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  1. Reinforcement Zones PVP1/2

    Dear esteemed developers, (yes, lil Willy is helping my with my elocution) It has come to my attention that the size of the reinforcement zones becomes problematic in areas where territorial capitols are too close together, (i.e.) the East Coast of the U.S. The overlap of the reinforcement zones there makes hitting ships impossible except in two, narrow, corridors just north and just south of Charelston. US shipping on the remainder of the coast is utterly immune to attack. Please consider giving olde Pete a nice Christmas present by reducing the size of these zones so that they don't overlap. Make Pyracy great Again! Yarrr, Pagan Pete
  2. Demasting

    As the title states.. Are we satisfied with the demasting meta? I'm finding the ease with which we are demasted/demasts to be ludicrous. Historically demasting was rare and not something the naval commanders actively pursued due to the difficulty in actually hitting the masts. In NA however you can hit with about 50% of the balls. What infuriate me is that we've already had this discussion - a great, great number of times. And yet the devs @admin keep turning back to what I consider an unrealistic combat mechanic and something we have already tested.
  3. Reinforcement Zones PVP1/2

    Reinforcements zones work, maybe a little too well in my opinion. We are on a PVP server and we should focus on that. Right now everytime I go to a capitol I see everyone just not giving a hello kitty about ppl who are looking to make some trouble (PVP) because they are protected and basically cannot be harmed unless you go with a full firstrate fleet. So as a pvp focussed player it is now up to my enemy to initiate combat, and that is simply wrong in my opinion, especially if said enemy is a vet. So my proposal would be to reduce the size of the reinforcement zones AND make them only protect players up to a certain rank. What the new size should be and up to what rank a player should be protected can be discussed here in the comments. Ill start by saying that I think we should only protect players up to and including demon(3rd highest) rank, devils and curse (two highest ranks) should not enjoy such protection. As for the size of the reinforcement zones, we should cut their distance from respective ports in half. Alternatively we could maybe change the composition of said reinforcement fleets so we can attack but protection would be something that a frigate actually can handle next to dealing with a player. AND Missions could maybe spawn a little closer to port and be less random, because lets face it, EVERYONE shuffles until they get a close one. @admin @Ink @Hethwill
  4. Joined a battle at Shroud Cay, the player 'Lardwick' boarded a Swedish Cerberus 'swartzenberger'. Combat News: 11:20 - 20th November 2017 The Cerb was afk and had no cannons. Lardwick sailed over and boarded it. He got angry when I joined the battle. That's about suspicious and 'caught red-handed' as you can get for pvp mark farming. I imagine you will be able to see if there is a trading/combat history between the 2 players, even if there isn't I still say he's a cheat, any other explanation is too far fetched imo I have recorded and saved battle, if you need it so see it let me know (and instructions on how to post it). IMO something needs to be done about pvp farming, its obviously rampant and makes you question everything you see in combat news which is a shame. Cheers
  5. Baltic Fleet

    Балтийский Флот Решили все таки более серьезно подойти к этому вопросу и создать сообщество Время как никогда самое подходящие. Так как все больше и больше людей теряют интерес к игре. Кто то внушил всем что в игре есть только ПБ и все,а это далеко не так, есть много увлекательных занятий, где не нужно плавать по несколько часов, и еще столько же стоять у порта и выжидать пб. Собственно началась наша история еще на просторах ПотБс. Так же как и в ПОтБс, наша группа занимается разбоем и грабежом, только пвп, только хардкор. Нету никакой политики, союзов и тому подобных вещей. Топим и тонем, догоняем и убегаем везде и всюду, всех и везде Сообщество создано для семейных и работающих людей, у которых нету возможности проводить в игре 24\7. Которые хотят, прийдя вечерком с работы, провести весело время в этой игре, в душевной и веселой компании, и потопив десяток буржуев, с хорошим настроением и приподнятым духом пойти брать на абордаж свою женщину Что для этого нужно: 1) Иметь микрофон с наушниками и установленную голосовую связь (ТС) 2) Быть адекватным 3) Возраст 20+ 4) Желание рвать и метать все что видно в море. 5) Не боятся сливать свои кораблики, ибо это всего лишь картинки 6) Написать в игре или на форуме в личные сообщения: "Captain Reverse "Toothless Jack "Black Mamba Прайм примерно с 20-00 по МСК и пока не надоест)
  6. Promoting more PVP

