should be profitable enough to encourage movement of goods to restock but not out do player purchase orders (50% markup?) Manufacturing materials Purchase prices for manufacturing materials in hubs should be expensive but not entirely cost prohibitive for basic ship/upgrade construction (2-3x crafting cost) (Oak frames but not Teak frame, etc) Sale prices of manufacturing materials in hubs should be above the cost of materials if harvested and crafted to offer the option to supply the port when no one else is interested Sale/Purchase prices of manufactured materials at raw resource ports should be very low to encourage moving goods from non-hub ports where a player has chosen to manufacture Manufactured goods Sale prices on finished products should be above crafting costs as a last resort but not enough to exploit Purchase prices should be punishing but not insane (~500% markup from craft cost?) Trade goods All lower priced goods should be low buy prices in region capitals and high sell prices in resource ports linking in with population All high end trade goods should be regionally priced, moving goods from one regional capital to another should be good but not insane profit with modest profits if sold to resource ports within a region, again feeding the population/consumption. Ship Production I haven't found any major flaws to the current crafting system, it's been mostly the economy that has been the flaw that is breaking the ship building industry. The one change that needs to happen is that player crafted ships NEED to have at least 2 or 3 durability to actually ENCOURAGE purchasing player ships over NPC ships. The PvP servers are dying for a few more durability or ships while the PvE server is flooded with overpriced capped ships with no effort to craft better. Secondly, selling/breaking up ships. What is the go here? You want players to craft ships to increase craft rank, ok. But what do they do with the unwanted masses they need to make in order to progress? Selling them at 3% of the production cost to the NPC store is cost prohibitive. Swamping the market with cheap boats destroys the 'player led' model economy. And breaking up ships for a meger few pieces of scrap is an insult. What needs to happen is breaking up a ship should yield between 25-50% of the craft materials. NPC sale prices need to be at a minimum a slight profit from the cost of crafting the ship (~20%) to encourage people to pursue ship crafting. *edit: Admiralty Store One thing I didn't mention is the admiralty store, everything that is available that is not merely aesthetics SHOULD be purchasable with gold. This prevents pricing small clans/solo traders out of business and also prevents the current turn towards a P2W style. As it stands to obtain the correct marks one must either play PvE server or participate in the majority of PBs to earn enough to provide ships for the players focused on PBs and PvP. It just doesn't make sense to force the people who choose to supply the market instead of battling with engaging in a part of the game they aren't interested in and if they never did indulge in it wouldn't make a difference to the greater scheme of it. Asking a crafter to harvest 25 conquest marks simply to produce a single SOL for other players will hugely inflate prices due to the grind cost associated with it. On the contrary asking a PvPer / PvE mission grinder to have to trade goods and craft goods as a prerequisite to sail the next ship up would infuriate the player base. This needs a serious rethink, it needs options for both sides. Combat orientated players SHOULD earn less gold but SHOULD have an avenue to BPs / Permits / Upgrades etc. the same as Crafting / Econ orientated players SHOULD be earning the most gold but also SHOULD be able to purchase everything at a premium (i.e: Victory BP for 5 mil, Permit for 200k, Crafted ships will thus sell around 1-1.5 mil on the market or less internally). /edit* Conclusion These suggestions to fix the economy are based on my experience having played many 'economy simulation' games from as early as the original Sid Myer's Pirates!, Port Royale series, PotBS, to name a few more relevant games, and many more. These suggestions are by no means to completely resolve the economy issues but at a minimum revolve around tidying up the markets, providing a 'player led' economy model while using NPCs as a way to moderate prices and prevent abuse of the markets. It will encourage players to branch out beyond the starting regions, encourage supplying the ports they use to harvest resources, provide a more dynamic and immersive economy that can bring about more player interaction in the wider regions of the map. I'm not looking to hear how PvP needs this or that, they have had their time, take that to your own suggestion threads, please keep criticism constructive. If you don't agree with me on trying to fix this mess before the game is completely abandoned then please, by all means spend half your own evening devising an alternative, I long to hear more people offering solutions to the problems.
