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Found 38 results

  1. A way to increase versatility of AI fleet

    AI fleet members are necessary for trading, but have limited utility in combat. I have two ideas regarding more versatile commands. 1. A command for AI fleet members to loot Since a major source of permanent upgrades (and the only source for some) is looting ships, it would be a fantastic addition to command AI fleet members to loot wrecks. Implementation could be simple, as in you tell an AI to loot a specific wreck, and he's programmed to approach and then some mechanic exists for looting. 2. A general "move to here" set of commands. There's lots of situations where you'd like an AI to perform an action, but have a preference of the route he takes to do so. As in you can tell him to flee, but he just automatically goes to his fastest point of sail, even if that's straight into a group of AI. We should be able to set waypoints that end on the desired action. Combining with my first suggestion, tell him to move to point x before moving to loot a wreck at point y.
  2. Lost Fleet Ships

    So I was in a battle against an ai Bellona in my Aggy with my usual fleet of an Endy and Surprise. Long story short, by the end of the battle, both were the usual AI and were pressed up against the shore. The Surprise was even bouncing up and down. After leaving the battle, I went back to port. To my horror and surprise, my Endemyon was not in my fleet at the port. So I lost my ship. The ships had almost full health at the end of the battle as I was looking at it to laugh at the beaching, so I did not lose it by it sinking. And it was not beached as much as the Surprise, who came with me. She was a great ship and I am worried that happened as it happened to a Belle Poule of mine earlier. I assumed she was sinking that time, but now I am skeptical. I hope this can be resolved soon before I or other players lose perfectly fine fleet ships!
  3. Fleet ships and carpenters

    Would installing a carpenter upgrade in a fleeted ship make a difference? Will it actually self repair while in battle?
  4. Ship dissapeared from inventory

    I was trying out the fleet commands and my fully outfitted snow disappeared from my ship list. How do I get it back? On pvp global.
  5. Fleet ship dilemma

    I captured a t brig and added it to my fleet, I moved half my basic cutter crew to it and sailed to Savannah with my prize. Once there, I was unable to split the fleet, it said I could not do it because I did not have an outpost there. I could not leave port because the basic cutter requires 28 min crew to sail and the t brig 18 for a total 46. My max allowed crew at my rank is 40. Trying to leave the port in a different b cutter would cause the loss of the fleet, don't care about the original b cutter, but did not want to lose the t brig. Furthermore, I could not sell the t brig if I couldn't sail it out of Savannah because I was not allowed to split the fleet in a port where I did not have an OP. The only thing I could do was to dismiss the t brig and not make any gold out of it. I could sell the loot in Savannah, or transfer it to the port warehouse, then to the b cutter hold to transport it to another port for a better price. So, my questions are: 1- Is there any reason/rationale for making this whole operation this complicated? 2- Why can't we separate fleet ships and sell them individually at any port regardless of having an OP or not?
  6. Sell Fleet Ships in Port

    Currently, you have to move a ship from fleet to dock to sell it, even just to sell to AI. This is a problem with the limited number of available dock space. If your five slots are used, when you cap a ship on PvE, your only realistic options are to sink it or take to port and sell one of your other ships. Recommend adding an option to the fleet menu in-port to allow selling a ship to AI, rather than just Dock or Dismiss.
  7. The fleet perks to be able to hold more ships in your fleet is redundant. Most players will have at least 1 fleet perk and it taking up perk slots. I suggest the complete removal of fleet perks and you have the ability to hold the number of ships in your fleet, depending on the rank you are. Or give 1 fleet slot for free and give the player the ability to decide if they want to have 1 extra fleet perk or not.
  8. I know that cannon loadout, mods, and build quality (color) are not reflected in your AI fleet ships' combat capabilities but what about wood choice and regional trim?
  9. Trading and protection

