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Found 3 results

  1. Ahoy Mateys! Do ye fancy making some Gold or Marks? There be some Scallywags causing trouble for us Gentlemen o' fortune. I want these Scurvy dogs sent t' Davy Jones' Locker! or if ye capture der ship! Ya can keep it! Just send the Captain to us honest folk to be keelhauled! Aslong as ye get them in the open sea! No Port battles! and show the evidence of t' demise here! Ya shall get the gold by one of t' free ports! You can't sink someone of ye own nation! Unless pirate ofcourse! But if someone in the Nationals Sinks one of these Scurvy Dogs I be a honest pirate n' pay up! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ With me returning to the game and with a good number of requests to start the black spot again i thought why the hell not? so this is the new version of the Old Marked with the Black spot on PVP1. I'll also try to keep this one more crisp and clean this time around. (If someone wants someone else on the list PM me the guys you want on the list and the amount or give me the gold to remain anonymous or post here and ill throw them on and the price you be offering for the death has to be atleast 500,000 gold or PVP/Combat Marks. Everyone listed is not marked by just me but by a group of people so just because your on here does not mean i want to attack you) For more Bountys on various other people visit SALTY Discord which has been running a bounty system on it for the past 6 months invite here: https://discord.gg/4dPCwBa _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Some Rules: -No Port Battle Kills -No Green on Green -Post here a images of there demise or PM me ingame of the images etc and ill try and get in contact ASAP to reward ya! 2 Images prefered them taking damage, and them sinking/with the leaderboard. -If you end up dying in the engagement aswell it does not count (Fire ships/explosions) -Any added requirements by the person who sets the mark will have to keep track of it and will dictate the reward i'm just putting the Mark to show they're targeted and how much you'll ATLEAST get. - Putting a Gold bounty on someone is for when they're killed, Any added bonus or subtracted Gold etc is decided by the person who set the mark not me. - If someone gets knocked of the list when they die they can't be put back on the list for atleast afew weeks. - Only 1 person at a time can set a mark on someone, that means multiple people can't stack onto one mark. This saves the guy who kills the mark from going to 3+ different guys for the reward. (Encourages higher bounty's also or pooling the reward onto 1 person.) Optional: Also If people want and trust me, give me the gold and i'll pay the guy who completes the mark upon completion. If they mark is cancelled i'll refund the Gold. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ List of Current Bounty's ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ List of the Recently Killed. Means these guys are immune to further Marks for about 2 Weeks.
  2. Free Town limitations

    @admin I'd like to see some limitations put onto Free Towns. For several days now, the Dutch nation has been plagued by certain Pirate players, that enjoy hunting in the area between Coquibacoa and Fort Zoutman. The hunting part, i have no issues with. The part i have issues with, is that when we chase them, they just run back to the Free Town, and then pop back in and out for a few minutes until it's safe to start hunting again. For the Dutch players, this just becomes an unending game of whack-a-mole, and there's nothing we can do to stop that. I'd suggest some kind of timer on leaving and re-entering the free port Another option is a port battle-like mechanic that allows a nation to blockade the free port for x hours. This would allow only ships of the blockading nation to enter and leave the free port for the duration of the blockade.
  3. Locator 'agents' and spys.

    I feel we need a way to locate individual players (for whatever reason you wish) without them knowing. As I'm unsure of whether we're allowed to mention other MMOs on the forums (saw a poster saying that it wasn't allowed) I kind of got the idea from a popular space based MMO which boasts lots of players on a single server, is was harsh when it came to PvP and had thousands of different locations. So essentially some taverns will let you speak to "the shady guy in the corner" or simply the barkeep, who hears many rumours. After entering a player's name into the UI and giving the man some gold for his services he would give you the general location of the player, how accurate this would be would be dependent on how good the agent/barkeep was at locating players and the better ones would refuse to help you until you do more for their faction (this is probably going to be much later on when you can have different standings with nations; if that is introduced), the agent/barkeep would tell you from which port they last set sail and when that was however they will be range limited and as you get to access better ones their range would eventually encompass the whole map. How their range could be implemented I've no idea, whether it would be a lat/lon thing or it would involve the different major areas (such as the bahamas, florida, mexico, etc.) and how many 'levels' of these agents there would be though I definitely think one should be able to locate a player and try and seek him out, then sink him. Or keep him camped in port. Anyone else agree that this should be implemented? Any criticisms? Any ideas or points that I may have missed? Cheers -DD