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  1. Byta nation? Vet inte vad du ska göra? Vilsen? Söker sällskap och är less på kass engelska med brytning? Vi snackar svenska. Spelar såklart i Sverige. Hänger på officiell teamspeak sverige.ninja Poka Mig (Rigge), TraxxxoN eller Tjomb. Åldersgräns minst 18 år. Välkomna!
  2. As the Title Says. Seriously. Could we Cut back on the NPCs Cheating ??? I mean sure they are NPCs. So them having some Statistic Buffs. No Problem. They are NPCs so they need to make up for being predictable. Them being able to partially sail against the Wind with Full Sails. Ok fine. They need it cause they tend to be bad with Wind Management and always strand themselves straight into the Wind.... Even their Ability to just Ignore Heeling is fine. But Hell. EVERY SINGLE MISSION I DO. The First thing they do is Set me on Fire on a Broadside into my nearly Undamaged Armor. Really every Single Time. Sometimes 3-4 times in a Single Battle. I mean do they have some sort of Secret Arsonist Skill that gives an 50% chance to light an Enemy on Fire when you hit a Broadside or something ???? in General their Ability to land Criticals is insane. I often lose 20% of my Cannons before my Armor is Half Depleted. Their Accuracy is really absurd as well. Their Ability to just Shoot around Corners like they got Turrets Mounted is hilarious. They can be standing turned away from me and despite me having 2 Ship lengths till I could possibly aim at them. They easily Shoot at me with their Guns. Its like they can Shoot in something like an 150 Degree Angle around their Broadside lol Needless to say they can Shoot incredible accurately so in Choppy Sea at 1000 Yards away they Miss maybe 2 out of 20 Shots into your Rear lol I mean its fine they are Strong. But seriously. At least dont give them Magic Abilities like Setting People on Fire with an 100% Chance. Or Firing with near 100% Accuracy on 100 Miles away.
  3. [PvE] Combat Missions

    Mirror the players ship and make this the ship player meet in mission. Also copy the players AI fleet (if any) and player-fleet-members as well as their AI fleets (if any) ships. Then you devs wouldn't have to worry about balancing. Players would get to test their builds and see how they perform from outside. Players would always be sure what to encounter in combat missions. Since we can capture 5th rate NPC ships, this mirror thing should only be on mission post-5th rate.
  4. We are guild in Naval Action game. Our guild name base on historical organization. It was a commercial and defensive confederation of merchant guilds and their market towns. We are focused on all economy aspects of game like trade and shipbuilding. Currently we playing on PvE server under british colours. When developers close PvE server we will move to PvP one. Fancy to join our guild? Just ask about us on global chat on server PvE in game. Please visit our website: https://tradeguild.wixsite.com/thehanseaticleague Hugo McCoy
  5. Player Bounties, suggested several times elsewhere on forum. Dont think i need to elaborate on this one, pretty strait forward. Bounty Missions: This is AI bounties. A player select missions and then bounty mission. Assignment says something along the lines: "Target X is wanted dead or alive for blablabla. Last known location of target is in the Z region" plus other hints and leads. Could be more leads to other places once the player arrives at the location, or friends of the target is at the first location and attacks the player. Many things that could be added to this AI bounty missions.
  6. Just wanted to say that I think the rookie missions is now really good. Yesterday we played a fair bit of them up to kaptajn and it really work well. When we are grouped, missions tend to be 2 or 3 rookie ships. When we quit the group the encounters tend to be 1 ship, some times 2 lesser. Love the rookie ships. Love that is some variation but still not too hard. I could wish for a bit more diversity in the loot though. All in all i just wanted to say GJ devs on this part one could add "about time" hehehe
  7. What is the PVE server for ?

    I logged onto the PVE server last night for a while to check if my character got its redeemables after the patch (it did, thanks devs), and also to deny the pirates getting another one my ships on PVP Global last night (sorry guys). I haven't played any on this server in all my time until yesterday. My question is: what is the goal of this server, or your character on it? Or, what should the goal be? I don't really know what the point of it is, or if it's just to hone your skills. Anyone have any input?
