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Found 184 results

  1. Baltic Fleet

    Балтийский Флот Решили все таки более серьезно подойти к этому вопросу и создать сообщество Время как никогда самое подходящие. Так как все больше и больше людей теряют интерес к игре. Кто то внушил всем что в игре есть только ПБ и все,а это далеко не так, есть много увлекательных занятий, где не нужно плавать по несколько часов, и еще столько же стоять у порта и выжидать пб. Собственно началась наша история еще на просторах ПотБс. Так же как и в ПОтБс, наша группа занимается разбоем и грабежом, только пвп, только хардкор. Нету никакой политики, союзов и тому подобных вещей. Топим и тонем, догоняем и убегаем везде и всюду, всех и везде Сообщество создано для семейных и работающих людей, у которых нету возможности проводить в игре 24\7. Которые хотят, прийдя вечерком с работы, провести весело время в этой игре, в душевной и веселой компании, и потопив десяток буржуев, с хорошим настроением и приподнятым духом пойти брать на абордаж свою женщину Что для этого нужно: 1) Иметь микрофон с наушниками и установленную голосовую связь (ТС) 2) Быть адекватным 3) Возраст 20+ 4) Желание рвать и метать все что видно в море. 5) Не боятся сливать свои кораблики, ибо это всего лишь картинки 6) Написать в игре или на форуме в личные сообщения: "Captain Reverse "Toothless Jack "Black Mamba Прайм примерно с 20-00 по МСК и пока не надоест)
  2. AHOY There! We are a friendly group of players just looking to have a good time. Our clan rules and structure are fairly clear straightforward, and allow all members to have some say in the direction we take. Feel free to contact our leaders and officers (listed below) if you are interested in joining or have any questions. ¸„•°’ˆ’°•„¸¸„•°’ˆ’°•„¸¸„•°’ˆ’°•„¸ˆ’°•„¸ General Information ¸„•°’ˆ¸„•°’ˆ’°•„¸¸„•°’ˆ’°•„¸¸¸„•°’ˆ’°•„¸ˆ’°•„¸¸„•°’ˆ’°•„¸¸„•°’ˆ’°•„¸„•°’ˆ¸„•°’ˆ¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨ˆ’°•„¸ˆ’°•„¸¸„•°’ˆ’°•„¸¸„•°’ˆ’°•„¸¸„•°’ˆ Clan name - AHOY Servers: PvP EU Nation: Great Britain Clan Priority: PvP (Open World PvP, Hunting traders, PvP Events, Port Battles) Time Zones: EU / AUSSIES / US (sorted by numbers) Website: http://ahoy.enjin.com/home TeamSpeak: http://voice378.ismett.de/ Discord: https://discord.gg/cBNsykP Rank required to join: Master and Commander (after small interview) Recruitment: Open (Go to recruitment on the website and fill out an application, or see contacts below) For EU, contact: EliteDelta / Rahzer / Banished Privateer / Darayavahus / Horatio Bugler Global: Our global members have joined us on EU.
  3. hello dear captains, im looking for a fast pvp ship, i didnt do much pvp if we dont count my first 1v1 with a cutter(won). im looking for a renomme or suprise atm, and also im open for any advices. its fast so i believe i can choose my fights,? i can reach and help people who are in battle since its a fast ship? if i got outnumbered i can run? its a cheap ship so its expandable? feel free to recommend any ship, but it shouldnt be too expensive so i wont feel bad if i lose it. my crew size is 350 atm. will be 650 in 1 or 2 days.
  4. DD Recruiting

    DD Recruiting ! We need velonteer , recruites and officiers for expend our empire ! We raiding hostility order for get more cities, and some pvp events too ! We helping new players and small clans, we have alots allies clans and we can give ships and combat mark if you need ! We are a freindly clan so, why not joined us !! Your Welcome ! Richbeard , Cornilius , Grimm Reaper
  5. National Free Towns

