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Found 39 results

  1. [HEART] Hearts of Oak

    "We still make them feel and we still make them flee, And drub them ashore as we drub them at sea, Then cheer up me lads with one heart let us sing, Our soldiers and sailors, our statesmen and king." ♔▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬♔ Hearts of Oak is a clan named after the upbeat Royal Navy march, we capitalise cooperative play among our ranks, helping each other and working together to achieve the best game expirience for every single member. We have no outlined focus in terms of crafting, PvE or PvP - we appreciate and support all of it. Most of our members origin from the same named clan on a different game featuring action on the seas, first being only two of us who rejoined Naval Action, the enthusiasm for the game spread quickly and we got ten people buying the game by entertaining them in long and hilarious evenings. We are trying to build up our PvP expirience now and to form a joined Portbattle team with other clans, though neither participation is mandatory. Our agenda is to help newcomers, welcome veterans, learn as much as possible and make the british nation a place again where not only a few know and do everything. ♔▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬♔ ⚓ What we offer to you ... ⚓ · A cooperative environment, support for everyone · A friendly international community · Discord & Teamspeak and external sources for organisation · Relaxed atmosphere · PvE, PvP and hopefully soon PB possibilities ♔▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬♔ ⚔ What you should offer to us ... ⚔ · The motivation to play the game · The interest to help others · The possiblity to join Discord or Teamspeak (no microphone requirement) ♔▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬♔ You can contact us by either posting a comment here, poking one of us at Teamspeak or contacting one of the following members ingame: Cornelius von Ravensburg Stewart Lawrie SinofPride Random Unnecessary Violence
  2. Red Banner Fleet [REDS] Russian Empire PvPEU For the Great and Glorious Mother Russia! The Red Banner Fleet [REDS] has been chartered by our beloved Tsar Alexander the Blessed to pursue conquest in the Caribbean. Captains taking up arms in our Company are offered steady pay and commission aboard some of the many freshly build vessels already fitted and prepared for the Caribbean Campaign. To join us you must hoist the St. Andrew’s Cross, you must have Teamspeak, and you should understand English. Find us on our Teamspeak, rus.rdnn.eu, for an interview with one of our Officers. Server: PvPEU Nation: Russian Empire Teamspeak: rus.rdnn.eu REDS is the merger of clans PLANB, CHAOS/KINGS & RDNN/LEGO. For our freedom and yours! The Russians are coming!
  3. Chernomoriya PvP Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth English Speaking Clan Short Summary: Chernomoriya, Black Sea Cossack Host, is founded by the original members of the clan Reichsflotte. We are a friendly group of individuals. We are a flexible clan who encourages others to share their opinion if they so desire. We believe in improving the game for all players and not a select few such as only pvp players, traders, or pve enthusiasts. Focus: Chernomoriya is focused on the improvement of its members abilities. Not fearful to learn from outside the clan or even the faction. We do not wish to continue this unrelenting focus of the servers past relationships and individual's past deeds pre-wipe. Code of Conduct: Members of Chernomoriya will not steal from another player and honour any clan agreements made. We do use Discord non-voice chat and use Teamspeak: ts3server://deadecho.pl:9988. Interested or would like to know more: Please dont be afraid to hit me up below or privately if you are wanting to join or want to know more about Chernomoriya. In game my username is Davos Seasworth so if you want to private message me or drop me some mail I would not mind either. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.
  4. DD Recruiting ! We need velonteer , recruites and officiers for expend our empire ! We raiding hostility order for get more cities, and some pvp events too ! We helping new players and small clans, we have alots allies clans and we can give ships and combat mark if you need ! We are a freindly clan so, why not joined us !! Your Welcome ! Richbeard , Cornilius , Grimm Reaper
  5. Under a Black Flag Welcome to Under a Black Flag. Tired of tyranny? Tired of paying high taxes for a corrupt empire? Tired of being represented by a man you barely know, and claims to be your king? Tired of working day and night to pay taxes for this king who calls himself your king? Tired of working day and night and staying poor? Tired of living in this empire that does not care for you? Tired of being treated like a "slave", working day and night, and rich people getting more rich and you getting more poor? Are you tired? Tired of all this? Tired of this tyranny? Then you must navigate under the black. Help us to destroy this empire that claims to be your empire but deep down you know they do not give a damn for your life. Help us to destroy this empire that claims to be your empire but deep down you know they just want to get rich by using you. Help us to destroy this empire that claims to be your empire, by showing them that by joining our forces together they are nothing but mere mortals. Help us to destroy this empire that claims to be your empire, by showing them that they also bleed! Help Us! Help your sea mates to destroy this empire by joining forces. Make them bleed, take what is yours by right, get rich! Under a black flag you shall sail! You are your empire! You are your king! You are a pirate! ===== If you are interested in joining this group please add me on steam, send me a PM here or add me in game: Lucas Afgrijselijk for more information. I started this group now, and I need help to grow it, any help will be welcome with plenty of rum. Enter piracy now, and help us overturn empires. Cooperation and respect will be mandatory in this group, discrimination of races, religions and ethnicities will not be tolerated. Just a group of players interested in piracy and fun! OBS: Group for people with 16 years or older. Join us now for rum and riches! No Kings! No slavery!