  8. Intro Problem with RvR in NA is that there is no reason for nations to fight each other. There is abundance of resources in every port of every region. Compare that with EVE where resources are much more limited and region specific. And that scarcity of resources is driving force behind strife in EVE universe. Force us to fight for survival! And before someone say "what about small nation?", I say adapt or die. Its the natures way. It was big mistake to make game with 8 different teams in first place. There should be 3 nation max + pirates that are actual pirates. In order to fix NA I propose another wipe with some mechanics change. 1. Map and General Setting of Game Make only spain, gb and france available to chose from start. Make AI more rare and mostly single ship but make them actively pursuit enemy player, and if possible make them not suicidal. Make cuba spain territory, jamaica english and haiti french. Those areas should have normal to high AI presence and should not be conquerable. They should contain very small amount of resources that you can't actively mine but are enough to build some starter ships. Treat every other area as unexplored and subject to conquest. Unexplored areas should contain no prebuild ports and none to low AI presence. Some of unexplored regions can have native villages on coast that you can trade with and they should trade some of rare goods, but in very limited amount. Most of resources should be located in unexplored regions and be mostly region specific. Example: Panama coast should hive biggest concentration of gold in game. While there can be some other regions outside panama coast that contain gold, but they have it in very small amounts. And make resources limited for mining. Something like whole panama region can only mine 100 units of gold per day total. There can only be 5 max gold mines in that region split among all players. In order to mine gold you must bid first for gold mine permit. Permit last 7 days for example. Same with every other resource in every other region. 2. Conquest In order to build in unexplored regions you must first conquer them, duh. To conquer region one must first build port in that region if port is not present. Ports can be build only is specific location. Basically use current port locations. To build port one must bring lots of resources to that region. Something like war preparation but more varied. That process should take 48 hours to do. That operation should be separated in 2 steps. Stockpiling of mats and building. Enemy nation can raid building spot in order to slow down construction of port. If enemy conducts raid during stockpiling then they can take portion of mats with them, that owner must bring again. If enemy raid is conducted during building then building time is prolonged but owner don't need to replace mats. After two raid successes during port construction enemy can trigger port battle for that region. If port is already finished then enemy must conduct 5 successful raids in 7 days period in order to trigger port battle for that region. Enemy can chose to raze enemy port after second successful raid in last 48hours. Razed port must be repaired before it can be used again. Repairing is same as building but is conducted faster with smaller mats requirements. If port is not repaired after 72 hours it becomes free port and anyone can start repairing it after they bring mats required. First nation that repairs port after it becomes free port gets ownership of that port. Owner is elected among captains that contributed in port construction and port defense. For every beneficial action every captain will receive certain amount of votes. Voting is conducted every 7 days. Owner can hire AI patrols and AI port defenders and can construct forts (2 max) in order to boost defenses of port and region. Owner becomes official member of nation council. Council is responsible for nation defense and offence. 10% of every transaction made in nation ports goes to nation budget. Council can use that gold to hire privateers and to help port owners to build defenses. In addition another 5% tax is collected in every port and split between captains depending upon their shares of votes in those ports. 