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Found 245 results

  1. [SNOW] is now recruiting GB PvPers. There aren't many of you but it's easier to write out a post here than message you all individually. You must be 18+ to apply. No mutes. Discord & TS. Following yet another Britsplosion the decision was made to merge and consolidate the PvPers in GB (it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the name RSC was annoying). We speaky English kind of well (except @The Last Templar, he can't even spell colour properly) and can be found all over the globe. Focus is on raiding with the odd PB... Experience is ideal as we only accept players who are capable of killing other players (that doesn't include other GB players as tempting as that is sometimes). If you're interested in learning we may take you on board if you're keen and active so don't hesitate to drop us a line if you're interested. It's an excellent opportunity to make snow puns to the enemy, for example, "it seems that you're a bit snowed in?" or "it's snow problem sir!" Share your favourites with the rest of the gang! Contact @Gregory Rainsborough @William Wade @The Last Templar @Carlos_Condell for more details. https://discord.gg/9J8YHBt Dean Martin was kind enough to record our official theme tune which can be found below Bing Crosby had a crack at is as well. As did Michael Buble! (I had no idea who he was either until I googled "Let It Snow") May you have a sunny day 'cus it looks like it might snow in the Caribbean!
  2. Trincomalee vs Endymion

    I am planning on building a load of either one to hopefully get some good bonus trim on a few but can't decide between the two. I would appreciate some of the more skilled / experienced PvP players among you to share your knowledge and explain the pros and cons of each compared to the other and let me know which one you prefer and why. Also if there is another frigate I should consider, let me know please. Thank you, captains.
  3. Greetings, fellow captains! I have not played the game for a couple of weeks and noticed there has been a patch that changed the penetration mechanics and increased the importance of angles on armor in relation to the cannon ball trajectory. So I would like to know what choice of wood types is the meta now for OW PvP? Ships of particular interest are L'Ocean, Bellona and Belle Poule. Are T/WO ships still the best choice? Has anyone tested T/T Bellona or BP in OW? How do they compare to T/WO now? I would also like to know what is generally considered the best wood combination for a OW PvP L'Ocean to get the maximum armor effectiveness out of it. The constitution should suffer from these changes alot with its more than decent armor but god-aweful turnrate, making it harder to get a proper angle in order to deflect incoming shots. How noticeable are the changes really? Thank you for any helpful input.
  4. Wind changes

    Could we please either get fewer windchanges in a 1½ hour match or removed entirely? - I'd prefer fewer windchanges but it's really changing fast and often..
  5. This is just a hypothesis - not an accusation. I've been thinking on the mechanic of BR limitation in PvP zone and here's my scenario: Take 1st and 2nd rates into the PvP zone - let's say we do it at Tumbado. Then we basically lock the battle by tagging either an alt, or an NPC inside the zone - making sure that atleast 3k BR is on the "winning" side. That way the BR is high enough to discourage anyone from jumping in and taking a look at what's actually going on. After that you do green on green untill the 1st and 2nd rates are on the brink of sinking. The damage will count towards the PvP marks and it's done with virtually no risk for the perpetrators. @admin Is this possible and is it the intended function of the mechanic?
  6. [HAVOC] is recruiting [HAVOC] is a clan which focuses on PvP and RvR in the dutch nation. Message rediii ingame if you are interested in the challenge to make the dutch nation great again. Language = English Requirements: Teamspeak necessary don't be a asshole willing to learn a lot play in a team No need to write more. Since I'm away on friday and saturday recruitment will start on 01.04.2018 (no joke). Old post: ____ Hey! I decided to give my best and let a current underdog nation stand up from it’s current form and get shit done again. (hint: not sweden) A new clan will be created, a new system used. Crafters are needed, ships are needed, Officers to pass knowledge of pvp and captains are needed. A plan is in the works with all of it’s infrastructure to organise the clan and, if the nation lacks a system, to organise the nation. A new power will rise up. Are you up for the challenge? What is needed? Everyone! Target is to have a constant group of 10 guys doing rvr and pvp activities A lot of ships will be lost. A lot of ressources burned trough. A lot of pvp will be going on. You are a rvr/pvp player, a trader or a crafter then prepare yourself for a nation change. The targetnation will be announced today evening. Let’s make a minor power to a major one together. How to change nation? You need the forger DLC for naval action from steam Get your assets to freetowns like aves, la tortue, la mona or tumbado How can I prepare? Set up outposts: (For the nationchange and pvp activities) Shroud Cay Aves La Mona La Tortue
  7. Custom PVP Missions

    I think patrol missions proved that many more people willing to PVP. So in these missions, we can see shop bought ships, as well as many special crafted, expansive ships. Everyone can compete, and more or less, there is some reward. What if we can pull custom PVP missions from admirality. Example, I am a Prussian. I pick my mission from admirality for some price, cm, gold etc. I select a port, may be KPR. I select my parameters, 3x3 ships , up to 5th rates or 1500 BR vs 1500 BR or 1000 BR vs 1500 BR (for %50 more reward?), or even I add a reward, 50 pvp marks / 100 cm / 500k gold. These all can be selected, some increasing reward multiplier. Reward is what you get from a normal pvp battle. A mission is created just outside KPR and announced for British, I can select to enter with my group or wait for random guys from my nation. At the preset time Prussians and Brits meet at mission zone and join the mission. If mission pickers do not show in 15 min. they are defeated, it costs them the mission picking price. Attackers approaching mission zone has invisibilty and can not attack others at this time only join mission. After battle ends, attackers has more invisibility than regular time. This can give good pvp guys a good content, other than already coming to noob capitals and waiting for pvp, looking for noobs tagging npc, etc. It will prevent ganking, revenge fleets etc. Ships have to sail to mission, they have to carry repairs, most of ow pvp requirements needed, but both sides willing to fight. So what do you think, can this proposal with future improvements work?
  8. I am perfectly fine with the fact that the playernames where removed in OW, but I do not understand why the communication with enemies was removed, too. I can not arrange duels any more. This - in my personal opinion and playstyle - took away one of the most interesting parts of the game. It could be solved with ease: "message from an unknown player to an unknown player" without bringing back the playernames. The second PVP-killer ist the reward system. Why do people get PVP-reward when they attack in hordes? I have read and wrote some ideas to get a factor when BR of one side is higher than the BR of the other side. This is the right way to nerv hordeattacks and make them less interesting.E.g. iIn a fight BR 100 against BR 200, the side with BR 200 should only get half of the PVP marks to be devided among the player witch have done damage.
  9. Here's what happened today: Joined patrols was in Prince Saw battle 2 polish v 4 Brits Joined Polish 2 more came (Danish) joined Brits 1 more came (Prussian) joined Brits 1 more came (dunno nation) joined Brits Now its 8 v 3 But I am in Prince and there is another Prince in Polish so we just kite They are all in Mercs and rattles and can't catch us There's still 50 mins left on the timer. (Yes the circle shrinks but I could easily have given them the runaround, for ages, and probably survived) We start chatting in battle and agree how stupid the situation is. In the end, we (the 2 Prince) just agree to sacrifice ourselves because we feel bad about boring the pants off everyone, particulalrly those who were already in the battle who weren't at fault. I tried to make sure I opened myself up to the shots from the original 4 guys so they got the hits. The other guy just sailed out of the zone and died, again, so the original 4 guys got the kills. I am sure that there are some, but to date I have not been in a single patrol mission where the outcome wasn't pretty much certain. We need a solution, BR limit clearly isn't solving it. This problem is made worse because there is no more communication in open world. But at least if we can leave we can re-tag and try and get something more balanced. Furthermore, the usual openworld pvp has dropped off dramatically. Patrols are not popular, everyone is playing in them only because there is nothing else to do. I've taken part to help in testing that's fine, but I'm seriously considering taking a break from the game now, until this is resolved.
  10. Danish-Norwegian privateers

