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  1. An Act Declaring a cease in hostilities between the United States and the Royal forces of Great Britain Be it enacted by the President of the United States with the authorization of the Senate of the United States of America in Congress Assembled, a cease of hostilities will now exist between these two nations. The treaty as agreed to by both parties is as follows: The military forces of GB and the USA will immediately cease RVR hostilities against each other. The US will release control of the Bahamas to the forces of GB. GB will transfer the port of redacted for security in the Bahamas to the US as soon as possible. The US will authorize trade deals with GB for white oak / teak The US and GB will normalize relations and inform each other of authorized national diplomats Signed, Lord Drax President of the United States Lion Shaft Vice-President of the United States -Ratified by the US Senate on 01/08/2018 -
  2. Statement of Understanding and Non-Aggression Date 17 September 2017 On the one hand, the United States of America. On the other, the clans of Spain TEARM and ARM. 1) By this treaty, the parties commit themselves not to make war between them, neither in PVP nor in PVE establishing an area of influence for each one of the parties. 2) The United States will have its southern border in a line between the cities of Cayo Biscanyo and La Desconocida, to include the cities of Bimini and Little Issac’s Rocks. North of that line is sovereign United States territory. To the south of that line ARM and TEARM will be able to conquer cities in the shallow waters or shoals. 3) This demarcation line will not stop the US from attacking Pirate (and other nation ports except Spain) to the south in the interests of protecting the sovereign national security of the United States. The same as ARM and TEARM clan, can attack any port north of that line of every nation but US. 4) This pact only affects the clans of Spain TEARM and ARM. The rest are not included in the agreement although they probably will not attack the US. 5) In the future, if both sides want to advance in friendly relations, they are permitted to sign an alliance agreement to fight against common enemies, such as Pirates. Bellaco Lord Drax Officer of the ARM clan President of the United States Ratified by US Senate: 18 September 2017
  3. Today, on the 16th of June, the US Clans have finalized the Constitution of the United States. This will be a living document and new senators will be assigned and amendments will be made. A glorious day for democracy and a glorious day for the United States of America. United States Constitution
  4. [PVP EU] Political Situation

    There is currently no place for the EU server where people not involved in inner diplomatic circles can know the newest diplomatic developments, so I thought I just start this thread until something better will be set up. As you will see, its pratically a copy of the Global servers thread by Teutonic. I have no connections or information channels yet since Im pretty new to the game, so please inform me here or ingame about any wrong information or new developments. I will try to get more involved going forward, but if somebody already good connected wants to take over this thread, he or she is very welcome! Altough I know there are already agreements, I've set default War? until I get otherwise notified. If there are crucial specifications to the respective agreement, please inform me so that I can clarify the description. I will try to update this thread accordingly as regularly as I can. Also, please feel free discuss the feasability of the following format! As I said its just copy and pasted. Format will be as follows: War -- A significant proportion of clans (either per number or size) has officially declared war against the other nation, with a clear wargoal (f.e. to take certain ports). Hostile -- There hasn't been any official statements/declarations of war, but there are frequent attacks and conquests. Neutral -- There are neither (regular) hostilities, nor any additional agreements made. Agreements -- Trade agreements, NAPs, NIPs, Port Agreements, or other limited agreements will define this slot. Description will specify the agreements content. Alliance -- An Alliance is made when a significant proportion of clans (either per number or size) within a nation are in agreement. Greyed Out -- means there is additional confirmation needed. Clans Agreements: If a Clan wishes to have agreements be made public, they may do so, otherwise nothing is official. Ideally, each agreement-info-comment is described by the respective nations, clans and specifications involved. See the SAPA-post. I'll give a short description á la Format above and will then link your comment so anybody interested can look at the details of different involved parties, etc. Maybe this way we can pass by the problem, that diplomacy is essentially Clan-based. Politics/Diplomacy United States of America Verenigde-Provincien : Neutral Espana: SAPA[c] France: War? Great Britain: War? Denmark-Norge: Hostile Sverige: Neutral Pirates: SAPA[c] Verenigde-Provincien United States: Neutral Espana: Hostile France: Neutral Great Britain: Trade Denmark-Norge: Hostile Sverige: Neutral Pirates: Hostile Espana Verenigde-Provincien: Hostile United States: SAPA[c] France: Neutral Great Britain: Hostile Denmark-Norge: Hostile Sverige: Neutral Pirates: SAPA[c] France Verenigde-Provincien: Hostile Espana: Neutral United States: War? Great Britain: War? Denmark-Norge: Hostile Sverige: War Pirates: War? Great Britain Verenigde-Provincien: Trade Espana: Hostile France: War? United States: War? Denmark-Norge: Hostile Sverige: Hostile Pirates: War? Denmark-Norge Verenigde-Provincien: Hostile Espana: Hostile France: Hostile Great Britain: Hostile United States: Hostile Sverige: Hostile Pirates: Hostile Sverige Verenigde-Provincien: Neutral Espana: Neutral France: War Great Britain: Hostile Denmark-Norge: Hostile United States: Neutral Pirates: Neutral Pirates Verenigde-Provincien : Hostile Espana: SAPA[c] France: Hostile Great Britain: Hostile Denmark-Norge: Hostile Sverige: Hostile United States: SAPA[c] Regards! Merijn Van Roij