3. Raids and Port Battles First raids. They should be like smaller port battles, 30vs30 with element of surprise. They can be conducted anytime. They are always open. If defender doesn't have full 30 ships to defend then AI ship will enter after 5 minutes on defender side until there is 30 defenders. These are same AI ships that port owner hired before. All AI ships and player SOLs parked in raided port are destroyed if raid is successful. If someone can come up with better raid mechanics please write in comments. Please keep in mind that raids should be surprise attacks and organized attacker should have advantage. Now about port battles. Same as now with few differences. No limit on ship rates that can enter. It's 50vs50 with no AI interference. In order to avoid only 1st rates in port battles economy must change as well as way of acquiring of SOLs. And that brings us to... 4. Economy and Crafting I believe that with resource scarcity economy will be much more healthy then now. There should be no free ships or free gold given at start of game. Instead admiralty will loan ships to be used for mission if captain does't have its own. There should be big change in missions. Instead of current mission structure there should be emphasis on open world interaction. Combat mission should be patrols of selected area that are completed once you sank/capture enemy AI or player ships in chosen area of operation, similar to silent hinter games. Trade missions will be done for trade companies that can loan ship to player that doesn't have its own trade ship. You will have to transport cargo from port A to port B in order to complete trade mission. Exp and captain ranks should be divided between combat and trade. Every ship should have rank requirement. If you lose ship you lose exp also. Its possible to be demoted. Exp required for sailing 5th and 4th rates is only rewarded for OW pvp on pvp server. Exp to progress to 3rd rate and up is only rewarded by participation in port battles. Again losing ships loses you rank. You can't sail ship even undercrewed if you don't have rank for it. Combine that with progressively larger requirements to build bigger ships and we will have more diverse port battles. Crafting can stay mostly the same with addition that all mods are craftable so that RNG is eliminated. 5. Pirates They should be denationalized and allowed to sail max 5th rates. They shouldn't own any port but at same time are allowed to raid any port. They get lots of gold and exp after successful raid. Pirates should be allowed to enter any port and trade there but with increased taxes. They could enter port only if there is no national player in tagging range. That way they are prevented from exploiting. They can get recruited to fight for nation if there is contract offered. Requirements for sailing 5th rates much larger then for national captains. That way only best pirates can sail in 5th rates. Pirates can't craft but they can convert any captured ship that they can sail into pirate version of that ship. That conversion is paid with gold and its expensive. Pirate versions of ships should carry more cargo then regular versions and be better armed but with worse armor stats. They should be same speed as regular version to avoid any balance issue. Pirates use pirate crew instead of regular crew. Pirate crew is better then regular crew but worse then marines. Pirates cant use marines knowledge book. When fighting same ships but with marines odds should be equal. Example: pirate frig vs regular frig with marines should be equal at boarding. When boarding trader ships pirates should get huge morale boost. Traders shouldn't be able to use combat related mods and knowledge books. 6. ROE for PvP Servers Get rid of all unfair advantages that defender has in battle like laser accurate stern guns. Make area control default. Lower join timer to 2 mins instead of 3. Lower attack timer to 10s instead of 15s. Conclusion I want NA to be better game with more varied content and with something for everyone. If you have something to add please post in comments and please help devs make better game. There is too much grind now for casual players and hardcore players are turned off by bs rvr mechanics. Lets make NA great again and vote for me P.S. I want pirate frigate outlaw skin
  9. Forged papers

    Well the title gives a clue. I would suggest that the devs make the forged papers craftable, either by a ludicrous large amount of combat marks or by a ludicrous amount of mats - in order to prevent too many "faction jumps". But facts are that many find their faction stifling either because everyone else is playing it (like the brits on PvP EU) or because no one is playing it at all - or just because of the toxicity in the faction chat. Another reason to make it possible is that it enables playerbase to balance the server out themselves - Will this mean that there won't be a larger faction than any other? - no ofcourse not but the carebears will gravitate towards the ez mode nations and the rest of us will find challenges in picking the smaller factions. So I would suggest we make faction jumping possible. One important caveat - the "conquest competition" needs to be reworked if forged papers are allowed. Already every child and their mother has placed either an alt or their main with the brits on PvP EU in order to get victory marks, and if everyone can just jump to the largest faction ingame then they will.
  10. Port Battles on PvE

    Are there any plans to implement port battles into PvE?
