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Found 2 results

  1. Norfolk nChance

    Idea: Start Missions and Storyline...

    Idea: Start Missions and Storyline... Inspired by @Wind http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/26065-naval-action-needs-a-good-story/ This is an expanded idea from Norfolk nNoob goes Gank-ing...! http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/25951-idea-norfolk-nnoob-goes-gank-ing/?tab=comments#comment-553556 Give this a quick read first. Containment of storyline... The idea of a storyline is to contain the alternatives and “what if’s” as much as possible while still having the effect of an Open World environment. For the Brand-new player logging on His only option is Player Character [PC] name... In our case Norfolk nNoob. Starting on the [PvE Enviroment] at La Navasse without a Nation as “Neutral”. In PvE there is no PvP of any kind so Nation status can be sidelined at first. The tutorial and mission storyline are NOT voluntary, but must be easy, friendly and draw the player in. The first Message Pops up... Message_1: “Hello Norfolk nNoob...” “Welcome [Norfolk nNoob], before letting you loose on the God-fearing Populace of the Caribbean you need to complete some basic skills of sailing. Please Complete Tutorials 1 to 4. They maybe done multiple times for practice...” Here the first four missions are a closed environment in a Brig. All well and good, when the fourth tutorial is completed successfully a second message appears. Also, the Brig is now in his ship selection with cannons and repairs in the hold that were taken... Message_2: “Capture the theif “Too Fingers Too Light Tony...” “[Norfolk nNoob] we have a problem, the scoundrel thief “Tony” has stolen some “Madagascar Jewels” from the Governors daughter (maybe her virtue too) in La Navasse stealing a trader brig as a getaway. Can you go race after him? Capture and return both the ship and jewels? The Governor would be in your debt. You will need to open PERKs left side PORT UI and select “FLEET CONTROL” using your 1 point. This will allow you to control both your Brig and the Trader Brig to bring both home. (All other choices are locked.) He was last seen travelling North West to Portillo...” OK a special AI T-Brig spawns “Too Fingers Too Light Tony...” along the area no other PC can tag it. PC captures the brig finds the jewels and needs to allocate crew to bring both ships back. He’s given the T-Brig as a reward and some cash but not the jewels. Complication Opens the next level... These missions continue which uncover trading, ship skills and crafting mechanic missions that then go to help solve that particular mission. The PC must complete the mission successfully in order for him to open the next level. Failure will see the mission respawn till complete. Later Missions... Later missions as I’ve said before start to involve Co-op with other players (it’s an MMO). This is open for any other PvE player to help out but must be in the same BASIC ships. These Co-Op missions involve the PC integrating and using his community for HELP and assistance. Setting up Team groups, PvE global chat and in group chat... Suggest a form of strategy to use against the AI objective to encourage team work. The Last Mission... This one Involves La Navasse under siege by Pirates. Norfolk nNoob and his friends must go out and break the siege together... Level Stage Break... After this last mission is completed Norfolk nNoob will be asked to relog into the game. This time he’ll have the choice to create PCs on the [PvP Carribbean] and [PvE Enviormrnt]. Then as now he’ll be asked to fill out Nation choice and a new PC name is desired. When Norfolk nNoob now logs into PvP he’ll spawn to his Capital of choice. He’ll have two ships 1x fighter Brig and 1x Trader Brig plus 10,000 equivalent currency. He doesn’t start from scratch. A message pops up offering him to take the “EXAMS” and “Final Exam” with what rewards they offer. If he then relogs into the PvE server same again new PC load up with exam options and starter pack. Exactly the same and can play both... And finally giving “Application Papers...” to join “AGONY” tours in PvP only... Closing... If we imagine just 8 to 10 missions that can cover all aspects of NA-Open World. Crafted into One Storyline that gets Norfolk nNoob immersed into the game with others. Using PvE as the Ladder is ideal giving 100% total protection. This bypassing all Safe Zone overlay reworks. This I think would help turn our Noob into a Junkie. But it would need a good storyline to keep interest and not too long... Once again thank you for taking the time to read it and as always do your worst below... Norfolk nChance[ELITE]
  2. Norfolk nChance

    Idea: Norfolk nNoob goes Gank-ing...!