  23. 1. Give everyone Ship Towing ability: Fleet Control Perk change: New extra feature: Ship Towing - transport multiple uncrewed ships at once (limited to tier 5, see explanation) Dock Storage change: Existing: 5+3+3 etc. Ship Slots that can accept any ship New: 5 extra slots that can accept ONLY Tier 5 Warships. Optional: Only Light Frigates and below. Their storage can be restricted to only accept repairs (to avoid affecting slot balance). Explanation: 1. Ship Towing is needed to promote OW PvP as a way to prepare for longer PvP sessions on front lines. This function of the basic Fleet Control will allow a heavy ship to tow multiple smaller ships out to an outpost. Towed ships do not show up in battle (or if they do, they can't fight back). If the towing ship gets destroyed or captured, they get lost. (both these points can be adapted) Each ship will have a new number - Tow Size. Only ships of 5th rate or lower can be towed. Example: Constitution = 6; Suprise = 2; Snow = 1; Constitution can tow 1 Constitution or 3 Surprises or 6 Snows; Surprise can tow 1 Surprise or 3 Snows; Snow can tow 1 Snow; You will be able to bring multiple ships out to a remote outpost and then use them to fight against enemies, allowing you to prepare for an evening of fighting with less sailing around. This will be risky - if you get intercepted you can lose a fortune in ships. (Whether they can be captured or just sunk or sold is a balancing question. I am uncertain). For this suggestion to truly shine, the Docks need a similar themed expansion: 2. Docks Storage will have 5 expanded slots exclusive to 5th rate or below Warships. Perhaps it can be further limited to ships of a certain Tow-size, making it available for light frigates but not the heavier ones. Perhaps that storage could be configured to accept no items except Repairs. What people didn't realize is that when we lost Ship Durability, the size of our Docks was effectively proportionally reduced - now to achieve the same # of lives we have to have 5 time the ships in most cases. This update will provide you with 5 slots exclusive for 5th rates or lighter ships to engage in OW PvP with more zeal and aggression, not fearing a prolonged down-time and rewarding people that prepare replacements. Feedback and Questions about this suggestion are welcome!
  24. Outside of combat and trading, there's a core gameplay element that seems to be missing from this game, to make it fully engaging and more sim-like. My main gripe with Naval Action is not its slow pace, nor its detailed trade system. And certainly not its tension-filled sea combat. Rather it is in the feeling of grinding for XP that this game conveys, a game design sin typical of MMORPGs. To be sure, this feeling of grinding for XP is the single biggest reason for my install/play-a-few-sessions/uninstall relationship I've had with this game over the last two years. It's also my belief that no amount of tweaking with ship speed and manoeuvrability - or ship teleportation - will solve the current XP grinding issue tied to the open world portion of the game. No, what Naval Action needs right now is a feature that adds depth to the moment-to-moment gameplay in the open world sailing part of the game. My suggestion is as follows : add an additional layer of simulation to the sea travel gameplay. Specifically, a crew management "layer" should be added on top of the auto-skipper function, so the player can micromanage crew tasks and activities while engaging in sea travel, and be reactive to changes both in weather events and aggregate crew behaviour. How I see this feature in my mind's eye : a replacement/upgrade of the current very basic ship management interface available on the top left of the screen in the open-world sailing portion of the game. Basically : while sailing on the high seas using the WASD controls and mouse for ship and camera control, the player should be able to hit the space bar (or caps lock) at any time to get a full "ship dashboard" translucent overlay superimposed onto the the main screen, for the tasks of both crew and ship management. This "ship dashboard" could be a simplified cutaway of the player's current main ship, side view or overhead view (or both). Using the mouse, the player could then click at sections of the ship cutaway and select specific tasks, from simple pop-up contextual menus appropriate for each ship section. Thus, from the overall pool of sailors, a set number of sailors could be assigned to a specific task located at the selected part of the ship. Beyond the ship cutaway, the "ship dashboard" overlay could also provide a basic sailor task assignment table - à la Banished - for crew assignment to specific tasks from the overall pool of "free" crew. Or, a visual 24h crew scheduler - à la Prison Architect - to play around with different schedules of crew rotations. Sailing modes could also be implemented into the regular scheduler, such as a "discipline mode" for an unruly crew (a "crew loyalty" metric would have to be added, of course), an "emergency mode" (full crew mobilization) in the event of storms. In terms of visuals, this system would require no animations or complex visuals. No need to do full cutaway visuals à la Silent Hunter (or the upcoming UBoot). Just a good visual implementation of real-time crew management mechanics via a visual dashboard and ship schematic. Simple metrics could do, so long as feedback to player management actions in implemented in a clear fashion. Of course, I'm also aware that the main challenge of implementing such a system lies at the level of game mechanics. For effective crew management to work at the moment-to-moment gameplay level, the design team will have to tie crew management activities to overall ship and sailing performance. So the crew management model needs to seamlessly blend in with the ship sailing mechanics. At minimum, this would mean that optimal crew management by the player would impact ship speed and manoeuverability. One could also tie a crew "morale" metric to tangible sailing performance benefits : i.e. optimal crew management - the sweet spot between discipline and meeting diverse crew needs - would result in an overall better, and more adaptive sailing experience. More experienced crew would also handle weather situations more responsively, etc. I am mindful that there already exists a simple version of moment-to-moment crew management mechanic in Naval Action's combat mode. My view is that this feature needs to be extended onto the regular sailing gameplay, via a crew management screen overlay that can be toggled on or off at will during the activity of sailing - or even as an optional feature available in the options menu for players who don't want a crew management layer added to the existing sailing experience, but with XP generating activity to incentivize players who do wish to occupy themselves with crew management for the added challenge. Naval Action : it's the name of the game. So let's add a little bit more action, and a little less grind, and this game will truly shine ! In my opinion, real-time crew management mechanics would be a definite cure to the bore out and grindyness of the moment-to-moment sailing gameplay. Properly implemented, this feature could make the sailing portion of the game even more immersive, propelling the sim qualities of the game a notch up from its current state. So that's my two cents, for what it's worth. As for the feasibility, the devs and the NA community are in a better position than me to assess whether this is desirable (or realizable) feature for the current game. Many thanks to all of you who've taken the time to read this for hearing me out. And my apologies if I've missed somebody else posting an identical suggestion : my bad!