  11. Strength in Unity! That is our motto, and we play to it. You need to play Games like Naval Action together whit friends like us, to get all the fun out of them! All Captains are Welcome to apply to our Squadron! Though we are waiting for the release and are undermanned currently we still are actively searching new members to run our great society! We try to shine amongst other clans by our gentlemen style rules, respect to others, ranking system, wikipedia, out of game rewards, achievements, cooperative actions, training and much more! Squadron has already existed for over 12 years! Hip hip hooray! We only require you to cooperate whit our naming policy at our forums where all the small roleplay and management of the squadron takes place, also we do not accept ingame nicknames that are tasteless, violating or in anyother way seen unfit to the squadron. Ask our officers first before you however decide yourself if its not fit, we will think something for you if you really are interested. APPLICANTS! IMPORTANT NOTICE! There is problem whit activation mails not beign send so i will be personally activating accounts untill it does, please reply to this thread that you want to apply and have registered! Thank you captain! http://www.st-george-squadron.com https://www.st-george-squadron.com/sgs/board/index.php We are rather small yet, but numbers grow again! We do not require you to be hardcore gamer or online most of the day, we have system where you need to be active in our forums only once a month AFTER you have passed Patronage period. We also have our own wiki that is almost its own game universe already! This is great clan for those who are taking it easy on the alpha and just love to explore differend areas of the game! For voice communication we have moved from Teamspeak to Discord, the invitation links to our channel can be acquired via me or our forums. S! Captains! The ‘St George’ Squadron of the White is Society dedicated to Captains of His Britannic Majesty’s Royal Navy. Squadron is already 12 Years old and still going. Oldest members still playing have been in the squadron almost long as 10 years. We are naval enthusiasts, gamers, keen role-players and above all passionate patriots. We will in-game play our parts with good natured professionalism, ruthlessness and chivalry. All qualities that we admire in people who may wish to join this growing Squadron. Our squadron is built on the principles and traditions of the Royal Navy. Our inspiration is of Britains long naval history, great naval hero’s and the doctrine in which they lead their men and fought their battles. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and reputation. Every member of our Squadron from Recruits to Sea lords are important to the success of our squadron, and each are imbued with a sense of belonging to a “Band of Brothers” in the great tradition of Nelsonic philosophy. Our team spirit is second to none, and any member who has joined so far will tell you, the friendships they have gained by joining will no doubt be friendships for life. We are a diverse group, of many nationalities, cultures and ages…..but as a Guild we are one, and that togetherness will be our success. The Squadron was founded in February 2004 by 6 original members who met of the PotBS forums. From the start they decided to build a small guild of friends rather than a large super guild. It was decided to base the squadron on the sprit of the Nelson era as this was a time of courage, honor and allowed captains a level of initiative not seen in the ridged battle lines of the earlier period. We use a 3 stage recruitment process designed to get you playing with us as quickly as possible. The stages are: (Click hyper links, they will take you to right places) Register on our Forums < You must be registered to forums so our application works right! It uses your forum account to post the application. Our motto is: Strength in unity. It will be asked as captcha. Application form < Remember to use the one for Naval Action! Interview and In game invitation -> Officer will contact you ingame or you can contact us. Patronage - 2 Months maximum (4 cycles) Officers Vote for your full membership Short Q & A: 'Why should I choose SGS, and not another Society?' There are many societies out there that cater to different play styles. If you're looking for hardcore play every day, then we're not for you. But if you want a close, friendly society with the chance for character development and opportunities for PVP, PVE and crafting, then we can offer you a varied and fun gaming experience. In addition, we are a well established society, and have been continually active since 2004. How far up the squadron can I advance? As far as you want to. We have had people join as patronage officers and climb all the way to the top! Only the rank of Naval Lord is reserved for the society in founding members, every other rank can be reached through merit. 'I hear you're a roleplay guild. I'm not sure I like the sound of that...' Historical Society would be a better description. It depends on what you mean by 'roleplay'. We don't talk in character on voice or chat. We do roleplay the British Navy of the 18th century, which means we have some standards and character name regulations. We have also created a promotion and award system so your character can develop in the squadron. You are expected to have historically suitable names. We don't enforce role play on our members but do encourage those who want to, although it is not allowed to get in the way of PVP or RVR. To sum up we play in the spirit of the British Navy of 1810, which includes being effective fighters. Do you have to speak in Character on TeamSpeak or Chat? NO. TeamSpeak is very relaxed and we laugh and joke like anyone else. Some members talk in character in chat but it is not a requirement. When it comes to PVP we focus on clear and effective communications. My friends are joining and I'm afraid I will be turned away! Don't be. Although applicants sometimes decide to withdraw their application during patronage it is uncommon to have been membership refused. In PotBS we've had members from closing societies join SGS en mass and all have enjoyed successful careers with the squadron. What play styles do you have? All of them. We regularly PvP, Open Sea PVE, Run missions and have a thriving economy. Whatever your play style you'll find something do at SGS and we try to keep things balanced so you don't get bored. Everything is optional, you won't be expected to run missions or PVP if that isn't your thing. Does SGS have a lot of rules and regulations? Depends on how you look at it. We try to keep it as simple as we can whilst protecting the reputation of the squadron and everyone's enjoyment (even our enemies). Most of our regulations, like Character Names, you only have to worry about once. The day to day rules are based on respect for all players and common sense. SGS Naval Action Constitution SGS Home Page Forums James Thomson Secretary of Recruitment
  12. PvE PB

    Hi, I'm a Spanish player, I've been playing since February of 2016 on the pvp1 server, now the pvp EU. Few weeks ago I started crafting ships on the PVP server, so while my LH were "recharging", I decided to start playing at the PVE server, but I think that server needs some more action; I'm okay with the peaceful ambient but I think there should be a bigger purpose than just getting the biggest ship, so I was thinking that maybe it would be cooler if you add the PB at this server too, but still with the peaceful ambient of OW, so anyone who wants to fight can start a PB but if you don't want to, you can keep attacking AI or doing missions.