    I am a trader and I love this game. My ships have been ganked many times with only one option for me. Having a trade ship with cannons is just not logical. Why fight a battle way out of your league with your precious cargo at stake?! I like the naval battle aspect too, now here comes my question: Is it possible to have your trade ship flee the scene and than take over your battle ship and fight a spectacular fight to show that traders are no doormats? I mean, that your trade ship is in the clear and and whether you win or lose the battle, you can continue your trade after the battle. Follow-up question is can you switch controls in mid fight when you have too? Having a friend to protect you always is not doable unless that friend is your slave and has nothing else to do
  10. Ciao a tutti, essendo un niubbone avrei 2 semplici domande sulla flotta: 1 - E' normale che se un player ti attacca mentre sei in Open World la tua flotta in battaglia nn c'è? Esempio, ieri un maledetto inglese P mi ha attaccato mentre comandavo una privateer e come flotta una Linx, ma in battaglia la mia cara Linx nn c'era, cosa fastidiosa perchè una parte della Crew era stata messa li sopra, quindi avevo in pratica una Privateer senza nemmeno l'equipaggio al completo... 2 - Posso caricare merci su di una nave che ho nella mia Flotta? Per esempio, carico una nave da guerra più che posso, ma mi faccio seguire da un'altra nave da trasporto con altre merci sopra. Grazie mille, scusate ancora per le domande che per i più possono sembrare cose ovvie
  11. "Demast" command to AI fleet

    If you issue the Demast command to your AI fleet, is he chaining the sails or going in close trying to kill the mast with ball shot?
  12. Hey there! Today I found out, the hard way, that when you leave battle without your fleet your fleet SINKS. I 'only' had a precious rattlesnake in my fleet after capturing a players trader and taking command of it, and the rattlesnake is my main and favorite ship, but if people have way bigger ships in their fleet this could be a problem. I strongly suggest there should be a warning before leaving the battle about your fleet getting destroyed if you don't wait for them. Or just remove the feature, letting the AI ships fight on (so the player can spectate)- Thanks, Lz
  13. Here are some suggestions that in my opinion could improve game play in some areas. At least, if technically possible some of these should be tested/assessed. SHIP NON-PERMANENT UPGRADES _______________________________ The easy way to address the non permanent upgrades would be to look at reality. If I have 2 ships, I most likely will have a set a amenities in each and they will not appear at the docks magically for availability in an upgrade window before I set sail. It's a convenience that is not possible in the real world unless the ships are moored next to each other. You can't just move all upgrades out of a boat in one place, teleport 400 miles away and voila! all the upgrades are still here ready to be used in another boat. Granted the teleportation is needed to help game play otherwise we would all get old and senile traveling for days between areas on the map. (reduce the map so everything can happen in real time?). In short, make the non permanent upgrade that are in one boat, only transferable to another boat in the same port. If you want to move them to another port they have to travel by boat in the hold or be sent by delivery system in free towns. BATTLES WITH ONE DURABILITY SHIPS _________________________________ The ideas below pertain only to battle end game and not to boarding mechanics. At this time boarding is the only way to capture a ship in PVP. I would propose an additional way to capture a ship during battle: I again take inspiration from real world for guidance. I don't think that captains would let ships sink so easily whether on the defending or attacking side. The loss of life alone, including their own would be enough incentive for the losing captain to make an effort toward the survival of the ship. For the winner, the prize is one of the incentives for getting in the fight. The ship can be taken and added to your own war effort, the crew taken as press gang, etc... Also I don't think that wooden ships sank that easily as they do in the game. I understand that we need to have a clear "win" or "loose" status for game play clarity. However this create a loss of opportunity in other areas. Once the majority of the crew has been dedicated to keeping the boat afloat and can no longer fight... Once the pumps can't overcome the water coming in and repair kits have been used... Once the main mast is down after repair kit has been used... (insert more instances of unrecoverable loss here) I would think it's time to cry uncle and maybe, once this level of damage is achieved (when water line is high enough that cannons are inoperable for instance but boat is still afloat?), the white flag should come up automatically in the game, declaring a "stranded status" as the damaged ship is no longer maneuverable, no longer in the fight, and is not as much to be boarded as it is to be rescued. At this point the winning side would have a certain time limit to board the ship before it sinks, assign crew to it, use repair kits of its own to prevent it from sinking, etc... If they fail to get to the stranded boat in time, it is doomed and sinks with all hands. The losing captains loses boat, crew and officer. If they get to it in time, on the losing side, part of automating this end game process gives the vanquished captain the choice to surrender this one durability boat as well as surrender his crew to replace the lost crew of the winning captain in exchange for keeping the life of his officer. If he refuses he basically refuses to be rescued and sinks with all hands, looses the boat, crew and one officer's life. So choices, are surrender and you keep your officer's life or sink and loose all but deny the winner from taking the boat and crew. This is not a boarding battle, it is essentially a rescue. This potentially would make ships themselves stay longer in the game and change hands in a more diversified way as battles go on. Ship would still sink regularly when they are not salvaged in time or when captains refuse to surrender. You might loose you ship and capture it back at a later date which is an incentive to not let it sink in the first place. Some ships might become famous for having been captured many times and survive many battles which brings up the next topic: SHIP PAINT AND CUSTOM NAME __________________________ Once ships have more chances to survive battles and becoming famous it would be nice to give them personality by allowing custom ship names that stay with the boat once christened as well as making custom paint readily available at ports to give them distinctive character. Paint is not something special in the world of ships. Maybe gold leafing or special custom figureheads could be rare items but not paint. Making "rare" ships has also the unwelcome side effect of captains avoiding combat to preserve the custom paint of their "special" ship. This behavior alone degrades the quality of PVP on the server. DEALING WITH CAPTURED SHIPS ___________________________ As much as I like to teleport a captured ship it should not be possible to cross the entire map at the click of a button. You capture a ship, you deal with it. When a ship is captured, the victorious captain must assign crew to it after emergency repairs have allowed the ship to stay afloat, then it can be added to the FLEET and sailed back by the regular open world sea ways. If the captain already has a full fleet (2 slots as of now) provision should be made in the game mechanics for towing the captured ship without fully crewing it and of course taxing the open world speed accordingly. ​There should also be an option in the event of multiple ships captured, to allow the victorious captain to either to pass the control of the captured ship to a clan's mate or group mate. __________________________________________ Thanks for reading this far, please critique, comment, improve etc... -T
  14. Suggestion: Player AI Traders

