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Found 32 results

  1. Crash near port royal

    So I was sailing around, like you do. All of a sudden my game crashes. I take the time that was forced onto me to get food, and a drink. I come back and I am sunk and in the port of Kingston-Port Royal. Maybe I was thrown into combat and died, but regardless I had no way of preventing that. I lost my prize Teak-White Oak Surprise. This is one of many times glitches have ruined my experience, difference is I lost a great ship that I was in love with. Anyone else have tips to prevent these, or any relatable experiences with losing something great that was out of your control?
  2. No Audio

    Hello, There is no longer any sound or audio when I launch the game. I haven't been able to find any fixes, and when I tried emailing the devs, I didn't get any response. Is there anyone here that can help with this issue? This problem makes the game pretty impossible to play and enjoy. Thanks, x0Maverick0x
  3. Cannot change any graphical settings.

    I loaded up naval action and it was stuck in 640x400 resolution and I need it in 2560x1080. I changed it but the apply button was cut off of the screen so I cannot change any settings or my resolution. Can anybody help?
  4. ship bulding

    Guys can anyone tell me pls why i cant craft this pickle? http://prntscr.com/hljif3 i have space in docks, just pls dont tell me that i need shipyard lvl 1, because i have already lvl 2.
  5. erm so my ingame name is [ كافر ] Dickballs Assman (yeah figured out why i got muted pretty quickly) But I was wondering if there was any way this could be fixed? can admin just give me a rename? I just want to be able to talk to people ingame without giving up my precious XP for posseidons sake. Ive been muted since like the game came out and I would just like a break from that terrible message, its preventing me from getting back into the game :^( My apologies for thinking i was a smartass. DB
  6. no exp on Global server

    me and my friends wanted to switch to global server due to PB restriction . now i find out that i didnt get my xp on there. Its still there in the EU server and also on the PVE server, but didn't transfer to the Global server like promised. Any Devs able to help me out on this issue??? Not gonna start all over again , and I probably wont ...love this game and I have talked to several friends who did get thier xp , of the 4 guys iam playing with iam the only one without my previous earned 83333 xp ... just want my exp back... i also made a bug report and checked all other chars on other server earlier today and they have the redeembles but they are boring restricted servers after the wipe with teh new adjustments... o7
  7. Is anyone else playing against full size armies that have 95% three star units? I've won most of my battles and its the easier difficulty. playing as the union yet their armies are always huge, my troops can barely maintain two stars, those that have them anyway. Then some of my troops just turn and run after the first volley even against skirmishers??????? First image is my defensive troops behind cover running back home screaming like little girls even though they have 1000+ vs maybe two units of 500 at that time? Also my units do maybe 30 kills in a volley but would take super casualties no matter what. tried many things but ya idk what's going on. also second image troops on the right after taking a screenshot ran off screaming because omg 250 skirmishers deep in the woods.
  8. what happend here ?

    trying to see what it was about and could not open first page .is it closed or deleted what happend ? wanted to see what was coming
  9. Kickstarter for a tutorial

    Let me start by saying I have helped countless players try and learn the game with most not lasting a week. Any new player I meet they get showered with ships and gold trying to help them up. Invite them to teamspeak and hand hold but one fishing hook can only catch one fish at a time. A big net of a tutorial will catch many more fish (players we need to test the game) It seems a tutorial is low on the list of priorities as is the constitution revamp so why not try and solve two birds with one kickstarter? Lets raise some money to have a solid tutorial that will benefit new players and veterans who wont have to hand hold new players as much.
  10. Здарова! В общем я если делаю себе цербер или другой корабль с экипажем доходящим до 200 человек и больше. Пытаюсь опробовать корабль... а он не плывёт, только крутится. Я обыскал все вики и всё перепроверил, скажет ли мне кто нибудь в чём причина? P.S Не нашёл темы где бы можно новичку задовать вопросы.
  11. Opening the forum on my chromebook I'm stuck in mobile version. I can't find link anywhere to go to desktop version. Can I put something behind the URL to get to the desktop version? Or something?
  12. Hi, Whenever I play Naval Action and I get into combat my computer randomly shuts down and restarts, this never happened to me before and I have been playing Naval Action for about 200 hours. I thought that it might have something to do with the system overheating, so I bought compressed air and cleaned it firmly. This did not seem to have worked for it is still happening. Specs: Nvidia Gtx 780 - GPU Intel i7 3770 - CPU 8G - Ram 1TB HDD - Storage MSI Millitary Class III Z77A-G41 - Motherboard Thank you for your time captains, -Capn Hornigold
  13. SteamAPI_init() failed.