    Clan DNP is recruiting Denmark-Norway is as always recruiting new members. We in Denmark-Norway have a lot of diversity to offer - trading and PvE'ing for the casual player, fun and engaging PvP for the more combatitive player and as always RvR for those who wish to promote the glory of our nation to the rest of the carribean.. You name it and we either have the clan or the activity for you.. DNP is a clan of RvR, PvP and from time to time PvE.. Our original focus was on PvP and this is still where the hearth resides.. We have however taken RvR to hearth in order to safeguard our nation on behalf of the free commerce and the casual players.. We seek new members willing to exchange broadsides with the enemy and to promote the interests of our nation in an engaging contest with the rest of the Caribbean.. We're an easygoing fun loving clan that in general doesn't place huge demands on our members.. Recent events do force me however to reiterate a few guidelines.. We honor our agreements at all times - even when they turn out to be against our best interests.. Our word is binding.. We fight our enemies in the hills, the beaches and on the seas. We do not waiver, we do not surrender. We conduct ourselves in a manner befitting a member of the most honorable faction in the Caribbean and we will continue to do so. We do not cry when outnumbered, we make the best of it. We ask no quarter, as we give no quarter.. Recent events has forced me to reiterate these principles by which we sail, and any member conducting themselves in a dishonorable way is ofcourse liable to disciplinary measures at all times, from a public flogging to a private beheading. Regards Lars Kjaer, Captain of his majesty's privateers port of Christiansted, 1765
  11. New players of course see and hear about the upcoming pb's and want to join. Well of course if they aren't an RA, can't sail a 1st rate, haven't been seen around, aren't a member of a friendly clan, didn't marry Hachi's sister, forgot to install ts, whatever (not picking on you Hachi) Of course they don't get to take part. The response comes back, oh you can screen, or get a clan and go flip a port... Well screening is important, though often it can be a real drag waiting... and offers no reward How do we get the new players 'involved' I imagine for many its a let down to realize you might be able to join in a few weeks once you level up and gain experience etc etc... How about screening slots for PB's, you enter the area (perhaps a circle same size as the reinf zone) a popup comes up asking if you wish to join the screening fleet. So long as you stay in the area (for at least half of the duration of the PB window) or get sunk, you get an 'honorable' mention in the Gazette or whatever. If a player gets on that list 5 times for the week, they get a reward perhaps a VM or PVP marks at the end of it. Now to make it a little more interesting an option could be to count the screening battle seperately from the PB. Example GB attacks a DK Port, GB loses the port battle BUT the GB screeners sink more BR than DK did in the screening battle. The GB screeners are rewarded but the DK screeners are not. Only challenge is how to handle players from other nations joining the fight... I see this potentially generating more pvp. Just ideas...
  12. On balance, when the benefits and of having repair items necessary for OW and combat repairing of ships are far outweighed by the costs, and game enjoyment for the vast majority of players would be improved with a different system that does not require items. (in my opinion) My case is based on the following ideals. PvP accessibility and encouragement Combat instance quality and enjoyment Realism (obviously not the highest value but still important, current repair mechanics would only be possible in real life with nano-robots with matter synthesizers to fabricate an entire new hull's worth of planking out of splinters and hold contents.) Depth for all players Contention 1 Repair items discourage PvP and making it more frustrating for those who partake. Repairs add additional, unpredictable costs to players wanting to do PvP anywhere but in their safe-zone. PvP without repairs is highly disadvantageous and a captain wishing to be competitive and enjoy the experience must have at least hull/rig repairs. However, repairs in isolated ports are usually unavailable meaning a captain could who wants to do pvp in that area may be unable to restock after a battle or two, and be forced to sail back to a port that has repairs. This wastes time and player and is frustrating, discouraging players to venture out and look for PvP. In ports where they are stocked by players, they are very expensive and availability is still uncertain. Up to several thousand per repair, which is a lot for inexperienced players already struggling to run a profit, or players that are low on gold for whatever reason. Furthermore, whenever this is a compelling reason for players to go there (hint hint patrol mission) the price skyrockets. When I was doing Hispaniola PvP missions, the price in La Tortue was 5-6k or more. It is possible that other ports still had cheap supplies, but forcing PvP hungry players scamper around ports for half an hour or more just to find repairs is a quick way to make them lose their appetite. Players in PvP already risk lots of gold in their ships, and adding 200,000 (only 20 hull and 20 rig at La Tortue at that time mind you) on top of that isn't helpful. Additionally and possibly most importantly it forces captains to return to port and get new repairs after almost every battle. A common argument against built in repairs is that players can just enter instances, repair, and leave, and in doing so game the system. But repairing even a massive ship in port is extremely cheap, so they aren't saving money by doing so, only time. Why not have the ship repair automatically while sailing in the OW between battles? That way captains can get more action with less down time. It will still make blockading with a huge fleet hard, as a large ship would take long enough to repair that a fleet emerging from the port they are camping around could emerge and attack before they had time to repair. As for realism of this mechanic, the current mechanics are totally unrealistic too, being able to instantly repair the ship fully. The only difference here is being able to slowly repair the ship fully, without onboard items. But the "hull repairs" aren't an accurate portrayal of what would be necessarily to repair ships in the open ocean, so that's not a loss of realism either. *Contention 2 I am not very qualified to speak on as I don't have very much recent PvP experience, but I still think I might have good points here. Contention 2 Combat quality would be improved by making repairs built in and either limited in number or unlimited with decreasing returns. Current repairs system encourages cautious kiting gameplay as damage taken that doesn't drop below 70% on any system is largely irrelevant when fighting due to the captain being able to open range to where the hull can't be penned, or use defensive angling to stall while repairing/cooldown starts wearing off. Captains are also forced to flee once they run out of repairs, because they can't tell if their opponent has done so as well. Perhaps their opponent carried enough for 5 hull repairs, maybe 3? Nobody knows. If the player decides to just "rush in and finish them quickly" their opponent can attack their sails and flee to repair, while they will do minimal damage to the enemy hull in that time -- a stalemate engagement. This is a skill and adds some depth i'm not going to comment on whether it is bad from a meta type of viewpoint as I make no claims to be a very skilled PvP player, but it is not intuitive to new players and doesn't make sense. Hull hp feels more like shields on a spaceship that regenerate than it does wooden planking on a massive ship, with crew trying to repair what they can while under fire, and trying to perform other tasks in the heat of battle. Given those conditions, the ability to repair an entire armor HP worth of damage over the course of an hour is wild. I much prefer the old system where fleets would skirmish for a while, waiting for their opponents to expose a weakness, and then rush in for a decisive battle that ends the engagement one way or another. Currently, most of the fleet escapes once the battle is lost by spamming sail repairs and running while the few trapped ships slow the enemy pursuit. Even if they are eventually caught, its a slow arduous process with tons of chaining, repairing, and mitigating damage to the hull that can easily drag a "concluded" battle out to an hour's length as the losers try to live till the battle times out. Contention 3: Realism Not much to say here, except that repairing the hull and armor of a warship that has been blasted to smithereens by its entire strength over the course of a 1 hour battle is... wild. Even with modern power tools and equipment, such speedy and quality repairs in the battle would be challenging. Obviously the game would be boring with perfect realism, but just magically fixing so much armor every 12 minutes or whatever the cooldown is as many times and necessary is too much in my opinion and just makes battles boring. Things like cannon loss to raking fire are just irrelevant, as they will be brought back soon. http://thepirateempire.blogspot.com/2015/10/repairs-at-sea.html This source (not certain on credibility) lists examples of in-battle repairs. They are all about mitigating damage, or stopgap repairs. The idea of repairing catastrophic damage (like one side down to 0% back up to extremely good health is unrealistic. Contention 4: Depth for all players Hull repairs only offer depth and improved game play for a small number of players who work to stock ports with them. They can make huge profits, but it is a very small number of players. Also, its not a recurring source of trade or open world action. A triple indiaman fleet can carry 10,000+ repairs, so there aren't any "repair shipments" to be escorted or intercepted. Its not a trading good, and they can be manufactured near almost every port... but only on an economically viable scale by people who are set up to do it. The bottom line is that the items do little to improve game play, while discouraging pvp (putting this in the context that those who are into PvP are often frustrated by not being able to find it.), wasting the time of those doing PvP, and in my opinion they makes actual battles worse. Rebuttals to counter arguments. "Repair items require players to realistically plan for their voyage" > Its not realistic, ships shouldn't carry enough repairs to do the stuff they do now, in fact in battle repairs were largely limited to plugging holes and re-positioning dislodged cannons/repairing rigging. If realistic ship preparation is wanted, then it should be by requiring items such as cannon balls, or requiring provisions to supply the crew. " Non item based repairs allow players to use battle instances to repair without paying." >> see contention one "The argument against built in repairs is that players can just enter instances, repair, and leave, and in doing so game the system. But repairing even a massive ship in port is extremely cheap, so they aren't saving money by doing so, only time. Why not have the ship repair automatically while sailing in the OW between battles? That way captains can get more action with less down time. It will still make blockading with a huge fleet hard, as a large ship would take long enough to repair that a fleet emerging from the port they are camping around could emerge and attack before they had time to repair. As for realism of this mechanic, the current mechanics are totally unrealistic too, being able to instantly repair the ship fully. The only difference here is being able to slowly repair the ship fully, without onboard items. But the "hull repairs" aren't an accurate portrayal of what would be necessarily to repair ships in the open ocean, so that's not a loss of realism either." "They are something for crafters and traders to do" >> This only benefits a small minority of players, and massively inconveniences the rest. "Players who are serious about PvP can get used to this and learn mechanics, or set up staches or repairs in ports they like to fight near." >> This stagnates PvP by discouraging players to move around. It also makes starting PvP Even more painful for inexperienced players, who already have to deal with getting a ship, cannons, upgrades(?) finding PvP, learning PvP, and not getting ganked. Now they have to spend even more gold and waste tons of time setting up for PvP, carting repairs around, or looking for them in ports. Or they could just keep doing PVE outside their capitol and making short trade runs. All of this, within the context of PvP struggling. Events like the patrol mission highlight this problem even more, and are evidence of the fact that not enough people are seriously engaging in PvP. Adding more annoying roadblocks to getting into it to be more "hardcore" or whatever, is not going to help. Feel free to discuss try to stay polite and on topic though. I didn't know what section would best suit a topic like this, as it encompasses combat, economy, and open world. If its in the wrong one please move it mods. Thanks, Aerobane (StaleMemes)
  13. Combat patrol at Fort-Royal

