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Found 225 results

  1. [HEART] Hearts of Oak

    "We still make them feel and we still make them flee, And drub them ashore as we drub them at sea, Then cheer up me lads with one heart let us sing, Our soldiers and sailors, our statesmen and king." ♔▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬♔ Hearts of Oak is a clan named after the upbeat Royal Navy march, we capitalise cooperative play among our ranks, helping each other and working together to achieve the best game expirience for every single member. We have no outlined focus in terms of crafting, PvE or PvP - we appreciate and support all of it. Most of our members origin from the same named clan on a different game featuring action on the seas, first being only two of us who rejoined Naval Action, the enthusiasm for the game spread quickly and we got ten people buying the game by entertaining them in long and hilarious evenings. We are trying to build up our PvP expirience now and to form a joined Portbattle team with other clans, though neither participation is mandatory. Our agenda is to help newcomers, welcome veterans, learn as much as possible and make the british nation a place again where not only a few know and do everything. ♔▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬♔ ⚓ What we offer to you ... ⚓ · A cooperative environment, support for everyone · A friendly international community · Discord & Teamspeak and external sources for organisation · Relaxed atmosphere · PvE, PvP and hopefully soon PB possibilities ♔▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬♔ ⚔ What you should offer to us ... ⚔ · The motivation to play the game · The interest to help others · The possiblity to join Discord or Teamspeak (no microphone requirement) ♔▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬♔ You can contact us by either posting a comment here, poking one of us at Teamspeak or contacting one of the following members ingame: Cornelius von Ravensburg Stewart Lawrie SinofPride Random Unnecessary Violence
  2. Rethinking Nations, Clans and Pirates

    Like many others, I feel that it may be time to re-think the balance between nations and clans to increase PvP and get a more realistic, yet fun take on pirates, piracy and privateering. The following suggestion is long, but I will try to maintain an easy overview, so you’ll be able to skip through most of it and get the general gist of the idea. Similar suggestions have already been posted by Redii and Vazco – I recommend reading them too. Nations (For the history-buffs): We are many players who would like to keep nations in-game. I believe that the removal of nations will have a huge effect on the player numbers since the player-base is split 50/50 between gamers and history-buffs. We have to return to the original nations and remove the new ones… Poland, Prussia and Russia have no place in the Caribbean in this timeframe. Life for a non-clan national player will look like this: Features: Safe from internal conflicts . Can PvP versus other nations and is NOT safe from foreign PvPers (Unless in safe-zone). Cannot initiate RvR. Can only join PBs against foreign nations (If allowed by attacking PvP-clan). Cannot own ports. National Clans (For the gamers): A player who decides to join or create a clan can choose between the following types of clans: Features: PvE-Clans (For Safe-zone players + crafters/traders needing a community): Safe from internal conflicts. Can PvP versus other nations and is NOT safe from foreign PvPers (Unless in safe-zone). Cannot initiate RvR. Can only join PBs against foreign nations (If allowed by attacking PvP-clan). Can change clan status to PvP-Clan. Cannot own ports. Merchant flag to distinguish them in battle PvP-Clans (For RvRers): Can declare wars and fight internally against other PvP-Clans. Can initiate RvR against other PvP-Clans from all nations including their own. Cannot change clan status to PvE-Clan. Ability to own and manage ports like today. Pirate flag when attacking an enemy clan from same nation (Like smugglers flag). Officers can grant letters of Marque (See Pirates). No safe-zone protection. Pirates (For the Solo-players): Pirate players will have the same features as national players apart from the following: Features: No safe-zones. Operates out of free-ports. Complete open PvP, pirate vs pirate is possible.. no mercy. Cannot own ports. Cannot initiate RvR. Letters of Marque to participate in PvP and RvR alongside Nations. Can form clans/communities with no special features A special feature is the introduction of Letters of Marque – it will allow pirates to sail under a national flag and participate in RvR/PvP as mercenaries. Letters of Marque will be granted to the pirate by a national PvP-clan officer and will last until server-maintenance. A holder of a Letter of Marque will be under the protection of the clan that granted it and thus functions as a clan-member until it expires (without tag and chat). This means that the pirate can still be attacked by clans hostile towards the clan that granted the letter but will be unable to attack national players from the nation protecting him. A text displaying the words “Letter of Marque” will be visible where smugglers flag is today, the pirate will be allowed to dock at any national port but unable to use the shop. Kind Regards, Percival Merewether EDIT: Updated with @Slim Jimmersons suggestions.
  3. Attacking the spanish peasents

    Recent history: The Spanish has attacked the port of Grindstone, whilst their russian allies attacked the port of Fajardo. Denmark-Norways admiralty decided to focus all fleet squadrons on the port of Fajardo in an attempt to prevent the russians from taking yet another foothold in close proximity to Christiansted. This prioritization of the limited danish-norwegian warships in the carribean meant that we basically left the british population of Grindstone to experience a new invasion, this time from spanish tercios.. The russians didn't launch their invasion and the spanish hardly had a difficult time.. Rumours of pillaging and rapes on the inhabitants of Grindstone has come in these last few days.. After the russians failed to show at Fajardo the danish-norwegian admiralty decided to seek to retake Guyama.. The battles for the port proved both costly and inconclusive. The russians still has a stranglehold on the port and the danish-norwegian fleet is still building up forces for yet another invasion of southern Puerto Rico. The swedish fleet under the command of Admiral Rediii was sent to take the port of Cartagena de Indias. Their fleet succeded and at the same day the pirates launched a surprise attack against the port of Somerset.. Both ports were taken and the russian empire has suffered some humiliating defeats and difficult setbacks. Denmark-Norway however is still licking its wounds from the latest battles and the loss of Grindstone. Captains log, 15th of February 1765 Port of Guyama Sevilla Orders has come in. The danish-norwegian privateers has been busy harrassing british shippings around Jamaica, but we've now been tasked to take the port of Cayman Brac from their spanish overlords. Preparations has been made in secret and the danish-norwegian admiralty hopes to take the port in a surprise attack. The swedish kungliga marine has been asked to send a contingent of captains to the port for support though and Denmark-Norway has lately experienced a number of new recruits. The belief of the admiralty is that the spanish is informed of the invasion, either through spies or simply by observing the sudden influx of cargo ships, warships and marines to the port of Guyama Sevilla and we believe the port will be defended. I have been given command of the 64-gun "Glædespigen fra Skælskør", a 4th rate with questionable steering and even worse sailing characteristics.. I have not been pleased with her in her maiden voyage. She does come complimented with 550 sailors from one of the hardest fleets in the carribean and I have full confidence they will see the battle through, even if the ships quality is lacking. We sailed in the middle of night, just after the 4th bell and set a course of the Caymans, with good winds we reached the islands in morning and other than a few russian warships there were very little spanish opposition. When we entered the port the spanish fleet set sail to meet us and we were targetted by the forts along the coast. We had dragged two mortar brigs with us and set them up to shoot at the small fortifacations on the eastern side of the island while the danish-norwegian fleet formed a battleline. Two danish captains 0TimeLefT and Jesper Dahl were in light frigates and were ordered to cover the landing of troops on either side of the port while the battlefleet edged closer to the spanish armada. The spanish armada consisted of heavier ships than the danish-norwegian, we had several smaller 4th rate ships of the line, 7 to be exact, one frigate of the endymion class and two light frigates - besides the mortars that were hammering the coastal fortifications. The spanish fleet consisted of two 2nd rates and six 4th rates so a slightly smaller squadron but with a heavier punch. The plan was to engage the enemy battlefleet while covering for the two mortars while they softened up the harbour and the light frigates covered the landing of troops. A simple plan, but an effective one. The spanish armada steered their ships straight for our battlefleet with the wind to the leeway and we quickly saw the lines entangled - if you could call them lines. Captain DarkJoker managed to board a spanish 4th rate in the opening of the battle whilst a few of the spanish 4th rates were heavily damaged. The spanish 2nd rates however took their toll as they relentlessly pounded our fleet. Darkjoker pulled through however as he managed to slay the enemy captain and scuttle the enemy ship. After that the superiority of numbers in our battlefleet slowly but surely whittled down the enemy fleet, we had a hard fight on the eastern side of the harbour and the danish-norwegian fleet cought a break when a few spanish ships broke their line to pursue myself on the "Glædespigen fra Skælskør", my ship had been severely damaged in the fight and I was running in the hope of getting repairs done before the ship would become incapacitated. The spanish however kept pounding on my ship and shortly after the 2nd bell I ordered her colours to be struck and the crew to abandon her. The spanish captains however now found themselves leagues from their lines and our battlefleet were pounding the remainder of the spanish squadron into submission. Several spanish ships were either boarded and captured or battered into submission. The spanish morale finally broke when one of their 2nd rates sank and we now had free access to the port of Cayman Brac. Further plans to expand the holding in the south of the cuban islands has been made and today we will invade the port of Misteriosa. An ominous name and a decent spot for future expanses of the two kingdoms! https://imgur.com/a/dognc 15th of February, 1765 Recently returned to the port of Guyama Sevilla Aboard the "Beskøjten", captained by Captain McKnight who were kind enough to pull me and the remainder of my crew out of the waters after the battle.
  4. Fortress problem

