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Found 10 results

  1. Evening gents, in the list below you can find every published skin according to the "API". (06/Dec/2016). A structured collection of pictures can be found in the posts below. ✔ = picture in the thread | ✖ = no picture available so far | *new* = introduced with the patch ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st Rates -> Shortcut to 1st &2nd Rate pictures ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Victory - Brest Harbor ✔ Victory - Classic White / Black Chequer ✔ Victory - Pink Royale ✔ Victory - Rouge Noir ✔ Victory - Swiss Guard ✔ Santisima - Brest Harbor ✔ Santisima - Classic White / Black Chequer ✔ Santisima - Pink Royale ✔ Santisima - Pinstripe ✔ Santisima - Rouge Noir ✔ Santisima - Sicily ✔ Santisima - Swiss Guard ✔ L'Ocean - BlackRedWhite *new* L'Ocean - Brest Harbor *new* L'Ocean - Marseille *new* L'Ocean - Montagne *new* L'Ocean - Sangre *new* L'Ocean - SolidLine01 *new* L'Ocean - SolidLine02 *new* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2nd Rates -> Shortcut to 1st &2nd Rate pictures ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bucentaure - Brest Harbor ✔ Bucentaure - Candy *new* Bucentaure - Pink Royale ✔ Bucentaure - Savannah *new* Pavel - Pink Royale ✔ Pavel - Sicily ✔ Pavel - Swiss Guard ✔ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3rd Rates ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bellona - Brest Harbor ✔ Bellona - Classic White / Black Chequer ✔ Bellona - Pink Royale ✔ Bellona - Sangre *new* Bellona - Swede Dreams ✔ Bellona - Swiss Guard ✔ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4th Rates ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Agamemnon - Candy *new* Agamemnon - Classic White *new* Agamemnon - Pink Royale *new* Agamemnon - Savannah *new* Agamemnon - WideStripe *new* Indiaman - Candy *new* Indiaman - Roux *new* Indiaman - RouxClassic *new* Indiaman - Swede Dreams *new* Constitution - Rouge Noir ✔ Constitution - Sicily ✔ Constitution - Swiss Guard ✔ Ingermanland - VarnishedBlack *new* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5th Rates ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hermione - Roux *new* Hermione - Unite *new* BellePoule - Brest Harbor ✔ BellePoule - Classic White / Black Chequer ✔ BellePoule - French ✔ BellePoule - Navy *new* BellePoule - Rouge Noir ✔ BellePoule - Swede Dreams ✔ BellePoule - Unite *new* Cerberus - Carota ✔ Cerberus - French ✔ Cerberus - Navy ✔ Cerberus - Swede Dreams ✔ Endymion - DarkBrownMaxV *new* Endymion - EnglishMulticolorStyleMaxV *new* Endymion - GreenClayMaxV *new* Endymion - MontagneMaxB *new* Endymion - MustangMaxV *new* Endymion - SantaCeciliaMaxV *new* Endymion - YellowClassicStyle2MaxV *new* Endymion - YellowClassicStyleMaxV *new* Essex - Brest Harbor ✔ Essex - Pink Royale ✔ Essex - Rouge Noir ✔ Essex - Sangre ✔ Essex - Sicily ✔ Essex - Unite *new* Frigate - Brest Harbor *new* Frigate - Classic White *new* Frigate - Navy *new* Frigate - Rouge Noir *new* Frigate - Swede Dreams *new* Pirate Frigate - Outlaw *new* Renommee - Barra ✔ Renommee - Brest Harbor ✔ Surprise - Brest Harbor *new* Surprise - Classic White *new* Surprise - Pink Royale *new* Surprise - Rouge Noir *new* Surprise - Sangre *new* Surprise - Unite *new* Trincomalee - Brest Harbor ✔ Trincomalee - Pink Royale ✔ Trincomalee - Rouge Noir ✔ Trincomalee - Roux *new* Trincomalee - Sangre ✔ Trincomalee - Scarred ✔ Trincomalee - Swiss Guard ✔ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6th Rates ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brig - Roux *new* Mercury - Roux *new* NavyBrig - Rouge Noir *new* NavyBrig - Roux *new* Niagara - Classic White / Black Chequer ✔ Niagara - Rouge Noir ✔ Rattlesnake - Outlaw *new* Rattlesnake - Roux *new* Rattlesnake Heavy - Outlaw *new* Snow - Roux *new* Snow - Unite *new* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7th Rates ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pickle - Roux *new* GunBoat - FireShip *new* Cutter - Roux *new* most of the picures are from Jeheils "Post your coloured ships here"-post. I am not trying to undermine it, but find the best pictures for the paintjobs for other players to look at. So please help out by posting the missing paints in sweet quality so i can add them and eventually finish the list. OR if you have better shots of an existing picture please upload as well Feel free to add your ships and feedback in the comments. To get the best results pls wait for clear weather and daytime. Also use CTRL+H to hide the UI. Imgur galleries are also appreciated. aim is to have finally pics with the following criteria for each skin : - high resolution - no UI - sunny weather best case we have 3 high quality pictures: side profile, slightly from behind and slightly from the front. (like the Vanilla images are) (whenever possible pictures with UI or low quality will be exchanged) To keep the posts compressed use the spoiler syntax when posting pictures: Spoiler-Title [spoiler] -----> ALT+ENTER Spoiler-Inside -----> ALT+ENTER [/spoiler] If you dont have the specs for high graphic settings i would be happy to lend your ship for a quick screenshot session - given that you are playing on PvP One. 1 Niagara Niagara - Vanilla Version Niagara - Classic White (ex. Black Chequer) Niagara - Rouge Noir 2 Cerberus Cerberus - Vanilla Version Cerberus - French Cerberus - Carota Cerberus - Navy Cerberus - Swede Dreams 3 Essex Essex - Vanilla Version Essex - Sicily Essex - Rouge Noir Essex - Brest Harbor Essex - Sangre Essex - Pink Royale 4 BellePoule BellePoule - Vanilla Version BellePoule - French BellePoule - Classic White (ex Black Chequer) BellePoule - Swede Dreams BellePoule - Rouge Noir BellePoule - Brest Harbor
  2. Slamz