    Captains Log, 11th of March 1765. The war with the russians has all but died out. They abandoned their holdings in Puerto Rico, removing most of the reason to maintain a state of hostilities against the russians. The swedish wasn't long to break the non-RvR agreement with the two kingdoms but for some reason hasn't been attacking the danish-norwegian holdings. This has left Denmark-Norway without a clear strategy - the northern haitian holdings were lost after attempting to expand the holdings in the area with the port of Bahia Escosesa. The danish-norwegian navy were however intercepted en route by a contingent of dutch ships of the line that were destroyed. The prussians soon after attacked the port of Macao and in a hard fought battle annihilated the danish-norwegian warships on the north side of the island. His majesty has vowed to retake the port and continue a policy of expansion on the northern side of Haiti whilst holding on to possesions elsewhere in the carribean. Most recently the british fleets attempted an invasion of the port of Misteriosa. The small danish-norwegian port serves as a base of operations for small scale privateering against the british crown and the intention of the british seem to be the destruction of those privateers. The danish-norwegian navy frantically despatched a fleet for the defence of the island, arriving just in the nick of time as the british fleet were bearing down on the port in preparation for landing troops. The two navies fought hard and the battle lasted for a little more than nine hours - not untill nightfall was the british navy contingent forced to abandon the invasion. 4 british ships of the line was lost along with a mortar brig. The danish-norwegian navy lost two 3rd rates and in the pursuit of the british lost another as the fleets victualies and supplies were running low. The fleet returned to Misteriosa to resupply. The danish-norwegian kingdoms doesn't rest on its laurels. Neither the british nor the french are paying the kings taxes so in response the danish-norwegian navy were despatced from the port of Christiansted to the waters of Martinique to search out and destroy any french navy vessels and merchants. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The fleet left at the 2nd bell, in three 74's and a 26-gun renommee class frigate. The contingent were cruising off the coast of Martinique when it was joined by a further two 74's and a heavy 58 gun frigate. As the french were gathering a squadron to hunt the danish-norwegian fleet out of french waters there was a warcouncil onboard Captain Darks "Hættemågen", a 74 gun SoL that had just recently been brought into service. The main point of discussion was wether to allow the gathering of a superior french squadron at Fort-Royal or rather take to sea and search for swedish pickings along the lesser antilles. The decision to hold position in french waters were unanimous and after some waiting the french squadron set sails on an intercept course. The battle that ensued proved both bloody and messy. The smaller danish-norwegian contingent started focussing the largest enemy SoL the first rate "L'Ocean", a 118-gun SoL trying to beat bad winds and get to safety under the guns of the forts at Fort-Royal. We managed to intercept her in good time before she reached safety and after heavy and bloody hand to hand boardings, particularly for "Hættemågen" that lost about three quarters of her crew, we managed to win her and sink her! Under the circumstances a huge win, but the heavy focus on the first rate had allowed the french squadron to gather their guns around us and we were in dire straits. The admiral hoisted the flags for a general retreat and signalled the captains Nihilus and Svendson to engage and sink a small 20 gun privateer under the command of the captain F0RBIN. The privateer was quickly demasted and sunk under the barrage of a 74 and the 26 gun frigate, which allowed the two isolated danish-norwegian ships to slip past the main battleline of the french and head out to sea. The danish-norwegian main battleline however were in deep trouble. Pummelled from the french, getting rigging shot to pieces and a several of the 74's in ill-repair the admiral grudgingly accepted his fate and signalled for the rest of the fleet to seek the protection of the night whilst I, along with the merry men of the "Tudefjæset", changed heading and went for the weakest ship in the french line, a 38-gun frigate that quickly lost in the ensuing gun fight and went to davey jones. The manouver forced the rest of the french fleet to single out "Tudefjæset" and when fire broke out in the center of the middle gundeck I was forced to abandon the ship. Me and my men were most cordially saved from the hazards of the sharks by a french 58 gun frigate and a smaller 4th rate, they even brought me to the port of Aves, presumably as a gesture for the bravery "Tudefjæset" had shown in the battle of the 688 men I sailed out with 356 was brought to Aves. The french even commemorated the battle with this painting - https://imgur.com/a/j1Olf __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now we're restituting in the port while a new 74 is being laid down in Christiansted. I'm hoping for an agile warship that can hold a decent speed whilst still be able to take a pounding. I have to admit that the "Tudefjæset" was a beauty of a ship, some might say she was old but I'd dare challenge any captain to find her match anywhere in the davey jones locker! Lars Kjaer, Captain in his majesty navy Port of Aves - restituting.
  14. Edinorogs

    Either remove them or make them craftable.
  15. 1v1 duel?