    Hey! At present, we have random AI traders and fleets sailing around, with no real purpose other than floating targets. I'd like to suggest that rather than having random fleets and traders, or perhaps in tandem with those, the fleets sailing around are actually carrying items for the nation- If a player collects from his/her resource buildings in a given location, but is unable/unwilling to sail that cargo to it's destination themselves, they could hire AI traders to make the sail for them; like deliveries to/from free ports currently; in the open world, able to be attacked by players of another nation. This would mean that attacking enemy traders on the open water would serve a real, tangible purpose, as it would be likely that those traders are carrying materials essential to the economy of your enemy. Perhaps if a player pays more for the contracted ship (or based on the value of the cargo?), the number of escort ships increases, meaning that taking a more valuable prize would take more coordination between the individuals making the attack. Thoughts?
  15. Adding Ships to Fleet

    To avoid losing yet another trader-load of hard-earned goodies to worthless pirate scum, I want to add a Niagara to my fleet. However, each time I try I get the message must that I must remove all upgrades and items from hold. Problem is, there is absolutely nothing in the hold and no upgrades at all (I've even changed the guns back to the basic 9 pounders). What am I missing?
  16. Fleet Orders Boarding issues

    hi.. When i was in fleet order 200 XP level with my team on PVP1, I was boarded by an IA Santisima in 5 KN speed! After that, another mate was aborded too, in 7 KN speed ! I've lost my victory with an "grenade attack" on one shot. Goodbye my Gold ship, and my 6 Gold Upgrades. Boarding it's a good part of the game, but not like this.. I am just disgusted for this boarding because high speed of boarding.. 5 KN and more (don't remember the exact figure..) i've done a F11 when it's arrived. After that, my friends didn't manage to board while they were only at 1.5 KN.. This battle was really cheated... (really sorry for my english.. )
  17. I'd like to see a list of active clans on the PvP2 server. The intent is to show activity on the PvP2 server in hopes of preventing the "possible" server merge. This is also an attempt to provide new players direct links to clan recruitment pages. Hopefully, this forum will create server and nation specific boards in the near future. Until then, I thought I'd make this nation categorized list. Props to www.navalactioncraft.com for their map work and getting all the ports updated. (Last updated: 1/1/17) Please respond in the following format and I will keep this updated on this OP (the other posts haven't been updated since Jan): Nation: [Clan Tag] - Clan Name: Clan website or game-labs recruitment thread: Active Member Count: (If you don't have a recruitment thread or clan signature banner, msg me and I can make one...for a price ) Denmark [CN] - Celestial Navy - 20 Dutch [AD] - ? - ? [AVAST] - Boer You to Death - 11 [DEIF] - Dutch East Indies Fleet - ? [DFHS] - Dutch Forlorn Hope Squadron - ? [DUTCH] - Dutch - ? [DWIC] - Dutch West Indies Company - ? [EEN] - ? - ? [GI] - ? - ? [HDZ] - ? - ? [iPS] - ? - ? [OJ] - Oranje Flotilla - ? [SEGA] - ? - ? [TOVNM] - Total Oblivion - The Flying Dutchmen - 4 [VPAS] - ? - ? France [ACS] - ? - ? [DSSC] - Drunk Sailors Social Club - 21 [FTC] - French Trade Conglomerate - 3 [KRABS] - Le Marine de Bikini Bas - 8 Defunct [LBORK] - LeBork - 13 Changed to Sweden [bORK] [LEDR] - ? - ? [LFF] - ? - ? [LN]- ? - ? [LOS] - ? - ? Defunct / moved to [DSSC] Great Britain [11ACR] - ? - ? [AFG] - The Academy for Fine Gentlemen - 12 [AGW] - Alt Games Warbirds - 11 [AIE] - ? - ? [AUS] - ? - ? [BCS] - ? - ? [BLUE] - ? - ? [BRRTS] - Barrett's Privateers - ? [CKA] - Canada Kicks Ass - 34? [EIC] - ? - ? [EITC] - ? - ? [FUN] - ? - ? [HA] - ? - ? [IPC] - Indies Privateer Consortium - ? [JANFU] - JANFU Tactical - ? Defunct? [JS] - ? - ? [KF] - Kraken Fleet - 10 Defunct [MT6] - ? - ? Defunct? [MYTY] - Mighty Men of Valour - ? [NSWCF] - ? - ? [RCF] - ? - ? [RED] - ? - ? [SI] - ? - ? [SMS] - Reichflotte - ? [SOB] - Sons of Britain - 80 Moved to PvP1 as [KIN] King's Imperial Navy [SOH] - ? - ? Defunct? [SPN] - Soggy Potato Navy - 12 [STERN] - ? - ? [TOM] - Tides of March - 4 [TWP] - ? - ? [UK] - ? - ? [VOLT] - ? - ? [WBK] - Waffle Brigade - ? Moved to PvP1? [WHB] - West Indies Hano Badgers - 3 [WIP] - ? - ? Pirate [1B] - One Blood - 10 [BD] - Black Death - 3 Changed to [DP] [BEARD] - ? - ? [BLACK] - Black Flag - 48 [BLKS] - Black Sails - ? [BLOOD] - Blood of BLACK - ? [BMDF] - Bahama Mama Defense Force - 8 [BOOTY] - ? - ? [BOTC] - ? - ? [CBP] - ? - ? [CDOGS] - ? - ? [COM] - ? - ? [CURSE] - ? - ? [DC] - Disorderly Conduct - ? [DOW] - ? - ? [DP] - Dread Pirates - ? [DREAD] - ? - 1 [FLIBS] - ? - ? [GUN] - ? - ? [HYDRA] - ? - ? [JUL] - Just Us League - ? [NASTY] - No Allegiance Save To Yourself - 10 [NO] - No Quarter - ? [PINKY] - ? - ? [SKULL] - ? - ? [SOB] - ? - ? [SSU] - Salty Sailor Union - 3 [THUG] - ? - ? [UNKN] - Unknown - 11 [ZILCH] - ? - ? Spain [ARF] - ? - ? [LDM] - ? - ? [NAVY] - ? - ? [USE] - United Shipwrights Espana - ? Sweden [BORK] - 3th Swedish Flotilla - 13 [ISN] - ? - ? [SSF] - ? - ? [TSM] - The Swedish Meatballs - 2 United States [AN] - American Navy - ? Changed to Pirates [SKULL] [ASP] - Atlantic Society of Pioneers - 8 [BCS] - ? - ? [BMDF] - Bahama Mama Defense Force - 8 Changed to Pirate [DMDF] [BORG] - ? - ? [BRRB]- Broken Rebels - 7 [CBR] - Chum Bucket Raiders - 11 [CDOGS] - ? - ? [CSS] - Crusty Squidly Squad - ? [DD] - Detroit Demolition - 8 [FEAR] - Face Everything And Rise - 15 [FFN] - ? - ? [FLB] - Furry Lovable Bunnies - 6 [GT] - ? - ? [JR] - Jolly Rodgers - 2 [JUL] - Just Us League - ? Changed to Pirates [JUL] [MHS] - ? - ? [MOGN] - Massive Online Gaming Nation - 10 [MTC] - ? - ? [NPG] - No Pants Guys - 80 [NSJR] - ? - ? [PA] - ? - ? [PXP] - ? - ? [OPR8] - ? - ? [SCS] - Secondhand Cannonball Salesmen - ? [SKY] - Clear Skies - ? [SOG] - ? - ? [TOTC] - Total Oblivion Trading Company - 8 [TZ] - ? - ? [UNKN] - Unknown - 40 Changed to Pirates [UNKN] [USCCG] - United States Continental Coast Guard - 24 [USN] - United States Navy - ? [USS] - United States Ships - 4 [UW] - Unknown Warriors - ? [VCO] - Voodoo Shipping Company - ? [WATCH] - The Bay's Watch - 9 Majority changed to Pirates [WBK] - ? - ?
  18. Far Distant Fleet Orders