    Hi there, so I'm getting this error when I try to connect to the server(SteamAPI_init() failed.), don't know why it's coming up (something to do with steams API?) anyway, help is appreciated, can't get into the game otherwise.
  14. Belle Poule or Frigate?

    I've just reached Master Commandant on the PVE server and have been looking to upgrade to a new ship from my Cerberus. I've had some leanings towards the Frigate for a while, but I've heard that many players think that the Belle Poule is an outright better ship, so I'm a bit split on what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions on which way I should go?
  15. Help Crafting Bellona

    Hello everyone, So looking into getting my hands on a Bellona. Unfortunately im am a long way off being able to craft one my self, level 29 crafting. So would like to make a proposition to any and all DUTCH Shipwright's capable of crafting her. My proposition is simple, in exchange for crafting one for me I would produce all the required materials and the gold coins for the crafting notes. I only have a level 2 shipyard so am unable to craft the HG notes. Looking at NA Craft I can see a Ballona takes 1465 Labour Hours to craft + 310 for each HG note, that I am unable to make, giving a total Labour Cost of 2705. So I am offering 3000 labour hours and all crafting material and gold coins in exchange. I am going to be available over the coming few weeks as I have a bit more time, So we can arrange times for when you need my services for labour hours ect. If anyone would be willing to help I would be very grateful and would appreciate a comment below or PM so that we can sort the details. Kind regards, Samuel van Heerden
  16. need help

    This isn't really for the forums but more the admins Let me start from the begining Biloxi is attcked by the US, 4 players, 3 trincs and a connie on the GB side US side, I don't remember XD (7ships connies and ingers) the battle started well and everyone was happy but when one of ours sunk the cockyness had become a little more noticable, earlier during the day one of the Americans had called my friend a "pussy" for running from a 4v1 fight. as the battle continued abuse began to get thrown at GB a player calling me a "Cheap roo Fcker" obviously denoting my Australian culture. I got some screenshots of this if any admins would like to see.
  17. 1.5x BR limit mechanics explanation?

    Can someone explain to me how these mechanics work? To my understanding it simply means that no one can join a battle after the initial tag that would imbalance the BR by a factor of more than 1.5x. And yet, a few minutes ago I was tagged by a belle poule in my surprise, and after the battle started (30 seconds in), a frigate joined the belle's side. If my understanding of the mechanics applied, this should have been impossible, because: Surprise - 140 BR Belle Poule - 180 BR Frigate - 170 BR 140 BR x 1.5 = 210 180+170=350 350>210 Therefore the frigate should be incapable of reinforcing the belle. But he was capable of reinforcing the belle. Why? http://imgur.com/yL2wkC4
  18. Historical expertise needed

    Greetings my friends. I'll keep this short. I am in the process of writing a novel set during the Hundred Years' War that was fought between England and France. The period of the war I am concentrating on is the period between 1337 and 1375. During that time there were many naval engagements. The battle of Sluys involved Hundreds of ships and the strategies used by both side are similar to those used at the battle of the Nile. Also the battle Les Espagols sur mer, aka The Battle of Winchelsea, which involved approximately 40-50 ships on each side showed that control of the sea has been an important war objective long before the 'age of sail'. I understand that the age of sail referred to on this forum is a time of sailing ships hundreds of years after the time frame of my novel, but I know that there are many clever people on the forum that have a vast knowledge of history. I need information on the ships used at the time, the cogs and hulks as they were known. Also the Castilian and Genoan galleys. I know abit but not enough for a good detailed novel. Could anyone tell me of crew numbers, speed, seaworthiness and perhaps the interiors too. I know 'cabins' weren't really a thing at the time, not how we know them to be. Of course I've looked up the information myself but I find a lot of what I read tends to be contradictory and quite vague. Thank you all.
  19. Hey everyone, With the recent patch dropping allowing players to switch nation I am looking to do just that! I was sailing under the black flag but its just not as much fun as I though it might be. So im looking for a very kind soul to 'look after' my ship and gold while I reroll a new character? I am currently stationed in Conquibacao, a little way west of Willemstad (The Dutch Capitol). What im asking is if someone would very kindly hold my belongings while I delete my existing char, make a new one and sail over to Conquibacao from Willemstad. If someone with some decent forum rep of the Dutch nation would be willing to help I would be most grateful, Please message me so we can arrange a time, I should be about most of the weekend. Samuel
  20. Game Froze, Lost Ship