    Prob suggested before but....) ability to signal to an enemy ship in the OW and challenge to a 1v1 duel. If they accept and one tags another then then battle starts and instantly closes.
  16. Sitting at KPR today, my brother and I were getting ready to do some fleeting when six French players came into port - we did not engage as we knew we could call reinforcements using F8 if we were attacked. Shortly after a second lieutenant in a beginner ship (British) comes out and initiated a fight with them and we got dragged in - He then says “Sorry guys I can’t help, goodbye” and they allow him to run away while they take care of us. shortly after we lose our ships we get talking with one of them and they admit it was a friend using a British account. How is this game mechanic fair? Surely we should be given the right to participate in a fight IN THE SAFE ZONE, if we didn’t attack? If our guys want to fight in the safe zone we shouldn’t be brought into it unless we choose to enter. We are fairly new players (4 days) but quite knowledgable already but this happening in a safe zone was beyond a joke.
  17. [7UP] has raised the Spanish flag and is recruiting! If you are 18+ years, own a headset and use Teamspeak, feel free to join us on ts3.andaina.net:9985 and try us out! We are an international English speaking clan with focus on RvR, but also enjoy one or the other PvP session. We are mostly European players, but chances are good you find us active any time. [7UP] has been active in Naval Action for years and has a very experienced leadership. We support the Real Acuerdo and keep friendly relationships with other clans in several nations. We have a solid number of very experienced veterans in our clan, but we welcome players of any experience level. If you are new to the game and want to find out all sorts of tricks and maneuvers, we are happy to do a training session with you or you simply join our PvP and RvR activities and learn while sailing with our fleet! We fight a lot and that inevitably means that we also sink a lot. Although we hope that our enemies sink more often than we do, we do not worry about losing a ship. [7UP] runs a shipline providing all clan members with the ships they need, big or small. No fuzz, no prerequisite, just team effort. If you are looking for good battles, plenty of fun with good teamwork, then PM @van Veen here, contact [7UP] in game chat or join the [7UP] channel on spanish Teamspeak on ts3.andaina.net:9985.
  18. Killing the Swede

    Captains log, 3rd of March, 1765 Port of Christiansted Aboard his majestys ship "Tudefjæset", 74-guns and 684 crew compliment The swedes intercepted a Danish-Norwegian invasion fleet down at the french port of Carriacou. The Danish-Norwegian admiralty had charged us to go out and find frenchmen and failing that - capture the port of Carriacou. We set sails from Christiansted early in the afternoon on the 28th of February 1765, the danish-norwegian squadron was comprised of eight 2nd rates, 88 guns and mostly 840 crew compliments. We sailed with decent winds for the french port and arrived early in the evening, just after the 3rd bell. We started off-loading troops and supplies for the invasion fleet when suddenly we were set upon by a fleet of swedish first rates! 9 first rates, 2 second rates and some minor frigates and 3rd rates turned the point to the south of Carriacou island and was on an intercept course. Captains in the danish-norwegian fleet was not overly concerned, Denmark-Norway and Sweden had signed a non-RvR agreement just a few weeks before and as we we're attempting to capture a foothold in french waters we thought nothing of the swedish fleet. The bastards set upon us whilst we were completely unprepared! Most of the stores were either in boats en route to the shores with more than two hundred marines already set ashore. The swedish fleet tore through us, their superior firepower quickly bleeding the danish-norwegian 2nd rates and after a short bloody slaughter there was danish ships burning left and right. https://imgur.com/a/jY3jd The night became a complete and utter disaster for the danish-norwegian navy that hadn't lost so many ships to davy jones in quite a while. It did show however that the slithering swedes were not to be trusted and that actions have to be taken against them. The King of Denmark-Norway and the danish admiralty has now decided to wage a continous privateer war against the swedish kungliga marine and we danish-norwegian privateers are acking for revenge! These past 4 days has seen seven swedish first rates getting cought out in the open, half of them sunk and the rest returned to Christiansted as prizes from the raids in swedish homewaters. Along with the first rates we've managed to sink over a half a dozen smaller ships and this campaign of retribution is just getting started! This campaign it is said will continue untill the swedish menace is covering on their knees asking for both forgiveness and peace! The squadron has just returned to Christiansted after raining holy vengeance upon the swedish snakes.. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Elsewhere in the carribean the danish-norwegian port of Misteriosa was attacked by the dutch. Most likely in retaliation of danish-norwegian seizure of dutch territories to the south. The dutch fleet joined with the wind against them and the battle was very quickly decided in favor of the danish-norwegian navy. The dutch had joined in 74's, seven to be exact S of the island and a renommee to the north. The danish-norwegian fleet commander sent a ship to the north to intercept and capture or sink the dutch renommee.. the rest of the danish-norwegian navy sailed S towards the main battlefleet of the dutch. The battle was engaged shortly after the 20 min mark, the danish-norwegian navy joined the battle with 64-gun third rates and the danish-norwegian commander ordered the fleet to put the ships along side that of the enemy and shoot them to pieces with more broadsides being weighed in on a few select targets at a time. After losing their 2nd Bellona class third rate the dutch fleet disengaged and went SE for the safety of dutch waters. The danish-norwegian fleet commander however was intend not to let the dutch slip past the danish-norwegian navy and set the fleet on an intercept course. The dutch fleet was cought a bit off the coast SE of Misteriosa and the battle turned into a messy brawl. My ship was entangled with multiple enemy third rates and both broadsides were firing left and right. The "Beskøjten" that has served me so faithfully since the great hurricane, luckily managed to push through the dutch ship of the lines and in the end the dutch lost all hands, all ships and their fleet joined davy jones. We did send one captain on his way back to Willemstad in a lynx to tell the story for their nations admiralty! https://imgur.com/a/UIck9 Regards Lars Kjaer, Captain of the danish-norwegian privateers Port of Christiansted 4th of march 1765
  19. Running the gauntlet!