    I have a two simply suggestions to promote PVP over AI grinding. 1. We allow PVP marks to be converted to combat marks at a rate of 50:1 ratio or something similar. *retracted* 2. Allow PVP marks to be used to by a "blank skill book" that when it is used will great a drop down list of all owned skill books allowing you to create a copy of any book you have learned. This will promote people to go out and earn PVP marks to either pay someone to convert a book to convert a book they already own instead of grinding AI fleets in hopes the book drops. I have suggestion on how much to make this item cost but it would be a great incentive for PVP besides the few upgrades and ship notes currently offered. People spend for too many hours grinding AI fleets and missions trying to find rare books that could be copied and sold.
  7. Smuggler flag

    Simple solution: Make smuggler flag only available for trader's brig and down. This way we get rid of the lame smuggler flag abuse on LGV's and now also LGV Refit. Could also benefit RvR. Since you can't sail after your heavy trading goods with an indiaman in an enemy port. This way you'd have to conquer that port. Explanation: You will not be able to enable smuggler flag for ANY ship above trader's brig. Oooor... Advanced solution: Smuggler flag gets disabled once you have attacked someone in battle. Wouldn't that be realistic? You're pretty much detected as a smuggler if you were to attack someone? Makes sense to me... Explanation: You'd lose your smuggler flag if you attack anything. You can enable smuggler flag for ANY trader ship still. But you will have to go back to national/free/neutral port to re-enable.
  8. USS Constitution

    I would like to sail the Constitution again to see what i can do against Wasa's with its new buffed turnrate, so i would appreciate the hardcore Constitution lovers to share some experience and tips around PvP with it ( especially solo PvP ). What wood, upgrades, books and gun loadout can you recommend ( don't really want to sail fir/fir if it can be helped at all )? Do you think the Constitution is in the right spot now or could still use more buffs? @Peter Goldman @Malachy
  9. Hello NA Community We are West India Trading Company a new Creat Clan in the Nation of the Great Britain. We are searching for Players they wanna do PvP/PvE/Crafting/Trading in a Family Clan. We are based in Trinidad and when we grow up i think we make another Base in KPR. What we are looking for Ts3 + Headset 18+ Ambition Rank and Ship doesnt matter What we offer: Ts3 Server Familiar Clan Active Leaders Helpin each Other If ur Interested contact Laempi, Yinyangpanda or Lord Iron Ingame, or leave me a Message in Forum or Poste. Have a nice evening.
  10. Pirate Mechanics

    With the recent removal of the outlaw battles, I can see why developers decided to remove it. I can’t blame them. However I have a suggestion. The best part of being a pirate is the freedom to do whatever you want. I liked the ability to have rival pirate gangs and the ability to keep pirates away from a place you are hunting at by killing them in an outlaw battle, such as marking your territory and keeping the hunting ground under your control. Why not bring clan vs clan battles under pirates? Where it can be only 1 clan vs another clan outside the pirates reinforcement zone. Say I am a pirate and I wanted to hunt and establish my pirate raiding zone in the french territory and I operate out of aves and I discover in combat news that there is another pirate hunting in the waters taking my potential targets from me, then the hunt is on. The hunter becomes the hunted and I could rally up my clan to fight this other clan raiding in the area we claimed as ours. Would make things interesting and would allow tests on clan wars like what was brought up before. Just a suggestion, give it some thought, let’s hear everyone’s opinions 😀
  11. Guten Tag liebe NA Community Wir die neu gegründete Gilde "West Indian Trading Company (WICO)" möchte sich hier kurz vorstellen. Über WICO: Wir sind eine neu gegründete Gilde auf der seite der Briten, unsere Orientierung gilt allen Aspekten des Spiels ( PvP, PvE, Crafting, Trading). Momentan bestehen wir noch aus wenigen Mitgliedern, jedoch haben wir später auch vor bei den PortBattles mitzumischen. Beheimatet sind wir auf dem PvP EU Server. Deshalb suchen wir Mitglieder Wir suchen: Briten 18+ Headset mit Ts3 Ehrgeiz Rank und Schiff egal Was wir bieten: Ts3 Server Aktive Gildenleitung Unterstützung innerhalb der Gilde Später auch Events Bei Interesse bitte einfach Ingame bei: Laempi melden oder hier im Forum. Lg West India Trading Company (WICO)
  12. Ships Stats and BR rebalance