  5. [PvP Europe] Diplomacy

    Hello, I was wondering what are the pacts made between the nations so far before the wipe? One month ago sweden and danish have planed to be allie against the others ones. Now France is facing Swedish zerg AND Danish AND Spanish in our own water on testbed. Is it a secret alliance of 3 nations against France? If so, the quickest we know the better it is. It's hard to make people going back in game and it could be bad for the game to see them leaving the game as soon as it start because they are zerged. The position of France is easy : Wait & see. It's seems useless on our opinion to start planification of diplomacy before have judge and test the natural balance on the differents nations. Some nation may be more populated than expected and may not need help to expand when others may suffer of bad propagand and beeing more weak than expected.
  6. So because a possible snowball effect is too heavy with the new system i want to propose a extended alliance system compared to the old one. Because it has more things i call it diplomacy system. With this system a removal of the smugglerflag wouldn't hurt too much too. I explain (hopefully everything) in the text below. There are 4 different relations between nations: Peace Alliance War Truce Tldr: Peace = Still pvp but no conquest of regions; entry to onanothers harbours Alliance = old system with voting but only 1 alliance and biggest nation (count of owned regions) can't form alliances; can join each others portbattles War = pvp with conquest of regions; no entry to enemys harbours; ends after 1 side lost 2 regions or after 2 weeks truce = no pvp; lasts for 1 week; entry to harbours posible Which problem is this solving? Wars right now go on until one side suffers so much playerattrition that they can't continue fighting. At this point the winning side conquers as much regions as possible. This results in even more players leaving the game. Truce is suggested because of this. (read further for explanation) Another thing is that alliances don't break with the current implementation. This is why alliances get some restrictions. (Read further) Peace/Neutral (proper name has to be found to be more intuitive) Peace is the standard between nations. Entry to peace: After a truce ends What happens in peace: Players can still attack each other. This is to build up hostility which leads to war. Hostility does not decrease so you will be at war with oneanother at some point (historical: pirating or whatever) Entering each others harbours possible. Playernames are marked green when you click on them instead of red. If you attack you get a message : "You are in peace with this players nation. If you attack you build up hostility which leads to war. You suffer no consequences. Are you sure you want to attack?" restrictions: You can not join each others portbattles You can not build up hostility in regions Exit from peace: Sinking/capturing players builds up hostility which will lead to war. (BR related) Alliance Entry to alliance: Voting like we know it. Change to pre-alliance system: A nation can only ally 1 other nation. Biggest nations (regioncount) can not form any alliances. What happens in alliance: Players can not attack each other Entering each others harbours Playernames are marked blue restrictions: Can't be disbanded while in a war no ressource buildings in allied ports (to give a reason to cancel a alliance and fight a war - more dynamic) Exit from alliance: Voting War Entry to war: Hostility limit reached If you go to war with someone, you drag your ally into the war and the enemy drags his ally into the war Exit from war to truce: one of both sides lost 2 (should get tweaked after experience is made) regions. That gives a chance for recovery for the loosing side. OR after 2 weeks What happens in war: You can't enter each others harbours full pvp, hostilitybuildup in regions is possible and therefore portbattles are possible playernames are red Truce entry to truce: from war Exit to peace: After 1 week What happens in truth: You can enter each others harbours Playernames are grey(maybe too the same as peace without attack button?) You can not attack each other Special Cases 1. Nation A and B are allied. Nation C and D are allied. Nation D and B are in a truce. War between A and C breaks out. => Truce gets interrupted and war is going on as it should be. (To keep that simple - else it would be too complex) But why? endless war leads to a easy snowball effect. This is even more heavy in the new system with permits and marks. Normally wars lead to the destruction of ones nation playerbase, this is limited with the truce system and a fixed amount of possible lost regions. Also the biggest nation. (or nations if 2 biggest hold a equal amount of regions) can't form alliances. Because players, atleast some, will allways attack a old ally it will lead sooner or later to a war. Because the biggest nation is open to attack for everyone it will lead to a multifront war against the biggest nation and gamebalance gets a bit restored. In the end you have a combined system between fast, dynamic conquest and a slow conquest of multiple regions.
