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Found 45 results

  1. In a patch a long time ago, the ability to do lower level missions with a ship above it's designed class was removed. I think there should be room to allow people to blow up cutters with a line-ship, it'll just give little to no rewards. I would, respectfully, ask that this feature could be restored if a few things are tweaked, i.e the rewards. Depending on how you juggle the multipliers, lets say, if you do a 4th rate battle: in a 4th rate = 100% rewards in a 5th rate = 150% rewards in a 6th rate = 200% rewards in a 3rd rate = 75 % rewards in a 2nd rate = 50 % rewards This is just a proof of concept, the numbers are variable. This could be tweaked in a way that doing low level missions with high level ships is actually not efficient for gaining money or marks. The larger the difference in either BR or ship class, the lower the rewards.. Therefore, it would give people something they could do, without it having a negative effect.
  2. Hello NA Community We are West India Trading Company a new Creat Clan in the Nation of the Great Britain. We are searching for Players they wanna do PvP/PvE/Crafting/Trading in a Family Clan. We are based in Trinidad and when we grow up i think we make another Base in KPR. What we are looking for Ts3 + Headset 18+ Ambition Rank and Ship doesnt matter What we offer: Ts3 Server Familiar Clan Active Leaders Helpin each Other If ur Interested contact Laempi, Yinyangpanda or Lord Iron Ingame, or leave me a Message in Forum or Poste. Have a nice evening.
  3. Player generated missions

    I would like to suggest: Playergenerated missions Missions in a ports (or nation) generated/made by players. For example traders needing an escort could put a contract up for an escort getting from point A to point B at a certain time in the server/date. Or a player putting up a ship contract for crafting a ship to certain specs. Or a player looking for a battlegroup for a specific raid/hunt/etc. My imagination is limited, but I see some potential in playergenerated content.
  4. PvP is almost dead now - save NAVAL ACTION - let us have a PvP-Server again After many complaints by players (me included) about MISSION jumping and attacks on our traders, the devs introduced SAFETY ZONES. Within these zones, the players under attack can call for help, and a strong NPC-fleet will appear. As good as this was meant - it unfortunately killed most of the PvP-action. And a PvP-server is all for PvP, isn't it? So I have thought about a solution and made this graphic. This idea could bring back a lot of PvP, as it allows not only any attacks again, but will also allow the attacked NATION to defend their people. The new SAFETY ZONE would be smaller. It would remain open either for a certain time, like 9 - 15 minutes, or it would remain open all the time. However - the open time should be long enough for the NATIONs players to quickly sail into port and grab a war ship, put REPAIRs on it and sail to the BATTLE sign. I am certain, that now there would be players who would come for help - which would mean a lot of action, if we are lucky! Only the yellow MISSION areas would be totally safe for those who want to grind ships, or for newbie training. What do you guys think of it? Maybe the devs will read our opinions?
  5. Seit den neuen Sicherheitszonen ist das PvP, und damit die Action auf dem PvP-Server, ziemlich tot. Klar haben sehr viele (auch ich) um Änderung gebeten, als MISSIONs sehr leicht geentert werden konnten, oder Trader dauernd überfallen wurden. Da mußte etwas passieren. Aber so wie es jetzt ist, ist es eine "Verschlimmbesserung", denn nun findet kein PvP mehr statt. Also auch nicht das Wahre. Ich habe deshalb lange überlegt und diesen Vorschlag (siehe Grafik) erarbeitet. Auf diese Weise würde wieder Leben in NAVAL ACTION kommen. Würde mich über eure Meinung dazu freuen. vielleicht wird es von den Devs wahrgenommen?
  6. Player Bounties, suggested several times elsewhere on forum. Dont think i need to elaborate on this one, pretty strait forward. Bounty Missions: This is AI bounties. A player select missions and then bounty mission. Assignment says something along the lines: "Target X is wanted dead or alive for blablabla. Last known location of target is in the Z region" plus other hints and leads. Could be more leads to other places once the player arrives at the location, or friends of the target is at the first location and attacks the player. Many things that could be added to this AI bounty missions.
  7. Missions System (Players New and Old)