    I have the following issue: I was in a battle against a constitution with clan members, my game freezes, and I can't do anything except restart the PC, thus loosing the ship in the meanwhile. I still heard my clan members on TS3 nearly screaming for me to do something about my sinking ship ("press 8"..."survival mode!!!") but by the time I had restarted my PC and the game my ship was far gone. The game is in Alpha stage, bugs are to be expected, I understand. However considering that I am not at fault for the game freezing, as this never happens to my PC otherwise, I feel the punishment is a bit harsh. In the end my question is the following: Is it possible to restore the durability point to my Renommee? Server: PvP 3 Europe Character: Chiffre Time: ~0:30 GMT+1 Location: East of Coquibacoa
  21. As i always see the same questions in the help chat, i thought posting a link would answer questions faster than retyping the same stuff over and over again, so here we go. Why can't i equip my guns. The numbers in brackets determinates the grade, the first bracket for cannons the second one for carronades. Why is my crew number red? Your ship is undercrewed, do missions and level up. Why can't i join a fight? Either it's a mission of another player or the fight is older than 5 minutes. Where can i get missions? In port, top left corner, Home/Equipment/Missions/... I can't find my mission. Your mission is named Admirality Order and the swords are higher above the sea, try to find this. Does trading give xp? No. What is contraband? Atm it just says you can attack ships of your own nation, without becoming a pirate. How does boarding work? Shoot chain into sails to slow them down, then grapes over the deck/railing to decrease crew, try to turn your enemy upwind until both ships are slower than 3,5kn, then press G and play boarding game. http://navalaction.wikia.com/wiki/Boarding Where can i buy repair kits? Home tab of port, right hand of selling ship button. What are ship letters for? They're just intel, some people post them in nations chat. Will my ship be lost if i get sunk? Your ship has a durability, that's its live count, loosing your ship reduces it by 1, if you reach 0 your ship will be lost. Can i restore durability? No, not yet. I can't sell my ship. Only dur 5 ships can be sold in the shop, but you can sell it in the home tab of the port to a NPC. I can't buy fleet ships. They're a help for beginners and can only be bought below rank 4. How do i use fleet ships? If you check the box of the given ship it'll automatically supports you in fight. How can i give orders to my fleet ships? Press M in battle. Where can i repair my fleet ships? Only in port on the fleet tab. What are the different item quality grades? grey = basic green = common blue = fine purple = mastercraft yellow = exceptional Can i use spyglass in the OW? No, not yet. Wiki: Ships http://navalaction.wikia.com/wiki/Ships Abbreviation: OW Open World Abbreviation: NPC / AI Non-Player Character / Artificial Intelligence (both terms mean game driven ships) Abbreviation: PotBS Pirates of the Burning Seas (once popular age of sails game) Quickstart-Guide: Do missions, buy better guns, stick with you basic cutter until rank 3, buy fleet ships which will help you in fights and get a Snow (or a Brig) at rank 3. Craft: Blueprint Tree http://www.navalactioncraft.com/blueprints Ship characteristics http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/7029-ships-inherent-characteristics/page-1 --- Help with this thread will be much appreciated, i'll take a look regularly and will add questions.
  22. how do you dowload

    what do you have to do to get into this game?
  23. Am entitled to redeemables :) ?

    Hi, I bought the in the morning ca. 10 am, 23. Jan. And stated playing the same day, on two different servers. The funny thing is some of my friends whom bought the game that day got two redeemable ships, and i did not. I was just wondering if the redeemables just were for some random people, or what. I'am just asking out of curiosity, because it would really be nice have those redeemables, like my other friends. Btw. I just love this game Kind regards.
  24. newbie help for optimisation (en, ru)

    Привет моряки! Хочу купить эту игру, но сам играю на ноутбуке и не знаю, потянет ли. Если кто может, подскажите нубасику. Параметры ноутбука: - Intel Core I5-3210M 2.5 GHz - Nvidia GT 640M - 6 GB Ram Hello, sailors! I want to buy this game, but the play on a laptop and do not know whether it can pull it. Help, if someone can. Laptop spec: - Intel Core I5-3210M 2.5 GHz - Nvidia GT 640M - 6 GB Ram
  25. Is this game on Mac?

    Hi guys, I want to buy this game but I don't know if it's on mac. I know gaming on mac sucks, I am getting a PC later however I would like to start to play this game on release and not in a few months time. Thanks!