  6. The American Outlaws (TAO) is recruiting players of all skills and ranks. From PVP seekers to simple Traders. We at TAO put out focus on the needs of the player and not the needs of the nation. We do not take part in any diplomacy that is made by the ELITIST players and clans of the US nation. Our goal is to give the player who are tired of being told they can't do something because they aren't big enough. Those who are tired of your voice not being heard. We are a home for those who wish to fly solo but don't want to be dragged into the mess of joining the "ruling clans" of the nation for support when needed. TAO is a new clan in the sea of many. What makes us different is our approach to dealing with other clans and our motto "TAO first, TAO last, TAO always". Meaning we only focus on our needs and not the needs of others. We use discord for in game communication and the mobile app BAND for outside game discussion and for any important topics. This allows ALL MEMBERS to voice there opinion regardless if they have the ability to be online. *UPDATE* TAO has become the fastest growing clan with in the US nation this has allowed us to become a major player within US politics. To join message me in game sounthernrebel78(Leader) or Echo5Tango (2nd in Command), Grommet (3rd in command) TAO has become such a strong and powerful player with in the US nation that it has threated NPG's hold as leader of the US Nation.
  7. Ahoy mates, fellow thieves and swashbucklers! With authority given to me by Admiral Kuth the Oath Keepers again shall rule the seas! Here is what I am looking for! Mature respectful individuals Fellow pirates to plunder with Players who are interested in PvP combat as well as PvE when necessary Tight knit group, comradery with future plans of growth as active clan members increase If you are a new player [KOTO] was one of the biggest pirate clans last year and part of the coalition, our Victories are well known across the seas and shall be known forever in the history of Naval Action! If you are a returning player then what are you waiting for, will you raise the black flag? POC- TimeForged message me in game!
  8. Ahoy Sailors! Clan [PERVS] is recruiting! We are a English speaking clan active in the Verenigde Provinciën on the PvP1 EU server. We are active on both RvR and the political roleplaying in this game. We also have a few active traders and people who are open in doing missions. As long as you speak a bit of English and sail under the Dutch flag everyone is welcome. No rank requirements. We use teamspeak and discord, but both are not required unless you want to help in RvR and politics. If you want to join our clan contact me here on the forums or mail me in game. Safe sailing, ScipioTortuga
  9. The Red Squadron The Red Squadron is being reactived and is recruiting captains for service in the Carribean Requirements- -Active -A Discord (No Mic is Required) Discord: https://discord.gg/cHCQ3 Perks- -Discord -Member Of a multiple-game community Hop on the discord or talk to Jack Darby in game to see about joining! Fair Winds and a Following Sea
  10. Hi guys RVPN Royal Dutch Navy is recruiting people for EU PVP 1 Dutch nation we will de pvp, pve portbattles, screening, raiding, crafting, trading, and much more First language is English second language is Dutch TS: will you recieve when you want a invite Regards D4mi4nNL Leader of RVPN
