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Found 19 results

  1. seanjo

    AI Reporter

    Just a thought, if AI ships/fleets could report sightings of players to their respective Nations, in an "AI Reporter" a similar chat box to Combat News. So say a Spanish AI is sailing along and a French player is within its sight, the AI reports something like, "French ship 20 k's SE of Turneffe" to the Spanish Nation. This would open up a whole new way to play and add to content in my opinion. Thoughts?
  2. As the Title Says. Seriously. Could we Cut back on the NPCs Cheating ??? I mean sure they are NPCs. So them having some Statistic Buffs. No Problem. They are NPCs so they need to make up for being predictable. Them being able to partially sail against the Wind with Full Sails. Ok fine. They need it cause they tend to be bad with Wind Management and always strand themselves straight into the Wind.... Even their Ability to just Ignore Heeling is fine. But Hell. EVERY SINGLE MISSION I DO. The First thing they do is Set me on Fire on a Broadside into my nearly Undamaged Armor. Really every Single Time. Sometimes 3-4 times in a Single Battle. I mean do they have some sort of Secret Arsonist Skill that gives an 50% chance to light an Enemy on Fire when you hit a Broadside or something ???? in General their Ability to land Criticals is insane. I often lose 20% of my Cannons before my Armor is Half Depleted. Their Accuracy is really absurd as well. Their Ability to just Shoot around Corners like they got Turrets Mounted is hilarious. They can be standing turned away from me and despite me having 2 Ship lengths till I could possibly aim at them. They easily Shoot at me with their Guns. Its like they can Shoot in something like an 150 Degree Angle around their Broadside lol Needless to say they can Shoot incredible accurately so in Choppy Sea at 1000 Yards away they Miss maybe 2 out of 20 Shots into your Rear lol I mean its fine they are Strong. But seriously. At least dont give them Magic Abilities like Setting People on Fire with an 100% Chance. Or Firing with near 100% Accuracy on 100 Miles away.
  3. Horatio 15

    Are NPC's Still Capturable

    I boarded 2 NPC traders today and thought I captured them. On the second one a Trader Snow, I even put minimal crew on it and upon closing found I didn't have the ship in my fleet. I did have the open & empty fleet spot for it. Are NPCs still capturable?
  4. I decided to open this thread to try to collect all our thoughts of the incoming economy model. I´ll begin. -Ressources/mining: If we set a shiyard we can only craft 4 types of ressources. Maybe a bit short for a small playerbase. Crafting is going to be slower due to the search of the ressources. Slower crafting, less pvp. -Consumables: crafting rig or hull repairs are ok. Medkits is almost imposible due to the lack of rum, sugar, tobacco. -Crew hiring: 500 gold per crew member is impossible to sustain. We need to be able to craft the medkits. -Expansion slots: Before we have at maximun 8 outpost with 5 slots each. The cost of the last outpost wasnt more than 2 millions if Im not mistaken. Now from 40 (8*5) slots for ships we are going to have half of it, only 20-25 (not sure exact number). Each expansion is quite far expensive than before and it only gives us 3 more slots. It is absurd all this cause we now have only one durability ships. -Rewards: battles are going to be used for the farm of marks. The money you earn is not enought for other activities. In the best scenario that gold is enough to repair your ship and hire new crew in ports. -Trading goods: This is going to be one of the main sources of income for players. However, despite its importance, the trading goods are lacking (not enough quatities) even in a server with a maximun pop of 75 people online. -NPC traders: While there are a lot more, the value of their cargo makes them absolutely useless. Given the fact that you earn nothing selling the ship neither its cargo and marks the current npc traders are just sea decorators. - The removal of the delivery system. Probably one of the worst ideas ever. Let me explain. Just imagine you are Dutch/France/Sweden/Denmark and you succesfully conquer a distant region with a key ressource or regional bonus, lets say our dearest live oak. Without the delivery system you need to move that ressource through the entire caribbean to the crafting point which is usually going to be around your homewaters. Absolutely painful. Now, your POV.
  5. kapteinsnabeltann

    Having a bad day?

    This Npc sailors...
  6. Hi all, I have one suggestion to improve the gameplay towards something more "realistic". Obviously, the concepts of teleporting ships and tow requests are not quite realistic and spoil the gameplay, as it simply does not feel right (at least for me). However, I do acknowledge that these features are needed to not require players to sail all over the map themselves. But, this can be achieved also in a different way. My proposal is to remove teleport to capital, teleport to outpost and tow request features from the game entirely and replace them by allowing players to send a ship or even a fleet of ships to another port. These ships should appear in the open world actually sailing to the assigned port as NPC ship/fleet. Obviously, there is the risk that the ships are attacked by players and eventually sunk. But hey, that's life! When the ship/fleet arrives in the assigned port, the player may take control of the ships again. The ships sent abroad should be allowed to carry cargo to facilitate trade and allow transferring goods to distant places also. Implementation of this feature is not very demanding in my point of view. Instantiating a NPC fleet from the ships assigned for the journey should be easy. Setting the route to be sailed by the ship/fleet to an arbitrary port is not quite straightforward, but there could be limitations as to which port is available from which and the number of routes could be expanded step-by-step later. The concept allows players to reach distant harbours without forcing them to stay in game. There would be a lot more NPC ships out there on real, meaningful missions. The ships would be loaded with goods encouraging privateering. Port battle logistics would change dramatically, as you would not risk sending your 1st rates unescorted. It would no longer be possible to have a whole fleet of battle ships pop up out of nowhere for a port battle or to raise hostility in a far-away region. Battle ships could be intercepted while on the way. The whole RvR gameplay would require a lot more strategic planning. I'd love to see this in the game! Looking forward to your feedback! Cheers, van Veen
  7. Lars Kjaer