    Thoughts on Paint

    Just a thought: Different paints could be handed out for different rewards, some of them being specific to that exact ship. * Red paint: PvP only. This exact ship has killed at least 1500 total enemy crew. Only counts actual cannon shots, not deaths due to sinking. * Black paint: PvP only. This exact ship has sank at least 5x its own BR worth of enemy ships. So a 100 BR ship can be black after sinking (kill credit, not assist) 500 BR of enemy ships. * White paint: PvP only. Dealt at least [I don't know] total damage to enemy sails. "Exact ship" meaning the stat is tracked for that physical ship -- not the model. This one Surprise of yours has earned black paint but that doesn't mean you can put it on any other Surprise. When it sinks, the black paint goes with it. (Should paint follow the ship around? If someone else steals it or you sell it, does the paint stay? I'm kind of thinking it should. Nobody repainted the Black Pearl.) Other paints could be earned as a captain, like a ship knowledge slot. The 6th knowledge unlock is actually a variety of paint schemes you can always apply to that model of ship, because you earned it via XP. Just thinking that when/if paint actually gets here, there are some interesting things to consider other than just looting or crafting one and slapping it on and having it mean nothing.
  3. The color of the Victory paint scheme will have to change because the yellow type in game is wrong, because in 2015 the HMS Victory was painted with a new yellow, and the experts found that the previus yellow type was wrong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmNXRWtQ-P0 http://www.hms-victory.com/restoration-log/hms-victory-repainted-battle-trafalgar-colours BEFORE AFTER IN GAME
  4. Eye_of_the_Storm

    Event Redeemables 9.97

    I would like to analyse what you get in the redeemables from the events. please only comment what you got from the Paints Chest and Ship Chest. I´ll start with mine: Ceberus - French Constitution - Sicily Rattlesnake Heavy: Fir Wood, Stiffness, Regional Strong Hull Bonus Rattlesnake Heavy: Oak Wood, Stiffness, Regional Strong Hull Bonus
  5. Eye_of_the_Storm

    Event Reemables

    I would like to analyse what you get in the redeemables from the events. please only comment what you got from the Paints Chest and Ship Chest. I´ll start with mine: Ceberus - French Constitution - Sicily Rattlesnake Heavy: Fir Wood, Stiffness, Regional Strong Hull Bonus Rattlesnake Heavy: Oak Wood, Stiffness, Regional Strong Hull Bonus
  6. In the light of the recent negative reviews to help the development team with the funding I propose the next patch to be an online store were we could buy cosmetic upgrades to change the look of the ships. Nothing in the store sold for real money should give any advantage in the gameplay in any form or shape. But having an option to buy unlockable paint slots on ships, change ship names, buy colors for various parts of the ships and sails may and in my opinion will help to raise revenue for future development of the game.
  7. Carlo.A.Morabito.Diaz

