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Found 17 results

  1. o7Captain

    Cant redeem DLC

    Hello, i have got a problem that i cant reedem my dlc hercules. I just choose woodtype, then click ok and nothing happens. I have enough space in docks so i dont know why it doesnt work ? - btw i did not have reedemed it already And i also couldnt sell my lgv, i just clicked sell, then i confirmed it. It wrote - ship sucessfuly sold - but no money and ship still in docks!! Thanks if anyone has any idea
  2. Most likey this is post #200 about this, but here goes. A casual look back over the "Great Battles" thread will pretty much tell a common tale of how typically the side with more DLC ships, wins. The DLC ships are OP for their battle rating and in the case of the requin, the sail profile with pirate rig refit just makes them stupid easy to act as circle cappers and point deniers. I'm ok with DLC ships being OP on the open water. I'm not OK with them affecting the outcome of port battles. Pre - DLC we would have multiple shallow battles a week. Last week there was 1. Tonight at Jobe the pirates took 5 DLC ships into the Port battle to deny and contest circles. It worked, rather easily. Myself and Wraith occupied the southern circle with 2 requins and the french, with 2 bellonas, a herc and a MB in the circle with us, were not able to even close to sinking or demasting us. It's stupid and unfortunately bringing these ships is now necessary. The battles are boring and no longer dynamic. And this is coming from the guy who won the battle. I'm sure the french are even more frustrated. Granted they made a laundry list of mistakes in there, but they had no counter to double requins in the circles (other than bring more requins..). @admin @Ink, it's time to fix this shit before RVR dies out even more.
  3. Hethwill the Red Duke

    Battle Ratings ( post DLC )

    I hereby suggest the following: - that the 80BR limit that separates the shallow PB from the deep water PB to be raised to 160BR - that the most powerful ship able to enter shallow PB to be 160BR and all others to be addressed accordingly, mainly Heavy Rattlesnake and Prince, not to share the exact same BR as the Xebec. Traders to be accommodated under their warlike counterparts. - that the deep water ships increase in BR equivalent to 1/3 of their present value. So a 200 BR ship becomes a 266BR ship. And so on, such as a 600BR ships becomes 798BR. - that no port PB BR to be touched. Any suggestions for the BRs up to 160 value more than welcome.
  4. John Jacob Astor

    DLC impact on the economy

    @admin It appears that the DLC ships can be sold once every 24 hours for 26K each. This appears to work the same on both servers. Is this intentional? The DLCs unbalance the economy by reducing and potentially eliminating a player's participation in the craft and resource markets. The cooldown ought to have been a good deal longer to mitigate this. If the release status on Steam precludes adjusting that "upgrading" the DLC with some mutually exclusive choices might help. Such as allowing the DLC user to choose a blueprint instead of the ship itself.
  5. USD to DLC in MMOs making virtual Spaceships worth real USDs... @admin thought this topical for NA Doing some background research for my next Norfolk n**** idea came across some interesting videos regarding DLC in MMOs. The NA-OW hot topic at the moment. This one by Scott Manley is very good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NH8eLVkmqE Scott Manley says the price in game is set by the player or a player driven economy [PDE]. Not really true because real cash can only buy PLEX. Plex value traded in ISK is the NPC overlay. CCP can just issue more PLEX in dilution or restrict issue causing inflation. EvE is the closest you’ll get to a PDE. The total in-game value of the EvE Online economy in 2016 reached USD55million. I found this in their financial statement. Norfolk.
  6. Capt Gagarin

    Where are my Forged Papers ?

    So, I understand the thought process behind trying to take more money from the limited player base. Since there are so few, you need to rape the ones you do have for all they are worth. Although many of us paid full pop for this game in an alpha stage (40 freaking dollars), now you've gone and removed my forged papers and replaced them with $20 DLC? Wth? I work a lot,.. I mean A LOT.. sometimes, like recently, I need to work 14-16 hrs a day 6-7 days a week for months on end. This restricts my ability to jump into a game as complex as Naval Action. When I do have a chance to pop in, it sure would be nice to take advantage of the expensive game I've paid for. I recently discovered that my redeemable forged papers have been removed. I returned hoping to get some fun and sink some ships, but it turns out my clan is a ghost town and the nation is filled with Russian speakers that I cannot effectively communicate with. Now I would like to move along, as my clan mates have done, but I am unable without paying an additional $20 in DLC to move nations. That's insane. This game is holding me in an ineffective position and has ruined my trust. It's sad to see something so cool be pounded into the ground by stupid decisions. I'm sure I'm not alone in needing to take extended gaps of play, but to punish me for not being able to log-on is total garbage. Here's my suggestion, return my papers, and allow alternative options for earning more papers, other than paying you more cash. I've already paid enough. -Gagarin
  7. vazco