    Having nation ports made available for all is problematic for the entire nation. Yet in the current iteration there's nothing to be done with it. I agree that clanwars would essentially be invalidating the nations and basically throw any pretense of a historical pretext out of the window. I do however believe that nations should be allowed to punish corrupt governors that take bribes from all sorts of shady ppl and makes their ports available for all..
  6. PVP based Hostillity system

    Hello fellow captains I have been thinking about this idea for some time now and just decided that I had to write it down and post it. A few months ago some players and I were discussing the current (end 2016 - beginning 2017) Hostility system and how missions are repetitive and tend to become very boring after a while. We brainstormed for a while and started throwing some ideas around, in the end, we came up with a new system for gaining hostility and how to make it look more like the real live system that was used in the age of sail. Basically, this new system relies more on blockading of ports and the players defending the ports then the Hostility missions that are used right now. it works as follows : 1 - Around every port, a ring is placed that is only visible to enemy captains and appears if the enemy captains sit in front of the enemy port for a certain amount of time (like 1 or 2 min). 2 - when the ring appears and the captains are inside this ring Hostility is generated for the port by doing this the enemy is effectively blockading the port, Hostility is generated slowly. 3 - currently in this situation 1 port is being blockaded and Hostility is generated for that port, to make the Hostility generation go faster the attackers can do 3 thinks, - gain maximum hostility around the blockaded port by having 25 players in the ring around the blockaded port this would multiply the hostility generation. - blockade another port in the region, this would give a multiplier to the hostility generation in the region. - The attackers also gain a lot of hostility by sinking enemy ships in PVP who will certainly try to stop the hostility generation by attacking the enemy ships. 4 - if a port reaches 100 % hostility this port and this port alone will be open for attack and the current PB mechanic springs in action, war supplies can be used to lower hostility. that is the mechanic as proposed, of course, thinks could be added to this idea like the port blockading could take place in an instance and not on the OW and everybody who sails over the ring is dragged in this blockade instance, or the idea that Hostility Mission can still be used but only a certain amount of mission can be taken in a certain amount of time. now please keep in mind that this hostility mechanic is created for naval action with at least 1000 players on a server or so because we should all hope that the game numbers will go up (devs really gotta throw in more content and stop changing existing mechanics). thank you for reading, please let me know what you think. Kind Regards: Rickard o7
  7. The Decatur Armada [TDA] is an energetic, elite PVP group that has been around since the very earliest testing phases. Our founding members are an international group of PVP guys that really enjoyed fighting together, and got together to fight and have fun! Applications are being selectively accepted. We play on PVP1 EU. Apply at our Website www.decaturarmada.enjin.com Facebook https://www.facebook.com/The-Decatur-Armada-534236590058715/
  8. Why combat mark should be not link to craft