    Ship paint schemes

    Paint schemes on ships throughout history.
  8. Here are some suggestions that in my opinion could improve game play in some areas. At least, if technically possible some of these should be tested/assessed. SHIP NON-PERMANENT UPGRADES _______________________________ The easy way to address the non permanent upgrades would be to look at reality. If I have 2 ships, I most likely will have a set a amenities in each and they will not appear at the docks magically for availability in an upgrade window before I set sail. It's a convenience that is not possible in the real world unless the ships are moored next to each other. You can't just move all upgrades out of a boat in one place, teleport 400 miles away and voila! all the upgrades are still here ready to be used in another boat. Granted the teleportation is needed to help game play otherwise we would all get old and senile traveling for days between areas on the map. (reduce the map so everything can happen in real time?). In short, make the non permanent upgrade that are in one boat, only transferable to another boat in the same port. If you want to move them to another port they have to travel by boat in the hold or be sent by delivery system in free towns. BATTLES WITH ONE DURABILITY SHIPS _________________________________ The ideas below pertain only to battle end game and not to boarding mechanics. At this time boarding is the only way to capture a ship in PVP. I would propose an additional way to capture a ship during battle: I again take inspiration from real world for guidance. I don't think that captains would let ships sink so easily whether on the defending or attacking side. The loss of life alone, including their own would be enough incentive for the losing captain to make an effort toward the survival of the ship. For the winner, the prize is one of the incentives for getting in the fight. The ship can be taken and added to your own war effort, the crew taken as press gang, etc... Also I don't think that wooden ships sank that easily as they do in the game. I understand that we need to have a clear "win" or "loose" status for game play clarity. However this create a loss of opportunity in other areas. Once the majority of the crew has been dedicated to keeping the boat afloat and can no longer fight... Once the pumps can't overcome the water coming in and repair kits have been used... Once the main mast is down after repair kit has been used... (insert more instances of unrecoverable loss here) I would think it's time to cry uncle and maybe, once this level of damage is achieved (when water line is high enough that cannons are inoperable for instance but boat is still afloat?), the white flag should come up automatically in the game, declaring a "stranded status" as the damaged ship is no longer maneuverable, no longer in the fight, and is not as much to be boarded as it is to be rescued. At this point the winning side would have a certain time limit to board the ship before it sinks, assign crew to it, use repair kits of its own to prevent it from sinking, etc... If they fail to get to the stranded boat in time, it is doomed and sinks with all hands. The losing captains loses boat, crew and officer. If they get to it in time, on the losing side, part of automating this end game process gives the vanquished captain the choice to surrender this one durability boat as well as surrender his crew to replace the lost crew of the winning captain in exchange for keeping the life of his officer. If he refuses he basically refuses to be rescued and sinks with all hands, looses the boat, crew and one officer's life. So choices, are surrender and you keep your officer's life or sink and loose all but deny the winner from taking the boat and crew. This is not a boarding battle, it is essentially a rescue. This potentially would make ships themselves stay longer in the game and change hands in a more diversified way as battles go on. Ship would still sink regularly when they are not salvaged in time or when captains refuse to surrender. You might loose you ship and capture it back at a later date which is an incentive to not let it sink in the first place. Some ships might become famous for having been captured many times and survive many battles which brings up the next topic: SHIP PAINT AND CUSTOM NAME __________________________ Once ships have more chances to survive battles and becoming famous it would be nice to give them personality by allowing custom ship names that stay with the boat once christened as well as making custom paint readily available at ports to give them distinctive character. Paint is not something special in the world of ships. Maybe gold leafing or special custom figureheads could be rare items but not paint. Making "rare" ships has also the unwelcome side effect of captains avoiding combat to preserve the custom paint of their "special" ship. This behavior alone degrades the quality of PVP on the server. DEALING WITH CAPTURED SHIPS ___________________________ As much as I like to teleport a captured ship it should not be possible to cross the entire map at the click of a button. You capture a ship, you deal with it. When a ship is captured, the victorious captain must assign crew to it after emergency repairs have allowed the ship to stay afloat, then it can be added to the FLEET and sailed back by the regular open world sea ways. If the captain already has a full fleet (2 slots as of now) provision should be made in the game mechanics for towing the captured ship without fully crewing it and of course taxing the open world speed accordingly. ​There should also be an option in the event of multiple ships captured, to allow the victorious captain to either to pass the control of the captured ship to a clan's mate or group mate. __________________________________________ Thanks for reading this far, please critique, comment, improve etc... -T
  9. jodgi

    New Bellona paintjob

    It makes the Bellona so much cooler!