  11. What goes on within the Spanish faction? Who is Pablo Frias? Why does the rain in Spain fall mainly on the plain? Answers to all these questions and more await you in ATLAS Spain's BRAND NEW and NEVER BEFORE SEEN ENGLISH LANGUAGE CLAN!!!!!!!! Don't miss this UNIQUE OPORTUNITY to be part of PvP's 1 EURO's most impenetrably mono-cultural faction (equaled only by the French). We have lvl 50 Crafters, access to EVERY SHIP IMAGINABLE and strong links to VLTRA and other Spanish clans to have YOU engaged in RvR and JaJaJa-ing LIKE A PRO IN NOTIME!!!. Leave the toxic and vicious culture of the British, abandon the worst night-flippers in Christendom, up and leave the seven hells that is the Dutch faction and COME SAIL WITH ATLAS. Already in the Spanish faction? Then you're already half way there to being one a select group of players dedicated to "shouldering" ;P the burden of Spain's extensive empire of ports and regions. CONTACT SENHOR LENHADOR NOW and a get a zero obligation run down of what awaits you in ATLAS. Be one of the first 10 to join and RECEIVE a set of carving knives ABSOLUTELY FREE, 50% off your next purchase, A yet to be disclosed PRIZE
  12. [RVPN] - The Royal Dutch Navy is recruiting. We will do pve pvp trading screening pb's and crafting. For communication our Primary is Dutch and our secondary is English. We got teamspeak and a Discord server Discord server: https://discord.gg/6f43jFp RVPN website: http://rvpn.enjin.com/home Greetings D4mi4nNL leader of RVPN Ps:Credits to Van Der Decken for this logo's/banner
  13. Svenska Vestindiska Eskadern SVIE is a new started clan in the Swedish nation on PVP1, our primary goal is crafting RVR and PVP but we also do trade and PVE,we are currently pretty small but the plans are that we are going to get bigger. We have organized the crafting so all members are producing materials that we need in order to Craft ships and upgrades. It goes without saying that we help eachother out when needed either if its a Escort needed or someone needs help with a mission. We also Craft ships for people that are not in the clan. We speak both Swedish and English within the Clan In the end we are a friendly bunch that are just here to enjoy the game. If you feel like joining the clan Contact me here on the forums or PM me (Dozer naz ingame name), Carl baron or CptSvenne. ingame. Noticeable Blueprints within the clan -LÓceon
  14. DNP are recruiting new members for the PvP1EU server. IMPORTANT!! DNP ON THE PvPEU server is going to the EU server when it gets established! We seek out the enemies of the Danish-Norwegian nation where ever we may find them. From the open waters to their home ports. We will fight them, never rest - never waiver.
  15. [VLTRA] Non Terrae Plus Ultra Spanish RvR clan [PVP1-EU] [VLTRA] is a new spanish clan created from the union of some of the most important spanish societies: EI, CELTI, COSA, ARES and BSG. [VLTRA] has born as a result of the wishes of the spanish RvR players, who always wanted a stronger organization to be more efficient in all the sections of this game. Our clan is the biggest RvR and PVP spanish clan and we will be focused on defending Spain from our enemies and helping our allies. Although, we will always be able to help our pubbies in PVE missions. Our crafting structure is really powerful with lots of 50 LVL crafters that allows us to be always prepared to fight. We use the Spanish Nation Team Speak: There you can contact with our officers: Hidalgo de Cisneros, Pablo Frias, Jorge and Celtiberofrog who will explain you the main information you need to know. We´re are a mainly spanish speaking clan but we have english-french speakers who will help you to feel integrated and confortable. [VLTRA] is here to defend the Empire against our enemies. ¡Santiago y Cierra España!