    Short Version go straight to the bottom of the post... Problem: How do we turn the new player into a Junkie? What we don’t do is overload him with a massive shot straight in the arm forcing an immediate negative reaction. Whether he thinks he wants a large hit is immaterial but giving small doses at first allows for easy adoption. Just ask your Dealer. The ONE major complaint from BAD reviews on STEAM with the player having less than 250 hours Game Play is what he calls “Ganking”. In fact, what he actually is complaining about is “Seal Clubbing” which is different. Senior Players, in a group specifically go out to hunt down new players to get better kill numbers... You might want to grab a beer for this... The Learning Curve & the Naval Action-Ego... You’ve all got ego’s that are proud of this steep curve which we climb, me included. I remember @admin on the testbed setting up the basic mission cutter against Rattlesnakes Snows and Navy Brigs LMAO yeah, he has that same ego as well. How many Game Play Hours in NA-OW does a Newbie become a normal player? 50 hours maybe, to become competent 250 hours probably. That in its self is more input than most Games ever expect to deliver in content. If you take EvE Online [EvE] with a much steeper curve and World of Warships [WoWs] with much less of curve than NA-OW how do they turn Noobs into Junkies? Funny enough slowly. Let’s have a quick look at both, then what we in NA-OW do... [WoWs] takes the new player through a 15-level system, at each level it opens up another part of the game that was previously locked. You are not allowed to fight other players from the start, Co-Op at BEST. The 10 Ship Tier match making system breaks at Tier 5. So below T5 you’ll only encounter supposedly newer players in the smaller ships. This where Seal Clubbing starts for these guys. Even so to even start to fight ranked battles you need to have invested a few good months if you want to remain in them. The level system works because it stops overloading the new player with information. You get used to one part that then builds onto the next stage. Rather than getting it all in one hit. [EvE] sets you up in a PvE environment (High-Sec) with a story line to follow. By the end of the story you’ve a couple of small ships cash and a BASE knowledge of all the different concepts of the game. You’ll then spend time in High-Sec developing your Player Character (PC) on your own in PvE with Co-Op mission content as well. Going straight into PvP (Null-Sec) is very rare indeed. You wouldn’t survive... NA-OW the New Player Tutorial... You have a choice of two servers PvE or PvP. Then a tutorial to work through. Now giving @admin and the Dev’s some rope here its quite good. Gives the general Basic’s, but very quickly falls into the Naval Action-Ego Problem. It turns from an instructional tutorial to an exam system with a hard finish within four missions, just four missions. The Tutorial is not all encompassing either which is why it needs breaking up into different parts. I agree with the exam concept and the hard finish, but not as an introduction to NA-OW. This should be after the new PC as a grasp of the game first. The New Player needs to understand the Map, PORTs, Trading, Crafting, drone view and communicating with other Nation players and the rest of the Community. Co-Op and Nation Chat need to be part of the tutorial. The New PC must feel confident enough to ask for help of the Nation and learning to work with others to gain more from the universe (it’s an MMO remember). Currently they do feel alone, read the reviews... Just doing the tutorial then dropped into K/PR on [PvP Caribbean] is asking for trouble. Yes, you can do the tutorial multiple times but that’s not instinctive. A new player with no practice of handling a ship and daunted at the prospect of asking for HELP feeling like an idiot is a very real feeling they have. Safe Zones the answer... So, lets put up SAFE Zones or a Large Rookie area. On its own it seems like the perfect solution giving that ideal starter protection. Unfortunately, by itself its flawed. The New PC will not learn PvP and will still be Clubbed when he ventures outside. To learn how to fight you actually need to fight and get sunk... This is the state we are in NOW. The Rookie has no training or grasped of the Game essential before he is sunk learning nothing from the experience leaving a bad taste in his mouth leading to his STEAM review... Get another drink in, am sure you’ll need it... The Idea: Level Staging Every new player will go through this same process (including ALTS