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Found 3 results

  1. fransgelden

    I quit

    I'm going to outline the reasons here on why I quit this game. Last year, the game was fun, we had fun, there was lots of action and things was easy. Now the game is difficult, time consuming and is expecting your patience to get somewhere. Unfortunately, I don't have that patience and I don't like to work, I want to play. The reason: 1. Absence of captain mission: You can only do solo up till first lieutenant and higher is only fleet missions. I enjoyed doing a couple of these missions every day, but now the absence of solo missions higher than first lieutenant is making the game too difficult. I have to organise every time with people to do captain missions and it is too cumbersome and difficult to get everyone together. The missions also helped me with providing gold, now I get peanuts. 2. Ships: It was fun to sail with 4th rates and 3rd rates around, doing missions, chasing people away, doing PVP where firepower is needed and as a good tanky ship to absorb most of the shots. Now everyone is sailing with an indefatigable and its so difficult to make 4th rates now. I have to rely on other people and have patience to get a 4th rate and I'm fed up. I want to sail, have fun and get a stimulating experience. Now its not fun and stimulating. 3. Crafting: What the heck happened here?! Why removing the autonomy of crafters? Removing crafting xp from materials is the worst decision as it now prohibits crafters from leveling up! I had my own fun with crafting and made reasonable profits. Now I get peanuts for crafting and everything is too expensive, compared to what I get in battles! 200K to make a 5th rate, but only get 20K on average? How many battles should I do just to pay off my ship?! Then I also have to spend a heck lot of money on hull/rigging kits! The system killed crafting and all I'm doing now is supplying stone and hemp for my clan, that's it. 4. Time consuming: Last year, I could craft a ship, go out and doing missions, join some PVP and doing port battles. Didn't had to worry about ship being expensive and didn't care if got sunk as I had plentiful of other ships to have fun in. Now I'm to afraid to take out my ships. If it sink, I loose more than I gain. I have to do trading, which takes hours and then other nations can steal your loot. Trading is the most time consuming exercise in this game and it feels like work to do it. I do not want to trade, but I can't craft, and missions are too difficult to setup with other players. What am I suppose to do to get alternative source of gold without have to trade? Over and all, this will help the devs making decisions on their development of the game and it is up to the devs to decide who they want to cater, hardcore or casuals. In my opinion, it is better to make options open for casuals, as they make up of the majority of a game playerbase. I'm just saddened the fun of the game is reduced for me and I cannot spend time on something that makes me frustrated and unhappy. The game was fun, now not so much as I lost a lot of autonomy and options to play quick and fun. The battles is the only reason why NA is fun, the OW not.
  2. My suggestion is to turn all pirates into say Portugees, or Australians, Portugees is prob the better option. they will then have same privileges as other Nation no advantages. 1.introduce new pirate mode. Hard core Perma death or may be 2 or 3 lives. 2. Pirates cannot join clans. this does not stop groups getting together on say teamspeak. 3. No Port battles . but they can raid ports they would have to attack but obviously give defenders time to respond.( good upgrade drops for them ect), would think same as flag cost is relatively high to slow down spamming 4. Pirates can access any port to trade . but give them a island and some safe ports around the map. 5.Pirates can capture ships Traders and steal the goods. Not necessarily keep the ship, but could sink it if ransom was not paid. 6. Pirates get a bounty on their heads, put there buy there victims. this would then encourage bounty hunters chasing them down the vagabonds . bounties mount up as as a kitty from all who place them, untill the pirate is captured and hung or made to walk the plank( could be mechanism for perma death or set number of lives. The higher the Bounty the more famous they become. Have a leader board where there names are up in lights Dead or alive , this could be reset every say 3 years! 7. As pirates are hard core possibly a pirate to pirate friendly PVP mode that does not kill them permanently.( allows some training) 8. Any Pirate attack leaves the timer open for all to help the hapless victim. but not other Pirates say after 1 or 2 min the window closes for them. i'm sure you get the idea. others will possibly add to this or suggest better thoughts. Thanks for a fantastic game. you are all doing a fantastic job, Keep it up. Talbaron.
  3. Jeremiah O'Brien

    Open World- Game Modes

    Here's an idea to resolve all the debate about open world. Have two "game modes," but on two separate servers. -Server one will be "arcade" open world. -Server two will be "hardcore" open world. Server one- The "arcade mode" will feature durabilities, fast-paced gameplay, and tons of PvP. Economy will be greatly downplayed to allow players to have many fun battles in one gaming session. More casual players won't have to worry about longer sailing times and less battles. Fleet Battles can be arranged and announced ahead of time for maximum attendance. Server two- The "hardcore mode" will place great emphasis on economy/PVE. Explorers will be crucial and resources in high demand. Battles Will still occur, simply less frequently. Ships will not have durabilities, and once a ship is sunk, it is lost. Captured ships will function in the full capacity of normal ones. Resources will be very important for ship crafting, and crafting will play a very important part in the game. This can solve the issue of casual gamers who have a more limited time, and allow them to have just as much fun without having to worry about crafting ships or collecting resources, they can focus on having exciting battles in an open world environment. Likewise, hardcore gamers will have a more realistic environment, which will require crafting and resource gathering, which the casual gamer won't have as much time for. Both types of gamers will be able to experience the beautiful open world, but without having to deal with concessions made for other playing styles. And, when the hardcore gamers have a smaller time window, they can jump right into the "arcade mode," while when casual gamers get some more free time from their busy schedule, they can hop into the "hardcore mode" server and do some exploring of their own. This can accommodate both playing styles, and allow for people with different time frames to make the most of their playing time, rather than have everyone in one game mode where we all lose out a little bit. Feel free to point out any flaws in my ideas, and share any suggestions you think could make this better.