    NPC fleet

    Just as the title says.. Have you ever... EVER!! seen or heard about such a "patrol"!!!! in naval history??!!
  8. Preble

    NPC Ships Balance

    Hi there, One thing that I've noticed since the update is that the map is now crawling with NPC 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Rates (I sail primarily on the American coast in PvE, so that's my frame of reference). It's certainly good to see these as primarily in smaller squadrons rather than the gigantic Trafalgar fleets as was the case previously, but it seems there are considerably fewer NPC merchantmen and smaller warships in the new update. Since capital ships were relatively few even in the largest navies (Britain at the height of her power after Trafalgar had only 100 ships of the line of varying sizes in the entire world) and because the emphasis in Naval Action seems to be more on independent cruising and trading, perhaps it would be possible to have more prowling frigates and cruisers with plenty of ripe merchies for the taking, rather than so many heavy line-of-battle ships? Thanks-- PS--any chance the next update could include the tweaks to USS Constitution as outlined in the topic "USS Constitution spritsail?"
  9. Roche Brasiliano

    Manilla Galleons

    There is any chance to implement manilla galleons fleets when Pacific finally get open? Will be nice to try to intercept big and strong NPC fleets with lots of loots. Btw, why dont implement too the great spanish armadas (armada de barlovento, armada de guarda, armada de la carrera de las indias, armada de nuestra señora de guía)? Right now, the NPC traders just dont worth nothing. I know there is a huge effort to just get rid of NPC traders (and i really like the idea) but with the average pop of players it cant be done for a long time without break the game, because OW stills empty enough to do it.
  10. In principal there is currently little wrong with the AI. Yes, it has a silly buy and sell policy, but still these are valid. Take the compass wood case for example. As long as stores are below 25000 the AI places a bid of $1500 for 1250 units. The UI and implementation however do not reflect this at all. And you subsequently see the lottery ticket system. (It also retains the $1 bid for some reason. Another bug.) Combine that with the bug that sell contracts do not interact with AI and you have a broken system. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/15169-sell-contract-does-not-interact-with-port/ Another point where the AI is lacking/failing, it "cheats". It can bring goods to the market way below prices that are attainable by a player driven economy. It can outproduce and outconsume players. While we have a combat AI that is made to be "equal" to us, we have an economic AI that is not. So the goal should be to get a challenging economic AI that does not cheat. However there are also some roles of the AI to take into account: Bootstrap the economy. Provide a money faucet. Provide a money sink. One of the money sinks is grey ships. Here it also very apparent that the AI cheats. AI ships should be sold at a realistic price, so players can actually compete. This however will probably make grey ships too expensive. Maybe we can start with making AI build ships, 1 dura greys as opposed to 5? Or let players choose between 1 and 5. We should also make it so any dura ship can be put into a contract. Another one is the crew replacement. Is the price too high? No, as long as players can compete against the AI, the price can be anything. Both are probably insufficient to serve as the ultimate money sink, so there is likely more to come. I also want to keep money faucets/sinks as something to address later. As for the money faucet aspect, this is the consumption happening around the map. It should be tuned based on the amount of gold in the game, nothing else. It could however be tied to nations. But definetely not by players wanting a faucet. As a next step, I'll see if I can a clean calculation of a grey Constitution as to highlight the AI pricing and propose tweaks.
  11. Hi all, I have a persistent bug where my npc cutter fleet will keep firing on the enemy no matter what i order them to do. I've lost several traders that i was hoping to capture because the fleet cutters continue firing even when told not to. When told to either 'hold fire' retreat, stop or whatever, they just continue firing. Is this the case for everybody? Am i doing it wrong? Or is this a genuine bug? Cheers, Kapitein-Luitenant Bout bij Nacht.
  12. Lord Heyford