    I'm a Pirate, Demon rank, with a Constitution. I'm located in Le Moule. I selected Fleet orders and they come up for Charleston and Beaufort, a 5 day sail away. I logged off and logged back on, repeated, through all the ranks. Ended up with the same results.
  19. I have a Basic Cutter and want to expand my cargo capacity. Currently, I am a Midshipman able to sail a Cutter and Lynx level. If I buy or lease another Cutter or Lynx, will they sail with me and increase my cargo capacity? Will I see myself in OW as one ship or two? How long will a leased ship stay with me before the lease "expires?" ~ H. Knox ~
  20. Hello captains, idea is to have government orders, generated by game, to ship certain goods to Europe. Luxury resources located in Western part of the map (Central America, Gulf of Mexico) would need to be obtained, captured from Natives, crafted put on ships and escorted to Eastern border of the map. Once completed, all participant of escort would be rewarded. Mechanics: - cargo has to be shipped by players within specified time limit; - we're talking big here, 6+ cargo ships would be required as minimum + escort ships - part of the cargo can be lost to complete quest but for lower reward (you get 100000 tons of cargo, you can lose 35% of that on your way to Eastern border) - goods are only available in Western part of map, that would encourage all the nations to expand, fight for these lands or make alliances; - goods cannot be send in free ports, have to be shipped by player ships - such large convoys of ships can be spotted by other nations or Pirates and captured by organized parties; - large enough payment in gold or in form of high quality modules/ships to encourage large shipments of good at such long distances; - missions can be done only every few days; - goods captured by other nations cannot be sold on local market or traded to other nations, but shipped to Europe ir required by that nations capitol; - only pirates can sell captured goods on black market; - pirates cannot run these missions, but see point above; What are your thoughts?
  21. 'Fleet Missions'

    Hello Captains, So I know you can 'Join' missions of your friends if you are in a group, but what about Missions that are designed for Groups? So perhaps it would work a little something like this... To be able to take a 'Group' Mission you would need to have you group/fleet formed, then as a group you would have a Fleet Strength based on your overall BR, the mission would then be set in proportion to you fleets BR. The mission would also become available to take from the Missions tab in towns, and the leader of the group would need take the mission on behalf of the group. At the moment you can just group up, take 3, 4, 5, 6+ missions or whatever and do them but they are only designed for a single Captain. So the missions are relatively straight forward, easy, boring and well, a grind... (I hate that word) So with this concept you would be fighting a number of ships in relative proportion to your own fleet and everyone would prosper! (and hopefully lead to a more enjoyable experience) I'm certain most players would be happy to form up a group like this and get that 'Fleet' Experience. It would also lead nicely to helping players towards PVP and fleet battles, as clans and players in general can use it to practice and learn the differences between fleet battles and single captain instances. Not sure if this has been mentioned before, So if it has apologies, im not trying to steal anyone's idea but its certainly a concept worth talking about. Thoughts please Captains, Samuel
  22. Fleet Mechanic Suggestion

