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Found 14 results

  1. z4ys

    Pimp my Patrol

    The suggestion: Admiralty offers every player for the duration of a week 3 event vessels of 2 different rates ( rates and vessels are RNG but for all players the same) for free To Devs: Some time ago a rework of the Redeem function was announced, implementation could be achieved through a new tab like "Weekly Event redeem" Details: Every player receives 3 ships out of 2 different rates. The ships are equal for all players Wood,build-ins are determined by admiralty perma mods cant be equiped only certain books are allowed claimed or unclaimed ships get deleted after their event week to make room for the next 3 ships Those ships are called for example "Event Cerberus" (they cannot enter pbs, but have normal RoE and can be used in OW) They cannot be captured or used as fleet can not be traded Event ships have reduced pve reward in order to guide players towards pvp *edit* How outfitting with determined books could work: Pros: reducing fear of loss guide players to all kind of different ships they normally wouldnt use reducing fear of loss give access to ships even for casuals all players become competitive by giving them "equal equipment" skill matters Cons: Could be used to troll people because free ship - but kind of same like ow captured AI ships and quantity is limited to 3 each week for every account. /discuss
  2. Casanova Moderne

    unknown fleet location

    Hello, community, how many wrecks are in the area of unknown fleet location? I did it once but I only found one which was empty. Cheers Casanova
  3. Captain Jean-Luc Picard

    25 Urodziny STS Fryderyk Chopin

    Sat August 5 12 PM · Szczecin http://www.niebieskaszkola.pl/ via https://www.facebook.com/events/1236034576506453/?active_tab=about
  4. KiddWilliams

    PVE&PVP event at Stormy sea

    I miss the stormy sea on this game that i used to have fun last year so, I suggest that devs reproducing the new PVE&PVP event at Stormy sea how does people think about this??
  5. OneEyedSnake

    Dutch Oven

    With the oncoming pirate scourge hitting the Dutchlands, we hereby declare the mission Dutch Oven to be in full effect. Any pirate sunk/captured within dutch territory will be marked under this mission.
  6. Aventador

    Bring back Chest Event

    Those events really spiked interest in the game on the weekends and got the server filled with people trying to go for the chests. Many people complained about them but if they did them throughout the weekend it would create great pvp and something to do.
  7. PvP2. Would anyone be interested in setting up a couple of battles with traders on one side (and a few escorts) against a fast raider fleet of 5th and 6th rates intent on capturing/sinking the traders? Using the PvP Deepwater Event or big battle missions, we could have battles where 4-5 LGV/Indiaman with 2-3 escorts are attacked by other small Frigates or smaller. I used broadside weight as a rough balancing number. BR doesn't really work with traders. For example an 8 v 8 event Merchantman - total of 873 broadside weight 1 Indiaman - 225 4 LGV - 90 1 Belle Poule - 180 2 Navy Brig - 54 Versus Raiders - total of 810 broadside weight 2 surprise - 150 2 renommee - 129 1 Niagara - 90 3 Rattlesnake - 54 To make it more interesting and to ensure balance, there will be two battles, the roles get reversed after the first battle. The merchant players and raiders reverse roles. It would be nice to get at least one player form each nation/republic/whatever the pirates are involved The crew numbers: Merchantman = 1,890 versus Raiders 1,475 - making it difficult for the raiders to board unless they kill lots of crew. If we use the PvP Event, there is already a reward for doing well. If we use the big battles, we'll have to come up with something we all contribute to. So... any interest?
  8. Eye_of_the_Storm

    Event Redeemables 9.97

    I would like to analyse what you get in the redeemables from the events. please only comment what you got from the Paints Chest and Ship Chest. I´ll start with mine: Ceberus - French Constitution - Sicily Rattlesnake Heavy: Fir Wood, Stiffness, Regional Strong Hull Bonus Rattlesnake Heavy: Oak Wood, Stiffness, Regional Strong Hull Bonus
  9. To all captains of PVP2 server, PVP events are designed to bring people together and encourage fighting by providing rewards to top 10 captains on the list. As you all know our server is greatly suffers from loss of population. On top of that people do not show up to those events in fear to be ganged. The common believe will be that if I'm not surrounded by friends there is no way I could get a fair fight. Those few of us who come to PVP Events and wait for hours just to get one or two fights can confirm that the above is not the case. Knowing how hard it is to get a group together on PVP2 we have been arranging fair fights for a few days now. Therefore I would like to propose that all PVP events on PVP2 server will follow basic rules below: 1. Everyone shows up in the middle of the circle in their ship of choice no matter the numbers; 2. There shall be no ganging, chasing lone captains or any unprovoked attacks; 3. When people get in the middle they arrange fair fights whether 1on1 or team on team based on numbers and ships; 4. Players who break this rule and attack without arrangement shall be exposed by screenshots, shamed and hunted by others for the length of the event NOTE: Copy / Paste this post in Global during the PVP event so everyone who participates and those who wanting to give it a try will be on the same page. Thank you for your attention [BLACK] Koltes
  10. Eye_of_the_Storm