    PROBLEM devs the amount of fortresses in this game is retarded. you have to have a mortar brig captain in your pvp fleet if you want to pvp. nations like sweeden and france and Denmark are impossible to pvp around. to many fortresses. how many pvp fights end in this? Solution. if clans want fortresses at their ports make them pay the upkeep costs for that fortress. slap another 50k on port cost. you can make it so that they are always there in pbs if you want to keep that as an obstacle for port battles. but for open world its a major content killer.
  5. Introduction Building castles in the sky! I have just about 200 hours invested in this game. Most of that during the sea trials phase when there was no open world. I have spend 40-50 hours in the open world now. I have yet to actually win a PVP fight, or buy/craft a first rate. I'm not very high level.Nor have I played any other games similar to Naval Action, or worked on a dev team. Now, having said all that, here are my thoughts on what I would like this game to be in my own personal Utopia. If you agree with any of it, please comment, and maybe we will see it implemented in future. If you disagree, please keep it civil. Nations [N] I understand the desire of many people to sail under the flag of a certain nation. I love being able to fly the flag of my mother country myself, something that I'm not able to do in a lot of games. Having said that, I'm enough of a history nerd that seeing the "wrong" nations present bothers me. I'd like nations restricted to their historical starting positions. See [OW2] for ideas on nations. Having said all this, if we get a Baltic Sea "area" implemented, and the Russian nation decides to sail over and occupy Haiti, that's fine by me. Each nation should have a national government which should be made up of repreentatives from each of the three organisations. [See N 4-12 for organisations]The national government should have the ability to decide national policies through a voting system incorporated into the UI. This system would enable a player to make a suggestion, with a time limit for his fellow members to vote yay or nay. A majority of yays would mean the policy could go into effect on expiry of the timer. National policies - A limited list of ideas for what these could include: Raise / lower national taxes on x goods by x%. Create / cancel trade tarriff of x% on x goods for x nation(s). Declare war on x nation. Sue for peace with x nation. Accept reject peace treaty / alliance with x nation. Offer alliance to x nation. Announce blockade of x nation's ports, making it illegal for citizens to trade with x nation, and making neutral ships within x distance of each port legitimate targets for citizens of blockading nation. Cancel blockade of x nation's ports. Issue warrant for player x with a reward of x for his capture. Each nation should be made up of players belonging to one of three organisations; the navy, the merchant marine or private captains. Clans should not be limited to players of a certain type, but should be able to recruit all kinds of players. The Navy - The navy should have a rank hierarchy. To rank up would need xp gained from missions issued by the ai navy, or from fighting foreign navies, much like xp are gained in-game now. Each rank would allow you to command larger ships, just like it does at the moment. I would like to see a few differences though - each rank should allow you to add more and or bigger ships to your fleet. Also, a navy player should not be able to command the largest merchant ships, and the rank requirements for merchant ships should be higher for each ship comparet to a player in the merchant marine. The ranks would also determine a players ability to initiate port battles and conquests, with larger battles reserved for the higher ranks. Battle and other groups should be limited in size by a player's rank. Players of the highest rank would be eligible for election to the national leadership. The national leadership of the navy would be responsible for setting priorities for the ai controlled national fleet, issue contracts for ship construction, and send representatives to the national government. The size of the leadership would be determined as a % of the number of players belonging to the navy and updated at intervals. AI fleet priorities - These would dictate the behaviour of ai warships, and would be set by the leaders of a nations navy within the limits set by the national leadership. They could include trade protection, defensive patrols in x province, blockade duties of x ship type [warships/merchant ships] in x province. The priorities could be set as a % of each ship type assigned to the various duties. The decisions would be voted on by the navy leadership at regular intervals, and decided by a simple majority vote. AI ship construction - The navy leadership would issue contracts for warships, to be payed for using the national budget as determined by the national leadership at regular intervals. The contracts would be open for a set time, during which player crafters could build and sell ships to the navy at the set price. At the expiration of the timer the contract would be filled by AI crafters according to crafting capacity, and assuming the navy leadership set a price per ship that allows the ai crafters to make a profit. Player crafters, of course, could choose to meet orders at a loss, should they choose to do so. Player owned warships - Individual players would acquire their ships by crafting them, buying them on the open market, or buying them from the navy. Ships sold by the navy should be offered at ai determined prices, forcing the national and navy leadership to provide them at a loss, thereby making taxes and tarrifs etc more relevant. The Merchant Marine - This organisation should have an appropriate name in each nation. For example, the British merchant marine could be called the Honourable East India Company. Ranks in the merchant marine should govern the maximum crew and fleet size, as well as how many and what type of commercial orders can be created by a player. Merchant marine players should not be allowed to command the largetst warships, and the rank requirements for warships should be higher than for players in the navy. The highest ranked players would be eligible for election to the board of directors of the merchant marine. Their responsibilities would include setting the insurance rates as a % of the value of the cargo transported by captains who desire insurance. The maney made should go into a central account from which any claims would have to be filled. Merchant ship building - Merchant ships should be bought by the individual players from AI or player crafters. Merchant marine escorts- The board of directors would be responsible for issuing contracts for the construction of escort ships to be allocated to AI escort captains or sold to Merchant marine players who wish to take on that role. The ships would be payed for with money made from insurance profits, if available. Private Captains - These captains are free to play what ever role they desire in the nation. There should be no leadership for private captains, apart from the national leadership. Ship availability and crew/ fleet size should be dependent on player rank, and players should be restricted from owning the largest warships and merchantships. Letters of marque - These should be available for purchase by private captains, and be required in order for a player to purchase any but the smallest warships. Import / Export permits - These should be available for purchase by private captains, and be required for trade with ports outside the player's own nation. A seperate document should be required for trade with each foreign nation. Sailing without a letter of marque / shipping contract - Sailing in a warship without a letter of marqu would classify a player as a pirate and make him liable to be attacked by players of any nation as well as AI patrols. Sailing without an import/export permit would classify a player as a smuggler and make him liable to be attacked by a navy player of any nation as well as by AI patrols after his ship has been inspected. Pirates Pirates should not be a nation. Piracy should be a legal status, as as such anyone wanting to play as a pirate should simply engage in piracy. It should not be possible to start the game as a pirate, although a new character could make himself a pirate instantly by illegaly attacking a ship. Pirate havens - Pirates should not be allowed access to normal ports except through the smuggling mechanic. Instead, each island/ selected islands should have a hidden pirate cove. Players would identify these by engaging a mode in-game and sailing near / around an island for a sufficcient time. Once identified, a pirate cove would be claimed by a pirate as his base, providing dock & warehouse space. Smaller versions of production buildings would be constructable in pirate coves, reflecting the illegal nature of society in these places. I'm sure some unique ones could be imagined, making some form of profitable production possible for pirates. A cove could be shared by a number of pirates, such as a clan. Such groups would still not be considered nations though. Progression Different types of players should gain XP in different ways. I have listed the various player types above. Navy players should gain rank in the navy through earning combat XP. I see no reason to change anything about the way such XP are awarded at the moment. Navy players should earn less XP through trade. Let's say a 50% reduction, just for the sake of argument. Merchant players should earn XP through trade. Just like combat awards XP based on damage done, trade could award XP based on profits earned. Not simply on money made through selling things, but on actual profit. This would incentivise players to find profitable trade routes, as well as motivate them to sail farther afield depite the risks of piracy etc. Merchant players should earn less XP from combat. Let's say 10% of combat XP from battles where the merchant was the aggressor, and 90% from combat where the merchant was attacked by another player. After all, we don't want merchants to just linger in the safe zones! Diplomacy See [N 3] for how wars are declared, etc. Member(s) of the national leadership could be designated as a diplomat. A diplomat would use a UI function to propose/demand terms in order to agree a peace treaty. Once the dipomats have agreed terms, they would become available for ratification in the national leadership UI. All this should have real world time limits, enabling offensives, victories and losses to influence negotiations in progress. Diplomats should also be able to hammer out alliances using a similar system. Alliances should enable ships from separate nations to enter battles on the same side when fighting nations they are at war with. National leaderships should be able to define separate tarrifs for trade from allied nations. Intelligence Gathered by spies and networks establihed in enemy ports. Each spy/network would be able to gather only one type of intelligence. There ought to be four types of intelligence: Military, Commercial, Diplomatic and Technological. Military Intelligence- This would cover the number and type of ships based at the port as well as the number of troops and forts. Commercial Intelligence - This would cover stockpiles of goods, needs, availability and prices. Diplomatic Intelligence- This would cover any treaties, wars, orders, etc. currently in force. Technological Intelligence - This would cover the currently available technology, and perhaps give a chance to acquire same. Employing spies- Spies would be open world NPC's with skill levels and experience. They would be employable by players, nations, and companies. The employer would be charged a salary cost every day/month/year to keep the spy in his employ. Networks- A