    Hi folks, Something that has been on my mind lately when I log in is new player content. Something that entices a player into the game and also keeps them interested. Certainly XP and gold rewards serve their purpose but they are what come after the content, not the content in of itself. Here I am proposing gameplay which can be interesting to players new and old but also perhaps educational and can teach the new players a bit of the RvR/PvP elements as well. Currently there are two types of missions: Fleet and solo missions. Using these as a basis I'm going to build on them and suggest missions that can be both rewarding and entertaining. These missions could have RvR rewards as well to the nation or be strictly player rewards (or a mix of both). 1st level mission: Protect Fisheries - Using 7th rate ships protect a small number of fishing ships (AI controlled trader cutters, trader lynxes) from attack by pirates/Nationals. These missions are based in safe zone around main port. Closed to PvP. The AI controlled ships will try and remain in a certain area (fishing) while avoiding attack for the duration of the mission. Keep 50% alive for mission success (ramp rewards up for more ships kept alive) until timer runs out. 2nd level mission: Coast Guard - Using up to 6th rate ships chase, sink or capture 5/5 smugglers in the region. OW mission encouraging player to learn the basics of attacking ships in OW. Closed to PvP. 3rd level mission: Protect Whaling Fleet - Using up to 5th rate ships protect a fleet of 5 whaling ships towards the edge of the protected zone. Open to PvP. Whaling ships are LGV types and act much the same as the fishing ships in lvl 1 mission. 4th level mission: Patrol - Using up to 5th rate ships sink or capture 5/5 enemy nation flagged warships (6th rate or above). OW search and destroy outside the protected zone. Open to PvP 5th level mission: Convoy Escort - Up to 4th rate ships. Attaches AI trade fleet to player (and group) of 5 trade ships (t. brig and above) and gives them a destination to sail to in another region. AI OW fleets will attack if close and is open to PvP. 6th level mission: Raiding - Up to 3rd rate ships. Destroy or capture 3/3 Tower or fortifications in an Enemy or Hostile port. Open to PvP 7th level mission: Blockade - Up to 1st rate ships. Destroy 10/10 enemy ships (5th rate or above) in enemy held regional waters. Open to PvP
  8. Hall of Infamy

    Please, see this post: Here is the first report: when leaving a mission at Gasparilla, happy with the newly captured Essex, this group of players was thrown on me like hyenas to the smell of blood
  9. First of all I want to make it clear that what comes next is my personal opinion, and does not represent any group of players, including my clan. I'm tired of hearing many veteran players that the game is deteriorating and losing players because of the developers, because the changes in the game are almost always to worst. That the game is very hard and that almost all beginners do not last even a week. Well, my opinion as a quasi-novice is that the game is very good, but that the community of players is destroying it, and I explain why. A community as small as that of Naval Action is very susceptible to poisoning by the influence of groups of toxic players, even if they are few. And more if the game is not finished, the mechanics are in alpha and you can make use of exploits (we are all aware of the problem of misuse of the Alts). I call toxic players to those who do not respect the contrary, use all the exploits they can to their advantage, and enjoy ruining playing time to other players. Their motivation is more the revenge than the fun, they only present battle if they are much superior and abuse of all players that they can, not giving time to those that begin to develop like capitans. I think this is the main reason why rookies leave so quickly, and that fewer and fewer veterans are left. For me the limit is exceeded when attacking capitans who are training in missions. Missions are the school for those who begin and for those who want to dominate a particular ship, and also the source of income for many, and must be respected by all honorable players. That way we will get many more and better players to fight with. The best solution is in the Devs side: please, increase the time you cannot attack or be attacked to 5 minutes and / or implement hyper-speed when leaving a mission. But we also have a solution: denounce this type of players and publicly showing their shameful actions. From there I'll start myself in this other post: Please forgive my English, it is not my native language.
  10. PvP Orders

