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Found 10 results

  1. Sir William Hargood

    Loot Circles

    I have a question regarding the Loot Circle size for various ships sunk or captured. I have noticed that the loot circle for Cutter's or Lynx's and similar small ships is incredibly small...you have to virtually sail to alongside the ship to loot it. However larger ships are quite a bit larger. Is this as intended? It makes looting smaller ships very difficult indeed in anything but a small ship yourself. Since valuable books drop as loot is this not a bit unforgiving? Can the loot range not be equal for all ships? Surely my crew use the longboat anyway to carry stuff off... they must just row a bit.
  2. Hamish Alexander

    A way to increase versatility of AI fleet

    AI fleet members are necessary for trading, but have limited utility in combat. I have two ideas regarding more versatile commands. 1. A command for AI fleet members to loot Since a major source of permanent upgrades (and the only source for some) is looting ships, it would be a fantastic addition to command AI fleet members to loot wrecks. Implementation could be simple, as in you tell an AI to loot a specific wreck, and he's programmed to approach and then some mechanic exists for looting. 2. A general "move to here" set of commands. There's lots of situations where you'd like an AI to perform an action, but have a preference of the route he takes to do so. As in you can tell him to flee, but he just automatically goes to his fastest point of sail, even if that's straight into a group of AI. We should be able to set waypoints that end on the desired action. Combining with my first suggestion, tell him to move to point x before moving to loot a wreck at point y.
  3. ☸ Part IV - Modifier series guide: Perma Upgrade modifiers ☸ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ █ Ship crafting: █ Wood and trim modifiers █ Permanent Upgrades: █ Store - Refit & Note modifiers █ Store - Bow figurines modifiers █ Loot - Perma Upgrade modifiers █ Regular Upgrades: █ Store - Admirality book modifiers █ Loot - Upgrade book modifiers ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ Here are the missing Perma Upgrades/Refits. Those can only be found in loot when killing AI or if you are lucky when a player sold one to a port. All listed Items use a Slot as one Permanent Upgrade. Coles-Bentinck Pump NONE | WATER_PUMP_BAILING | 7% WATER_PUMP | MODULE_BASE_HP | 70% Copper Plating NONE | SHIP_MAX_SPEED | 2% NONE | SHIP_PHYSICS_DEC_COEF | -10% Additional Brake Pumps NONE | WATER_PUMP_BAILING | 5% Sir William Congreves Sights DECK_ALL | CANNON_DISPERSION_PER100M | CANNON_DISPERSION_VERTICAL_PER100M | -5% Swing Bed and Elevating Screw DECK_ALL | CANNON_MIN_ANGLE | CANNON_MAX_ANGLE | +5% NONE | FIREZONE_MAX_HORIZONTAL_ANGLE | +5% (State as of Patch 11.0)
  4. DustyTrashenborough

    On looting system and other MMORPG

    After playing the game for roughly a month I've come to the conclusion that the looting system is unnecessarily hard, especially as the rank of the missions increase(Mainly as players use bigger ships to deal with higher rank missions). The current system have the loots being tied to the ship's hull and as the ship sinks the distance keeps increasing from any surface ships(those who want to get the loots.). As such, there is an implicit window of opportunity to get the loot, dictated by the distance from the sinking ship and the wind direction. While some might argue that it is one's responsibility to position one's ship in a favourable positions before attempting to engage the enemies, in a hectic fleet missions it is quite likely that one might find the positioning to less than ideal. From personal experience, there are many loots that were not gotten in time. In other MMORPG the loot system is more streamlined, even almost automatic with players being able to pick up loots within a certain radius by double tapping a key, other system leave the loot visible and in an easy location to get to. I proposed a change where the loots are floated up to the surface and remained near the location of the sunken ship instead of being accessed via the sunken ship's hull. This will add a bit more complexity to the game engine as it'll have to instantiate the loot and create more objects to process, but it is not significant enough to hamper performance greatly, or even noticeably. Edit : Calculate the distance from the sunken using only 2 dimensions would also be welcomed. I.e. Disregard the depth. Assume the looting ship has really skilled divers.
  5. Recently the ability to search sinking ships for loot was added to the game. Combat NPCs have a chance of dropping valuable repairs as well as otherwise unobtainable and very valuable skill books and permanent upgrades. More recently trader ships acquired more cannons making them comparable opponents to their dedicated combat peers and the loot table for combat NPCs was expanded to drop more rare upgrades. The result of these changes is a severe imbalance of difficulty and rewards for a player sinking and looting a combat NPC vs a trader NPC. Currently on average a combat NPC will have more value in its hold in repairs, cannons, skill books, or permanent upgrades than a trader of equivalent strength will carry in resources or shipbuilding materials. Additionally combat NPCs give larger gold and xp bounties compared to their equivalent trader NPC. Since traders now have large armaments equivalent to their combat counterparts there is no longer any reason for a player to attack a trader instead of a combat NPC as the fight will be equally difficult and the rewards substantially less. Two suggestions should repair this imbalance. First, trader NPCs should have repairs, cannons, skill books, and permanent upgrades added to their loot tables in addition to the trade goods they currently drop. Second, the gold and xp bounties of trader NPCs should be increased to reflect their new strength in combat.
  6. Despite having looted ~30 NPC warships i haven't gotten a single skillbook or craft recipe/upgrade as loot. Bad luck or working as intended? Do higher BR warships yield higher chances for better loot?
  7. Fortunatus Wright