    Captains log, 26th of February 1765 Port of Aves, aboard the good ship "Tøjten", 44-guns, 374 crew compliment. Tonight was supposed to be a quick combat patrol down by the french. They haven't made much fuss about them but they haven't payed the kings tax' for using the water ways either. We were ordered to go to the island of Martinique and sink or capture any vessel, be it merchant shipping or men of war. We set sails at the 3rd bell from the ragtag town of Aves, having holed up here for fresh water supplies. Captain Lars Kjaer (myself) onboard the "Tøjten" and Captain Nihilus aboard the 550 crew compliment 4th rate "Agamemnon". The plan was to go to the french port of Fort-Royal, see what we could pick up and perhaps get a clue as to what had happened with a missing squadron of privateers.. Captains Darkjoker, Assassin and Staunberg was last seen near french possessions in the lesser antilles and part of our mission was to link up with them and give them what assistance they'd might need. We had just departed the port when we spotted a small french squadron of one agamemnon class 4th rate and a second tall masted ship, a constitution class 4th rate. We quickly decided to engage the frenchmen and after a brief struggle we managed to sink the agamemnon class ship and boarded the constitution after having raked her to pieces. The boarding of the ship was quickly done as she was basically reduced to a floating butchers shop with dying, wounded and crying men missing bodyparts and guts spilling all over the deck. A decisive boarding action from my crew and she struck her colours. We took everything that wasn't bolted to the floor and sank her afterwards. We returned to Aves to resupply and get the surviving frenchmen off the ships so we could sail towards the french ports without them in the holds. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We've encountered a british patrol off the coast of Saint-Pierre. An agamemnon class 4th rate and an endymion class frigate was but they've been reluctant to engage so far. Actively trying to give us the slip. We've decided not to pursue. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The brits has received reinforcements it seems. Either that or it's a second british patrol. More brits in french waters than frenchmen it seems. This time it looks as though it's two trincomalee class frigates and an endymion class frigate. At first we planned on giving them a wide berth but these seem to be pursuing and soon we may have no other choice than to engage. Heading north for the swedish port of Rosaly, hopefully they'll loose interest. We might have a heavier broadside on the 4th rate but it's not enough to upset their more manouverable gun batteries and we'll be pummeled if we engage. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We've been successfull at going north but the wind is getting worse and we may have to engage the british squadron soon. We've decided to dictate the opening of the battle, hopefully we can kill one of them before their broadsides starts to take their toll. https://imgur.com/a/8Vxo5 Alas! The opening phase of the battle was going as planned and the enemy endymion was quickly in trouble. We were closing in for the kill but for some reason Captain Nihilus turned to fight the two trincomalees rather than finishing the endymion. He was quickly pulled into a boarding and lost the ship. These brits be THRICE CURSED!! After losing the 4th rate the battle turned decidedly in the favour of the british squadron and I decided to first see if I couldn't sink the endymion, and failing that seek to give them the slip in the lure of the night. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We didn't manage to sink the endymion and now we're trying to slip past them into the caress of night. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ After hours of chasing us the brits has finally given up the chase! The crew has been given a celebratory ration of rum but we're not out of the woods yet. We've decided to take a bearing that will send us past the swedish ports in the east side of the lesser antilles and then sail back to Christiansted. The battle should've been won rather than this ignominous defeat! https://imgur.com/a/vkuA3 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We cannot win every engagemen, but we have finally pulled into the docks of old Christiansted. Rarely has the port seemed so familiar, so warm and so embracing! We've received word that the missing squadron won a larger engagement against a british squadron and later against a french coastguard patrol. Seems the danish-norwegian navy dealt more than she took tonight. 27th of February Port of Christiansted, aboard the "Tøjten" Lars Kjaer
  20. pvp announcement

    Recently discovered how captian reverse finds his way to to the top of the leader board every day. sits infront of torture. tags his rubli buddy. to set a fake battle and waits to see if anyone jumps in to help the rubli. if some one does then the Danish gank fleet will join and the rubli trinc sits within easy killing range and no one shoots at him. so all that to say this... don't bother trying to help a rubli or a dane infront of tortue its just a gank trap. thought better of rubli and of captian reverse. oh well.
  21. [HEART] Hearts of Oak

    "We still make them feel and we still make them flee, And drub them ashore as we drub them at sea, Then cheer up me lads with one heart let us sing, Our soldiers and sailors, our statesmen and king." ♔▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬♔ Hearts of Oak is a clan named after the upbeat Royal Navy march, we capitalise cooperative play among our ranks, helping each other and working together to achieve the best game expirience for every single member. We have no outlined focus in terms of crafting, PvE or PvP - we appreciate and support all of it. Most of our members origin from the same named clan on a different game featuring action on the seas, first being only two of us who rejoined Naval Action, the enthusiasm for the game spread quickly and we got ten people buying the game by entertaining them in long and hilarious evenings. We are trying to build up our PvP expirience now and to form a joined Portbattle team with other clans, though neither participation is mandatory. Our agenda is to help newcomers, welcome veterans, learn as much as possible and make the british nation a place again where not only a few know and do everything. ♔▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬♔ ⚓ What we offer to you ... ⚓ · A cooperative environment, support for everyone · A friendly international community · Discord & Teamspeak and external sources for organisation · Relaxed atmosphere · PvE, PvP and hopefully soon PB possibilities ♔▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬♔ ⚔ What you should offer to us ... ⚔ · The motivation to play the game · The interest to help others · The possiblity to join Discord or Teamspeak (no microphone requirement) ♔▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬♔ You can contact us by either posting a comment here, poking one of us at Teamspeak or contacting one of the following members ingame: Stewart Lawrie SinofPride Random Unnecessary Violence
  22. Rethinking Nations, Clans and Pirates

    Like many others, I feel that it may be time to re-think the balance between nations and clans to increase PvP and get a more realistic, yet fun take on pirates, piracy and privateering. The following suggestion is long, but I will try to maintain an easy overview, so you’ll be able to skip through most of it and get the general gist of the idea. Similar suggestions have already been posted by Redii and Vazco – I recommend reading them too. Nations (For the history-buffs): We are many players who would like to keep nations in-game. I believe that the removal of nations will have a huge effect on the player numbers since the player-base is split 50/50 between gamers and history-buffs. We have to return to the original nations and remove the new ones… Poland, Prussia and Russia have no place in the Caribbean in this timeframe. Life for a non-clan national player will look like this: Features: Safe from internal conflicts . Can PvP versus other nations and is NOT safe from foreign PvPers (Unless in safe-zone). Cannot initiate RvR. Can only join PBs against foreign nations (If allowed by attacking PvP-clan). Cannot own ports. National Clans (For the gamers): A player who decides to join or create a clan can choose between the following types of clans: Features: PvE-Clans (For Safe-zone players + crafters/traders needing a community): Safe from internal conflicts. Can PvP versus other nations and is NOT safe from foreign PvPers (Unless in safe-zone). Cannot initiate RvR. Can only join PBs against foreign nations (If allowed by attacking PvP-clan). Can change clan status to PvP-Clan. Cannot own ports. Merchant flag to distinguish them in battle PvP-Clans (For RvRers): Can declare wars and fight internally against other PvP-Clans. Can initiate RvR against other PvP-Clans from all nations including their own. Cannot change clan status to PvE-Clan. Ability to own and manage ports like today. Pirate flag when attacking an enemy clan from same nation (Like smugglers flag). Officers can grant letters of Marque (See Pirates). No safe-zone protection. Pirates (For the Solo-players): Pirate players will have the same features as national players apart from the following: Features: No safe-zones. Operates out of free-ports. Complete open PvP, pirate vs pirate is possible.. no mercy. Cannot own ports. Cannot initiate RvR. Letters of Marque to participate in PvP and RvR alongside Nations. Can form clans/communities with no special features A special feature is the introduction of Letters of Marque – it will allow pirates to sail under a national flag and participate in RvR/PvP as mercenaries. Letters of Marque will be granted to the pirate by a national PvP-clan officer and will last until server-maintenance. A holder of a Letter of Marque will be under the protection of the clan that granted it and thus functions as a clan-member until it expires (without tag and chat). This means that the pirate can still be attacked by clans hostile towards the clan that granted the letter but will be unable to attack national players from the nation protecting him. A text displaying the words “Letter of Marque” will be visible where smugglers flag is today, the pirate will be allowed to dock at any national port but unable to use the shop. Kind Regards, Percival Merewether EDIT: Updated with @Slim Jimmersons suggestions.
  23. Attacking the spanish peasents