    In order to have a successful and widely accepted rebalancing of Stats+BR (as well as saving devs time) I open this thread where we can provide feedback about this matter. Some BR proposals: Tournament: http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/23201-tournament-groups-composition-definite-rules/?do=findComment&comment=477983 My own proposal (based on tournament): http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/23109-poll-port-battle-limitations-formerly-known-as-port-battle-diversity/?do=findComment&comment=480679 Rediii: http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/23398-port-battle-feedback-battles-with-br-limits/?do=findComment&comment=484565 Some questions about general balance of ships: Is the renomee still a valid choice as a hunter when you can sail the endymion? why the santisima is not as popular in PBs as victory/ocean? does she need a small buff? Belle Poule vs frigate? should the surprise have any ship that can reach her (1vs1) when she is running away? how should the 4th rates be balanced? should the wasa be listed as a light third rate instead of a fourth rate? why would you choose a trinc/essex over a pirate frigate? which is the place for the indefatigable? Discuss.
  13. Sea Lords Royal Navy God Save the KING Admiralty House - LONDON ************ [sLRN] ************* Welcome to Sea Lords Royal Navy [sLRN] and thank you for your interest in joining our illustrious group. We are a rapidly growing band of like minded individuals of varying experience and expertise, who like to indulge in a little light role playing in a friendly, disciplined and co-operative environment and blowing the enemy to to hell and back! A lack of experience is no barrier to joining as we are happy to assist you to become one of the finest Captains on the Great and Narrow seas. Please also note our code of conduct which may be found here..Code of Conduct STEP 1: Create an Application http://forum.sealordsvf.org/index.php?/forum/93-slrn-sea-lords-royal-navy-officer-recruitment/ IMPORTANT : Fill out all the information. Failure on any of these elements or missing entries will not allow us to continue your application. TEAMSPEAK is mandatory! Contact a member of the SLRN Fleet in-game [hail SLRN in Brit chat] you will be given our TS details. We only accept British Captains with a minimal rank of 1st Lieutenant and above. However this doesn't mean you cannot sail with us until you reach said rank. Your sponsor must post in your application post before we can proceed with your application. The Sponsor must be a Full Member (SLRN rank: Master & Commander or above). Without a sponsor you cannot join us! Character or In Game Name ​ Age Range (20's, 30's, etc): General Geographic Location (UK, USA, etc): Normal playing times (Local Time): Example 12:00 GMT Are you interested in crafting? Naval Action Rank: Do you have a working mic and willing to talk? (Y/N) Gaming Experience (to assess likely ability and potential training requirements): Reason for application to the Sea Lords Royal Navy: SLRN member sponsor's name: All Captains may be called to pvp to defend our king and country! STEP 2: Sail with us! Once your application has been approved you will be assigned to the fleet for additional training. You will be required to sail with us over a short period of time [min 1 week]. Failure of being active and contributing to the SLRN Fleet will postpone your promotion and may cause your recruitment to be canceled.
  14. All video reports in Naval Action! 1. name 2. youtube link 3. little battle report
  15. I had to post this

    Ive been told to post this screenshot on the forums for bragging rights and such. I hope he learned a few things to prevent him losing his next ship. Mods, please move this post to another section if its at the wrong place. ty.
  16. Free towns