  13. AI Learning to reverse onto land

    The AI seems to have learned a new trick where it reverse onto the land then falls over so you can no longer shot its sides makes it really hard to kill
  14. Droprate

    One of my mates who gave up on the game before wipe came back the other day. I told him how the game is pve now, but can still have some pvp from time to time after you farmed for cash upgrades but pve being much more rewarding / risk free in terms of gold/items. He was turned off by it quite a bit but still wanted to give it a shot since i told him if he looted a good upgrade he could make some cash or gear up his ship.... since hes low rank i gave him a tanky snow and told him he should do scoundrel missions. He said he counted and did a total of 24 missions and he told me it wasnt easy even tho he was fighting some "rookie" brigs/snows ( always 2 of them )... had to give him 2 more snows in the process. He didn't get a single upgrade... not even a shitty pump or anything... thats 48 bots and 0 upgrade drops. So my question is, do those rookie ships drop less? Or did you nerf the droprate? I did some pve after wipe and remember i got at least a few usable upgrades... The game is grindy and time consuming enough... do we really need this ultra rare upgrade garbage? If the drop rate is so low for upgrades in general, i wonder how long it takes to get the one you want? And no buying is not an option for casuals because the items are retarded expensive ( obviously ) if anyone is selling them at all but most people keep the good upgrades to their clan anyways... so i thought devs said we would be done with this exclusive upgrade bullshit we had pre wipe, where you have to spam the chat for hours to find a overpriced item you need to stay competitive? I don't see AverageCaptainJoe85 getting his "Art of Ship Handling" book any time before 2019 ( and yeah that shit is OP ).
  15. Ship Knowledge

    To get the very powerful ship knowledge slots the game encourages you to grind PvE. Only PvE, everything else is super inefficient. That sucks. How can we change that? Make it so that you can unlock 2 ship knowledge slots through PvE XP, 2 through PvP XP (fights only counts when enemy has at least 80% of your BR to discourage ganking) and the last slot through money or portbattles. This would mean more PvP and less stupid and boring grind.
  16. More NPC fleets on PvE server

    I know that on the PvP server many folks don't want too many NPC's about as it gets in the way of PvP but could we please get a greatly increased number of NPCs on the PvE server. Open seas hunting is fun but there really isn't the density of fleets needed to support this type of play. It often takes ages to find a fleet suitable for your current ship or group. Would it be possible to just simply make the server spawn like 5x the number of npc fleets to get the target density up a bit? Many parts of the map are totally devoid of npc's to kill or trade ships to plunder
  17. Rookie ship Good and Bad?

    So recently i got back in the game after a long long break. Started back up in a pve just to get my sea legs. Started doing some Premierløjtnant mission before today update i was doing fine. Got my self a snow because what the hell. i could easily finish them. But now with these new rookie ships i keep getting 3 v 1 which is nice and all but i keep getting my butt kicked. Yes they are nice because they weak but i cant handle them all. I lost a good snow. Any tips on fighting 3 v 1?
  18. A compromise

    Perhaps this has already been suggested but instead of a PvP server and a PVE server why don't you simply combine both into one game by adding a PvP flag? PvPers can still duke it out together while PVE people could focus on missions and NPC cleanup without being attacked by other players.