    Recent history: The Spanish has attacked the port of Grindstone, whilst their russian allies attacked the port of Fajardo. Denmark-Norways admiralty decided to focus all fleet squadrons on the port of Fajardo in an attempt to prevent the russians from taking yet another foothold in close proximity to Christiansted. This prioritization of the limited danish-norwegian warships in the carribean meant that we basically left the british population of Grindstone to experience a new invasion, this time from spanish tercios.. The russians didn't launch their invasion and the spanish hardly had a difficult time.. Rumours of pillaging and rapes on the inhabitants of Grindstone has come in these last few days.. After the russians failed to show at Fajardo the danish-norwegian admiralty decided to seek to retake Guyama.. The battles for the port proved both costly and inconclusive. The russians still has a stranglehold on the port and the danish-norwegian fleet is still building up forces for yet another invasion of southern Puerto Rico. The swedish fleet under the command of Admiral Rediii was sent to take the port of Cartagena de Indias. Their fleet succeded and at the same day the pirates launched a surprise attack against the port of Somerset.. Both ports were taken and the russian empire has suffered some humiliating defeats and difficult setbacks. Denmark-Norway however is still licking its wounds from the latest battles and the loss of Grindstone. Captains log, 15th of February 1765 Port of Guyama Sevilla Orders has come in. The danish-norwegian privateers has been busy harrassing british shippings around Jamaica, but we've now been tasked to take the port of Cayman Brac from their spanish overlords. Preparations has been made in secret and the danish-norwegian admiralty hopes to take the port in a surprise attack. The swedish kungliga marine has been asked to send a contingent of captains to the port for support though and Denmark-Norway has lately experienced a number of new recruits. The belief of the admiralty is that the spanish is informed of the invasion, either through spies or simply by observing the sudden influx of cargo ships, warships and marines to the port of Guyama Sevilla and we believe the port will be defended. I have been given command of the 64-gun "Glædespigen fra Skælskør", a 4th rate with questionable steering and even worse sailing characteristics.. I have not been pleased with her in her maiden voyage. She does come complimented with 550 sailors from one of the hardest fleets in the carribean and I have full confidence they will see the battle through, even if the ships quality is lacking. We sailed in the middle of night, just after the 4th bell and set a course of the Caymans, with good winds we reached the islands in morning and other than a few russian warships there were very little spanish opposition. When we entered the port the spanish fleet set sail to meet us and we were targetted by the forts along the coast. We had dragged two mortar brigs with us and set them up to shoot at the small fortifacations on the eastern side of the island while the danish-norwegian fleet formed a battleline. Two danish captains 0TimeLefT and Jesper Dahl were in light frigates and were ordered to cover the landing of troops on either side of the port while the battlefleet edged closer to the spanish armada. The spanish armada consisted of heavier ships than the danish-norwegian, we had several smaller 4th rate ships of the line, 7 to be exact, one frigate of the endymion class and two light frigates - besides the mortars that were hammering the coastal fortifications. The spanish fleet consisted of two 2nd rates and six 4th rates so a slightly smaller squadron but with a heavier punch. The plan was to engage the enemy battlefleet while covering for the two mortars while they softened up the harbour and the light frigates covered the landing of troops. A simple plan, but an effective one. The spanish armada steered their ships straight for our battlefleet with the wind to the leeway and we quickly saw the lines entangled - if you could call them lines. Captain DarkJoker managed to board a spanish 4th rate in the opening of the battle whilst a few of the spanish 4th rates were heavily damaged. The spanish 2nd rates however took their toll as they relentlessly pounded our fleet. Darkjoker pulled through however as he managed to slay the enemy captain and scuttle the enemy ship. After that the superiority of numbers in our battlefleet slowly but surely whittled down the enemy fleet, we had a hard fight on the eastern side of the harbour and the danish-norwegian fleet cought a break when a few spanish ships broke their line to pursue myself on the "Glædespigen fra Skælskør", my ship had been severely damaged in the fight and I was running in the hope of getting repairs done before the ship would become incapacitated. The spanish however kept pounding on my ship and shortly after the 2nd bell I ordered her colours to be struck and the crew to abandon her. The spanish captains however now found themselves leagues from their lines and our battlefleet were pounding the remainder of the spanish squadron into submission. Several spanish ships were either boarded and captured or battered into submission. The spanish morale finally broke when one of their 2nd rates sank and we now had free access to the port of Cayman Brac. Further plans to expand the holding in the south of the cuban islands has been made and today we will invade the port of Misteriosa. An ominous name and a decent spot for future expanses of the two kingdoms! https://imgur.com/a/dognc 15th of February, 1765 Recently returned to the port of Guyama Sevilla Aboard the "Beskøjten", captained by Captain McKnight who were kind enough to pull me and the remainder of my crew out of the waters after the battle.
  24. Fortress problem