    Hey Captains, Probably some of you have already suggested this but I just thought if it would make sense to allow players to do PvP Combat Orders. This would mean that people had to sink other players' vessels (who would have guessed?) and hunt them down in specific regions. The rewards from my point of view would be greater than rewards from PvE orders since it would, most likely and often, take more time to complete one. I think it would encourage people to do more PvP and those who already do some, would be somewhat happier and even more interested in hunting, chasing and planning their raids altogether. I have not yet thought about the details though. Just as an idea from scratch. If such a post already exists, I will have it closed! May the wind be with you.
  11. Missions: the bane of PvP in this game. If you want ship XP or loot chances your best bet is still "missions". They are predictable and as safe as anything can be. You can do them right outside of your capital. If you're persistent in getting a mission, dropping it and getting a new one over and over and over you can eventually get them right outside, in your capital protection bubble to make it the least risky XP method in the game. What we SHOULD want is for people to take chances, go further out and get rewarded for doing so. I would like to see missions be only available in enemy waters. Surely we can at least agree that rewarding people for grinding in their capital safe waters is ultimately detrimental to this game. That should be the newbie zone, not the #1 prime location for leveling up your 1st rate.
  12. Captain Missions USA

    United States Captain Missions, iv only gotten mission rewards for about 1 or 2 missions out of 5 we have completed. i sent an f11 report in aswell.
  13. Hello devs, and players. First of all, I am not an awesome player, I do what I can for my clan, and the area I am located in. My role in the world, of Naval Action, has been screening fleets, primarily making my money through PvE missions, and fleets. Having started out after the wipe patch, I have feel unskilled, and outgunned. At first I tried out midshipman missions, getting put against 2 enemy ships. My rusty skills, resulted in a close loss. Trying again it resulted in a more comfortable loss, but for some reason only had 1 lynx. Before I had 2?!?! Then I got to 5th rate......... Being restricted to doing either 7th or 6th rate solo missions, or 5th+ rate missions is not viable to progressing in this game. I cannot progress from here, due to the money restrictions, I play on a PvP server indeed, and I view myself as PvP player. Though I cannot fathom how to move on from here... I can chase the random AI fleet, or wait for PvP actions. But what if I cannot find either??? Then I am stuck doing... Nothing??? WIth my tier 5..... Though I wonder, what would a player on a PVE server do??? Investing in a 5th rate ship, and he can only do fleet missions?!?!?! Will he be COMPLETELY stuck?? I am wondering since I have a hard time doing a fleet mission, being in my Surprise, vs. 3-4 5th to 6th rate ships. I find not being able to play solo odd, and Best regards Samuel Benson [ROYAL] P.S. #edit Now I realise that I do not have a suggestion straight off the bat. What I do hope people see, is the PvE/missions is rather broken at the moment. It either hampens the player at reaching 5th rates, or I would imagine new players get scared away, since their progress (might) stop after 5th rates. Not saying new players are shit, but their skills might cause them to struggle at that skill level.
  14. Hello, I returned to the game after a long hiatus when I noted the mega patch had come out. Spent a few hours grinding on the Cutter to get my Surprise crewed and equipped, only to find that there were no missions at all available for ships of Class 5 and better. Both normal and fleet missions seemed to be for C6 or worse ships with nothing harder available. I get that this is an MMO and the developers are perhaps inclined to push people to play with others, but surely making playing solo entirely impossible is the wrong way to go? My friends aren't always online, nor is it always possible for me to co-ordinate with other players due to time restraints etc. Naval Action can be a lot of fun when played solo as well, so I'm disappointed. Or do I have it wrong? Is there some structured battle content I can perform solo in a Surprise, or am I stuck randomly sailing the seas, hoping to find something worth killing? Thank you.
  15. Three small questions/suggestions for version 10.0