  19. PvP and the lack thereof...

    Even tho i love many changes in the new patch like 1 dura ships and more smaller ships being used instead of SOLs everywhere i can't fail to notice much less pvp than before the wipe, even tho PvP was supposed to be encouraged with the new patch iirc. It is very obvious that the main reason for this is PvP not being rewarding enough compared to PvE ( risk vs reward ). Why is this the case on the PvP Server? Why do i have to farm NPC ships for days or weeks to find the upgrades for my ship to be competitive in PvP? I can not buy them from other players either... no matter how much i offer, they use it for themselves or their clans. So it is hard enough to build a good ship, let alone replace it when you lose it. Not talking about the cost of the ships and guns but the rare refits ( if you get them at all ). The first step in the right direction is simple. Make all upgrades and skillbooks available for PvP Marks. You added the admiralty store ones to loot for the PvE crowd so why not add the others to the store aswell then??? If you think they should be rare... just make them cost more PvP Marks?!? If you really care about everyone having access to ALL upgrades ( and with access i mean the possibility to get it WITHOUT PvE or RNG which is cancer ) and also people actually doing PvP on the PvP server, you should consider this. I would also suggest you make Free Towns buy all resources at very good prices and sell them low so real PvP players can build their ships there and fight while casuals can make some gold at least. No TPs to free towns gave meaning to conquest but really killed a big deal of potential OW PvP... Another thing is you don't get rewards for damage anymore... Just why? Imagine some noob getting ganked to **** by a bunch of sealclubbers ( who can blame them with the amount of PvP to be had now ) Not only does he lose his ship and guns... no he also doesnt get a wet fart for the damage he dealt while being obliterated. "The Winner takes it all" is the wrong mentality for a video game that people play to have fun... Another scenario... 2 players of the same faction but not the same clan vs another player in a bigger ship. They both fight him and its somewhat a fair engagement. They win against the stronger ship in the end and one of them caps it... the other players gets NOTHING.... It's almost as if you want everyone to do PvE... Nothing wrong with that but if this is the direction the game is taking i might aswell wait for NA Legends... I'll add some quote from a negative steam review ( not mine i love the game too much ) that i translated from german. This is very much what i am thinking when i see the amount of PvE needed to get a good ship for PvP going in the latest version of the game. "...the game is supposed to be fun and not the purpose in life for a bunch of unemployed people..."
  20. Recently the ability to search sinking ships for loot was added to the game. Combat NPCs have a chance of dropping valuable repairs as well as otherwise unobtainable and very valuable skill books and permanent upgrades. More recently trader ships acquired more cannons making them comparable opponents to their dedicated combat peers and the loot table for combat NPCs was expanded to drop more rare upgrades. The result of these changes is a severe imbalance of difficulty and rewards for a player sinking and looting a combat NPC vs a trader NPC. Currently on average a combat NPC will have more value in its hold in repairs, cannons, skill books, or permanent upgrades than a trader of equivalent strength will carry in resources or shipbuilding materials. Additionally combat NPCs give larger gold and xp bounties compared to their equivalent trader NPC. Since traders now have large armaments equivalent to their combat counterparts there is no longer any reason for a player to attack a trader instead of a combat NPC as the fight will be equally difficult and the rewards substantially less. Two suggestions should repair this imbalance. First, trader NPCs should have repairs, cannons, skill books, and permanent upgrades added to their loot tables in addition to the trade goods they currently drop. Second, the gold and xp bounties of trader NPCs should be increased to reflect their new strength in combat.
  21. Dear DEVS there are a lot of use that like to travel and trade there hence should be a three day at sea or so extra XP bonus since we do more traveling then fighting and that's what we like as well as a bonus from Port hopping with your kind of help us move up and grind in the XPS well we're doing what we love doing so we can also get into larger ships larger Traders I don't think it'd be you at all that too much to ask or something like that as well as another way to get PVE and PVP and port battle bonuses for doing what we like doing . Then we would be able to craft larger Traders not everybody works within a clan . Come on DEVS WE LIKE TO TRADE HELP US OUT .
