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Found 5 results

  1. The biggest issue in combat is how much and how quickly we are able to rebuild our ships and sprout new masts(often more than once) half way through a battle. I think its especially demoralizing for new players who see all the damage they do undone. Combat is basically seeing who will run out of repairs first. Instead of removing repairs, change the damage to a tier system, I.E. once your hull or sail goes below 75% you cant repair above that, then again for 50% getting a smaller max as you go lower to represent the struggle of an increasingly damaged ship: 40%- 20%- 15% It would maintain the essence of reality while keeping it fun to play. It would also give battle sails their purpose back. On another note, when you go into rigging shock the sails should go wild instead of staying in whatever position they are in at the time as uncontrolled sails like to do as they please.
  2. Sir R. Calder of Southwick

    Accurate Rigging Damage and wind force

    Hi all, I am sure this has been suggested before, but wanted to suggest it once more to bring it back to public attention. Currently, the mechanism for demasting and damaging sails is far too basic and, historically speaking, unrealistic. Very rarely was a ship demasted because the mast itself was struck by balls - it happened because the rigging was destroyed and it was therefore unsupported. Sometimes, just a single extremely lucky shot could cripple a ship. I would suggest that the mechanism for this be addressed and a movement be made to make it somewhat more realistic in both terms of potential damage, and in that done by wind and force. What I mean by this is that, once a certain amount of damage was done, dependent on the weather, it became dangerous to be under full sail (of course, depending on weather, it was dangerous to be under full sail without any damage in very poor weather). This should be simulated as well. Additionally, it is not at all historically accurate for every battle to necessarily be able to be fought at full speed with the wind always blowing the ideal force. I would therefore also propose that wind force be variable in combat (not in the open world). It was common, particularly in the large fleet battles, for the lineships to become somewhat stationary and grouped together due to weak wind. This would actually make positioning and captain skill even more important, as whatever sailing decision you made would have a tremendous effect on the outcome of the battle, and likewise more accurately model how in some battles an inferior force defeated a superior opponent. Thanks for your consideration.
  3. Lieste


    From the album: Gunnery

    Sketches of rigging arrangement as given as dimensions in early C19th English gunnery treatise for range estimation of various classifications of French vessel. Some variation between vessels of a nominal rating would be expected, but general scales should be of interest.
  4. Vicker3000

    Missing rigging: braces and sheets

    I love the modeling of the rigging in this game. I have never seen anything else come as close to NA in terms of realistic rigging. That said, there are two major types of lines that are missing from the ships: braces and sheets. Braces run from the tip of a yard (the "yardarm") to a different mast. They are used to control the rotation of the yards. Sheets run to the tip of the boom of a fore-and-aft sail, and are used to control how far out the boom can swing. These lines seem especially relevant given that these are what the player is controlling when the player presses Q, E, Z, and C. For me, the absence of these lines is immersion breaking. Without these lines, there is nothing to control the sails' rotation and nothing keeping them in a given position. When I've mentioned this, several people have pointed out that these lines would have to move with the sails, and so they would be harder to add. It seems like this shouldn't be an issue, given that sheets are already there in game for headsails and staysails.
  5. Davy Kidd

    HMS Victory's rigging

    From the album: Davy Kidd's

    ........spending your life up there must have been great for the 12 to 14 year olds! Carrying sailors stuff and gunpowder a bit boring?

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