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Found 13 results

  1. While I can understand the need for a captain to be able to repair his ship 100% when in OW, I would like it to be a limited % of hull/sails/crew lost for each repair launched. Take a look at World of Warships and how the damage control works as a good example. You'll never see a ship being damaged 50% going back up to 100% after a repair and thank god for that otherwise the battles would go on for ever. Well in Naval Action, ships can restore their sails to 100% after having them shredded to pieces. yes there is a 15mn timer that helps avoid abuse but with the meta speed boats we're facing, that just doesn't crack it. You'll see the infamous 'speed Wasa' take off with less than 80% sails, still be able to outdistance the enemy, launch the repair and come back to continue the fight totally unscratched. This becomes even more absurd with the surgeon operating in a boarding scenario! By default you should only be capable of adding 50% back after pressing the repair button and maybe 75% if you have a special perk.
  2. Rig / Hull - Diminishing Repairs

    First of all 'Battle Instance' repairs should be limited, there are a lot comments on this issue, mostly because ships can repair all the time (every 10 minutes). I would propose a mechanic that would instantly remove the issue and add 'realistic' touch during battles: 1. Ship can repair all the time, either Rig or Hull (can't do both at a time) - Crew picks toolboxes instead of loading guns or tackling sails 2. Rig / Hull repairs are consumed every minute - As much crew repairs they consumes materials 3. Repair process requires crew (like now), but crew has higher chance of being hit by shots by a fixed value - Crew being outside of battle stations 4. % of Hull repair limited to 50% of current damage (plus modules/knowledge): - Ships hull can be properly repaired out of battle or in port 5. % of Rig repair limited to 75% of current damage (plus modules/knowledge) - Ships sails or rigs are easier to access and repair than parts of the ship under water For example if a ship has 5000 side Armor... goes down to 0... starts repair... it takes 10 repairs (250 each) in 10 minutes to repair to 2500 (50% - see point 4 above) - at this point ship cannot be repaired no more until getting more damage to this side of Armor... If it goes down to 0 again, it could be repaired up to 1250... After that to 625... 313... It is always 50% of current unrepaired damage (till the limit) This mechanic would: - prevent ships from repairing to full, brand new out of shipyard state all the time (in battle instance) - make ships with higher armor/sail HP more important in PvP / RvR - make ships made of Fir/Fir with stacked speed upgrades/knowledge less favourable in PvP / RvR - make armor/structure/repair upgrades/knowledge more favourable in PvP / RvR
  3. Idea: The Auxiliary LGV Support Ship(A-LGV) Not sure if this is of interest to you chaps or just a bad idea. Let me know what you think. The Problem… The general idea came from this week’s threads with concerns of REPAIRs in BATTLE and the unrealistic RUM replenishment system of CREW. I believe the general community thought is REPAIRs need restricting when in battle. Even @admin did a poll on the subject. So, I’d imagine the solution might come in the form of severely reducing the amount any one ship can carry to as low as 1 or 2 kits per ship. This solves the ludicrous re-spawning a basically fresh new ship in a never-ending cycle. Unfortunately, it creates a side effect POST PvP or just a normal PB for the need to get to a friendly port and repair. This hamper or restricts the logistic movements of the FLEET. Use of a Forward Operating Base (FOB) for host grind prior to an assault kills the element of surprise and is costly for the smaller type clans to OPEN then CLOSE etc. The A-LGV might be the solution that helps extend a clans reach. The A-LGV… In looks its exactly the same as her sister the LGV, but she’s not a trade ship. The Auxiliary LGV (A-LGV) purpose is to follow your fleet in OW and then into BATTLE. She carries large amounts of Hull Repairs and Rig Repairs. Plus, extra CREW that’s not part of her ship complement and sits in the cargo hold. The ship could either be PC/ALT driven or AI with a call request button pressed by YOU when needed. She’d then sail towards you. Maybe added later she’ll carry ammo like Chain Shot, Grape or Double Ball charges, if the community want to restrict their uses also… In BATTLE The A-LGV as defensive guns and marines for protection. Upon request she sails up to a damaged ship and tags it like a BOARDING action mechanic. Then you can exchange repairs. In OW it would work similar to the tag system now I guess? @admin Is this a feasible idea we could test on the TestBed or [PvP Global]? She’ll need a BR and I guess like the WASA you buy a permit and in drops into your dock pre- built. YOU must fill it with repairs and crew though. Summary… What it will allow for is a better repair mechanic plus the ability to replenish crew which seems a tad more realistic. I had a look back to the first use by the Royal Navy of Auxiliary Support ships. I can find the HMS Medway circa 1928. Nothing before, the Brigs and sloops were the support craft in realty for the age of sail I guess. Norfolk nChance [ELITE]
  4. For the upcoming 3vs3 tournament, it's still unclear whether or not Repairs should be limited - They can sometimes unnecessarily extend battle length, but sometimes also create new interesting situations. Please only vote if you are planning to participate in the tournament, and let me know your thoughts below. Thanks!