    PROBLEM devs the amount of fortresses in this game is retarded. you have to have a mortar brig captain in your pvp fleet if you want to pvp. nations like sweeden and france and Denmark are impossible to pvp around. to many fortresses. how many pvp fights end in this? Solution. if clans want fortresses at their ports make them pay the upkeep costs for that fortress. slap another 50k on port cost. you can make it so that they are always there in pbs if you want to keep that as an obstacle for port battles. but for open world its a major content killer.
  25. Introduction Building castles in the sky! I have just about 200 hours invested in this game. Most of that during the sea trials phase when there was no open world. I have spend 40-50 hours in the open world now. I have yet to actually win a PVP fight, or buy/craft a first rate. I'm not very high level.Nor have I played any other games similar to Naval Action, or worked on a dev team. Now, having said all that, here are my thoughts on what I would like this game to be in my own personal Utopia. If you agree with any of it, please comment, and maybe we will see it implemented in future. If you disagree, please keep it civil. Nations [N] I understand the desire of many people to sail under the flag of a certain nation. I love being able to fly the flag of my mother country myself, something that I'm not able to do in a lot of games. Having said that, I'm enough of a history nerd that seeing the "wrong" nations present bothers me. I'd like nations restricted to their historical starting positions. See [OW2] for ideas on nations. Having said all this, if we get a Baltic Sea "area" implemented, and the Russian nation decides to sail over and occupy Haiti, that's fine by me. Each nation should have a national government which should be made up of repreentatives from each of the three organisations. [See N 4-12 for organisations]The national government should have the ability to decide national policies through a voting system incorporated into the UI. This system would enable a player to make a suggestion, with a time limit for his fellow members to vote yay or nay. A majority of yays would mean the policy could go into effect on expiry of the timer. National policies - A limited list of ideas for what these could include: Raise / lower national taxes on x goods by x%. Create / cancel trade tarriff of x% on x goods for x nation(s). Declare war on x nation. Sue for peace with x nation. Accept reject peace treaty / alliance with x nation. Offer alliance to x nation. Announce blockade of x nation's ports, making it illegal for citizens to trade with x nation, and making neutral ships within x distance of each port legitimate targets for citizens of blockading nation. Cancel blockade of x nation's ports. Issue warrant for player x with a reward of x for his capture. Each nation should be made up of players belonging to one of three organisations; the navy, the merchant marine or private captains. Clans should not be limited to players of a certain type, but should be able to recruit all kinds of players. The Navy - The navy should have a rank hierarchy. To rank up would need xp gained from missions issued by the ai navy, or from fighting foreign navies, much like xp are gained in-game now. Each rank would allow you to command larger ships, just like it does at the moment. I would like to see a few differences though - each rank should allow you to add more and or bigger ships to your fleet. Also, a navy player should not be able to command the largest merchant ships, and the rank requirements for merchant ships should be higher for each ship comparet to a player in the merchant marine. The ranks would also determine a players ability to initiate port battles and conquests, with larger battles reserved for the higher ranks. Battle and other groups should be limited in size by a player's rank. Players of the highest rank would be eligible for election to the national leadership. The national leadership of the navy would be responsible for setting priorities for the ai controlled national fleet, issue contracts for ship construction, and send representatives to the national government. The size of the leadership would be determined as a % of the number of players belonging to the navy and updated at intervals. AI fleet priorities - These would dictate the behaviour of ai warships, and would be set by the leaders of a nations navy within the limits set by the national leadership. They could include trade protection, defensive patrols in x province, blockade duties of x ship type [warships/merchant ships] in x province. The priorities could be set as a % of each ship type assigned to the various duties. The decisions would be voted on by the navy leadership at regular intervals, and decided by a simple majority vote. AI ship construction - The navy leadership would issue contracts for warships, to be payed for using the national budget as determined by the national leadership at regular intervals. The contracts would be open for a set time, during which player crafters could build and sell ships to the navy at the set price. At the expiration of the timer the contract would be filled by AI crafters according to crafting capacity, and assuming the navy leadership set a price per ship that allows the ai crafters to make a profit. Player crafters, of course, could choose to meet orders at a loss, should they choose to do so. Player owned warships - Individual players would acquire their ships by crafting them, buying them on the open market, or buying them from the navy. Ships sold by the navy should be offered at ai determined prices, forcing the national and navy leadership to provide them at a loss, thereby making taxes and tarrifs etc more relevant. The Merchant Marine - This organisation should have an appropriate name in each nation. For example, the British merchant marine could be called the Honourable East India Company. Ranks in the merchant marine should govern the maximum crew and fleet size, as well as how many and what type of commercial orders can be created by a player. Merchant marine players should not be allowed to command the largetst warships, and the rank requirements for warships should be higher than for players in the navy. The highest ranked players would be eligible for election to the board of directors of the merchant marine. Their responsibilities would include setting the insurance rates as a % of the value of the cargo transported by captains who desire insurance. The maney made should go into a central account from which any claims would have to be filled. Merchant ship building - Merchant ships should be bought by the individual players from AI or player crafters. Merchant marine escorts- The board of directors would be responsible for issuing contracts for the construction of escort ships to be allocated to AI escort captains or sold to Merchant marine players who wish to take on that role. The ships would be payed for with money made from insurance profits, if available. Private Captains - These captains are free to play what ever role they desire in the nation. There should be no leadership for private captains, apart from the national leadership. Ship availability and crew/ fleet size should be dependent on player rank, and players should be restricted from owning the largest warships and merchantships. Letters of marque - These should be available for purchase by private captains, and be required in order for a player to purchase any but the smallest warships. Import / Export permits - These should be available for purchase by private captains, and be required for trade with ports outside the player's own nation. A seperate document should be required for trade with each foreign nation. Sailing without a letter of marque / shipping contract - Sailing in a warship without a letter of marqu would classify a player as a pirate and make him liable to be attacked by players of any nation as well as AI patrols. Sailing without an import/export permit would classify a player as a smuggler and make him liable to be attacked by a navy player of any nation as well as by AI patrols after his ship has been inspected. Pirates Pirates should not be a nation. Piracy should be a legal status, as as such anyone wanting to play as a pirate should simply engage in piracy. It should not be possible to start the game as a pirate, although a new character could make himself a pirate instantly by illegaly attacking a ship. Pirate havens - Pirates should not be allowed access to normal ports except through the smuggling mechanic. Instead, each island/ selected islands should have a hidden pirate cove. Players would identify these by engaging a mode in-game and sailing near / around an island for a sufficcient time. Once identified, a pirate cove would be claimed by a pirate as his base, providing dock & warehouse space. Smaller versions of production buildings would be constructable in pirate coves, reflecting the illegal nature of society in these places. I'm sure some unique ones could be imagined, making some form of profitable production possible for pirates. A cove could be shared by a number of pirates, such as a clan. Such groups would still not be considered nations though. Progression Different types of players should gain XP in different ways. I have listed the various player types above. Navy players should gain rank in the navy through earning combat XP. I see no reason to change anything about the way such XP are awarded at the moment. Navy players should earn less XP through trade. Let's say a 50% reduction, just for the sake of argument. Merchant players should earn XP through trade. Just like combat awards XP based on damage done, trade could award XP based on profits earned. Not simply on money made through selling things, but on actual profit. This would incentivise players to find profitable trade routes, as well as motivate them to sail farther afield depite the risks of piracy etc. Merchant players should earn less XP from combat. Let's say 10% of combat XP from battles where the merchant was the aggressor, and 90% from combat where the merchant was attacked by another player. After all, we don't want merchants to just linger in the safe zones! Diplomacy See [N 3] for how wars are declared, etc. Member(s) of the national leadership could be designated as a diplomat. A diplomat would use a UI function to propose/demand terms in order to agree a peace treaty. Once the dipomats have agreed terms, they would become available for ratification in the national leadership UI. All this should have real world time limits, enabling offensives, victories and losses to influence negotiations in progress. Diplomats should also be able to hammer out alliances using a similar system. Alliances should enable ships from separate nations to enter battles on the same side when fighting nations they are at war with. National leaderships should be able to define separate tarrifs for trade from allied nations. Intelligence Gathered by spies and networks establihed in enemy ports. Each spy/network would be able to gather only one type of intelligence. There ought to be four types of intelligence: Military, Commercial, Diplomatic and Technological. Military Intelligence- This would cover the number and type of ships based at the port as well as the number of troops and forts. Commercial Intelligence - This would cover stockpiles of goods, needs, availability and prices. Diplomatic Intelligence- This would cover any treaties, wars, orders, etc. currently in force. Technological Intelligence - This would cover the currently available technology, and perhaps give a chance to acquire same. Employing spies- Spies would be open world NPC's with skill levels and experience. They would be employable by players, nations, and companies. The employer would be charged a salary cost every day/month/year to keep the spy in his employ. Networks- A