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Found 5 results

  1. In all kind of games the more stuff and the better the suff what is equipped the higher are the maintenance cost. Suggestion: Increase maintenance and in battle repair cost depending on used modules Details: modules are already categorized as basic and non-basic, for example, Basic Pump and Coles Bentick Pump While "basic" mods only suffer a slight increase in repair and battle repair cost "non-basic" mods can suffer repair penalties increase up to 200% For example: An installed coles bentick pump would increase hull repair cycle cost by 100% for each extra module of the same type - cost increases by extra 100% For example: coles pump + chain pump = basic repairs + 100% for the first module + 100% for the second module + 100% for being a second module of the same type - pump Pros: quality of life added maintenance for high grade specialized ships simulates highly specialized crew and necessity of high grade quality parts for repairs at sea Cons: quality of life
  2. Bragan Benigaris

    Captains Chest for Books, not Refits

    Currently the easiest/cheapest way to gather rare permanent upgrades is to install an alt, harvest the rare ressource (e.g. Cartagena Tar), craft the module and put it in Captains Chest for easy transport. But why on hell a sane captain would stuff his personal travel chest with Tar? Or Copper plates in case of Copper plating if we get copper city? On the other hand books were in the age of sail a common content of captains chest and mostly small and lightweight enough for the chest. Therefore i suggest to swap these two types of items, let the personal skillbooks be stored in captains chest (and transported by tp), and the permanent modules only transported by ship. So we additionally get some reason for smugglers and traderhunters to linger around ports like Cartagena or Coppercity together with great opportunities for pvp :-)
  3. [Moderator: I have just noticed that something similar was alrdy suggested. Please delete thread, thank you!] Hey, I think it would be a nice little idea to make 'permanent upgrades' like copper plating and alike only permanent once you have left the port for the first time. It would allow players to experiment with upgrades and their effects on ship stats, for example. There're also certain issues that you could avoid this way like two perma modules that are not allowed on the same ship, for example. After leaving port for the first time a pop up window like 'you don't have guns/any repairs' would appear informing the player that he is about to install the perma mod permanently on his ship. [Moderator: I have just noticed that something similar was alrdy suggested. Please delete thread, thank you!]
  4. Now first off due to recent events, let me say I gave this game a thumbs up on Steam, so my criticism is with love. Aaaaand right now a bit of hate. Now I am all for the regional bonuses, I think modules are okay, I think the perks are great, but there should never be a setup that allows a Trincomalee to chase a Bucentaure from Grand Turk to La Tortue and not be able to close distance and attack. I followed a US player who was in a Trinc (I was in a Rattler just following) as he chased a pirate and could not even gain on him. Now I have had my Endymion blown away by a Gros Ventre on my best point of sail. I have been outran by Indiamen (the historically slow as a tortoise crawl Indiaman!) in just about any ship you can think of. There are just some things that should NEVER happen in an age of sail game, don't you think? We should use these 'lines of absurdity that should never be crossed' to review the way the game is being played and create a list of things that happen in the game that just should never ever happen. Here is mine: No trim, perk, bonus or wood can make a 2nd rate outrun a Leda class frigate!!
  5. I've noticed that when you're in port, even a port without an outpost, you can move your ship's modules to the warehouse, seel the ship, by another, and then move the old ship's modules to your new ship. For some things, marine complements, extra muskets, fighting books and the like, that seems reasonable. However, other module types -- copper playing, reinforced rudders and masts, extra planking, improved rigging and the like -- seem like they should fixed to the boat you buy them for. This seems like an exploit to me. I think some modules should be portable, but others should be attached to the ship they were bought for and unable to be moved. Perhaps an outpost would have a shop that would allow you pay a fee -- less than the purchase price -- to move modules from ship to ship. Thoughts?