  5. Repair kits and conditions for using them

    Hi, I find it pretty ennoying and unatural that a ship can go through 5 or more repairs while in battle with very little penalty. Actually this really applies to the rigging repairs. I would like a ship to be able to launch repairs only when sails are lowered to 40% (battle sails) or less. Damn it, taking down broken masts, cutting out the old rigging, putting in place new sails all while the ship is going full sails seams unbalanced and unrealistic. This would also solve the issue of capped 15kts ships pursuing each other for ever.
  6. Please consider giving all players working together and ships the ability to nest. Nesting (or Rafting Up a more modern term) is a real world and viable capability for ships working together to actually come close to one another, put over lines and send items to one another. Another way to look at nesting is it is an at sea or "sea to sea" transfer ability. For example, a group of ships operating together can nest or raft up, and exchange or share hull or rig repairs, rum, crew and even other items deemed capable of being transferred. Additionally, items brought from port for the purpose of supporting at sea operations are able to be moved from one ship to another without, repeat without returning to port. One of the most important capabilities of nesting or rafting up is it keeps ships at sea without the need to return to port to fetch more repairs. That is, it keeps them in the fight for a longer period of time. Since we have the ability to loot another ship after it has been sunk, nesting could become another option from that part of the software. Instead of pressing X to loot, a player could press another key that asks if he or she wants to nest with the other ship or ships. Did the ships of Naval Action really nest in the real world, yes they did. The accompanying picture shows a group of sailing ships nested. Yes they are at anchor but doing it underway was more than possible, it was done. However, it did require really careful seamanship. Thanks for your attention to this matter.
  7. Hi, I know that I could have calculated this myself but I think it would be nice if when you were doing repairs in the openworld the UI told you how much would be repaired and how many repairs it will cost BEFORE it does it: eg: "You will Repair 50% Sails at a cost of 12 Rig Repairs" Cancel/Confirm. Instead of: "Ha! you didn't expect that did you? Now you've no rig repairs and if you get tagged you are screwed!!" I had a traders brig fleeted with a surprise, the sails were damaged on the brig and (stupidly) I decided to repair them a bit. It repaired them but at the cost of ALL my rig repairs! I was in enemy territory and this left me VERY vulnerable. All because I had performed a task that I would not have performed had I known. I think my Ship's Captain might have thought to himself: "mmm maybe I should hold on to a few repairs?" rather than blindly emptying his hold of all his repairs to repair the sails on a cheap ship in the fleet. Being able to choose (a slider?) how many repairs you wish to use would be even better!!!
