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Found 15 results

  1. As the titled suggests the new repair system is abit unbalanced. I haven't played the game for over a year and a half so i'm unaware of what its been like in previous iterations but as the following video will show the new system is pretty unbalanced. In this fight we killed over 800 crew on this Bellona and yet he managed to keep bringing back hundreds of what i assume are walking drunken blood bags with limbs nailed on. Just watch the video I'm not sure what to suggest as a fix, but the idea of carrying a entire new ship on board to repair with and presumably what are small foam blocks that expand into sailors when rums added to them is laughable. Still regardless i'm seriously enjoying being back in the thick of it. Keep up the great work Devs! PS we got the bugger second time round. PPS skip through the midst of it and you'll see what i mean. No time to edit it down with my current workload.
  2. Banished Bezerk

    Sail repair bug/ sails fail to repair.

    Hello. Last night I was in Battle With a few pirates. I feelt I had the upperhand. Then a sail repair bug kicked in. yes I had over 100 Rigrepairs on my ship. I hit repair sail, and the sail made its flipp whatever that is. The cooldown was activated and crew went of to the repair. The usuall time they stay in repair also was ok. But my sail HP % never changed from 56%. I have seen this before 1 or 2 times, thinking I did somethin wrong. What would that be? I lost the Battle to two fairly inexperiensed players, but unable to turn and move much in a Bucanture wich already dont are so good at it, I got sternwrecked and borded...
  3. Norfolk nChance

    Best Time to Tack

    Is there a guide out there on tacking, or sailing longer distances. Not turning as such. Optimal strategies?
  4. I'm pretty sure that with all ship types, you can most quickly turn thru the wind using manual sails and going max speed. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.) But not having experience with that many different ships with different sail configurations, I don't know what happens at low speeds. Using manual sails, is the quickest turn at slow speed still with full sails on all ships or are Battle, Half, etc more efficient with some ships?
  5. Sir R. Calder of Southwick

    Accurate Rigging Damage and wind force

    Hi all, I am sure this has been suggested before, but wanted to suggest it once more to bring it back to public attention. Currently, the mechanism for demasting and damaging sails is far too basic and, historically speaking, unrealistic. Very rarely was a ship demasted because the mast itself was struck by balls - it happened because the rigging was destroyed and it was therefore unsupported. Sometimes, just a single extremely lucky shot could cripple a ship. I would suggest that the mechanism for this be addressed and a movement be made to make it somewhat more realistic in both terms of potential damage, and in that done by wind and force. What I mean by this is that, once a certain amount of damage was done, dependent on the weather, it became dangerous to be under full sail (of course, depending on weather, it was dangerous to be under full sail without any damage in very poor weather). This should be simulated as well. Additionally, it is not at all historically accurate for every battle to necessarily be able to be fought at full speed with the wind always blowing the ideal force. I would therefore also propose that wind force be variable in combat (not in the open world). It was common, particularly in the large fleet battles, for the lineships to become somewhat stationary and grouped together due to weak wind. This would actually make positioning and captain skill even more important, as whatever sailing decision you made would have a tremendous effect on the outcome of the battle, and likewise more accurately model how in some battles an inferior force defeated a superior opponent. Thanks for your consideration.
  6. PL_Harpoon