    I'd like to see free towns in areas that is at the moment not really a part of the game in regards to PvP.. Like the american eastcoast - not a free town in the area and no one sails for hours just to watch netflix.. The other area is Bermuda - safest area in the game because no one sails for 3 hours just to watch the seagulls..
  17. what are the russian clans, but ideally in pvp and eu as i guess its more active.
  18. Kameraden! Our beloved king, the König von Preußen,wants to make an announcement to his loyal subjects regarding the recent unsettling news in the New World. His Majesty, feels that the interests of our glorious Nation in the neuen Welt might be in danger. Therefore, his Greatness has decided to increase the presence of our ambitious Navy in the West Indies. All seamen, experienced and inexperienced, captains and ambitious landsmen willing to start a new life at sea are hereby invited to appear to the nearest Königlich Preußische West Indische Compagnie and enlist. Seine Majestät promises adventure,fame and the pay to be delivered accurately every week! His Majesty is also willing to grant Letters of Marque to all vessel owners who are willing to pursue a career of a privateer against the enemies of our glorious state. “We are an army with a state now we shall rise to an empire with our navy”
  19. Seit den neuen Sicherheitszonen ist das PvP, und damit die Action auf dem PvP-Server, ziemlich tot. Klar haben sehr viele (auch ich) um Änderung gebeten, als MISSIONs sehr leicht geentert werden konnten, oder Trader dauernd überfallen wurden. Da mußte etwas passieren. Aber so wie es jetzt ist, ist es eine "Verschlimmbesserung", denn nun findet kein PvP mehr statt. Also auch nicht das Wahre. Ich habe deshalb lange überlegt und diesen Vorschlag (siehe Grafik) erarbeitet. Auf diese Weise würde wieder Leben in NAVAL ACTION kommen. Würde mich über eure Meinung dazu freuen. vielleicht wird es von den Devs wahrgenommen?
  20. OW battlefleets