  16. AUSEZ (Australian Colonial Navy) AUSEZ is recruiting on PVP Global for Great Britain We are recruiting Captains interested in all game aspects to swell our ranks (both new and old members are welcome) What We Require -Active players -Voice comms compulsory (we use discord) -Members willing to participate and contribute to the clans direction What We Offer -Numerous opportunities for PVP -PVE -Skilled group of players -Active members We operate in PVP GLOBAL and accept members from all time zones and locations. Feel free to drop into our Discord for a chat: https://discord.gg/UeB8cdf Talk to Fasti or Zealicus for recruitment or post here in this thread! Fair seas! Zeal
  17. Reichsflotte PvP2 Dutch Community/Clan Short Summary: Reichsflotte, Imperial Fleet in German, is more of a community than a clan. Our goal is to create an active group of like minded individuals from all aspects of the game and want to maintain the server for everyone and not just ourselves. Focus: Reichsflotte has only a few goals it has set out to achieve. The first of which as expected for any new organization is to grow. Reichsflotte does not aim to become a dominant or large community, but rather one that is manageable and can be maintained reasonably. Secondly, to maintain its casual atmosphere and not become a community focused on only one aspect of the game. A major goal is for everyone to have fun and to have easy access to members of the Reichsflotte, be it their knowledge of the game or ability within the game. That means if you are someone that enjoys being a lone wolf or someone that enjoys group gameplay we do not mind either. The final goal is to maintain a balance on the server so that everyone can enjoy the game fully, be that having a consistent opponent in the open world PvP or to have access to resources needed to build top end ships. Code of Conduct: Members of the Reichsflotte will not steal from another player and honour any clan agreements made. Objectives and Agreements: - Rank up some of our newer members just encase a war breaks out they have the opportunity to participate -start setting up bases at ports directed to Community Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/33rd/ We also use Discord Teamspeak: ts.33rdlegion.com Interested or would like to know more: Please dont be afraid to hit me up below or privately if you are wanting to join or want to know more about Reichsflotte. In game my username is Davos Seasworth so if you want to private message me or drop me some mail I would not mind either. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day. Command: Founder: Grandadmiral Davos Seasworth Officers: Flottillenadmiral Bentclown Vizeadmiral OwenBDead Vizeadmiral Kommizar
  18. Ahoy kapitein! Wij zijn een beginnende clan, maar we groeien snel. Onze clan is vooral "gezellig" en we proberen elkaar zo veel mogelijk te helpen om beter te worden en te levellen. We hebben outposts verspreid over de kaart, een goed gevulde clan-warehouse (zonder muizen) en zowel een eigen TeamSpeak-server als een TeamSpeak-kanaal op de Nation Chat met de andere clans. Het adres van onze clan PERVS-teamspeak kun je krijgen in de clanchat. And, yes...we are looking primarily for Dutch-language players.
  19. BLACK clan needs no introduction. Here some pics from our battles on pvp2 server http://na-black.enjin.com/gallery/m/40809368/album/281622 Make no mistake, this is the BLACK clan that is recruiting and you will be a member of BLACK. You will be using same TS and communicate with the same people from BLACK. [BLOOD] as Blood of BLACK clan was formed to accept and train new players. If you like the idea of being pvp forged and sail under the black flag, we will happily assist you with the following: 1. Starting cash 2. Ships 3. Mods 4. Information 5. Manual sailing 6. Training in basic and advance pvp 7. Training in fleet pvp 8. Crafting When you get to rank of Devil and become an active member of our community you will be able to join BLACK clan of our hardcore PVPers. Must have TeamSpeak PM in game or on forum for the invite. [BLACK] Koltes pvp2, Pirate faction
  20. Sea Lords Royal Navy God Save the KING Admiralty House - LONDON ************ [sLRN] ************* Welcome to Sea Lords Royal Navy [sLRN] and thank you for your interest in joining our illustrious group. We are a rapidly growing band of like minded individuals of varying experience and expertise, who like to indulge in a little light role playing in a friendly, disciplined and co-operative environment and blowing the enemy to to hell and back! A lack of experience is no barrier to joining as we are happy to assist you to become one of the finest Captains on the Great and Narrow seas. Please also note our code of conduct which may be found here..Code of Conduct STEP 1: Create an Application http://forum.sealordsvf.org/index.php?/forum/93-slrn-sea-lords-royal-navy-officer-recruitment/ IMPORTANT : Fill out all the information. Failure on any of these elements or missing entries will not allow us to continue your application. TEAMSPEAK is mandatory! Contact a member of the SLRN Fleet in-game [hail SLRN in Brit chat] you will be given our TS details. We only accept British Captains with a minimal rank of 1st Lieutenant and above. However this doesn't mean you cannot sail with us until you reach said rank. Your sponsor must post in your application post before we can proceed with your application. The Sponsor must be a Full Member (SLRN rank: Master & Commander or above). Without a sponsor you cannot join us! Character or In Game Name ​ Age Range (20's, 30's, etc): General Geographic Location (UK, USA, etc): Normal playing times (Local Time): Example 12:00 GMT Are you interested in crafting? Naval Action Rank: Do you have a working mic and willing to talk? (Y/N) Gaming Experience (to assess likely ability and potential training requirements): Reason for application to the Sea Lords Royal Navy: SLRN member sponsor's name: All Captains may be called to pvp to defend our king and country! STEP 2: Sail with us! Once your application has been approved you will be assigned to the fleet for additional training. You will be required to sail with us over a short period of time [min 1 week]. Failure of being active and contributing to the SLRN Fleet will postpone your promotion and may cause your recruitment to be canceled.