group of spies deployed in the same port by the same employer would form a network. The larger the network the more information it would be able to provide. The larger the network the easier it would be to detect. Counter-intelligence- A police chief/policemen would be other employable NPCs in the open world. They would limit the amount of intelligence enemy spies can gather, and also give a chance of capturing the spies working in a port. Ports and Capture Port capture should take place in phases. Phase one would require a declaration of war on the nation owning the port. Phase two would be a port battle as they are currently present in the game. In case the aggressor is victorious the next phase is enabled. Phase three would involve landing a force of soldiers to take control of the hinterland. The soldiers would have to be transported in on merchant ships, and there would be a timer for this activity. The troop transports would be interceptable by defending ships. The number of soldiers neccessary would be determined by the size of the target force, as well as any defending troops. If a sufficient number of troops are landed in phase three, the port is considered occupied. An occupied port contributes taxes to the occupying nation, and any buildings/ships are inaccessible to players from the original nation, except as per the smuggling mechanic. To gain permanent ownership of a port, it has to be ceeded as part of an official peace treaty. This would slow down & hopefully limit zerging. Each port should have a governor. The governor would be responsible for local taxes and docking fees. He would be able to use this income to construct defenses and improvements. Possible improvements include infrastructure, such as roads which would give a bonus to any production buildings present. Housing, which would give a bonus to population growth. The governor could also invest in crop diversification, or introducing new industries, each of which would result in new production buildings becoming available. Each effort would have a real time implementation period, as well as a resourse and money cost, and would have a chance of failure. Economy All ports should have a maximum capacity for buildings, determined by their population. Players should have priority in taking up this capacity, but any unoccupied capacity should be filled by AI producers. All goods should be produced in buildings either by players or AI. No goods should "drop" at any port. Goods should be transported by AI traders to meet first basic needs of ports lacking that good, and secondly luxury & production needs. Goods not produced in the Carribean (or any other area)should need to be imported to that area from an area where such goods are available. All production buildings should be constructable by players in ports where production of that good is possible. Production buildings should have needs. These could be basic, e.g. food for the workers, as well as advanced needs, e.g. a sugar farm would need slaves and fertilizer. These needs combined with the needs of the general population of the island would dictate prices in the local market. Crafting & Ships Each nation should rely mainly on ships historically employed by that nation. Blueprints for non-national ships should be more expensive to get - perhaps only obtainable through technology espionage. Upgrades should be craftable, and dependant upon crafting level, so that onlly an expert crafter is able to craft the best upgrades. I do like the book system that we have now, so perhaps upgrades could be "learnt" from books, and then require a certain level to craft. Crew/Marines/Soldiers Crew should be recruitable in ports subject to limitations of population size. Crew should be divided into categories according to skill levels - Landsmen (a small malus to re-load times, sail setting etc), Seamen (no bonus or malus), Able Seamen (a smal bonus) and priced according to their skill level. Lower levelled crew should be upgradeable once they gain some experience. Crew should require food and water to be carried in a ship's hold. Lack of either should lead to crew deaths. Food and water should be consumed over time, limiting a ship's radius of action without replenishing these supplies from a port. Marines should be recruitable for navy captains subject to the same limitations as crew. Soldiers should be recruitable by port governors for defensive purposes subject to the same limitations as crew, and the availability of defensive buildings with spare capacity. They should also be recruitable for merchant and private captains, subject to the same limitations as crew, for the purpose of port capture. Soundtrack I would love to be able to listen to a soundtrack of period music, including both instumental/classical music popular at the time as well as shanties and sailor's songs in general. To make this even better, the soundtrack ought to reflect your nationality, so that a British captain would hear, for example, Hearts of Oak, but a Danish captain would not. Open World (OW) Spotting distance- I would like this to depend on the mast height of your ship, as well as the mast height of the other ships in the area. A cutter would not be as easy to spot as an SOL, etc. Related to this, I would like national flags to be rendered on open world ships, and i'd like the ability to fly a false flag. Just like in history, it should be illigal to fire at another ship while flying a false flag (unless you happen to be a pirate!), and there should be penalties for doing so. This would necessitate the creation of a system like the RN's private signal, or, in modern terms, IFF. A hotkey ordering the crew to hoist the private signal would do. The other ship would then respond, or not. A nice ( and i hope) simple way to introduce some more tension! Size- this is definitely utopian, but hear me out. I'd like the world extended to the west coast of Africa and Europe, as well as southwards along the coast of South America. This would have several benefits. Portugal could become an in-game nation. The safe zones could be moved to the European coast for most nations. See other relevant sections for more detail. Alternatively a sort of off-map boxes could be used to achieve the same effect without having to create a huge map with all the problems that entails. Such a system could also be used to link a series of smaller maps, or theatres. The carribean would obviously be one. The Mediterranean could be another, the Baltic a third. Perhaps the English Channel and part of the North Sea would also be a nice addition. Off map boxes - These should rely on a teleportation mechanic that charges money and is not instant. I.e. to send a ship to the Baltic from the Carribean could cost 50,000, and take 1 hour of real time to arrive. It should be possible to teleport ships with cargo in the hold when travelling to/from off map boxes. The same mechanic could be used to travel between separate map areas. This teleport should not work directly from port to port. Rather it should create a random-ish exit point on your current map. Once you reach that exit point the ui should promt you in the same way it does on approaching a port, and by cicking the prompt you'd initiate the teleport. The player should be prompted to return to his outpost, like after losing his ship in battle (if the time delay mechanic is implemented). Winds- I would like the wind to be more closely based on actual weather patterns. With somewhat predictable winds, players will be channeled into certain routes/chokepoints where PVP combat will naturally occur. Of course, due to the speeding up of time, real world patterns would not work well in game, but something similar to them, with an element of randomization would be very nice indeed. Ship inspection - Navy players and AI patrols should be able to perform an inspection by remaining close to a ship in the open world for a certain amount of time. Only after such an inspection is carried out should any smuggler status be revealed to the inspecting fleet. Ports- Each port shoud have a population. The size of the population would dictate the needs of the port, which in turn would dictate prices in that port's market. Shortage- A shortage of essential goods in a port should lead to a decrease in population in that port. Workforce- the available population should dictate how many production buildings can be constructed in that port. Exploration - The Carribean was more or less fully explored in the geographical sense by our period. Exploration should follow the idea of the historical artefact good available now. These should be sub-divided into, for example, Mayan artefacts, Voodoo dolls, etc., as well as natural history artefacts, such as new species of insects etc. These should not be available in shops, unless they have been sold to the shop by a player. Instead, there should be fetch quests along the lines of the current sealed bottle mechanic. These should come from buildings available to governors to constuct in their port. These buildings would be named after, for example, The National Geographic Society, depending on the nation. They could alo be generated by ship's officers, with the relevant skill. NPC Characters All NPCs should have appropriate skills, and be able to acquire more through levelling up. The employing player should be allowed to controll the levelling up process, but if the NPC leaves his employ and is subsequently hired by a different player, it should not be possible for the new employer to re-arrange skills already gained. NPCs should be randomly generated and become available to employ in ports according to a logical system. A national capital should have more NPC available than other ports. The numbers generated should also depend on the type of port and the population level. NPCs should be transportable, just like the trade goods representing various persons we have in-game at the moment. There should be employable officers with a portrait and name available. Each ship should have slots for an appropriate number of named NPCs, effectively replacing the perk mechanic. Officer NPCs should give bonuses in suitable areas, according to the experience level of each officer. Each officer should have a chance of death in combat, and in case of capture should have a small chance of becoming available to the capturing player. Buildings should require NPC managers, with skill levels governing the output of a building. Each NPC should have, and gain as they level up, skills relevant to their position. The skills should provide bonuses and maluses, giving the officers a sense of personality. Example skills could be natural scientist, which would generate mini-quests that give the player a chance of acquiring valuable goods such as "insert name of rare butterfly here". More examples to come. Player Characters Avatar - Each player character should be represented by an avatar. I love the art style of the game so far, and I'd really enjoy a full length portrait of my captain wearing the appropriate uniform for his nation, rank and organisation. Name - I'd love for each character to have a first name, a family name and a nickname. There should be some form of personalisation or roleplaying aspects to a player character. The ability to buy a home in a port, preferrably with a nice piece of art to enjoy. To find a wife, even if she is nothing but a portrait. To have children once a wife is present. These children could then grow up to be NPCs in their own right. In-game Encyclopaedia I would like to see one. I would like it to contain entries on the nations in the game, the history of their presence in the area, as well as entries on ports containing a brief history and perhaps basic information such as what production buildings are available there, populations size and type, current owner, etc. I'm done for now. I reserve the right to add more ideas, should any occur to me.
  6. PvP