    After the magic introduced with reinforcementzones, could we perhaps have the OW battlefleets removed?
  21. PvP is almost dead now - save NAVAL ACTION - let us have a PvP-Server again After many complaints by players (me included) about MISSION jumping and attacks on our traders, the devs introduced SAFETY ZONES. Within these zones, the players under attack can call for help, and a strong NPC-fleet will appear. As good as this was meant - it unfortunately killed most of the PvP-action. And a PvP-server is all for PvP, isn't it? So I have thought about a solution and made this graphic. This idea could bring back a lot of PvP, as it allows not only any attacks again, but will also allow the attacked NATION to defend their people. The new SAFETY ZONE would be smaller. It would remain open either for a certain time, like 9 - 15 minutes, or it would remain open all the time. However - the open time should be long enough for the NATIONs players to quickly sail into port and grab a war ship, put REPAIRs on it and sail to the BATTLE sign. I am certain, that now there would be players who would come for help - which would mean a lot of action, if we are lucky! Only the yellow MISSION areas would be totally safe for those who want to grind ships, or for newbie training. What do you guys think of it? Maybe the devs will read our opinions?
  22. Volunteers for His Majesty’s Royal Danish-Norwegian Navy Ahoy Captains! To all who consider setting sail under the flag of Denmark-Norway. Our Royal Danish-Norwegian Navy requests you sign up with us. [RDNN] - The Royal Danish-Norwegian Navy, a company of brave sailors flying the white cross, is recruiting. We want all able captains and friendly sea creatures to join our ranks. When you join you will find we are a social group and you will find brothers in arms as well as good friends. Our clan is very Port Battle and PvP-oriented, and we arrange Port Battles and PvP events every single day. With tactics, communication and good spirits we always bring a good fight to any opponent. Having fought continuously in wars since the beginning of Early Access our players have deep knowledge of the combat mechanics. Our experience comes from never resting behind friendly lines, always seeking combat and glory. We always help our friends out and our captains are expected not to leave anyone behind. RDNN is always to be found at the front lines, always looking for good PvP and to help protect our nation’s borders. We have a cooperative playstyle and work closely with other clans playing for Denmark-Norway, spanning multiple nationalities and languages. Where others struggle with language barriers, we succeed. Our cooperative spirit ensures that together with our allies we form one of the most accomplished fleets in these Caribbean waters. If you think RDNN might be a group that fits your playstyle, don’t hesitate to contact myself or one of our other recruitment officers in-game or here on the forum. You can come on our TeamSpeak to learn more about us and sail with us to make up your mind. If you come from another nation, we will help you out with the transfer of ships and goods. We also do clan mergers. We are an international clan with members from all over the world and English is our primary language for communication. Members of RDNN are required to use TeamSpeak when participating in group events where orders and coordination are necessary components. We respect that players are different in their desire to communicate, and we do not strictly require that you talk a lot, so long as you are able to listen when instructions are given. Players seeking to join the ranks of RDNN are expected to be team-players, good-spirited and able to listen to orders when needed. You are expected to be gallant in victory as well as in defeat. We have a ship building system to provide all our members with ships and outfitting for Port Battles, and every member is expected to contribute with materials and labour hours. We have multiple level 50 crafters in our clan, holding every blueprint, so our members have opportunity to have built every ship they wish to set sail in. To join RDNN as a full member it is necessary to be of rank Kaptain (250 crew) or above. Special considerations can be made for players who prove their dedication or show particular aptitude. All sailors of all ranks are welcomed to join our TeamSpeak and play together with us until they are accepted into our clan. We will help you with learning the game mechanics, increasing your rank, finding fights and acquiring a fitting vessel. Applicants should come to our Teamspeak and contact an RDNN officer: ts3server://na.danmarknorge.org Written requests can be submitted in our forum: danmarknorge.org/forum/ We look forward to sailing by your side. May the winds blow in your favour. On behalf of His Majesty King Christian VII
  23. Byta nation? Vet inte vad du ska göra? Vilsen? Söker sällskap och är less på kass engelska med brytning? Vi snackar svenska. Spelar såklart i Sverige. Hänger på officiell teamspeak sverige.ninja Poka Mig (Rigge), TraxxxoN eller Tjomb. Åldersgräns minst 18 år. Välkomna!
  24. I was wondering what the meta skillbooks are for frigates rigged for boarding. Is there some combo like muskets + pistols & boarding cannons that is good enough to be used? Is the Nassau Boarders mod worth using with only 3 slots and so many other good perm mods to choose from? How many boarding mods are too many? Can you ever have too many? With 5 skillbook slots and 3 perm slots what should i use?
  25. AHOY There! We are a friendly group of players just looking to have a good time. Our clan rules and structure are fairly clear straightforward, and allow all members to have some say in the direction we take. Feel free to contact our leaders and officers (listed below) if you are interested in joining or have any questions. ¸„•°’ˆ’°•„¸¸„•°’ˆ’°•„¸¸„•°’ˆ’°•„¸ˆ’°•„¸ General Information ¸„•°’ˆ¸„•°’ˆ’°•„¸¸„•°’ˆ’°•„¸¸¸„•°’ˆ’°•„¸ˆ’°•„¸¸„•°’ˆ’°•„¸¸„•°’ˆ’°•„¸„•°’ˆ¸„•°’ˆ¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨¨ˆ’°•„¸ˆ’°•„¸¸„•°’ˆ’°•„¸¸„•°’ˆ’°•„¸¸„•°’ˆ Clan name - AHOY Servers: PvP EU Nation: Great Britain Clan Priority: PvP (Open World PvP, Hunting traders, PvP Events, Port Battles) Time Zones: EU / AUSSIES / US (sorted by numbers) Website: http://ahoy.enjin.com/home TeamSpeak: http://voice378.ismett.de/ Rank required to join: Master and Commander (after small interview) Recruitment: Open (Go to recruitment on the website and fill out an application, or see contacts below) For EU, contact: Horatio Bugler