    @admin I was wondering if you could explain the reasoning behind a few of the decisions in the new patch, and suggest an alternative for you to consider for some of them. 1) The removal of coordinates and grid system. I know what some people will say: "There was no GPS in the early 1800s". This is true. There was, however, a very thorough understanding of celestial navigation. As you are no doubt aware, good captains prided themselves on their mathematical (and therefore navigational) ability. The Caribbean and Atlantic coasts were not the same as the Indian Ocean and Pacific when it came to the possibility of getting lost. Even in those far more desolate areas, there was still a very good idea of where all the major landmarks were and no good captain was ever forced to rely on dead reckoning except in certain extreme circumstances. All ship captains, sailing masters, and typically watch officers (including midshipman) had their own sextant from which to utilize to find their position. It is therefore completely unrealistic for a warship of the time to navigate solely by dead reckoning. For those arguing for "total realism" and suggesting that giving the latitude and longitude of your ship somehow breaks this, I would respectfully suggest that the developers institute one of the following changes in the next patch: 1A ) The inclusion of a sextant mini-game to satisfy the requirements of the most zealous of "realism" junkies. If you have time, perhaps you could include formulating a watch bill, a tracker for the consumption of grog by your seamen, and Thursday laundry. (Please note that I am being completely sarcastic about all this). 1B ) The return of the grid from previous versions, and a position for your vessel given at noon each day that your ship is in clear weather. Thus, if absolute realism is the goal, this would simulate the ability of the captain and the master to take a noon observation and mark the ship's position provided weather cooperated accordingly. It is the perfect compromise, because it is in fact perfectly realistic. 2) My second question is concerning the removal of AI ships from Fleet Missions. I think I understand what you might have wanted to do, but I would ask if you considered that there are probably many people (I have spoken to quite a few in GB PVP-EU nation chat) who found them very useful when either there was little PVP to be found, or sometimes when you just didn't have time to go on a long cruise looking for PVP, but wanted a little fleet battle. Again, I understand the desire for a realistic MMO, but please also consider that it is a game and there is a certain element to it that people enjoy and are now no longer able to utilize. I can see no reason to eliminate this feature - it did not hurt anything and if hostility generation was the problem, that has been reworked anyway. Could you please explain why you changed this? 3) Why were the servers simply renamed? I think many players, including myself, either misunderstood or felt misled by what we thought was happening when a "full asset wipe" was announced - that there would be a new choice of server based upon whether a player was in the EU, and therefore wanted timers limited to their normal hours, or wanted to truly play globally with people from around the world and accept and understand that the game was ongoing and attacks, port battles, etc would happen as people played throughout the day: i.e. there would always be activity no matter what time you logged on. However, since the global server is merely a renamed PVP2 US (which was already rather depopulated compared to the EU server), it so far seems that its population relative to the EU server has remained unchanged. If one subscribes to the view that Naval Action is a true MMO yet also hard core sailing simulation, then one must also accept that - just like real sailing war - action takes place at all hours of the day across many time zones. Could you please explain a little of your reasoning here? Finally, I do not wish to seem that I do not like the new patch or I am complaining without cause. I have put over 1000 hours into the game, which I know is less than some, but for me is still a substantial investment of time. I have put far, far more time into Naval Action than I have games from blockbuster developers and that says something about what you have taken on here. But, I think I am not alone when I wonder about why certain decisions were made when it seems that it sets the game backwards compared to what it was in previous versions. I would just appreciate it - and I am sure others would as well - if you could explain some of these decisions so that I can at least understand why you made them. Thank you very much for your time.
  16. Hi, Something i can't understand in the game since the wipe. Single combat missions are being restricted so they can only be played until the 4th rank, and with a maximum rank of ship. For the Dutch, this is Eerste Luitenant (First Lieutenant).(175 XP) This means, if i want to do missions beyond this level, i am either forced to play with other people, or use a fleet, because only fleet missions are available. Both options are ways of playing people might not like. Since there is no more default AI fleet when doing fleet mission, i'd have to find players to group up with, of get the fleet perk so i can have my own fleet. In my opinion this severely restricts the ways in which this game can be played. I find this way too restrictive for my liking, and would like to hear your opinions on this issue. Greetings, Yngvarr
  17. Im looking for 5th rate missions but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get missions for 5th rate ships or higher. The max available mission is a 6th rate First Leutenant. Even in other ports in the area.
  18. Co-op Convoy Missions