    Combat mark and more have been introduce ingame in the way to decrease the number of larges ships ingame and to put diversity into port battle fleet. But Since combat mark appears, port battle have still the same number and same quality of ship than before. So combat mark are just decreasing the ability for a defeated fleet to fight again meaning more time will be needed to be able to fight back what decrease the aciton ingame what make peoiple boring and left the game. So COmbat mark should be use for skill, paint and this kind of stuff and be out of permit in the way to authorize people to still be able to play and enjoy. We can accept that open sea ship may be valuable in mark as endemyin but the port battle ship,n the one deciding the rvr should be not concern with this thing as everyone will use the bet ship for pb and there is no way to bring surprises in an aga fleet. At least a decent rataed ship need to be CM free per rank. One good 4th rate for pb (aga), one good 1th rate for PB (victo) TY
  9. Something @admin has talked about before is his wish to keep PvP battles open forever (rather than close after 3 minutes). My complaint with this was that the placement of new arrivals is too problematic. Nobody wants to have a ship go "poof" and appear on top of them (or in front of them). If not for that, though, I think it's a good idea. Hunting around for battles to join would be a real possibility. So I wonder if it could be made to work. Problems: 1) Joiners make the battle uneven. 2) Where do joiners arrive. So here's my thought: You can join any battle where at least one of the following conditions is met: Your addition will make the BR no worse than 1.5 to 1 in your favor - or - Your addition will make the player count no worse than +1 in your favor (So like your friend in a Mercury gets jumped by a Surprise. Your Victory will violate the 1.5 BR rule but it won't violate the "+1" rule so you can join. Or your 5 friends in Lynxes are fighting a Victory. Your Lynx will violate the "+1" rule but passes the 1.5 BR check so you can join.) Join location in the battle is right where the original participants started. These locations are clearly marked in the battle. Joiners arrive as a transparent "ghost ship" with a 90 second timer before they materialize and become participants. 90 second timer ticks at one-fifth speed (so a maximum delay of 450 seconds -- 7.5 minutes) if any friendly ships "in combat" are too close to the join circle. Ghost ships can exit at any time before going live with no penalty. Those last 3 bullet points are what I think would make it be a reasonable idea. Scenarios: A. You attack an enemy and he stays around the join circle. When joiners come in they end up having a 7.5 minute timer before they go live because the friendly being nearby is delaying their entry. That's plenty of time to decide how you want to handle it. B. You get attacked and help is on the way. Your best bet is probably to just run away. Your help will be able to go live after 90 seconds rather than 450. C. You get attacked and help is on the way but a "friendly" alt is blocking the entry. The alt has to actually stay in combat to block the join circle and your reinforcements WILL eventually get in so avenues of abuse are possible but limited (and will also be very obvious). Current timer mechanics are broken and while the above isn't perfect I'm also not sure if we can arrive at a perfect solution via timers and closed battles, which we've been trying for the last 2 years.
  10. All video reports in Naval Action! 1. name 2. youtube link 3. little battle report
  11. Wapen von Hamburg

    What buffs could the WvH receive to be more viable in PvP? Would a bit more speed make it OP?
  12. Volunteers for His Majesty’s Royal Danish-Norwegian Navy Ahoy Captains! To all who consider setting sail under the flag of Denmark-Norway. Our Royal Danish-Norwegian Navy requests you sign up with us. [RDNN] - The Royal Danish-Norwegian Navy, a company of brave sailors flying the white cross, is recruiting. We want all able captains and friendly sea creatures to join our ranks. When you join you will find we are a social group and you will find brothers in arms as well as good friends. Our clan is very Port Battle and PvP-oriented, and we arrange Port Battles and PvP events every single day. With tactics, communication and good spirits we always bring a good fight to any opponent. Having fought continuously in wars since the beginning of Early Access our players have deep knowledge of the combat mechanics. Our experience comes from never resting behind friendly lines, always seeking combat and glory. We always help our friends out and our captains are expected not to leave anyone behind. RDNN is always to be found at the front lines, always looking for good PvP and to help protect our nation’s borders. We have a cooperative playstyle and work closely with other clans playing for Denmark-Norway, spanning multiple nationalities and languages. Where others struggle with language barriers, we succeed. Our cooperative spirit ensures that together with our allies we form one of the most accomplished fleets in these Caribbean waters. If you think RDNN might be a group that fits your playstyle, don’t hesitate to contact myself or one of our other recruitment officers in-game or here on the forum. You can come on our TeamSpeak to learn more about us and sail with us to make up your mind. If you come from another nation, we will help you out with the transfer of ships and goods. We also do clan mergers. We are an international clan with members from all over the world and English is our primary language for communication. Members of RDNN are required to use TeamSpeak when participating in group events where orders and coordination are necessary components. We respect that players are different in their desire to communicate, and we do not strictly require that you talk a lot, so long as you are able to listen when instructions are given. Players seeking to join the ranks of RDNN are expected to be team-players, good-spirited and able to listen to orders when needed. You are expected to be gallant in victory as well as in defeat. We have a ship building system to provide all our members with ships and outfitting for Port Battles, and every member is expected to contribute with materials and labour hours. We have multiple level 50 crafters in our clan, holding every blueprint, so our members have opportunity to have built every ship they wish to set sail in. To join RDNN as a full member it is necessary to be of rank Kaptain (250 crew) or above. Special considerations can be made for players who prove their dedication or show particular aptitude. All sailors of all ranks are welcomed to join our TeamSpeak and play together with us until they are accepted into our clan. We will help you with learning the game mechanics, increasing your rank, finding fights and acquiring a fitting vessel. Applicants should come to our Teamspeak and contact an RDNN officer: ts3server://na.danmarknorge.org Written requests can be submitted in our forum: danmarknorge.org/forum/ We look forward to sailing by your side. May the winds blow in your favour. On behalf of His Majesty King Christian VII
  13. Make reward great again