lmao). Norfolk nNoob is a brand-new player, after loading the game he can only enter the [PvE Caribbean Environment]. Here he will work through the game tutorial. He’ll be asked to complete a series of missions that come with rewards opening up all aspects of the game. This will be in Open World and not a locked environment. Trading, Crafting, Missions etc. Working up the Player Ranks and Craft ranks. At the later stages he’ll be asked to complete several Co-Op Missions with other players. Setting up PvE Chat, the how to group up as a team. In Team chat as well. The different missions will offer some form of strategy to use against the AI. Building team work with fellow players. The Last Co-Op Mission will be something along the lines of “Breaking the Seige...” in which Norfolk nNoob plus other players have to break out of the PORT Seige held in place by AI Pirates. Level Stage Break... At a certain Rank and Craft level plus Mission Success Medals, the level staging breaks. The Game will allow all players completing the tasks access to [PvP Carribbean]. The PC you currently have remains on PvE. PvE players just then continue on as before. The PvE PC can now take the exams and the final exam with bonuses if successful. Logging into [PvP Carribbean] offers the normal PC nation creation and spawn Capitals. When Norfolk nNoob now spawns in PvP he’ll be at a Fixed Rank and Craft Level with two basic ships a fighter and trader plus 10,000 currency. He doesn’t start from scratch... Also, the PvP PC can also take the exams and the bonuses on the PvP server now. The Final Stage... Hunting This idea is how I started to learn PvP in EvE. On a weekend these guys (link below) would take a group of noobs in BASIC ships in a fleet out into Null-Sec (PvP) and gank groups or a very big battleship. It seriously works, getting the Beginner into the fight as a large group with the smallest ships in the game sometimes sinking massive ships. (You don’t need the biggest guns to win) https://agony-unleashed.com/ https://forums.agony-unleashed.com/index.php?/forum/2-enrollment/ https://www.youtube.com/c/AgonyUnleashedPVP Agony is no longer going, but win lose or draw they gave Norfolk nNoob confidence. If time seriously look through the forum especially PvP BASICs and Class Preparations. Bringing Agony into NA-OW... Every Saturday NA Moderators would run a BASIC gank squad made up of brand new players or players wanting to learn and try PvP. Different Capital each week or neutral ports as well to create a mix nations group. BASIC small ship entry no frills. They then purposefully go out to roam and find a fight. Use TS3 Discord or better still in game group chat. The idea is to get them fighting, sinking and having a laugh within a group. It would be an event that would draw in players both new and old. The Dev’s running the thing would build player moral and the sense of community. The Problem of Seal Clubbing from this view now looks like a positive... @Hethwill or @Iroquois Confederacy and @Ink or even @admin himself running the squad for a couple of hours on a Saturday night would be a fantastic draw... This is important as it gives the Players a chance to see and play with the GamesLabs team that’s outside the usual restrictive FORUM format... In Closing... Its very easy for me to say how to do it from my point of view, I’m no genius. In my defense I took a small PvE Clan across to PvP Global. We got ganked we got sunk but we turned the tables and made it work very quickly. I know how the new players feel and where they are coming from... Try asking a new player who’s just got clubbed what he learned? Probably nothing at all but blaming the game the gank squad and feeling fcuked off... Him and his five mates all in Pickles go out and actively find and engage the Gank Squad. They still got sunk and swam home. Ask him what did he learn...? He won’t stop talking for hours. You get the idea right... Naval Action is a wonderful game, made better by YOU its community playing it. Thank you for taking the time to read my post, and please abuse it as much as wish below... Norfolk nChance [ELITE] The Short Version This is like watching Porn without the Storyline... Ron Jermey turning in his grave To keep the new player long term, he needs a better introduction system than we have at present. PvE ladder opens up [PvP Caribbean] access. Wider BASIC game knowledge in order to survive. Then GamesLabs running beginner fleet squads at regular intervals builds confidence in the player in both PvP-ing and the GamesLabs Dev Team... Now please go back and read the full post.