    I've placed multiple suggestions, but @admin could we please get some functioning PvP mechanics? - Everyone is basically hiding in the reinforcementzones, there's little to no reason to leave them and us that do waste hours waiting for a nation to put together a ganking fleet just to see them loose the nerve before the battle start..
  7. Safe zone Rework

    So I recently had a guy get the game and I was trying to get him into the game. so we spent the first 20 hours of his gameplay grinding AI. so we finally got him undercrewing a ENDY and we went out to find pvp. So we sail over to KPR and Tortue and USA east coast. long story short in over 80 hours since then he has been in 3 PvP fights with a total of almost 100 hours in game. Main reason for the waste of 80 hours was safe zones. so this guy is done he will never play the game again and I don't really blame him. if that was my experience in the game I wouldn't play it either. Suggestions Safe zone rework. all you did with the safe zones was put a band aid on a broken arm. You have given no reason any player to leave the safe zone. Everything in this game can be done inside the safe zone. This removes any hopes of finding players outside the safe zone. Newbs need to be protected, that is true. rear admirals do not. max rank players use the safe zones more than the newbs do. Create a non PVP zone in the pacific and throw every new player regardless of nation in that area of the map at the same port and give them the tutorial and missions to do. they can have 0 interaction with anyone from the Caribbean. When they are ready they press a button and get a BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG warning sign saying your are now entering the hostile world of the carribean where you can be killed by enemy ships and you cannot return are you sure you want to do this area. then remove all safe zones from the carribean map. PVP is your content. and your safe zones have killed your content in the game. a bear minimum only make the safe zone apply to their capitals. and then make it so that no missions or econ spawns inside that safe zone. Allow the new player to pick one random port somewhere on the map belonging to his nation to put his first outpost. (a new player having to AFK sail for 4 hours to get to the frontline is a major turn off. Remove your captain rank. The leveling up system is just a burden and nothing more. "oh before you can be in a good ship you need to go shoot ai for 30 hours." there is no reason for this. if a player can afford a ship they should be able to sail it. there should be no limit to the amount of his max crew because of his rank. the system is old and outdated. it has no point. you could say that it was for new players to learn to play the game. but you now have a tutorial. Maybe bring back the pvp events or something for the non rvr players to do. UI....... enough said.. needs a soundtrack and some other feel good things. tooltips. just more content in general. raids/escort missions/ bounty stystem/ reputation system/ all the other crap that the community has suggested in the last 2 years. open world is still empty and mostly pointless. at the current state of the game if your not a hard core gamer or an age of sail fanatic then your not going to stick around.
  8. (First off - this is MEANT as a RP piece so if you guys can't keep true to form you can hello kitty off somewhere else) HEAR YE! HEAR YE! The great danish-norwegian governor-general Christian Siegfried Gyldenlöwe hereby solemnly declares: "In the light of the recent carribean-wide events, and in full knowledge of the darkness that is slowly decending over the ports and peoples of the carribean, the danish-norwegian nation declares that we will fight these cossack rables whereever they may be! Their embarrasing use of deceit and treachery to avoid a battle at Aguadilla has done nothing to quelch the fires of defiance that now embody every danish, norwegian, icelandic and faroesislanders hearth and soul" he said as he took another deep puff on his havana cigar. "Trade *puff* *puff* will flow as vividly as allways" he added. It is believed that the russians has bought the french cowards of the former ACN clan, now of the VCA of the former great nation of La France. "What has really been disheartening, has been the low depths the former french friends has sunken to. I hold the ideals of the republic, Egalite, Fraternity et Liberte, in such high regard. And the very culture and history of this once great nation has always been close to my hearth - only to see them so dastardly betrayed by their own les citoyens. Truly a dark day for all mankind in these waters" he sighed whilst puffing on the cigar. The Governor-General has now called for a carribean-wide (wo)manhunt on the treacherous sea-captain called CASSARD - 1000 casks of rum and the finest cotton sails as a bounty! "But now" he continued.. "in this our darkest moment, we will to the world - and the carribean in particular, declare that we will fight this scurge of cowards and traitors! We will fight them in the hills, we will fight them in the seas.. We will fight them from the ports of liberty and we will never back down! never surrender! never bend a knee to tyranny and greed! And we will prevail, we will conquer and we will defeat them in the manner most appropriate gentlemen of the seas - in contested battles not being won by treachery in the night! To the carribean possesions at the moment under the oppresion of the cossack hordes we state: The night is darkest before the dawn, and though the winter seems cold and as if it will never loosen its grip - Look towards the east and we will come! Look for that crimson and white, the cross that will bear the sign of liberty to all!" Signed Governor-General Christian Siegfried Gyldenlöwe Et à nos amis français La chanson commence à 3:12
  9. Away with the anchor!