    Rare books DLC

    Since we're considering new DLC's, I think the one which would give new players gunnery encyclopedia and ship handling books for some additional payment would be really useful. It would limit the gap between new and old players a bit. In the same time it wouldn't be "pay 2 win", since you can get those books through in-game actions. 5 ring book is less critical. Two mentioned above, especially ship handling, really make a difference in PvP.
  8. Tom Farseer

    Hercules not Redeemable - KNOWN ISSUE

    I just bought the Admiralty Connection and Hercules DLCs. Applying the Admiralty went fine, although I didn't check number of dock spaces, yet. Some people seem to have problems with that, though. After Restarting the game I tried to redeem the Hercules. I had passed the final exam a long time ago. Since I sank my Herc a few days ago and have no notes in warehouses either, technically I should be able to redeem one. The "REDEEM "button in the redeemables menu seems to be without function though. Whenever I click it, nothing happens. Restarting the game OR Steam had no effect. F11 report was sent ingame as well. Does anyone else share that problem?
  9. Jon Snow lets go

    Why no DLCs for paints?

    Whats the reason that we can buy a 5th rate who can enter shallow waters but no ingame paints?
  10. There could be a premium / DLC ship firing congreve rockets. Very hard to hit / low accuracy like mortars but high damage and very high fire chance. The ship should also have much higher chance to get set on fire itself as another downside. Seeing how mortar brigs are only used in port battles, I don't think this ship would be too strong and probably rather the opposite.
  11. LAntorcha


    This is aimed to the Developers. Would you pay for an Editor, in a DLC format or whatever? I would. Thanks.
  12. Guicozer

    How the DLC works?

    Hi Guys, someone could please explain to me how the DLC works ? I can change nation every 30 days ( life days ou game days ?) and if I bought it one time I'll be able to use more than one time ? or i'll need to re buy the DLC ? Thanks!!!
  13. Jean Ribault

    DLC Planned ?

    Just wondering if anyone has seen any talk of future DLC planned for NA, after the final release is out. ??
  14. Hardcase726

    DLC addons?

    Would you be willing to pay for DLC for this game? what are your thoughts?
  15. Would you like to see these weapons in Ultimate General Civil War? Let me know what you think. Artillery/mortars M1841 mountain howitzer Blakely rifle cannon 24 pdr Model 1841 Coehorn Mortar 6 pdr. Wiard Rifle 12 pdr. Wiard Rifle 3-inch Armstrong Muzzleloading Rifle 3-inch Armstrong Breechloading Rifle 30 pdr. Parrott Rifle Rifles/muskets/carbines Springfield Model 1847 musketoon Pattern 1861 Enfield musketoon Frank Wesson Rifles Volcanic Carbine Joslyn rifle Tarpley carbine Merrill carbine Gallager carbine Sharps & Hankins Model 1862 Carbine Colt 1861 Special Musket US Model 1816 By Pomeroy Converted To Percussion Dated 1837 Remington (U.S.) Model 1863 Zouave" Percussion Rifle Amoskeag Special Model 1861 Musket
  16. Hardcase726


    Who would like to see a Create your own custom battle in UGCW? Creating cover on generated maps (A.K.A. Map Editor) And an unlimited amount of weapons and troops. Your thoughts?
  17. While designing a great game is fun, Game Labs is still a business and businesses need to make money. I have no problem with this and NA proposed revenue stream is very promising. If you did now know NA will use a system similar to Guildwars where a player will purchase the game only once. Extra revenue is then provided by the players spending money on expansions and extra content that is mainly atheistic. Guildwars is not pay to win but the gem bought content will enhance the experiences. What should NA have? My personal taste? I would like to hear my captain barking out orders and having his subordinates respond in kind. If you pay money you could buy a different voice pack, from female captain to grizzled pirate yelling Arrrg! That would be fun. Perhaps even have celebrity voices. I can not tell you how much I would pay to have Brian Blessed shouting Fire on my ship. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1zjeYhJs7o Anyway was wondering what the ladies and gentlemen on this forum think the purchasable extra content should be and what they would pay real money for?