group of spies deployed in the same port by the same employer would form a network. The larger the network the more information it would be able to provide. The larger the network the easier it would be to detect. Counter-intelligence- A police chief/policemen would be other employable NPCs in the open world. They would limit the amount of intelligence enemy spies can gather, and also give a chance of capturing the spies working in a port. Ports and Capture Port capture should take place in phases. Phase one would require a declaration of war on the nation owning the port. Phase two would be a port battle as they are currently present in the game. In case the aggressor is victorious the next phase is enabled. Phase three would involve landing a force of soldiers to take control of the hinterland. The soldiers would have to be transported in on merchant ships, and there would be a timer for this activity. The troop transports would be interceptable by defending ships. The number of soldiers neccessary would be determined by the size of the target force, as well as any defending troops. If a sufficient number of troops are landed in phase three, the port is considered occupied. An occupied port contributes taxes to the occupying nation, and any buildings/ships are inaccessible to players from the original nation, except as per the smuggling mechanic. To gain permanent ownership of a port, it has to be ceeded as part of an official peace treaty. This would slow down & hopefully limit zerging. Each port should have a governor. The governor would be responsible for local taxes and docking fees. He would be able to use this income to construct defenses and improvements. Possible improvements include infrastructure, such as roads which would give a bonus to any production buildings present. Housing, which would give a bonus to population growth. The governor could also invest in crop diversification, or introducing new industries, each of which would result in new production buildings becoming available. Each effort would have a real time implementation period, as well as a resourse and money cost, and would have a chance of failure. Economy All ports should have a maximum capacity for buildings, determined by their population. Players should have priority in taking up this capacity, but any unoccupied capacity should be filled by AI producers. All goods should be produced in buildings either by players or AI. No goods should "drop" at any port. Goods should be transported by AI traders to meet first basic needs of ports lacking that good, and secondly luxury & production needs. Goods not produced in the Carribean (or any other area)should need to be imported to that area from an area where such goods are available. All production buildings should be constructable by players in ports where production of that good is possible. Production buildings should have needs. These could be basic, e.g. food for the workers, as well as advanced needs, e.g. a sugar farm would need slaves and fertilizer. These needs combined with the needs of the general population of the island would dictate prices in the local market. Crafting & Ships Each nation should rely mainly on ships historically employed by that nation. Blueprints for non-national ships should be more expensive to get - perhaps only obtainable through technology espionage. Upgrades should be craftable, and dependant upon crafting level, so that onlly an expert crafter is able to craft the best upgrades. I do like the book system that we have now, so perhaps upgrades could be "learnt" from books, and then require a certain level to craft. Crew/Marines/Soldiers Crew should be recruitable in ports subject to limitations of population size. Crew should be divided into categories according to skill levels - Landsmen (a small malus to re-load times, sail setting etc), Seamen (no bonus or malus), Able Seamen (a smal bonus) and priced according to their skill level. Lower levelled crew should be upgradeable once they gain some experience. Crew should require food and water to be carried in a ship's hold. Lack of either should lead to crew deaths. Food and water should be consumed over time, limiting a ship's radius of action without replenishing these supplies from a port. Marines should be recruitable for navy captains subject to the same limitations as crew. Soldiers should be recruitable by port governors for defensive purposes subject to the same limitations as crew, and the availability of defensive buildings with spare capacity. They should also be recruitable for merchant and private captains, subject to the same limitations as crew, for the purpose of port capture. Soundtrack I would love to be able to listen to a soundtrack of period music, including both instumental/classical music popular at the time as well as shanties and sailor's songs in general. To make this even better, the soundtrack ought to reflect your nationality, so that a British captain would hear, for example, Hearts of Oak, but a Danish captain would not. Open World (OW) Spotting distance- I would like this to depend on the mast height of your ship, as well as the mast height of the other ships in the area. A cutter would not be as easy to spot as an SOL, etc. Related to this, I would like national flags to be rendered on open world ships, and i'd like the ability to fly a false flag. Just like in history, it should be illigal to fire at another ship while flying a false flag (unless you happen to be a pirate!), and there should be penalties for doing so. This would necessitate the creation of a system like the RN's private signal, or, in modern terms, IFF. A hotkey ordering the crew to hoist the private signal would do. The other ship would then respond, or not. A nice ( and i hope) simple way to introduce some more tension! Size- this is definitely utopian, but hear me out. I'd like the world extended to the west coast of Africa and Europe, as well as southwards along the coast of South America. This would have several benefits. Portugal could become an in-game nation. The safe zones could be moved to the European coast for most nations. See other relevant sections for more detail. Alternatively a sort of off-map boxes could be used to achieve the same effect without having to create a huge map with all the problems that entails. Such a system could also be used to link a series of smaller maps, or theatres. The carribean would obviously be one. The Mediterranean could be another, the Baltic a third. Perhaps the English Channel and part of the North Sea would also be a nice addition. Off map boxes - These should rely on a teleportation mechanic that charges money and is not instant. I.e. to send a ship to the Baltic from the Carribean could cost 50,000, and take 1 hour of real time to arrive. It should be possible to teleport ships with cargo in the hold when travelling to/from off map boxes. The same mechanic could be used to travel between separate map areas. This teleport should not work directly from port to port. Rather it should create a random-ish exit point on your current map. Once you reach that exit point the ui should promt you in the same way it does on approaching a port, and by cicking the prompt you'd initiate the teleport. The player should be prompted to return to his outpost, like after losing his ship in battle (if the time delay mechanic is implemented). Winds- I would like the wind to be more closely based on actual weather patterns. With somewhat predictable winds, players will be channeled into certain routes/chokepoints where PVP combat will naturally occur. Of course, due to the speeding up of time, real world patterns would not work well in game, but something similar to them, with an element of randomization would be very nice indeed. Ship inspection - Navy players and AI patrols should be able to perform an inspection by remaining close to a ship in the open world for a certain amount of time. Only after such an inspection is carried out should any smuggler status be revealed to the inspecting fleet. Ports- Each port shoud have a population. The size of the population would dictate the needs of the port, which in turn would dictate prices in that port's market. Shortage- A shortage of essential goods in a port should lead to a decrease in population in that port. Workforce- the available population should dictate how many production buildings can be constructed in that port. Exploration - The Carribean was more or less fully explored in the geographical sense by our period. Exploration should follow the idea of the historical artefact good available now. These should be sub-divided into, for example, Mayan artefacts, Voodoo dolls, etc., as well as natural history artefacts, such as new species of insects etc. These should not be available in shops, unless they have been sold to the shop by a player. Instead, there should be fetch quests along the lines of the current sealed bottle mechanic. These should come from buildings available to governors to constuct in their port. These buildings would be named after, for example, The National Geographic Society, depending on the nation. They could alo be generated by ship's officers, with the relevant skill. NPC Characters All NPCs should have appropriate skills, and be able to acquire more through levelling up. The employing player should be allowed to controll the levelling up process, but if the NPC leaves his employ and is subsequently hired by a different player, it should not be possible for the new employer to re-arrange skills already gained. NPCs should be randomly generated and become available to employ in ports according to a logical system. A national capital should have more NPC available than other ports. The numbers generated should also depend on the type of port and the population level. NPCs should be transportable, just like the trade goods representing various persons we have in-game at the moment. There should be employable officers with a portrait and name available. Each ship should have slots for an appropriate number of named NPCs, effectively replacing the perk mechanic. Officer NPCs should give bonuses in suitable areas, according to the experience level of each officer. Each officer should have a chance of death in combat, and in case of capture should have a small chance of becoming available to the capturing player. Buildings should require NPC managers, with skill levels governing the output of a building. Each NPC should have, and gain as they level up, skills relevant to their position. The skills should provide bonuses and maluses, giving the officers a sense of personality. Example skills could be natural scientist, which would generate mini-quests that give the player a chance of acquiring valuable goods such as "insert name of rare butterfly here". More examples to come. Player Characters Avatar - Each player character should be represented by an avatar. I love the art style of the game so far, and I'd really enjoy a full length portrait of my captain wearing the appropriate uniform for his nation, rank and organisation. Name - I'd love for each character to have a first name, a family name and a nickname. There should be some form of personalisation or roleplaying aspects to a player character. The ability to buy a home in a port, preferrably with a nice piece of art to enjoy. To find a wife, even if she is nothing but a portrait. To have children once a wife is present. These children could then grow up to be NPCs in their own right. In-game Encyclopaedia I would like to see one. I would like it to contain entries on the nations in the game, the history of their presence in the area, as well as entries on ports containing a brief history and perhaps basic information such as what production buildings are available there, populations size and type, current owner, etc. I'm done for now. I reserve the right to add more ideas, should any occur to me.