  25. Here is a set of nice 20-24 gun ships (Corvettes and Light Frigates) from various nations. The idea is to choose one (max two) ship(s) per nation ; some of the most typical, best, most known or well-documented ones. Feel free to add suggestions for the missing nations. What would be your favorite 20-24 gun ship ? 1) Spanish Descubierta 1789, 16-26 gun Corvette The Descubierta and Atrevida were twin corvettes of the Spanish Navy, custom-designed as identical special exploration and scientific research vessels. Both ships were built at the same time for the Malaspina Expedition, a five-year maritime scientific exploration. The two vessels sailed from Spain to the Pacific Ocean, conducting a thorough examination of the internal politics of the American Spanish Empire and the Philippines. The military version of the Descubierta carried 26 guns. Pictures / 3-Decks / Wiki 2) Dano-Norwegian Christiansborg 1758, 24-gun frigate The Christiansborg was designed by Michael Krabbe, launched in 1758 as a 12-pounder frigate, broken up in 1786. Krabbe submitted this plan after returning from the obligatory European study trip (1752 - 1756, visiting British, French, Italian and Dutch shipyards) and a certain French influence is clearly visible. Pictures/ 3-Decks 3) Russian Vostok (Восто́к, The East) 24-gun Sloop-of-war, 1818 http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/7768-exploration-and-survey-ships/&do=findComment&comment=140868 With the 20-gun sloop-of-war Mirny (1819), she took part of the second Russian circumnavigation of the globe (1819-1821), led by Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen, which discovered the land of Antartica in 1820. 4) French La Diligente Corvette, 20 guns, 1801 http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/7682-french-corvettes-collection-6th-rates-with-plans/&do=findComment&comment=153304 She had a very good reputation in France as she was considered there as "the fastest ship of her time", "the best model to follow" (J. Tupinier) and her plan were to be reused between 1824-1826 to built 8 corvettes-aviso. Variant : La Favorite (1829) 24-gun Corvette http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/7682-french-corvettes-collection-6th-rates-with-plans/&do=findComment&comment=140642 She was part of an expedition that lasted from 1829 to 1932 during which she passed the Cape of Good Hope, stopped at Pondicherry and Madras, and then explored the coast of Cochinchina and Tonkin, stopped in the Philippines, Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. The expedition was considered a great success, many hydrological observations were completed and natural history collections assembled. 5) British HMS Amazon 22-gun ship, 1745 Sistership : HMS Myrmidon (1781) http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/6183-myrmidon-1781-british-22-gun-ship-with-plans/ La Panthère (1744), a French 20-gun Corvette, was captured in 1745, refitted to carry 22 guns, renamed HMS Amazon and assimilated into the Royal Navy on account of her particularly useful design. HMS Myrmidon (1781, 22 guns) is her British version from which six other ships were to be built. British HMS Sphinx 20 x 9-pdr, 1775 (suggested by Haratik : Thx !!!) more plans : http://zope.mein-media.de/meinmedia/frigate/plans/index.html HMS Sphinx (1775-1811) has been captured by the French, then recaptured by the British : https://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=6842 6) Dutch Venus Corvette, 20 guns, 1806 (suggested by SteelSandwich : Thx !!!) http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/19074-venus-1806/ The Venus had an interesting career, especially given her role during the Siege of Palembang (1821). 7) Venetian unnamed Corvette 22-gun corvette, XVIII-th century http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/7685-venetianitalian-ship-collection-with-plans/ 8) American USS Wasp 18-gun corvette, 1807 (16 x 32-pdr + 2 x 12-pdr carronades) http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/7707-american-ship-collection-with-plans/#comment-145983 In 1812 she captured HMS Frolic, but was immediately herself captured. The British took her into service first as HMS Loup Cervier and then as HMS Peacock. She was lost, presumed foundered with all hands, in mid-1814.