    Captains log, 31st of January 1765 1st entry: Set out on a quick combat patrol from Guyama Sevilla. The bloody brits are still not accepting the flow of quality danish produce. For some reason the claim that our bacon is making their women fat and our cheese makes them flatulent. Well I like my women fat and flatulent so I can't really see the issue. The squadron pulled out of Guyama Sevilla with a 4th rate ship of the line leading the way, along with a constitution class heavy frigate it constituted the bulk of our firepower and they were accompanied by my own frigate "Hejren", a 44-gun frigate that has served me well for some time now, and two other 44-gun frigates and a single 38-gun frigate. Plan was to proceed to Savannah La Mar where the captain Darkjoker should be cruising in a small 4th rate picking prizes from the british. Our orders were to link up with the 64-gun ship and continue on a combat patrol around the island seeking a heavy engagement against the british. En route to the island of Jamaica we encountered a small british squadron of 2nd rates. Two 88-gun ship of the lines of the Bucentaure class were probably wildly off course since no british possesions were known in the direction they were heading. We quickly signalled for battle and the squadron plotted an intercept course. The battle commenced with the two heavy SoL in close formation, my orders were to take their sails so the heavier cannons from my older brothers 64-gun SoL and Captain Gorgons 54-gun frigate could come to bear on the rearguard ship. The two british captains were not very experienced and after shooting chains through the rigging of the rearguard ship, the vanguard ship took off leaving the rearguard at the mercy of our frigates. This was extremely fortunate for us since there initially had been some concerns over the 42-pounders the 2nd rates are known to carry on their bottom deck. By splitting up their ships they effectively negated the threat of their lower decks since their ships were far less manouverable than the light and nimble frigates. We split our forces up in two half squadrons, 3 frigs on the vanguard ship and the two heavier ships along with the smaller frigate on the rearguard ship. This was done partly to keep them separated and partly to make sure none of the enemy ships escaped. The lead vessel were the priority for the frigates and we quickly desailed her and started raking her in preparation for a boarding. The enemy captain made some desperate manouvers and in his panick made a mistake. Got stuck against the wind with three frigates bearing down on him, half his crew were either dead or wounded and the waters around his ship was crimson from the men lost to the sea. We prepared for a bloody boarding action as I took the "Hejren" in for hand to hand fighting. The battle was though, harder than I had first anticipated. The enemy captain and what was left of his crew managed to kill a third of my men before he was forced to lay down his arms. The prize was ours! The ship however was not particularly seaworthy so we decided to sink her rather than having to tow her back to Guyama Sevilla. As soon as the graples were cut and we were free of the sinking 2nd rate we set a course for the remaining enemy SoL. The captain on her had been much more succesfull in getting his guns to bear and even from the distance we could see the smoke billowing from our heavy frigate and the 4th rate didn't look to be in much better shape. We set all sails and damned the goddess of wind as the very gods seemed intent on keeping us out of this desperate fray. The 2nd rate were finally boarded by captain Gorgons as we came closer and the battle was over before we could really make a difference. The two british 2nd rates were given to davey jones as we continued on our patrol. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2nd entry: We met up with captain DarkJoker on the eve of the 31st of January in front of Kingston, Port Royal Jamaica. He had been trailing a pirate that had managed to capture a third rate SoL from the brits. We decided to take this powerfull vessel from the villains and cutthroats of the carribean. Not long after we spotted Ram Dinark in the distance. This would not be a battle to brag about in later taverns. We outnumbered and outgunned the 3rd rate heavily and as such should be winning the engagement. We engaged the enemy at the small island in front of the british governors capital, some sheep farmers were watching from ashore. The 3rd rate had nowhere to run since he was being pushed against the island and we quickly took down his sail, making his manouvers harder to complete. Darkjoker quickly boarded the enemy and after a quick hand to hand combat the fighting was over and we had a third prize of the day. This one was crafted by the british master craftsman Pompeyck and had the magical tar and rigging of the french style so we decided to keep her for the battles we expect to come as the wars of the carribean heats up. Captain Lars Kjaer, Guyama Sevilla 31st of January, 1765
  10. Screening the clocks

    Captains log, 28th of January 1765 port of Coquibacoa aboard the 118 gun "Skrien" The war with the russians are heating up. Word has come in that the russians are preparing a full scale invasion of the port of Coquibacoa and the surrounding areas. The Danish-Norwegian Privateers has been ordered to the port in order to disrupt and possibly prevent a landing of troops in the city and the Baltische-Flote has taken the responsibility of defending the port itself. The naval ressources in the area has for a long time been stretched thin, busy as the danish-norwegian navy has been to protect trade in and around the port of Christiansted after the russians captured Guyama only a few hours away from the danish-norwegian governors residence. The Danish-norwegian navy did however manage to field a larger squadron of first rates that took up positions a few nautical miles outside of Coquibacoa in a westernly direction. The lookout soon spotted sails in the horizon, a smaller dutch endymion class frigate, hardly anything to be concerned about. Not long after the lookout yelled "More sails, 1,2,3,7 - 23 sails! East - one point North!". This was a dutch battlefleet come presumably to support their russian allies. We convened on the "Skrien" for a quick warcouncil, should we engage the dutch fleet or wait for the promised swedish reinforcements that had left Santa Marta? We decided that the enemy was too strong to allow near the port of Coquibacoa, our battlefleet of seven 1st rates and a single 3rd rate was a lot smaller than the dutch contingent, the dutch however had fewer large vessels and by the looks of their handling was probably of sturdy but outdated designs. The decision to engage the enemy fleet was taken at combat ensued as the 2nd bell was sounded throughout the fleet. The dutch captains fought with all their bravery but immediately after the engagement started the dutch losses were climbing. Were it not for a fireship that we hadn't noticed we would've left the battle mostly unscathed such is the might of our first rates! Alas! the fireship demasted my "Skrien" and Captain McKnights "Jomfruen". The dutch wasn't long in taking advantage of the crippled "Jomfruen" and pounded her stern relentlessly, screams could be heard from her as her crew was being raked to pieces and not long after a dutch captain engaged her in bloody hand to hand fighting. The boarding was soon over, as the crew of the crippled first rate were demoralised, decimated and the entire ship was in a bloody state of chaos. I acted with all speed, managed to get the boarding ship sinking and after some quick manouvering, with limited sails, boarded the lost "Jomfruen". The boarding was quickly done as the dutch captain had little time to prepare a defence and my crew was veterans at taking over enemy prizes. We managed to free Captain McKnight and the rest of his crew from the holds in the ship, but after a brief discussion it was decided to sink the "Jomfruen" as she was probably unsalvable in her current state. Elsewhere the battle was raging strong, the smaller dutch ships were shooting remorselessly but in general with very little effect. Captains Mikkel "0TimeLefT", Staunberg, Denisik, Wiesewolfe, Sir.Sigurd and DarkJoker hammered the dutch fleet into submission and as I was clearing the sinking "Jomfruen" I heard the heavy thumps of the danish forty-two pounders and the splintering woods of masts, ships and bones all around me. The dutch fleet were trying to disengage and we were already mopping up the remaining ships. A relatively large contingent of smaller dutch ships managed to escape the battering but all in all we were extremely satisfied with the engagement. The dutch lost 15 ships ranging from the recently captured "Jomfruen" to several 2nd rates of the Bucentaure class to fourth and fifth rated vessels of varying sizes. The danish-norwegian losses amounted to a single first rate for which I will be put on court martial the day after the next to explain my actions. I do believe however that it will be a swift procedure since the demands of the battle dictated she be floundered rather than letting her fall as a prize to the dutch navy. The battle was portrayed by a painter in the port: https://imgur.com/a/FqZDC The Baltische-Flote managed to hold the port and now we're celebrating the battle. The crews are drinking their hearths out and the brave swedish squadron, sorely missed outside of Coquibacoa, arrived with a tale of fortune in battle. Apparently they had intercepted a russian fleet of one first rate, seven second rates and a smaller vessel, all either prizes or sunk in the ensuing battle. We are gratefull that these russian ships didn't make it to the port as they could've turned the tides against us. And. We're even more gratefull for the dominican prostitutes and cuban tobacco the swedes brought with them. All we need to be real cosy right now is basically some haitian rum! Captain Lars Kjaer, commander of the high sea fleet Port of Coquibacoa, aboard his majestys ship "Skrien", 118 guns, 1100 crew compliment 28th of January 1765
  11. PvP incentive

    Although I feel that the amount of pvp has improved a bit, I wonder whether pvp would not be further promoted by rewarding losses as well. If players get a few pvp marks for assists, why not also provide a few marks for players losing a pvp engagement?
  12. Invading Cartagena De Indias