    I think there is a big problem into the reward system right now in pvp. When you are doing pvp in large group, the battle can be an 1.5hour battle and sometime things are going bad and you are nt sunking anyone or few ennemy althought you have fight like pig and then you get the famous: "Captain xxxx you make a battle and win nothing" What the hell? I make 500 shot in hull, dismate 3 ships use 200 repair and i got nothing? What is wrong with you? i could just have sunk 2 lynx in front of my capital and won more than making pvp 1.5 hour? And what is true in port battle is true in open sea pvp too. You make a 1v1, finnaly your enenmy flee because badly hurt and he succes to flee and you win nothing. Neither xp neither doublon. Nothing to reimburse back your reparation and your time. I really think reward in pvp has to be reworked because the systme we got now don't give you the wish to go in pvp.
  14. BR Difference

    Hi there, you changed the BR Difference to attack other ships. Like i know it was 1:3 before. What is the factor now? BenAbbib
  15. ROE

    So this is the layout: Yesterday two pirates came to KPR looking for pvp. They found a player and we joined the battle (2vs3), allmost fair 😊. We fouth for an hour and a halv, we demasted eachother, we killed crew then got them drunk and back to work, in short we had fun! We gained a lot of knowledge from this fight, thow not according to the game logic. Why? i hear u ask. Well, because no one got sunk. And so, at the end of the battle nobody from this fight got any ingame experience nor any rewards. Allthow, we repaired multiple times and drunk all the rum we had available in the hull, at the end of the battle, we got no ingame rewards. I belive this is wrong!
  16. RVR System Rework

    So Ive been actually sitting around and thinking about this game and how it could be made better. I dont know this new system will improve on the current system we have now. Before you spend considerable time and resources consider this: 1 Mega Coalition forms. They take over the middle of map. They impose max tax on all ports (which im guessing have valuable resources). They start mass producing SoLs and denying everyone else access. 80% of locked out player base leaves. Map stagnates again. PVP should be fun. PVP should be for everyone. PVP should be as equal as possible. Elite PVP is when a group with equal or less firepower consistently defeats opponents. Elite PVP isnt resource/gear/number advantage where haves seal club have nots. Heres an easy non coding/resource intensive way to improve RVR. Reduce costs for all ships and cannons. Make it so players who arent experienced or sure of 100% chance to win want to get out and fight. Bring back durability. Mercenary system for small nations. eg. English player joins Dutch on 2 week contract for increased rewards. 14 day invulnerability for new accounts (cant initiate PVP). Regional Capitals PB use current mechanic. Other ports in region have to be conquered using old flag system. Flag system for both attacker/defender is open 24/7. Defenders can retake regional ports back after 6-12-24(?) hrs creating tug-of-war. Both sides get Call-to-Arms once flag is delivered that PB starts in 1-2 hrs. Attacker cant flag bomb 3-4 ports in one go. Each must be taken consecutively to keep war zone active. Much fighting and sinking ensues in region since its active for 12+hrs. Nations only allowed to attack one region at a time. PBs are open to everyone in appropriate ship. First come first serve. Improve PVP rewards. Cash for damage. Make it so every player in participating nations want to stop their mission/crafting/trading plans and go to Region X to fight. Old durability system so players dont have to sail back to capital to get ship. Or maybe free teleport to conteseted regions. Much carrot and loot for everyone who participate in PVP. Mod drop rate x5 in contested regions. Funnel all participants in to a target rich environment. Yes PVP rewards should be bigger than any PVE activity whether you win or lose. Make PVP main focus for everyone. Chaos, madness, action, fun and sparkly things for all. PVP 24/7. There is so many things could be done if devs move away from 'winner take all' 'grind pve to pvp' ideas. Once there is a good RVR/OWPVP system in place devs can just focus on balance and adding content.
  17. Shipshape