    Hello everyone, It feels like only having PBs as endgame content is not enough for what this game could bring. I guess everyone agrees that the funniest thing to do is to playing with other ppl, not solo missions and solo trading. Said that, i think it would give a lot of action and dynamism to the game having National co-op NPC convoy protection missions. Just as an example: Your nation gets a co-op mission where a NPC trader fleet is gonna go from one port to another, the NPC trader fleet will leave the port when there's enough BR to protect it(or ppl signed for it and at the port rdy to sail), and enemy factions will get a message like, enemy convoy spotted leaving X port, the enemies will have to try finding it and destroy it, coz saying the destination would be too much info in my opinion. If the convoy reaches the destination, all involved players that defended it, will get a huge materials reward, and the same for the enemies if they manage to destroy the protection fleet. What u think about this guys ? Would give a lot of action and emotion to the game. Share your thoughts please!
  19. Trading weights spreadsheet

    I use this spreadsheet to organize my trading. Transportation whether Harbor Freight Fast (Delivery) or Harbor Freight Slow (Ship) depends on weight. This helps to combine and round up shipments. I have seven home ports labeled (A-G) from which I choose my Missions which I check daily. I put in the numbers, find total weights using two columns on left labeled “T wt” and ” #” that automatically calculate weight. I then look for compatible transportation and ports, put in orders and start making rounds with my ships while other orders are in transit. I made it to fit a single paper sheet. In the afternoon I train for battles and later in evening I finish up when Harbor Freight Express makes deliveries. My goal is to improve so I can beat up on the cowardly Pee Rats who have taken my ships, sailors, and cargo. There may be mistakes in this spreadsheet. Please share as you like. I love all the varied challenges this game provides while recognizing it isn’t for everyone. It’s a shame there is so much rancor. My nome de nave “Captain Blackie” is in honor of my Celestial Navigation teacher from Portland Oregon from late 1980’s. He loved the So Pacific, was tired of crashing wooden boats on reefs and built a steel boat in his backyard in Oregon City. Towed it to Willamette River and I have never heard from him since. If anyone knows of him or how to contact him please let me know. Here is a small part of spreadsheet. T wt # A B C D E F G H I 0 0 American Cotton 3.60 x 0 0 Arabian Coffee 1.86 115.2 2 Arctic Fox Pelts 57.60 x x 0 0 Assam Tea 1.34 x 0 0 Black Ironwood 108.80 0 0 Burgundian Wine 8.00 400 100 Cape Coast Honey 4.00 X goodslistsheetsbase.xls
  20. Confederate Campaign

    Hello, Just a quick question, is the Battle of Antietam supposed to be the last battle of the Confederate campaign? I defeated the Union then it took me back to the main menu after that. Im just wondering if that is the end or there are more or adding more battles. Thank you
  21. Dutch Oven

    With the oncoming pirate scourge hitting the Dutchlands, we hereby declare the mission Dutch Oven to be in full effect. Any pirate sunk/captured within dutch territory will be marked under this mission.
  22. Transfer command in OW