  8. On May 27, I noticed that for first time, using the "5" - "1" to "Repair - Repair Ship" had some perceivable impact during a Battle. I'm in PvE, US Server. I noticed a number of crew in the fraction associated with the Repair button, and the sliders indicating fore, sides and aft damage slowly improving. As they were fixed, crew went off the repair fraction and back to whatever they were doing before. In a Battle today, I noticed that once again, using "Repair - Repair Ship" Buttons had no effect. I'd previously often hit the "Repair - Repair Ship" buttons, but never before saw any effect. Was this a one-day only Special, or am I missing some command prefix? ~ Hardy ~
  9. I have a question about repairs in battle. Maybe it is me (maybe I do not know how to do it) or it is a problem in game mechanics after the last patch. In battle, I used repairs. Good! But when I did my repairs I couldn't take off my crew from repairing. It is me not knowing how to do it or it is a problem in the games mechanics? Any answer would be appreciated, even if just pointing at my ignorance of the game
  10. Got into it with a scurvy dog of a pyrate in a bigger ship who started shooting my sails so I couldn't get away (fair enough). While he was doing that I got 5 good solid broadsides into him (doubles) and he started listing and disengaged (ran). then his leaks slowly self repaired (fricking magic) while my SAIL DAMAGE was exactly the same. ---- I think my chance to sink him should be as great as his chance to desail and board me is! If I have to continue to suffer from his sail holes inflicted - he should continue to suffer from my hull holes inflicted ---- When you CAN'T WIN because the other guy can get (slow) repair and you get NONE - it is the one thing this game can't be ---- BORING
  11. On the topic of officers

    So, as everyone playing the game knows, you can outfit your ship with officers, I've got a few suggestions and would also ask for some player feedback into what officers roles should be and how that would affect your sailing; if they go down with the ship or have a chance of getting onto the longboat and paddling to the nearest pirate port, whether they can be injured, gain XP and rank up just like you; or just simply be modules you plug into your ship, leaving all the captaining and micromanagement to you, though captaining a ship would be no easy task. Firstly I'll take a look at navigation. What I'd propose is, with an officer who fills the role of your navigator is access to your captains quarters (though in a 'locked' isometric position) where you would get to see your map spread out over a table, along with all the ports and their flags. When asking a basic/low level navigator where you are he would simply reply "Nearest to <portnamehere>", however as you got better navigators (or your navigator got better) a circle would appear around your ship on the map like GPS on your phone with bad sattelite reception, as the navigator gets better and better or the best one is got the circle would shrink until you had a very reasonable idea of where you were, along with the navigator telling you where the nearest port is provided it's on the map. Officer of the watch - This officer would stop you having to buy a 72" 4k TV to tell if there is a ship in the distance. Of course like the navigator not all officers are as good as others so you may still have to keep an eye open for ships he might miss. However, he would be tasked with one other important thing, logging ships and fleets into the ship's map a lower-level/rarity officer would have them as lines coming out from the ship indicating heading, but not exact distance, somewhat like the sonar map in silent hunter; as he gets better he will begin to mark the lines red, white or green according to whether they are neutral, an enemy or an ally (He would start with black lines), eventually he would work his way up the skill/rarity tree to map the ship's approximate location, heading and speed he would also give call when land is spotted and if it's uncharted you could have him and your navigator draw up a rough shape (accuracy dependant on how skilled both officers are) of an island that was not on your 'original' chart. As a pair the navigator and officer of the watch can map out shallows and put them on your map too. Bosun - (or whichever way you want to spell it), generally keeps the morale of your crew up and gives shipwide bonuses if morale is high (almost as if you had added more crew), he keeps you aware of your crew's status, if any are sick (if this is added in the future) or if they are annoyed to the point of mutiny due to a series of failed encounters and not having a captain of the correct rank controlling the vessel. Your bosun could also double as a carpenter or surgeon, the carpenter getting more effectiveness out of repair kits and allowing you to repair about 20% of your armour if in survival mode, though patching a ship up with bits of shattered ship takes time. Him doubling as a surgeon would reduce crew loss in battle and reduce crew loss during boarding and regain some crew who would have otherwise died during boarding, they would mend slowly over a matter of days depending on their injuries. If he is acting out other roles then shipwide bonuses would Gunnery Officer - Pretty simple this one really, firstly you can set him to fire broadsides if you wish, possibly manning starboard and firing salvos at an easily hit ship while you pick off the little guy in a gunboat. If he isn't on firing duty he would assist with aiming, giving you somewhat of a trajectory arc, as all other officers some are better than others. As well as that a modest increase in gun damage would be nice as well as the ability to have him suggest where to shoot (eg armor, rudder, sails; though this may be very difficult to code) if trajectory arcs are a bit too Assassin's Creed for you then let him widen the little red line, essentially adjusting guns on the fly to hit where you may have just missed. Just to add a quick edit here. Should ships with multiple gundecks benefit from only one gunnery officer