    Most of the problem with PvP right now is the fear of loosing your kitted out and cannoned out ship to random encounter , accident or stupid mistake. On one hand players put countless hours to build and equip they dream ship with the best kits, modules and equipment they can find, and on another hand game need money/resources sink and crafters need an income. My proposal: Create new items 1.Ship salvage rights - when your ship sink you can craft/purchase ship salvage certificate which is ship specific and crafted by crafter who can craft original ship using portion of original recipe. 2. After every battle when you taking damage by using repair kits or even on port you are not able to fully restore your ship to original specifications. to do so you need to acquire a Ship refit process (working title) - which is required to fully restore your ship to original specifications. Ship refit is ship specific and crafted by crafter who can craft original ship ans cost portion of all mats required fro original recipe. 3. Make all cannons ,lost in battle- be lost forever or make cannon refit kits, that work the same as ship refits. Salvage process and ship refit process is time gated, take 48-72 hours for salvage and 24-48 hours for refit, which may force people toward lower level ships for a time.
  18. Guilty-pleasure-super-edgy Sorry, not sorry. And now, serious face: I remember the idea of the privateer career parallel to the naval career was put forth as ways of playing this game. I just can't remember why the naval career path was cancelled, and I do think I pay attention to the goins on in here. Anyone know or remember? I mean, I can guess that it has something to do with the economy being offended by it. I may be naive, but I'm frantically looking for ways to avoid the eco time sink and the faint memory of the naval career popped up.
  19. This is mainly due to the rum-effect but goes for rig and hull repairs as well. I consider it rather implausible the effect rum can have in a battle today. I and a mate of mine were in a battle agains an Indefatigable earlier last night and in the battle we both managed to kill about 420 crew, and I went on to kill another 198 in the boarding action. I get that the surgeon is a dedicated man working his hardest to get the crew patched up and back into battle but there should at least be some who got their heads blown of from the 200 or so balls that were sent into the rear of the ship. I should not be possible to end up killing about twice the number of crew that the ship has from the start of the battle. The same goes for the rig repairs. One thing that has really bugged me from day one is the ability to magically get a mast back. To set up a new mast on any ship is a rather labor intensive proces and requires if not a dock then a calm sea, a flat shoreline and a tree that is of appropriate lenght and quality. It was NOT something that could be done in the heat of the battle. Hull repairs. I've had ships that were shot to pieces but thx largely to the huge amount of imaginary planks I brought with me I was able to build an entirely new ship off the keel of the ship I had with me. Please limit the amount of repairs that is possible in battle instance. I don't mind open world repairs but in battle there should be some tactical consideration before popping a repair.
  20. [BORK] is a dedicated small group of players from the original Swedish band who still love playing the game but we also want new blood! We are casual players and we don't expect you to be able to play everyday. We will be actively recruiting players who join France on the Global Server who want to take part in group activities and enjoy sailing as a team. You must be independent and able to sail on your own from time to time. Our main goal is to encourage PvP enjoyment even when outnumbered or outgunned. if you are looking for massive port battles and huge OW PvP, then France/BORK is probably not for you. We will make efforts to dig our roots into ever aspect of the game though - more players means more opportunities! Our main group come from the US timezones. We have a Discord server (and a Nation Discord Server soon"tm"), we do not require you to be on voice chat at all times when you are playing, but we do wish you to look in the chat channels for updates and upcoming events. If you wish to take part in group PvP, Port Battles, or other nonsense then you need to check on Discord if anything is coming up, otherwise you won't be informed. Come experience our best exports; the Swedish Chef and meatballs. Here is an old video of us: Please be advised that there is some foul language EDIT: Updated for PvP Global coming to a server near you <3
  21. Intro Problem with RvR in NA is that there is no reason for nations to fight each other. There is abundance of resources in every port of every region. Compare that with EVE where resources are much more limited and region specific. And that scarcity of resources is driving force behind strife in EVE universe. Force us to fight for survival! And before someone say "what about small nation?", I say adapt or die. Its the natures way. It was big mistake to make game with 8 different teams in first place. There should be 3 nation max + pirates that are actual pirates. In order to fix NA I propose another wipe with some mechanics change. 1. Map and General Setting of Game Make only spain, gb and france available to chose from start. Make AI more rare and mostly single ship but make them actively pursuit enemy player, and if possible make them not suicidal. Make cuba spain territory, jamaica english and haiti french. Those areas should have normal to high AI presence and should not be conquerable. They should contain very small amount of resources that you can't actively mine but are enough to build some starter ships. Treat every other area as unexplored and subject to conquest. Unexplored areas should contain no prebuild ports and none to low AI presence. Some of unexplored regions can have native villages on coast that you can trade with and they should trade some of rare goods, but in very limited amount. Most of resources should be located in unexplored regions and be mostly region specific. Example: Panama coast should hive biggest concentration of gold in game. While there can be some other regions outside panama coast that contain gold, but they have it in very small amounts. And make resources limited for mining. Something like whole panama region can only mine 100 units of gold per day total. There can only be 5 max gold mines in that region split among all players. In order to mine gold you must bid first for gold mine permit. Permit last 7 days for example. Same with every other resource in every other region. 