    Additional manual sails

    I know I've read somewhere that Devs said that at some point they tried the system when you control each sail and it failed, but I think we should consider it as an additional feature, on top of the current system. Especially after planned weather upgrades. There may be for ex. situations when in strong wind you'd want to stow topgallant sails to prevent them from pressing the bow of the ship towards water (or breaking the mast if it too could be implemented), or you just want more control over your speed. I have an idea on how this could be implemented without cluttering the UI. All you had to do was to press the control key to show the cursor, and then click on the selected sail to raise/lower it depending on it's current state. Right clicking on it would reset it to default state. Also changing sails with "w", "s", or "b" would automatically reset all sail to their preset states so you don't have to click everyone of them. As you can see this would not over complicate the game, cause it's totally optional and doesn't even need additional key bindings, shouldn't take too much time to develop, and would add even more depth to the game.
  7. Long Cannon Balls The problem I see with longs is that even at far range, far enough not to penetrate hulls of ships, still do full damage to sails' canvas and masts. Why do Long Cannon balls still do the same damage to sails' masts at long distances? Shouldn't long cannon balls not be able to penetrate sails at long distance? A ships with carronades wont even be able to get close to another ship with longs. If the ship with longs just focuses on sails then there is really nothing you can do if your sailing with carronades. If the sails' canvas is the target, the most damage should be done with chain and not balls.
  8. Most of the time when looking through sails it goes transparent. On the Trade Snow it doesn't completely when aiming the cannons. It's annoying aiming through a blind. Especially in a trade snow since with only 3 shots per side, it's important to make every shot count. Could this be fixed in a future patch please?
  9. Hello, and welcome to the page of BLKS, we are a Pirate clan in PvP2 US. We are currently Recruiting and all players are welcome from new players and Crafters to exiled players of other nations. To join Message any of the following Officers: David Batista Roberto de Castilla Julio Ortega Alan Garcia Requirements: Members must be active, If inactive for over 2 weeks without notice Members will be kicked Members must use Discord https://discordapp.com/download Join out channel with https://discord.gg/0pyhJOQvfvYnBYX9 (Microphone for communication is encouraged, but Not necessary.) Black Sails is currently Based out of Mortimer, although that could change with events. We are a PvP centered clan, but we do everything. We enjoy Hunting down other nations and doing as Pirates are meant to do. We also welcome all Pirate Alliances and will partake in Port Battles.
  10. This is the speed of ships at different points of sail, with no cannons. I'll add more ships. The question mark for "head to the wind" means speed kept fluctuating, but it seemed more forward than backward. Brigs updated 3/6/2015
  11. Cdr.ODon

    Storm Damage

    Hello all, Does anyone know if the devs have implemented, or intend to implement storm damage in both the open world and battles. If not, here are my suggestions on how it could be implemented: - Using too much sail in storms can result in damage to the sails (e.g tears and rips) and damage to the rigging (e.g de-masting). This would encourage more careful use of sails and manoeuvres in battles and, perhaps, bring more in-depth sail control to the open world. - When vessels are healing over intensely, due to using too much sail, or when you face larger waves at a dodgy angle (e.g side on) they could be flooded, using a mechanic similar to how leaks work in game. - Reckless sailing in storms should, perhaps, result in you losing crew. - All this would be more relevant if the weather, sea conditions; time and setting in the battle instances match the conditions in the area of the OW where you have joined the battle. -Some kind of damage should be implemented in the OW too, because it would mean having more detailed sailing control and, perhaps, having to stay in port until a storm passes if you feel nervous about entering one. What are everyone's views, opinions and ideas on storms and storm damage?
  12. What is the point of having a 850 man crew if they quit making repairs after three times? I think they should be able to continue to make repairs indefinitely - but at a limited pace say 1 repair every 4 or 5 min game time. I just had to sit in a totally de-masted Victory with zero repairs and 838 surviving crew for 20 minutes while a couple frigats finished us off from behind. At 60/1 compression 20 min would be TWENTY HOURS IRL It was unpleasant - IRL we would have done SOMETHING with those 20 hours! ------------ Couldn't we have a gain back of 1 repair ever 4 hours IRL - or ever 4 min in game time. Let's encourage those frigat captains to "get busy"
  13. Hi, since i first started playing the colour of the sails has looked very dark and grey to my eyes. I think some more vibrance and a little colour in them will not only be more realistic but also add to the beauty of the game. If it's possible to write a shader which varied the colour of each sail a tiny bit it would be really cool, too... But i know a simple edit to the colour balance and levels would be very easy and give a more natural colour to the sails. cf. http://www.jigsawsuk.co.uk/product_images/p/573/scan_pic0226__36084_zoom.jpg http://images8.alphacoders.com/355/355496.jpg
  14. Several players on the chat have asked about TACKING. Perhaps it is time to raise that issue again. here is a forum thread that could be helpful: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/862-tacking-sequence/page-2?hl=tacking first a few videos that helps new players. First this one. (A bit old but the principle is almost the same) https://www.dropbox....4p4/Edit #1.mp4 And then this Naval Action video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MR87oRNOsg
  15. CompassRose

    Custom sails on Couronne MC

    From the album: POTBS