or should you have to have one for each gun-deck or set him as a ship-wide gunnery officer who's task is just to maintain the guns and keep the firing crews trained, giving less bonuses to all the guns on your ship than say 3 gunnery officers for each gun-deck of the HMS Victory who would actively be running fire control for each deck. Edit: one more thing he would do is tell you how close your ranging shots are to the enemy ship rather than you having to fire and get a spyglass on the ship (a feat impossible/very very difficult in real life if you are controlling the gunner's aim first) naturally as the officer got better by way of experience he would be able to tell you how far you missed by, by saying "Your shot missed her" at the beginning to "You hit just short/long of her cap'n" to giving more accurate descriptions of how much you missed by such as "You only missed by a few yards short cap'n" as well as letting you know how well you are damaging the ship from telling you whether you scored a hit to whether the shot hit her sails (though ball going through sails would not count as a hit when he feeds back to you), her mast or her hull (higher levels would be able to tell you if you hit her on the waterline and higher levels yet would tell you if you have created a leak) essentially a high level gunnery officer takes you away from mundane tasks and allows you to focus on things like manual sails. Boarding commander - takes care of boarding tasks, gives a modest increase in turn rate and fire rate prior to boarding(once again increasing with experience or rarity) during boarding he gives a recharge rate bonus as well as a morale and damage bonus. If there are any roles I've missed, let me know and let me know how you feel about things. Main questions would be: - Should officers be bought from the store as an item or hired from the tavern (Yes I got most of those roles from Age of Pirates 3 City of Lost Ships; a great game with mods, though it is somewhat buggy). - Should officers require pay to function (a good bosun would lower their wages by keeping them and the crew happy)? - Leading on from this, if officers have an XP based levelling function should they level automatically (thus requiring you to pay them more) or should you need to promote them. However officers that have gone a long time with max XP and no promotion may get a little annoyed and demand you promote them or you part ways next time you make port. - Should officers die upon sinking? Or should those that make it to a boat in time (wounded officers are slower) so having "fill boat" and a countdown running until all officers are on board (at risk of your ship sinking and you losing all your officers if it's taking on water fast) then a command to "Scuttle ship and escape" Any and all feedback is much appreciated, even if it's a link from a devblog going deep into officer mechanics and you calling me a fool for not finding it (I used both the forum search and Google, neither turned up anything like this so I'm sorry if I'm making you read the same stuff twice) anyway, that's all I've got to say for now until I retreat to the batcove and think of moar stuffs.
  12. What is the point of having a 850 man crew if they quit making repairs after three times? I think they should be able to continue to make repairs indefinitely - but at a limited pace say 1 repair every 4 or 5 min game time. I just had to sit in a totally de-masted Victory with zero repairs and 838 surviving crew for 20 minutes while a couple frigats finished us off from behind. At 60/1 compression 20 min would be TWENTY HOURS IRL It was unpleasant - IRL we would have done SOMETHING with those 20 hours! ------------ Couldn't we have a gain back of 1 repair ever 4 hours IRL - or ever 4 min in game time. Let's encourage those frigat captains to "get busy"
  13. Repair mode / Long term repairs

    I think that we should have a "long term repair" option that does not have a limit, but is very slow. The inspiration for this was a very frustrating Trafalgar battle in the surprise, I got heavily damaged, my sails pretty torn up and slowly taking on water. I managed to break from the action to recover, but realized I was out of repair kits. I had to spend the rest of the battle half full (and slowly filling) with water and on low sails, unable to catch up to the action and do anything. It just felt silly that I was out of the battle, not being fired at, but still could not repair my hull by probably 10% that was necessary to stop the little bit of flooding, or that my sails were now totally irreparable and even the entire crew working together could not fix them at all. I would like there to be a way to repair once out of the action and not being fired upon that does not have limited uses, but is much slower than a standard repair. It would slowly repair whatever you told it to (sails, hull (hull could be broken down into exactly what quadrant you want to repair.)Rudder, pump,) Slowly repairing them over a few minutes. The idea is to let players who have escaped the battle but are damaged and cannot catch up/move repair enough to be able to get back to the battle and be of some use there. Some limitations I think would be useful are: (1. It may only be used at least 45 seconds after last being shot or taking any damage. (2. It cannot be used in close proximity with enemies. and (3. It cannot repair absolutely massive damage, (masts destroyed etc) (4. And it will only bring the health of hull armor up to 50% of the original, undamaged, maximum. (It will be able to repair as much as it needs until reaching 50% of the original strength) This last limitation is because I don't want to encourage people to immediately drop out of battle and repair once they take the slightest bit of damage. When it comes to sails I don't think it matters as much, let it repair to 100% I think it would probably be good to also include some kind of penalty while using it, for instance much slower reloads and sail management. (again this is for repairing while not in combat, not for extending the life of your ship while fighting.) Thoughts?