    Captains log, 22nd of January 1765 Captain Lars Kjaer, Aboard the 118 gun "Skrien", 1100 crew compliment. As I write this the court martial for loosing the fleet at Carlisle a few days ago has been postponed indefinately. The king of Denmark-Norway has been contacted by the swedish ambassador with a proposal. Apparently my squadron, the danish-norwegian privateers, are being hired for a screening in the battle at Cartagena de Indias. The Kungliga Marine had made preparations for an invasion and wanted the assistance of the danish navy in order to get the invasion fleet into the bay. I myself had some reservations about this, but with the ruling of the court martial hanging over my head I saw no real way to object against the orders. We headed out with a squadron of 10 first rates from the DNP squadron as well as some first rates from the DS squadron. Set sails from San Andres and immediately concerns were mounting over the low amount of supplies in stores. The fleet as a whole had to make do with what was at hand and what we could share between us. My flagship, the "Skrien" were taking the lead as we headed out of San Andres, the navigator assured me that we would arrive on time and not a minut early. As it happened we arrived at the rendez-vous ahead of schedule and I had to discipline my navigator hard. After flogging the culprit personally and thus instilling discipline in the rest of the crew, we took stock of the ships and the stores. The news were less than ideal, repairs were low on half the ships and rum was in short supply as well. The ships on the other hand were, as the rest of the danish lineship fleet, in superb condition and morale was high as we gathered aboard the "Skrien" for a warcouncil. Joined by the swedish admiral, who were extremely blunt and argued for the danish-norwegian contingent going in the front and take the brunt of the russo-spanish fleet. We agreed grudgingly, mainly due to the heavy incentives offered by the swedish admiral. As we set out from the port of Santa Marta, a little past the 2nd bell. Spirits were high, partly in anticipation of a battle and partly due to the swedish tobacco and prostitutes we received as gifts. We sailed past the deadly shallows at Barranquilla and soon after the lookout on the flagship hailed "Sails"! It was a smaller contingent of spanish 3rd rates. We weren't too concerned untill the second ship in the line shouted "More sails!, 1, 2, 3, 5, 20 sails! WSW". The spanish had a large contingent of ships, 21 SoL, mostly 2nd rates and a single frigate. Our fleet was complimentet by a smaller contingent of swedish ships, taking our tally to 18, mostly 1st rates and two frigates. https://imgur.com/a/uf3Rc The danish fleet were dragged in a bit disadvantageous and we had a hard fight in the starting phase of the battle. We worked tirelessly on the crews in order to get the sails and ships in line for the battle and soon it became a bloody brawl. We got lucky though, the starting disadvantaged isolated two of our first rates but with patience and some clever sailing we managed to get the 1st rates out of trouble and isolate 3 spanish 2nd rates instead. We pounded them relentlessly and it wasn't long before they were in a bad way. From there the battle raged hard for more than 6 hours, the spanish gave a hell of a fight and at several occasions the situation were looking grim. In the end the spanish navy was slowly but surely whittled down by the larger broadsides and the fact that several of their 2nd rate captains seemed inexperienced in these large scale engagements. A huge win for the combined danish-norwegian and swedish navy as we took down 14 enemy ships, 5 first rates and a large portion of their 2nd rate contingent. https://imgur.com/a/hsMbX As I'm writing this I'm feeling somewhat confident that the court martial will not rule against me, we got the entire danish-norwegian contingent out of the battle - disregarding the old weathered 1st rate we used as a fireship in the initial onslought of the battle. The fleet is heading NNE at the moment, having left Santa Marta and the spanish main behind us. Morale is high even if we took heavy losses in men and several of the ships have been taking in water for the past few hours. We're confident we can salvage them home though. Captain Lars Kjae Admiral in charge of the battlefleet NNE of Cartagena De Indias on the 23rd of January 1765
  13. In dire straits