2. Conquest In order to build in unexplored regions you must first conquer them, duh. To conquer region one must first build port in that region if port is not present. Ports can be build only is specific location. Basically use current port locations. To build port one must bring lots of resources to that region. Something like war preparation but more varied. That process should take 48 hours to do. That operation should be separated in 2 steps. Stockpiling of mats and building. Enemy nation can raid building spot in order to slow down construction of port. If enemy conducts raid during stockpiling then they can take portion of mats with them, that owner must bring again. If enemy raid is conducted during building then building time is prolonged but owner don't need to replace mats. After two raid successes during port construction enemy can trigger port battle for that region. If port is already finished then enemy must conduct 5 successful raids in 7 days period in order to trigger port battle for that region. Enemy can chose to raze enemy port after second successful raid in last 48hours. Razed port must be repaired before it can be used again. Repairing is same as building but is conducted faster with smaller mats requirements. If port is not repaired after 72 hours it becomes free port and anyone can start repairing it after they bring mats required. First nation that repairs port after it becomes free port gets ownership of that port. Owner is elected among captains that contributed in port construction and port defense. For every beneficial action every captain will receive certain amount of votes. Voting is conducted every 7 days. Owner can hire AI patrols and AI port defenders and can construct forts (2 max) in order to boost defenses of port and region. Owner becomes official member of nation council. Council is responsible for nation defense and offence. 10% of every transaction made in nation ports goes to nation budget. Council can use that gold to hire privateers and to help port owners to build defenses. In addition another 5% tax is collected in every port and split between captains depending upon their shares of votes in those ports. 3. Raids and Port Battles First raids. They should be like smaller port battles, 30vs30 with element of surprise. They can be conducted anytime. They are always open. If defender doesn't have full 30 ships to defend then AI ship will enter after 5 minutes on defender side until there is 30 defenders. These are same AI ships that port owner hired before. All AI ships and player SOLs parked in raided port are destroyed if raid is successful. If someone can come up with better raid mechanics please write in comments. Please keep in mind that raids should be surprise attacks and organized attacker should have advantage. Now about port battles. Same as now with few differences. No limit on ship rates that can enter. It's 50vs50 with no AI interference. In order to avoid only 1st rates in port battles economy must change as well as way of acquiring of SOLs. And that brings us to... 4. Economy and Crafting I believe that with resource scarcity economy will be much more healthy then now. There should be no free ships or free gold given at start of game. Instead admiralty will loan ships to be used for mission if captain does't have its own. There should be big change in missions. Instead of current mission structure there should be emphasis on open world interaction. Combat mission should be patrols of selected area that are completed once you sank/capture enemy AI or player ships in chosen area of operation, similar to silent hinter games. Trade missions will be done for trade companies that can loan ship to player that doesn't have its own trade ship. You will have to transport cargo from port A to port B in order to complete trade mission. Exp and captain ranks should be divided between combat and trade. Every ship should have rank requirement. If you lose ship you lose exp also. Its possible to be demoted. Exp required for sailing 5th and 4th rates is only rewarded for OW pvp on pvp server. Exp to progress to 3rd rate and up is only rewarded by participation in port battles. Again losing ships loses you rank. You can't sail ship even undercrewed if you don't have rank for it. Combine that with progressively larger requirements to build bigger ships and we will have more diverse port battles. Crafting can stay mostly the same with addition that all mods are craftable so that RNG is eliminated. 5. Pirates They should be denationalized and allowed to sail max 5th rates. They shouldn't own any port but at same time are allowed to raid any port. They get lots of gold and exp after successful raid. Pirates should be allowed to enter any port and trade there but with increased taxes. They could enter port only if there is no national player in tagging range. That way they are prevented from exploiting. They can get recruited to fight for nation if there is contract offered. Requirements for sailing 5th rates much larger then for national captains. That way only best pirates can sail in 5th rates. Pirates can't craft but they can convert any captured ship that they can sail into pirate version of that ship. That conversion is paid with gold and its expensive. Pirate versions of ships should carry more cargo then regular versions and be better armed but with worse armor stats. They should be same speed as regular version to avoid any balance issue. Pirates use pirate crew instead of regular crew. Pirate crew is better then regular crew but worse then marines. Pirates cant use marines knowledge book. When fighting same ships but with marines odds should be equal. Example: pirate frig vs regular frig with marines should be equal at boarding. When boarding trader ships pirates should get huge morale boost. Traders shouldn't be able to use combat related mods and knowledge books. 6. ROE for PvP Servers Get rid of all unfair advantages that defender has in battle like laser accurate stern guns. Make area control default. Lower join timer to 2 mins instead of 3. Lower attack timer to 10s instead of 15s. Conclusion I want NA to be better game with more varied content and with something for everyone. If you have something to add please post in comments and please help devs make better game. There is too much grind now for casual players and hardcore players are turned off by bs rvr mechanics. Lets make NA great again and vote for me P.S. I want pirate frigate outlaw skin
  22. Indefatigable