    OW sailing can be a drudgery. Often while away from port, our goals or missions change and we wish we were in one of our fleet ships and yet no outpost in sight. One can switch command to a fleet ship in combat, but not in OW. It seems that since in real life, sending the captain over in a dinghy would be more easily accomplished when NOT in combat, why not add this ability to the game? I can think of only positives for all aspects of the game.
  23. It would be nice to have some missions that have more interaction with existing Open Waters area, before Port Battle changes there was more interaction between players as Capture flags had to be delivered to port, which in most situations caused people to gather either in attack or in defence. ### Rowboat Missions Providing that most ships in game setting period had atleast one rowboat it is possible to create entirely new system of missions: 1. Mission to send/collect spies, information, trinkets/treasure hunt, etc.. from/to exact map location. Available for ships from 1-5 class (to prevent usage of expendable ships or situation someone uses Trader Lynx that is extremely hard to catch). 2. New Open Waters button that would 'Release Rowboat' which would drop rowboat at sea and it would sail towards nearest shore line. When rowboat is released button changes to 'Recall Rowboat'. 3. After reaching shore a popup window appear with mission information / options. 4. If the Rowboat is left behind (circle arround ship) portion of the crew is lost, and new Rowboat needs to be collected from a friendly port. ### Sample missions: - Collect Trade Intelligence - if deployed and finished (destination near some enemy port) it spawns 'Trader Fleet' that will move only between two ports (vanishes at destination port). After completing mission you receive information about it's route. Such mission would require more interaction in enemy territory and would resolve complaints from players that at times there are too few Trader Ships sailing arround OW. - Collect Fleet Intelligence - if deployed and finished (destination near some enemy port) player receives 'Map Coordinates', 'Compass Heading' and 'Ship Class' (1-7) of nearest (currently in OW) player of any Nation in which they are at War with. Such mission would increase player interactions and allow PvP hunting in areas which are less frequently visited (so it is rare to find enemy players head on in OW). - Spy Mission - when taking this mission you select a port (regional capital) which will be missions destination, when missions is deployed timer start (length based on distance calculated to destination), spy needs to be delivered using rowboat to destination port, if done within time limit Regions Hostility (5-10%?) is raised by some level, and the player receives Gold reward. To prevent abuse and instant hostility bombs only one Spy Mission can be active at a time for the Region. In addition every player of nation that owns the Region receive notification (same as Port Battle start/end) that succesfull Spy Mission have been finished at a Region - which would attract attention, and the ship that performed the mission could be intercepted on the way back. - Raid Mission - when taking this mission you select a port (only nations at War) which will be missions destination, that port needs to be raided using rowboat, if finished rowboat returns with some of the materials the destination port Produces. In addition every player of nation that owns the port receive notification (same as Port Battle start/end) that succesfull Raid Mission have been finished at a Region - which would attract attention, and the ship that performed the mission could be intercepted on the way back. - Retrieve Captured Officer - if deployed you receive location of an officer that go imprisoned by enemy nation at War, destination is set at one of the Region capital Forts, officer needs to freed using rowboat. When rowboat returns player receives an item 'Escaped Officer' that needs to be delivered to any own nations port, at which Gold reward is issued. In addition every player of nation that owns the port (Fort) receive notification (same as Port Battle start/end) that succesfull Retrieve Captured Officer Mission have been finished at a Region - which would attract attention, and the ship that performed the mission could be intercepted on the way back, the item 'Escaped Officer' could then be recaptured again and provide Gold reaward (but smaller than original mission owner if he would succed) at a friendly port. To prevent constant spam for every player in the Nation the range of notification could be limited to players in certain range or currently in affected / neigbour Regions.
  24. Missions for Light Frigates

    Lately I have been playing light frigates (I had forgotten how much fun they can be), I have noticed however that there is not really a good mission for this type of ship. What I mean to say is that the 118 & 135 level missions are pretty much the same, mostly brigs with a few Cerberus's & Renommee's... not very challenging and the level 152 missions are a bit much for these little frigs. So what if the 135 level mission could be made up of strictly class 5 ships mostly light frigates with some heavier ones throw in as well (no brigs, no niagara's), but set up so that an experienced player with a Cerberus or Surprise could have a ripping good fight and a less experienced player sailing a heavier frigate could also have fun. Don't how much work it would be to do this but it seems like it might be a positive change.
  25. Crowdsourcing for endgame-content

    Dear devs, the next thing what should be touched (assuming that the patch will be a hit) regarding motivating new/old players in late/endgame content imho. Have you ever considered making content through your trusted community? Mission varieties for example are time-consuming to make up (i imagine) but relatively easy to establish if you have a creative mind: mission text - persons, backgroundstory maybe even storylines (exclusive to nations or not) mission design - linked with the possible storylines variying between kill/fetch/search or combinations Tutorials should be a easy thing to text as well as translations for ingame stuff. If you provide us with a form and rules how content should look like, i guess many of the experienced and future captains will be happy to help. (maybe for a credit or another goodie - but still). But at this point i doubt there will be ppl proactive making complex suggestions if they arent sure what is happening with them. Also on a sidenote, maybe keep us posted which of the recent suggestions you are actually considering - I am feeling like there is seriously feedback missing. Maybe have a Mod gathering them in the "Developer news and announcements" section like the "The Road Map" for the most recent and urgent matters.