    Captains log 21st of January, 1765 His highness, the Viceroy of Danish-norwegian possessions in the carribean, Count of Schackenburg and first minister of the colonies, Mr. Hans Aker, has ordered the danish-norwegian privateer squadron to do a combat patrol off the coast of KPR. Tensions with the brits have been climbing ever since they tried to pillage the port of San Andres and this combat patrol will most likely not alleviate any of these issues. It is not without some reprehension I accept this mission. Orders are orders though and the two kingdoms need to make a statement towards the bloody brits and their hated 'Navigation Act'. Even though the latest part of legislation was passed in 1663, the brits have been more than willing to look past danish-norwegian shipping. After San Andres this has changed so we're sent to force Port Royal open for danish ships. I set off on the 20th of January, 1765 in the "Havmågen", an older 64-gun 4th rate, along with Kalua Lupo aboard the newly constructed "Lübeck", a 44-gun frigate with an impressive sailing characteristic. We quickly spotted sails on the horizon to the south, between the french port of La Navasse and the british port of San Antonio. The "Lübeck" quickly moved in to intercept her whilst I ordered the yards to be trimmed and prepared the "Havmågen" for battle. The battle commenced a little past the 3rd bell and Lupo got the enemy rigging in disorder. After a few broadsides from the long guns of the "Havmågen" the enemy ship lost its mainmast and we went in for hand to hand combat. The battle should've been fierce but the enemy captain and crew had very little fight left in them. Demoralised from the demasting they posed little resistance as we cut them down. After the battle we had a brief warcouncil aboard the "Havmågen" after which we decided to maroon the crew of the french frigate and proceed to the area around Port Morant. As we approached the port of Morant we were joined by the Captains Staunberg and Gorgons aboard a 44-gun frigate and a second 64-gun 4th rate. So bolstered we proceeded to the area around Port Royal where we knew that the legendary captain DarkJoker were plying in a 4th rate ship of the line. We spotted sails on the horizon and from the familiar configuration of them we gathered it was the danish-norwegian captain. A second set of sails were spotted not long after. Then a third. And a fourth. Darkjoker it seemed were bringing friends. The british had sent out a large squadron to drive off the danish-norwegian fleet and unfortunately for us we couldn't outrun the lighter british frigates. The battle commenced on the morning of the 21st of January, just after the 1st bell. There had been a few broadsides exchanged when all of a sudden more sails were spotted. Despair was setting in as the crews saw even more british ships join the battle. Upon closer inspection something seemed a bit off though. Hard to pinpoint what it was, if it was the colour of the sails or the signals they were flying. Outdated by the most recent british signalbooks. When they came within gunrange they signalled to heave by and prepare for battle - and opened fire on the nearest british ship. The three unknown ships turned out to be a pirate fleet joining the danish-norwegian squadron and morale immediately rose as we turned and gave battle to the brits. The battle ended as a major victory to his majestys navy and the two kingdoms. We didn't loose a single ship and the british squadron were decimated. https://imgur.com/a/Nr7Qw After the battle we left the area and went on with our patrol. We spotted another pirate fleet, led by the infamous Gamover, and decided to attempt to kill him and his fleet. They were two 3rd rates and a 4th rate along with a smaller frigate. Our fleet of three 4th rates and four 5th rates should've been able to overcome these ragtag pirates and send them to davey jones. Alas! they managed to get the better of us and whilst we did manage to sink their 4th rate as well as their frigate, they managed to sink our entire fleet! I'm now facing a court martial and as I write this I find myself pondering wether or not I should be gratefull for the pirates that saved me and my crew after the battle or not. They gave us a small prize they had taken off the coast of Savannah la Mar, we were a bit taken aback by the pirates' sudden honour and I still don't know what to make of it. I do know however that if the court martial doesn't hang me I'm going to be a lot more carefull next time we meet the pirates. We made mistakes. Miscalculated the odds due to our lack of respect for the pirates. Next time I'll be the one sinking the pirates and I will NOT pardon them from the noose they so sorely deserves! Captain Lars Kjaer, port of Guyama Sevilla. Awaiting the ruling of the court martial.
  14. IMHO сейчас распределение марок весьма несправедливо и это имеет негативные последствия. Я просто спрошу: перехватчик догнал цель, выбил паруса, чтобы остальные смогли догнать, наполучал дамага и либо отошел на структуре, либо вообще утонул. Но цель потоплена группой. Он ничего не заработал? Такой вот альтруистичный слуга народа? Торговец сагрил на себя противников, вместо того, чтобы сдаться, точно зная что не уйдет, держался как мог (читай - дарил марки), дождался подкрепления, пока его бордили подкреп успел подлететь и утопить вражину. Но торговца от абордажа спасти не успели. Он тоже ничего не заработал? Так, мальчик для битья? Я пойду дальше. Пара не очень быстрых тяжей поддержки, которая весь вечер ходила с группой, которая не получила хорошего боя, но кого-то таки натопила по мелочи - они бесплатная защита для своих ганкеров, чтобы их не разобрала превосходящая группа фрегатиков? Тяж в линии наполучал больше всех, большинство залпов противника ушло по его мачтам, сам он стрелял по мачтам (успешно), все это дало группе возможность выйти на хорошую позицию (свеженькими), догнать и уничтожить группу противника. А наш тяж стоял в сторонке без борта и без мачт, вписаться в киллы не успел. Без него исход боя мог бы быть абсолютно другим. Он такой вот терпила? Ему типа не повезло? Одним словом, система абсолютно не справедлива и ее надо менять. Негативные последствия ее использования - никто не ходит чистыми таклерами с хрустальным бортом, копперплейтингом и шикарным перком на удержание в бою, ибо рискованно, но абсолютно не выгодно. Часто все пачка фитится в скорость, а в бою ломая друг другу бушприты торопится отдать свои залпы даблами по цели, у которой даже паруса пока на месте. Лезут в сомнительные абордажи, которые только замедляют бой, так как когда куча фрегатов толкается в оверштагах на корме у цели чтобы опять же вписаться в килл, вместо того, чтобы догонять остальных противников. Могут и поджечь… Это понятно, марки нужны всем. Но от очень этого страдает качество боев, люди не создают сбалансированных групп. Как должно быть: 1. Весь нанесенный и полученный дамаг (корпус/паруса/мачты/команда) считается для каждого корабля в отдельности и для стороны в бою в целом. Марки за бой распределяются между всеми участниками получившей их стороны, пропорционально полученным цифрам. Человек был в гуще боя - он повлиял на его исход (даже чисто танкуя своими кристи-мачтами и отстреливая чужие), он должен заработать. Медленные корабли поддержки получат свои марки из баттл-группы (п.2). Мимо проходилы, которые зашли в бой поздно и далеко, а потом стреляли с километра вряд ли что-то заработают. 2. Все полученные баттл группой марки делятся поровну. Да, поровну. Считаешь, что корабль не вписывается в группу и будет только зря собирать марки - скажи, не бери, кикни из группы. Самая сложная задача в реализации - привести весь дамаг к общему знаменателю. Берем статистику по топ пвпшерам (надеюсь, что она и есть) и смотрим, сколько борта/структуры пропорционально весу залпа они в среднем выносят за залп. Это единичка, остальное пропорционально. Точно так же книппели и рейк картечью. Сложнее всего посчитать мачты, у них должен быть очень высокий коэффициент, так как процент попадания тут будет очень сильно разниться у разных игроков. Чтобы не было вайна будет лучше, если механизм расчета будет скрытым. Типа "мы долго работали над этой системой и считаем принятый вариант распределения пвп марок справедливым". P.S. Отмазы типа "вы можете сами посчитать и распределить у себя в группе" оставьте для инди ****, никто не будет этого делать. Снова "все очень заняты" и "это убьет пвп"?
  15. We are a newly formed clan. We are currently looking for active players in Naval Action whom would want to join our crew, everyone is welcome to join. Requirement: That you use discord you don't need to talk just listen Nation: Great Britain Goals: Putting together a reasonable sized fleet to fill proper Port Battles. Timezone: At this time we're only EU-based, however we're always up for company from all around the world. Crafting: We currently have 2 high-level crafters. If we got your interest, contact one of the following officers (ingame, on discord or via the forums) A1vin, Mitsuko Susuki, Nick Gonchin or Cpt will Turner Discord link: https://discord.gg/9BaKMqT Or send me a message on the forums @Nick Gonchin
  16. I take this from a discussion in another thread, to highlight the proposal. Why not introducing a progressive PVP rank (calculated just by means of the number of PVP marks gained through combat) and visible in OS, that enters into the calculations of the numbers of the PVP marks that are awarded in case you sink the player? I would start at rank O ("hopeless carebear" or "Victor" rank) - and then when someone kills me he gets just 1 PVP mark no matter which ship I am sailing sail, but - after having gained 20 PVP marks in combat I become rank 1 ("noob") - and then when someone sinks me gets 2 PVP marks, no matter which ship I sail ... and so on up to the rank "wtfuberpwnzrplayer" that - after 1000 marks - gets the one that is able to sink me 20 marks for each sinking. Of course number and names of rank can be different, but the concept is there. A more sophisticated version could be using a formula to build up an algorithm that takes the PVP rank of the sunk player and the PVP rank of the winning one and modulates the rewards in a way that a lower PVP rank player will earn more PVP marks if he succeeds in sinking a higher PVP rank player, while if a higher PVP rank player sinks a lower PVP rank player, then he gets less PVP marks.
  17. Diminishing returns

    This is something that has been suggested before, but I''ll be making yet another suggestion. In the RvR we often see very few to no PBs between the 3 largest nations. This can ofcourse be because of happenstance or simply because the largest nations gets rewarded with VM so they can easily replace 1st rates whilst smaller nations has a harder time, this is no doubt one part of the explanation.. I'd wager however it's in part due to politics as well. I'd like to suggest an incentive for the smaller nations to rattle the cage of the larger - grant smaller nations VM for successfull PBs against the larger, 3 for taking a port from nr 1, 2 from nr. 2 and 1 from nr. 3.. (or whatever) Secondly I'd like to suggest diminishing returns for attacking in OW PvP.. Basically the amount of achievable PvP marks should be reduced by the BR advantage on either side. If the winner has 2 times the BR he gets half the PvP marks (or none at all), if the winner has half the BR than the loser he gets 2 times the PvP marks..
  18. Action off the coast of San Andres