    Post Port Battle Win Loot

    I have submitted a bug report for this already in game (F11) on 2/10/17. After winning a port battle if you have lost your ship, it is currently impossible to take your loot with you. I am fairly sure this is not the intention and am wondering if there is a workaround or a planned fix to this issue. It is extremely frustrating to put in the effort for a win then be robbed of your reward at the end.
  8. Originating off my post in the patch notes thread: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/15638-development-plans-for-conquest-mechanics-rvr/?p=293895 Note: These are just rough ideas. The rewards, map design, ship types, fleet designs, etc.. Minor details can be worked out or discussed. Myself and a few of the players in the community have begun to feel that the current mission system is getting a bit stale. Things became a bit more fun and exciting when fleet missions were introduced but the base mechanics remained the same in that your objective scenario is always the same. "Go here, shoot this." Well to a certain regard that is what the game is but there are other ways... more creative ways of going about combat rather than the current sail to point X spawn in head to head and sink what's in front of you mission types that we have now. To break up the menatoney Here are perhaps a variety of new mission ideas: Exploration - Discover 5 new ports (player has to dock in 5 new ports that they have previously never been to before.) - Limited once per rank Exotic Trade - Mission will spawn an exotic good in the port where you start the mission and task you to deliver that item to another port of the same or ally nation Escort - Battle instance will load with a landmass with a harbor on each side. Your goal is to escort a trader to a circle near the opposite end of the map as 1 or more npc's want to kill you and your trader. Intercept - You and 1 NPC spawn in vs a trader and 1 NPC and your job is to kill or capture both ships. (Opposite of Escort) Fleet Intercept - A well guarded group of trader ships are being escorted and you and your group must kill and capture them all. Fire Watch - (Group Mission) You spawn in next to a large NPC fleet of line-ships of your nation. Your nation's NPC.s sail in a straight line and in 3 waves npc's equipped with the fireship module will spawn that will be trying to target your ships of the line. You and your group must sink all 3 waves of fireships. Coastal Assault - You spawn in next to an abandoned mortar brig and you have to sail over to it and take command of it and start killing structures/towers. As you do this you have a npc fleet of ships "carrying troops" that will be sailing into the port. Your mission is to destroy all land targets before they can kill your assault fleet of NPC's. To Arms! - Daily mission - Win one small battle or one large battle (Through joining in the port user interface) Mission is active until a win is achieved. On Guard! - Daily mission - Player assumes coastal patrol duties and is flagged as "Coast Watch" or "Coast Guard" for one hour. Player receives x3 experience for travel and x2 experience and gold for combat fought in friendly territory sphere of influence. In Plain Sight - This will be covert ops mission. The mission spawns you at a mouth of an enemy harbor at night (very dark and foggy). In this harbor there will be multiple ships of the line at anchor (and remain at anchor). You leave your current ship outside and nearby you take control of a cutter (or a gunboat maybe?) and your mission is to sneak around to the center rear of the enemy harbor and interact with their flagship and plant a powder charge then sneak back out again. As you sail away a slowmatch fuse will burn and then the powderkeg will ignite setting off a large explosion on that ship. On the shore in say 2 or 3 places there are combat towers but with very poor range (due to it being night and foggy). Also in the harbor are enemy patrol boats (cutters, gunboats, pickles, or something..) just sailing around but they will have a radius drawn around them (just like we see the radius if we tag someone in open world.) If you come within that radius then we essentially are "detected" and that ship will start shooting at you. If you sink you fail.
  9. zolfo

    loot not fixed?

    so this is an image after i had captured a traders snow from an enemy player. without knowing exactly what he was carrying i can only guess that his cargo hold was completely full and i for some reason only received 1 of each of his items. this is supposed to have been fixed so im mainly posting this for awareness that it may not be completely fixed. please note i am not asking for reimbursement of anykind just letting you know what happened and feel free to ask me questions in regard to this battle.
  10. Sandgar

    Group Sharing Loot

    I think we should be able to share loots with fellow group members after successfully taking trade ships. The 'loot' would be the cargo captured. This is so that the team gets fair distribution of the rewards captured from the enemy vessel.