  22. Hello devs, and players. First of all, I am not an awesome player, I do what I can for my clan, and the area I am located in. My role in the world, of Naval Action, has been screening fleets, primarily making my money through PvE missions, and fleets. Having started out after the wipe patch, I have feel unskilled, and outgunned. At first I tried out midshipman missions, getting put against 2 enemy ships. My rusty skills, resulted in a close loss. Trying again it resulted in a more comfortable loss, but for some reason only had 1 lynx. Before I had 2?!?! Then I got to 5th rate......... Being restricted to doing either 7th or 6th rate solo missions, or 5th+ rate missions is not viable to progressing in this game. I cannot progress from here, due to the money restrictions, I play on a PvP server indeed, and I view myself as PvP player. Though I cannot fathom how to move on from here... I can chase the random AI fleet, or wait for PvP actions. But what if I cannot find either??? Then I am stuck doing... Nothing??? WIth my tier 5..... Though I wonder, what would a player on a PVE server do??? Investing in a 5th rate ship, and he can only do fleet missions?!?!?! Will he be COMPLETELY stuck?? I am wondering since I have a hard time doing a fleet mission, being in my Surprise, vs. 3-4 5th to 6th rate ships. I find not being able to play solo odd, and Best regards Samuel Benson [ROYAL] P.S. #edit Now I realise that I do not have a suggestion straight off the bat. What I do hope people see, is the PvE/missions is rather broken at the moment. It either hampens the player at reaching 5th rates, or I would imagine new players get scared away, since their progress (might) stop after 5th rates. Not saying new players are shit, but their skills might cause them to struggle at that skill level.
  23. Hello, I returned to the game after a long hiatus when I noted the mega patch had come out. Spent a few hours grinding on the Cutter to get my Surprise crewed and equipped, only to find that there were no missions at all available for ships of Class 5 and better. Both normal and fleet missions seemed to be for C6 or worse ships with nothing harder available. I get that this is an MMO and the developers are perhaps inclined to push people to play with others, but surely making playing solo entirely impossible is the wrong way to go? My friends aren't always online, nor is it always possible for me to co-ordinate with other players due to time restraints etc. Naval Action can be a lot of fun when played solo as well, so I'm disappointed. Or do I have it wrong? Is there some structured battle content I can perform solo in a Surprise, or am I stuck randomly sailing the seas, hoping to find something worth killing? Thank you.
  24. I am cp 50. I was in my outpost at Brunswick. I went to Admiralty store to exchange 40 PVE for Trader Brig Blueprint. Admiralty store took my 40 PVE, BUT DID NOT give me trader brig blueprint. I checked in my crafting under Ships but no trader brig blueprint. I logged off. still no Trader Brig Blueprint. Where is it? Do I need a shipyard to purchase a blueprint? Has anyone else use admiralty store to get a blueprint was there a problem. I logged an F11.
  25. After some time testing in the testbed server I want to share some thoughts about marks and permits. I really think that it is good to have limits to some ships, and that will promote variety on port battles, however I believe the permits requirements are a bit over the top. Lets begin talking about if its logical to price with 15 pvp marks ships like the constitution, the endymion and the indefatigable. I mean, the endymion is not of the same class of a constitution and between the indefatigable and the constitution, the logical choice is the constitution (more crew, firepower, turn rate, speed, better sailing capabilities). So I would balance that a bit, like: 12 pvp marks constitution, 10 pvp marks indefatigable, 6 pvp marks endymion. No converter between pve-pvp-conquests marks: -A good way to remove those players who are more into economics and crafting in the PVP server. We need them, more than ever, in the new player driven economy. -The best way to destroy hope of recovery after a the loss of one PB fleet. Let me set an scenario to ilustrate my point: 0. War between two small nations like sweden vs denmark, each one only have the RvR playerbase for one PB fleet. 1. Each one have been capable to raise a PB of 12 agamenons and 13 constitutions. 2. In one PB, the swedish lost around a 45% of their fleet (redii and sveno were on vacation). A decisive victory for the danish. The danish get conquers marks, the swedish nothing. 3. Next PB, the swedish are in great disadvantage in firepower because they couldnt replace their losses. Another victory for the danish, they get conquests marks. The swedish, nothing again. 4. Next PB, no attendance by the swedish. 5. Peace deals have to be made. End of the war, end of the fun. Admin would say that there are shallow water ports to get easy conquests marks..., and then, I´ll say, there is no shalllow water ports on the Antilles, neither near them. Now, your thoughts.