    Event Reemables

    I would like to analyse what you get in the redeemables from the events. please only comment what you got from the Paints Chest and Ship Chest. I´ll start with mine: Ceberus - French Constitution - Sicily Rattlesnake Heavy: Fir Wood, Stiffness, Regional Strong Hull Bonus Rattlesnake Heavy: Oak Wood, Stiffness, Regional Strong Hull Bonus
  11. The idea is: Spread "cards" or letters of credits or merchants credit around the OW (bottles) AND random in ports. When in sealed bottles the player already get its property (as LH); when in ports (at consumables tab- random too) it can be purchased. With the letter of credit in hands the sailor open it and there shows the instructions to Exchange it at random port. It can be exchanged for upgrades, LHs, paints, and so on...maybe can be put 3 kinds: small letter, médium letter or big letter. By the amount, the player can choose to get the risks and go to Exchange it or simple put it to sell to another one interested. That can be fun and can improve more trading and smuggling around OW.
  12. Roche Brasiliano

    Manilla Galleons

    There is any chance to implement manilla galleons fleets when Pacific finally get open? Will be nice to try to intercept big and strong NPC fleets with lots of loots. Btw, why dont implement too the great spanish armadas (armada de barlovento, armada de guarda, armada de la carrera de las indias, armada de nuestra señora de guía)? Right now, the NPC traders just dont worth nothing. I know there is a huge effort to just get rid of NPC traders (and i really like the idea) but with the average pop of players it cant be done for a long time without break the game, because OW stills empty enough to do it.
  13. Strugelwits

    Event for 11/09/16

    So, as we all know, over the past 3 weeks the devs have conducted 3 special events that give you the opportunity of getting a deadman's chest and the chance of getting one of the new blueprints. However as we know there has been some dissent among the community regarding these events. My personal opinion is that these events are a fantastic idea and were conducted in a "satisfactory" manner (others may disagree). not writing a hate post or anything, but is there any hints that the devs could give that might point a change in the events, or even the dissolution of these events. Thanks:strugs
  14. Capt. Rice

    Event Night/ Weekend!

    Lets Make an Event! This post is just some of the ideals that i thought of.....i don't know if some one else thought of them and posted it some where else..if so Sorry. These ideals are just some spit-balling events that could brighten up the sever from the good old grind and trading. Which there is nothing wrong with! 1. Cutter Wars. With this event a player and enter a que like for a small battle or big battle at a port. This game wouldn't need a faction only side it would just start once there was enough players. The game would be simple, Team vs Team battle with cutters only. 25vs 25. Each team gets a certain amount of tickets and each team has to get a certain amount of kills because who likes joining an event and losing right away. The team who wins can get rewards like gold, exp, or items. The losing team can still get a reward but on a lower scale. The battle map could be a med size map with a few small island or what not. When the event starts each player would start out in a free cutter given to them. Risk: Low-None Reward: Med if won/Low if lost 2. The Treasure Fleet. A sever wide message would appear. Saying several treasure fleets has been sighted and are heading blank locations (these fleets could head to each nations capital)...so that not just one nation has one. The goal would be to head out find the fleet before it got to its location, tag it, join a battle do some damage/sink it and get a reward. How the treasure fleet would work is that it would still remain after you join a battle against it so others can do the same and be able experience the event. The fleet could even change based on the size of ship you have kinda like a mission. Risk: Med-Low Reward: Med-Low 3. Steal the Plans. Each nations Capital will spawn a Open world icon out side the port. The goal of this event would be a player, clan or over all nation to try to capture as much Plans as possible from the other nations and also defend theirs. Keep in mind that a nation with smaller population would be far less then that of a nation with a higher population so that it would not be worth it for a larger nation to steal from a smaller. Depending on the size of each nation that is logged on at the time they would have to get so many points to win. There would be a level of rewards for each place a nation won. The rewards could mean a boost in resource production over all to a nation. Exp boost from pvp/pve. etc. Risk: High/ Med Reward: High/ Med 4. National Monument. Based on each current population, each nation would have a project that they would have to build. The project would require each nation to venture to ports near other nation to acquire a resource that wouldn't be used other than for the project. Other nation could try and stop players from getting that resources from their nation. If you sank a player that had the resource for their project you could earn tokens or some type of currency that you could spend on for you ships or something once more content comes out for the game. Once one nation finished their project it would reward that nation with a boost or reward. all this still can be worked on but its just an ideal. Risk: High Reward: High-low These are just some of the ideals i had and they could all be bad ideals but like i said im just spit-balling these. If you would like you can comment on these and point out their flaws.... Please keep it civil and this doesn't mean this is going into the game.