    Here is my suggestion for a balanced fleet mechanic... Player may hire various ships of various sizes and various skills for various prices. Players may also build a ship and hire crew, captains, and officers of various skills. The size of ship that may be staffed would be set by some command points, which would increase as player rank increases, based on BR and at a set base amount. Example Ranks and base command points: 1 - 20 (lynx) 2 - 30 (cutter or privateer) 3 - 40 (pickle or 2x lynx) 4 - 50 (brig or snow or lynx and cutter...) 5 - 65 (brig or..) 6 - 80 (navy brig or...) 7 - 100 (niagara or cerebus...) 8 - 120 (renommee...) 9 - 140 (surprise...) 10 - 170 (frigate...) By using ships in battle, where that player wins the battle and where the NPC allies do not sink and where NPC allies stay until battle conclusion, the player *may* earn additional command points (perhaps 1-2, but with low frequency...maybe a formula like BR Destroyed / 50 = % chance per point up to maximum points of BR Destroyed / 25...so if you sank a cerebus you would have 4x 2% chances to earn 1 command point ) allowing them to command larger or more numerous vessels. Ok, so now it sounds like players may have massive fleets! How do we balance it? First, crew must be hired. Player will pay a set amount to convince a captain to join. The *notoriety* (new mechanic) of the player influences the notoriety of the captains that he may hire. The notoriety of the captain influences the notoriety of the officers. The collective notoriety of the captain and officers affects the morale of the crew. Notoriety is gained by fighting in battles, providing it on a sliding scale based on enemy BR compared to your BR...fill up wish ships and sink small fleets you get a reputation for cowardice (trade ships excluded)...solo large ships and others will hear of your skill and bravery. In addition to the hiring of the crew, the captain will take a percentage of all loot, as will the officers and crew, based on notoriety and based on number of crew. Each will have a % determined by the player, the higher % the more they get paid and the more effective they are. For example, a captain may refuse to work for less than 10%, an officer for less than 2%, crew will always work, but may mutiny if not paid enough - see morale (crew and officers are not individually compensated, rather x% to captain, y% to officers, z% to crew, divided equally among standings). Finally, the NPC ships will take experience points for their damage done in battle, increasing their effectiveness but slowing the player's leveling progress. In this way, it is both in a players interest to build or buy good ships, hire good captains and crew, pay their sailors fairly...but then where does the player's money come from to hire these if once hired they are taking a good share of the profits? Competing priorities balance the mechanic. A huge fleet makes a player go broke and not level. No fleet causes the player to lose out on gaining for command points (not necessary, but nice to have). If you allow your vessel to get to 0 durability, it sinks with your captain, officers and crew, severely impacting notoriety (others will hear of your miscalculations). Ok, that's my whole idea for fleets. Thanks for reading if you made it this far.
  23. Hello/Dear, Naval Action Community, I am CO of Naval Action on the Task Force Bravo teamspeak community, it is a small but mighty group of gamer's who play lots of different games from Strategy to First Person Shooters, to this. I am recruiting the mightiest Sailors out there, from 7th rate to 1st, we crush our foes and have fun doing it, we travel the seas. We have about 11 members for Naval Action alone, but more for the teamspeak itself. If you need information add me on steam: [TFB] Perry If your interested in joining the Teamspeak just type: ts.taskforcebravo.com Or add me on Naval Action: CaptainPerry I will reply as soon as I can, Good Sailing people! - [TFB] Perry
  24. PVP2 - Clan [uSN] - join us here! UNITED STATES NAVY CROWN HAVEN NAVAL STATION, NORTHERN BAHAMAS AFTER ACTION REPORT FROM: JLAM, Ensign, USN SUBJECT: ANTI-PIRACY PATROL01Feb16 1) Lt. McPrankster, En. JLAM, En. Joshua Barney, and En. Ahlos Dahel, organized an anti-piracy operation approximately three hours prior to this posting. It involved approximately 9 USN particpants (both officer and enlisted) as well as over a dozen citizens of the USA. People were ready to fight the pirates, but lacked leadership and direction- they quickly answered the call to battle once a unified force was acting. 2) The pirates operated out of Cabo Canaveral, and used a Basic Cutter as a scout vessel. The cutter would spot targets, and engage them. The main pirate task force (two Cerberus, one Renommee, one Snow) would then launch from inside the port and attack the target. They appeared to primarily target NPC trade vessels, but also attacked vulnerable player trade vessels. This pirate group had been operating up and down the Florida coast for most of the day, and were spotted well beforehand near the Bahamas. After the operations, they were seen sailing southeast towards or near Walker's Cay in the northern Bahamas. 3) The first engagement was primarily built up of Cutters, both player and AI. While we held a numerical and battle rating advantage, we could not catch up to the pirate frigates. After reinforcements arrived, two Cerberus, Renommee, and some other ships, we determined the best plan of action was to disengage from the battle, and allow another battle to commence with the larger allied ships. 4) The second engagement consisted of the major allied ships and cutters against a Pirate Renommee and Cerberus, while myself and a USMC vessel chased down the lone Pirate Cerberus and initiated a third engagement. Sometime shortly thereafter, the pirates escaped from the second engagement, but we were able to lock down the Cerberus in the fight. 5) With time, more allied vessels joined the fight. Simultaneously, a fourth engagement began against the pirate Snow. The Snow was sunk, and after a long chase, the Cerberus was summarily destroyed. USA Losses: 0 Pirate Losses: 1 Cerberus, 1 Snow
  25. Why am i not able to buy a fleet after rank 3, i mean i still keep my fleet that i bought at rank 3 but i cant hire new ones =(