  21. 303RD Tiger Battalion is a long standing competitive gaming community. Comprising members of all nationalities and backgrounds. A PvP clan, well its a PvP server, with a focus on prolonged campaigns and organized operations. The effort you put in is the gains you get out! If you are interested in joining our ranks message Crim Darkfire, Sangs, Lord ACE, or Bob Rovsky in game and come sail with us! Organization uses Discord (a lot like teamspeak but better!) Requirements: Be active and in Discord when online.
  22. Volunteers for His Majesty’s Royal Danish-Norwegian Navy Ahoy Captains! To all who consider setting sail under the flag of Denmark-Norway. Our Royal Danish-Norwegian Navy requests you sign up with us. [RDNN] - The Royal Danish-Norwegian Navy, a company of brave sailors flying the white cross, is recruiting. We want all able captains and friendly sea creatures to join our ranks. When you join you will find we are a social group and you will find brothers in arms as well as good friends. Our clan is very Port Battle and PvP-oriented, and we arrange Port Battles and PvP events every single day. With tactics, communication and good spirits we always bring a good fight to any opponent. Having fought continuously in wars since the beginning of Early Access our players have deep knowledge of the combat mechanics. Our experience comes from never resting behind friendly lines, always seeking combat and glory. We always help our friends out and our captains are expected not to leave anyone behind. RDNN is always to be found at the front lines, always looking for good PvP and to help protect our nation’s borders. We have a cooperative playstyle and work closely with other clans playing for Denmark-Norway, spanning multiple nationalities and languages. Where others struggle with language barriers, we succeed. Our cooperative spirit ensures that together with our allies we form one of the most accomplished fleets in these Caribbean waters. If you think RDNN might be a group that fits your playstyle, don’t hesitate to contact myself or one of our other recruitment officers in-game or here on the forum. You can come on our TeamSpeak to learn more about us and sail with us to make up your mind. If you come from another nation, we will help you out with the transfer of ships and goods. We also do clan mergers. We are an international clan with members from all over the world and English is our primary language for communication. Members of RDNN are required to use TeamSpeak when participating in group events where orders and coordination are necessary components. We respect that players are different in their desire to communicate, and we do not strictly require that you talk a lot, so long as you are able to listen when instructions are given. Players seeking to join the ranks of RDNN are expected to be team-players, good-spirited and able to listen to orders when needed. You are expected to be gallant in victory as well as in defeat. We have a ship building system to provide all our members with ships and outfitting for Port Battles, and every member is expected to contribute with materials and labour hours. We have multiple level 50 crafters in our clan, holding every blueprint, so our members have opportunity to have built every ship they wish to set sail in. To join RDNN as a full member it is necessary to be of rank Kaptain (250 crew) or above. Special considerations can be made for players who prove their dedication or show particular aptitude. All sailors of all ranks are welcomed to join our TeamSpeak and play together with us until they are accepted into our clan. We will help you with learning the game mechanics, increasing your rank, finding fights and acquiring a fitting vessel. Applicants should come to our Teamspeak and contact an RDNN officer: ts3server://na.danmarknorge.org Written requests can be submitted in our forum: danmarknorge.org/forum/ We look forward to sailing by your side. May the winds blow in your favour. On behalf of His Majesty King Christian VII
  23. British West Indies Trading Company We are looking for new and experienced players to join our growing clan. We have a full team of dedicated crafters who will build the ships you need. We are a friendly laid back clan. We do both PVP and PVE. If you are interested go to http://www.westindiescompany.org/application-forms.php?appid=3 and sign up to the form then fill in the clan application form. Or Mail Roger Churchill in game.
  24. [sORRY] is a high activity, heavily PVP focused fleet. We have over 120+ active captains from many different countries. We have many high ranked captains and level 50 crafters. Anyone who is active and wants to participate in PVP will be welcomed. Here a man get what he earns when he earns it. Our only requirement is that you must be in TS3 when you are online. Our TS3 server is: voice.darksoft.tech If this sounds like something you would be interested in contact Lord Vicious, RockNRollMachine, AWDWheelChair, Toast, Admiral Rachira, Nos Patris or myself in game and come sail with us. 18+ only please Archive of battles here: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/11616-sorry-stars-and-skulls-pvp-1-eu-pirates/