    Why would i want to use a Indefatigable in pvp over a Constitution at the same BR ? Was it only added to the game to grind pve?
  23. what are the russian clans, but ideally in pvp and eu as i guess its more active.
  24. Salute to Swedish Captains

    Gentlemen, Yesterday evening, Myself and John Keats were sailing to the defense of George Town. We encountered a light squadron of Swedish warships. I had an NPC Trincomalee I was transporting up to port to give to a clan member along with my Indefatigable. John was in his Aggamemnon. The Swedish ships initially ignored us and went after and sank the Trinc. That allowed us to get into range of the fort defenses of Little Cayman. After they chased us into range of the fort and suffering some damage, the Swedish turned away and left the battle.... Except these four... The four captains you see in the screenshot below, were honorable gentlemen. After we tagged their ships and challenged them to a fight, they fought their ships well until their sinking.... All of these captains refused to surrender their ships and fought them to the death.. At the end of the battle, we (British Captains), had under 200 crew per ship, so my hat is off to these fine captains for a courageous and valiant effort. Salute! <0 HMS Clarion Call Pennant # 63 "Salty Dogz" Squadron His Majesty's Royal Navy Squadron operating near Kingston
  25. "Why, I'd like nothing better than to achieve some bold adventure, worthy of our trip." Aristophanes Hear ye, hear ye! You are looking for adventure? You want to make a lot of prize money? Sign in to our crew! Brave french corsairs out of Saint Malo in a expedition to the West Indies join the Sea Rovers, make your mark here ________________