    Captains log, 10th of january 1765 The royal british navy has been seen operating near the danish-norwegian settlement of San Andres. The british merchant shipping has for some time accused the ports governor of harboring and aiding pyrates. The danish-norwegian navy conducted a full investigation into these wild accusations and found no evidence and the charges were ofcourse summarily dismissed. This prompted an angry response from the governor of Old Providence and the expected penal expedition was spotted on the 9th gathering in the port of Old Providence. Our ressources are already stretched thin covering ports and escorting merchant shipping from the danish westindies and virgin islands to the ports of central America. It was therefore decided that a small squadron consisting of one 2nd rate, the "Havfruen" along with a contingent of 4th rates would seek out the british retributive fleet and attempt to intercept it. To many this was considered a suicide mission but preferable than watching the port, with its packhouses, residencies and docks burn to the ground. The fleet were entirely voluntary, disregarding the press-ganged sailers from different merchant vessels. The british fleet were first sighted a little after the third bell and the drums quickly beat for battle order. The signals went up that we would attempt a running engagement, keeping the bulk of the enemy fleet engaged but at a safe distance. Chance would have it though that the british fleet quickly broke into two columns - one going for the port consisting of their heavier ships, the lookout claimed to have seen three 1st rates, but it may have been the excitement and the rum speaking. The second column, consisting of a 2nd rate, a few fourth rates and some fifth rates, engaged our small squadron on the leeway and we quickly found ourselves enmeshed in a deathly battle against an opponent that made up in manouverability what they lacked in broadside weight. The battle raged for the good part of a bell, and in the end the danish-norwegian squadron came out victorious! I personally lead the charge against a Wasa-class 4th rate and captured her as a prize and a second 4th rate, the "Agamemnon" went to davy jones after a hard battle with some very impressive manouvering on part of the enemy captain. After clearing the ship and making preliminary repairs to the hull and riggings we attempted to leave the area and seek shelter in a cove a bit further down the island. Alas! to the dismay of the crews and captains of the squadron the british fleet that had engaged the defensive fleet in the port of San Andres were leaving the port at the very time we were trying to pass the island. The enemy squadron were engaged as per the danish-norwegian navys rules of engagement that dictates that in the presence of superior forces care should be taken to attempt boarding and capturing of enemy first rate vessels. The following battle were hard, long and ardous. The british still had two 1st rates that tore through the hulls of our smaller vessels, the sea was thick with blood and debris.. We battled down an enemy 2nd rate, but at a loss of two 4th rates and the tide of the battle were against us.. Luck would however have it! We managed to board one of the first rates whilst battling down the enemy 4th rates, and as they were sinking the last enemy 1st rate were attempting to flee. We quickly gave pursuit and attempted another boarding alas, the captain of the L'Ocean class first rate quickly overcame the boarders and even managed to sink the 2nd rate ship of the line that were attempting to takeover the british first rate. We gave pursuit for a full hour after that and only as the lights on the horizon were dimming did we manage to close the gap sufficiently to engage her in another hard battle. This time we took no chances and consecutive boarding actions were ordered to wither down the enemy crew. As the last rays of daylight were leaving the hemisfere we hobbled into the port of San Andres. Battered, bruised and with heavy casualties but immensely successfull in the actions of the day. The tally became four 4th rates won, two 1st rates captured and an unknown (as of yet) number of enemy 4th and 5th rates that went to davy jones. Orders came in as we were docking in the port. Congratulations from the Danish-Norwegian governor and orders to repair and refit and be ready for actions on the 12th of January 1765. / Lars "Bearwall" Kjaer, off the coast of San Andres aboard her majestys ship "Ribeheksen", 64 guns and 550 crew compliment.
  19. We are recruiting, We operate mainly from Kingston Port Royale. We have many ports around Gracias a Dios. We do Fleet missions, OW PvP and PvE, Port Battles, Trade Runs, Craft Ships. We have many experienced players willing to share knowledge, helping you to level up. If you have mature nature, looking to have some fun in a respectful manner and without pressure, you can knock our door, You are welcome. Now please read below; BCC POLICY: Dear Captains, There is only one rule in BCC: Teamspeak. We ask you to join our Teamspeak and be polite. We are mostly adults and we treat all of you same way and we expect you to treat other players with respect. We have a few thing to offer: We will build all ships for clan mates. You have to deliver only the ship permit. We deliver all consumables: rum, hull and rig repairs. We will help you to level up. We are willing to help you as much as possible with all other issues if you may need it. What you may offer us if you like: Join us on teamspeak on voice378.ismett.de and talk to us. Help improving our clan. Supplying resources. Help to craft by supplying hours and craft components. Join port battles and do PvP. nation teamspeak: voice378.ismett.de website: https://bccnavalaction.wordpress.com/ forum: http://bccnavalaction.freeforums.net/ application: http://bccnavalaction.freeforums.net/board/7/application
  20. AI Reporter

    Just a thought, if AI ships/fleets could report sightings of players to their respective Nations, in an "AI Reporter" a similar chat box to Combat News. So say a Spanish AI is sailing along and a French player is within its sight, the AI reports something like, "French ship 20 k's SE of Turneffe" to the Spanish Nation. This would open up a whole new way to play and add to content in my opinion. Thoughts?
  21. Game revival suggestion

    Ok having played this for about a month now I've seen the extent of the toxicity and old grudges seeming to be carried over from one wipe to the next. Ganking fleets and super alliances or nations are killing the game not that they shouldnt exist to an extent as they are actually part of the game but when always directed on a certain percentage of the populace all the time those players get tired of well playing and the population dwindles and negative reviews start happening. So while this could be blamed on the players it falls back to a lack of game mechanics to control these certain behaviors that are wreaking havoc on the game. I think we can all agree the game is good as a ship simulator as far as battles go and the Open world is as good as you could hope for so we only need to focus on how war is conducted. My proposal is to scrap the port taxes, if anything ports should be making you money or at least allowing for certain resource control. Decades ago we had a game created by Sid Meir called Pirates, in this wars and alliances were declared by the Ai kings of their respective nations and you had letters or marque that allowed you to kill as you pleased their enemies. So lets assume that Naval action adopted a system like this to determine who warred upon who. So for the system to work you would need. Control Points - These would be accumulated by sinking enemy ships of that nation in OW and taking ports. Of course you would automatically get just enough to take a port when war was declared and when peace is declared all points are lost or turn into revenue of some sort. the idea here is to redirect the attention of nations around the map and give the opportunity for alliances to be made if multiple nations are warring with one at the same time. Resource control - Well when not at war you will own precious ports that are needed to make the rarer items on the map, these can then be allowed to be purchased by nations not at war with you so they can make their flag ships or top modules which would encourage trade and supply lines. The result would be that Over Powered nations attention would be directed around the map so no one was being obliterated all the time, your nation would only have to survive the week or two the war lasts. Supply lines would be established for players who like to trade and these would need protecting as I'm sure Ganking fleets would patrol the seas looking to disrupt this and get their PvP action maybe even attain said resources for themselves. Of course these are just suggestions I'm sure this could be refined and improved upon but I think many would agree something has to change in the game.
  22. 1v1-2V2 banable?

    @admin since pvp has been utterly destroyed by game mechanics we are going to set up a 1v1 and 2v2 arena at la tortue on global server. and since we play on the lesser of the two servers where pvp is impossible to find due to pop (GLOBAL) AKA where we put everyone that doesn't fit into the EU dream of naval action. these fights will be legit fights. they will be arranged to be sure that they are even. is this "against the spirit of PVP" any more than your protected areas and fortresses and open world AI fleets are? what I mean is will we get banned for this or not? P.S of course all rats will be killed on sight because ya know... their rats.
  23. Mission boards

    My suggestion: Make every port/capital have a missionsboard/tavern where players can put up missions for other players. One thing that has bugged me since joining the game is basically that the OW is a big empty space with very little player interactions outside of the battles. I think this is a real shame and there's so many opportunities for playerbased gameplay - if it was enabled and promoted from ingame mechanics. Examples of playermissions: Escorts - self explanatory Traderuns - rent out your ship for a run to help a player empty an OP PvP - Form an impromptu fleet for those pesky raiders, or go raid yourself Fishing - I know, we all laugh... And yet all crafters love it. Crafting - get a ship crafted to your specs, or a crafter can advertise his handiwork without actually making the ship beforehand. My imagination is severely limited, but the idea is that one player can set up a contract with marks, xp (possibly), gold or other items for a mission to be fulfilled by another player. To avoid exploitation - what is given to one player must be taken from another 1:1.
  24. Increased join timers — due to OW travel speeds — gives a chance for everyone to receive reinforcements. It allows battles to grow bigger. Obviously, depending on how that particular battle plays out, that can be a good thing or suck. You’re holding your own right when 6 enemy ships join and turn the tide against you. That sucks. You’re barely hanging on and the cavalry arrives. Hooray! Numerous good and complex suggestions have been made on how to deal with the whole revenge fleet, gank, or other problems associated with unrealistic OW speeds and battle join times, most of them dealing with circle size and placement, tagging, control perks, and BR limits. I suggest that right now, with the extremely low populations on both servers, we try simply increasing the join timer just to get more players involved in PVP. It would seem like it would be an easy thing for the Devs to implement and adjust. As it is, not only do you have to find a PVP situation on a very big map, you only have 3 minutes to do it.
  25. DISCLAIMER: This is on the topic of PVE only vets, not new players. Of course we want new player protections, this is about server choices of veteran players. Is PVP server required to protect PVE only veterans? Or should PVE only players go to PVE server? Should there even be a PVP and PVE server? What does the community think about this? I think while we have a PVE server, PVE only vets shouldn't be protected from PVP. I think anyone who is currently playing PVP server as a trader/crafter/PVE only should accept that its their responsibility to protect themselves, you don't get immunity because you're a "harmless trader" who is crafting war ships for their side, or because you want to "relax and do some PVE" without risk, when devs put time and money into a server for just that. That's me, what are your thoughts on the matter? Keep it civil.