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Found 10 results

  1. Here’s a little video for your enjoyment of three of the ships we sail on the game. HMS Pickle (replica) HMS Surprise (replica) The Privateer Lynx
  2. After my encounter with the pirate B Morgan on the south coast of Jamaica I received unexpected gifts from strangers. Ships, gold and advice. The world of NA is full of helpful personalities (including Morgan). I leased a Cutter at Port Morant and sailed east to a mysterious island and the free port of La Navasse. There a wealthy Mr. White gave me a Trader Lynx. Before the permit and warehouse construction was complete on my new outpost I opened a letter from R. Admiral Tuck (Alias Tuck’s Slave) and sailed the Cutter back to Port Royal where Tuck built me another Trader Lynx and showed me how the craft Iron Fittings from ingots. He also gave me gold and explained to how me make money with labor in the port markets. Now I have two durable Trader Lynx. One in La Navasse and one here with me in Savanna la Mar. I intend to sail to Cayman Brac and set up an outpost to further trade between there and La Navasse. So I'm looking for advice on the best way to do that.
  3. Kalthios

    Make Schooners More Appealing

    Despite the advantage in maneuverability, the Basic Cutter is more appealing due to being free and performing better than the Lynx (which is much more expensive) in combat. We already have a couple of ports in the stern of the schooner models for a couple cannons, let's give them a couple small cannons in the stern to make them more appealing. Would definitely help them to be better privateering ships.
  4. The Lynx The Lynx is a small Two-Masted Topsail Schooner modeled after an American Privateer of the same (who is reported to have originally been a double topsail schooner). Now while she is has the smallest payload of all ships in the game (thus far) with only 8 guns (4 each side), the Lynx can be a cunning foe. She is slim, sleek and well built for her historic job: harassing shipping (preferably English). Let's look at why. First off, lets talk about her hull. Like most of the other smaller classed ships in Naval Action, the Lynx has a very low profile, making her somewhat difficult to hit. And while she is not altogether wide, meaning timing stern or bow raking shots difficult, she is rather long, appearing to be just a tad bit longer than the Cutter, so there's a little give-and-take here. Not altogether unique for Fore-and-Aft rigged ships, the Lynx is superb for sailing at any point from Beam Reach (that's perpendicular to the wind) onward to closely hugging into the wind (Close Hauled), managing much better than her larger Square-rigged foes at these points. she can prove to be very swift and maneuverable, should you manage to master her properly. However, where the Lynx excels is the number of crew she can carry. In comparison to other small ships, especially under crewed traders, the Lynx can carry much more crew. The Lynx can carry at least 50 crew which, for such a small and low-tier ship, is both impressive and deadly. Again this is 10 more crew than the Cutter, and is the first armed ship available to be optimally crewed after the cutter. The increased crew allows for a stronger force and presence when attacking and boarding merchants, who tend to have smaller crews than their regular armed counterparts. This means that the Lynx is the perfect small vessel for the burgeoning pirate who's ready to learn the ropes of boarding. The Privateer The Privateer takes the same model as the Lynx, adds guns, bumps up the crew, and slaps on a sleek and stylish red and black paint job. The Privateer adds four guns raising the armament to 12 guns (6 each side) putting the Privateer on par with the Cutter payload wise. However, the crew has been increased to 60, increasing the Privateer's potency as a small ship boarding monster. In numbers, both the Lynx and Privateer can be very imposing, and should be considered as a vital component to any Pirate fleet. Their small size, maneuverability and relatively large crew numbers for said size makes them a great guide for a player's introduction to boarding. Check out my other short ship synopses The Snow - A Pirate's Best Friend Brig/Navy Brig - The Good Teacher Cheers,
  5. Apologies in advance if this is the wrong place to post this. I would like to buy a Lynx. Can't seem to find one one for sale.
  6. GoldenEagleLeader

    The Lynx

    From the album: Light Ships

    The Lynx in OW
  7. There is a major bug associated with ships leaving port unarmed without any notification. This has been experienced by several people I've been chatting with, and by myself on multiple occasions. This has resulted in me losing two brigs and modules to the point I'm back down to a basic lynx with less than 1000 in gold. On losing an unarmed lynx I reenter port only to be awarded another unarmed lynx with no way of arming her. Once caught in this situation the game cannot be played.
  8. BrutishVulgarian

    Lynx, points of sail

    From the album: Close hauled

    lynx points of sail
  9. This was how my first match in the Lynx went, Gusty and Dread seemed amused at least! Though, it goes to show, you're not dead until you sink. Also, for new sailors, watch that blue line go up the ship, had I known that was.....
  10. I was going to show my earlier matches first, but the way Dred Zeppelin took being outnumber some 5-6 to 1 and didn't complain or rage made me want to share. the narration somehow got off time a teeny bit, ahwell. That's what I get for sticking to Windows Movie Maker. Hope yall enjoy! I also have the one where both of my masts where shot off, haven't uploaded that one because it's late/early, and if I watch it again I'll laugh really loud.... I live in an apartment.