    NPC Are Wicked Skilled Sailors

    Before the patch this was a problem, after the patch it seems to have gotten worse. Shoot an NPC ship to bare numbers: sails < 65%, crew < 10, hull < 50% and that ship can still turn fast through the wind out run me and has become nearly impossible to board. Last night, I was in a battle with a trader snow, had their sails down to 63%, hull was probably about 30%, crew was 2 and that ship was flying around as if it were 150% manned. Before the patch it would take me 30 to 40 minutes of careful chain shots and grape to get the ship to boarding stage. Last night I almost ran out the 1.5 hour battle timer and still couldn't board. NPC's need to be more realistic AND surrender.
  13. I've done a good amount of searching but not answered my question yet: Do NPC traders actually affect the economy of the ports they spawn near, and trade between? For example, let's say a port consumes X amount of a good per day. If it was possible to prevent any NPC traders from reaching said port, and no human player characters delivered any of said good, would the port's supply of the consumed good eventually reach zero? Conversely, if the port produces Y amount of a good per day and all NPC traders were prevented from reaching the port to carry off the goods, would they build up over time (assuming no human player interaction)? This is my general understanding of how the system works, but at the same time, I see that nearly as soon as I sink or capture a NPC trader, another one spawns to take its place. This makes me question whether or not I've actually "done" anything of note for the economy. I understand that all of this - the economy, trade, crafting - is in very early alpha and this is not a criticism at all, it's purely a question about how the mechanics are working in-game as of right now.
  14. LarryFromSales

    Why no NPC Trincomalees?

    Just a quick question, why aren't there any NPC Trincomalees sailing around in the open world? Because the devs don't want people capturing such an awesome ship for free? Every other ship can be found sailing around in AI fleets or even solo up to a 3rd rate, obviously not above that for balancing reasons. But why specifically is the Trinc the only ship below 2nd rate that isn't sailed by the NPCs?
  15. Yesterday, as I was heading back to my home base to log off, I got disconnected and my internet connection was severed for a few minutes. As I logged back in, my ship has lost a durability and was sitting in a port near where I disconnected. Apparently while being disconnected, I got attacked by an NPC ship, which was not in sight when I disconnected. (I am kind of sure it was NPC, the area I was in is not very popular with enemy players and I got attacked there by other NPCs earlier) Could it be technically possible for the NPC ships to avoid attacking timed out players? I am okay with that you can't just pop out of the map with logging off when you see someone attacking, and I am okay with losing a ship in any way, but this kind of loss only creates frustration.
  16. SirSamuelHood

    Crew debuff discrepancies

    Just something I've noticed, I know there's a good bit of griping about the huge amounts of sail/reload debuff we experience when our crews are killed past about 10%, and I'm sure that will be reworked sooner or later, but what's bugging me is that NPCs are almost immune to the crew debuffs. Earlier myself and several fleetmates were graping a Surprise to board it, and it was matching our rate of fire and tacking masterfully despite having 60 crew left. Were one of us in this state we'd have no choice but to disengage because reloading would take about 6 hours. I understand that the NPCs must present a healthy challenge to players or else everyone will be sailing around in captured heavy frigates and ships of the line, but excruciating crew losses for NPCs (especially in the realm of 25% crew remaining) should have quite a bit more pronounced effect on the ship. Having a 25% crewed ship that can tack like a dream and fire a broadside every half-minute is a bit of a stretch.
  17. This a problem i have with combatting with my own fleet. when i cross a line of fire between a ship of my own fleet and a enemy ship, the ship of mine own fleet bluntly fires off a broadside with me between them (enemy ship & the ship of my won fleet)?! I would personally not do this to my own fleet and especially not to a player! 70-80% of my damaged sail's and masts or 5-10% of me hull are due to my own fleet bluntly firing with me stuck between him and the enemy. i know this is AI but can this be changes so that if a friendly is near or crossing a broadside/single gun (more efficient fire) line that it doesn't fire his gun(s)? my thanks in advance
  18. Jones

    NPC's strength

    Hi, don't you think that NPC is too hard to destroy? I mean, I just started to play and it's really hard to sink a Lynx/Pickle/Whatever with my Lynx. Aren't you suppose to "farm" gold and xp by killing NPCs in MMOs? So why is it so hard to destroy one ship?
  19. I've looked in the forums and haven't found anyone discussing this. This is a result of reading several other forums and it prompts the question, What happens if I am at sea and I log off? In Eve online, the ship just goes to a place where no one can find it, and for all intents and purposes, stops any travel and participation in game play. Some one in another forum on whether or not the map should take hours, days, or months to cross (time compression discussion) suggested setting a preset course the ship would take when logged off and be vulnerable to changes in wind, weather, and attacks. I think there should be an option given. When one logs off, the ship goes to its "happy place" where no one can see it, and when you log back in, it returns to its last known position...or.. with an option, when logged off, your ship becomes one of the NPC ships contributing to game play, but it operates as a NPC ship. If your ship comes under attack, players can assist you for reward, morale, or standing increases. Damage taken, or the sinking of your vessel while logged out is voided on your next login as it wasn't a result of your action (or inaction). And you, as a contributor to gameplay, there can be some perk or bonus given (or even advancement of movement along a predetermined course). There can be a mechanic in place where you can set the course of action your ship is to take, i.e., aggressive (attack all hostiles), passive (run from all potential threats), or defend (if self or friendlies are fired upon, then return fire). The downside, the potential for botting and intentional use of logging off to advance along ones course with out having to face any of the challenges along the way, or to just farm points of some kind. There could be some form of payment perhaps like a decrease of berthing fees perhaps, but I can't think of any other MMO that allows a players ships or characters to contribute to game play while logged off. What say you?