  7. Splitting national new

    I always ask myself why pvp1 and pvp2 were sharing the same forum on national news. It was propably to hide the few activities on pvp2. now that both server will have enough drama (politic off) and I hope people to share good time should or good fight, do you think it's time to have one server per server to make the things more clear?
  8. On this day of the 20th March 1817, The honorable Sovereign Council of the new France, Composed by the following clans : [ACR] - Alliance des Corsaires Royaux [EdR] - Les Enfants du Roy [ER] - Escadre Royale [FDT] - Flotte de Défense Territoriale [FED] - Feydakin [GRF] - Garde Royale Française [INB] - Imperial Navy Bonaparta [MRF] - Marine Royale Française [OCG] - Online Center Gaming [SPQR] - Senatus Populusque Romanus [UGLY] - Les Affreux [ZF] - Zulu Family Declares : "We, the French clans, have decided by a common agreement, to sail into the new world called "PvP Europe" to give the best sailing conditions to our captains, especially being able to sleep at night. By this, we are waiting new informations from the developers about this new world ("Server switching" conditions and Port Battle windows) to keep our community united in this new adventure." This declaration has been signed by the following clan leaders or main officers : [ACR] - Major General La Fayette [EdR] - Kierrip de Badas [ER] - Groslulu77 [FDT] - Takatounikey [FED] - Eskiwit [GRF] - Moncalm [INB] - Alex Iron [MRF] - Edward Teatch [OCG] - Carcharodon [SPQR] - Candac & Wolf74 [UGLY] - Castel [ZF] - Zulu One
  9. The US Nation hereby decrees The Chijohnaok Doctrine. The occasion has been judged proper for asserting, as a principle in which the rights and interests of the United States are involved, that the American continent, by the free and independent condition which they have assumed and maintain, are henceforth not to be considered as subjects for future colonization by any Eastern Alliance powers. Any future incursions into US home waters outside of the US nation's prime time will be met swift and decisive action during the evenings upon that nation's home ports and economic bases. We will reduce you to one port whether or not you show up. Whether you cry on the forums or not. Our borders are currently defined as such and are considered home waters. Said map is subject to change should we decide to Manifest Destiny.
  10. Port resets on a schedule?

    I suggested this in a different thread and section and it was recommended by some that I bring it here: A port reset should happen on a time schedule almost like a sports season. If the Devs implement an admiralty points system, all admiralty points earned by a nation during a "season" could then be totaled to determine the season's "winner". Everything a player does that is productive should earn at least some of those points. That way traders, crafters, port battlers, PVE-ers, and PVP-ers will all have some role to play in a nation's victory or defeat. Individual prizes could be awarded to stand out players. Infractions and national players who are convicted in tribunal could result in a loss of some admiralty points as well.
  11. I would like an open discussion to see where Individuals, Clans, and Nations are as far as diplomacy goes for after the port wipe. There has been a lot of bad blood and alot of personal attacks and it has created a lot of poison and made the game toxic (at times). While there are other nations with their own diplomacy stuff to consider, I will start with my own (personal) stance. US, GB, VP, and Pirates. Its a vicious war and I have no qualms with continuing it. BUT not to the point where pirates take a capital or the pirates capital is taken (no nation will be able to resist Pirate Immunity, it will be a bum rush). This is because that will force the pirates into an alliance thus breaking what it means to be a pirate. Whether they cap or are capped the end result is the same. Additionally, the loser can also abuse their alliance to join battles and take up spaces and troll etc. I am on the fence on what to do, I back GB's US alliance 100% and would not support any peace if it meant they fight alone, but I also do not want to see Pirate nation ruined by a bad mechanic. (Thank you devs, we all know you work hard and that this is not the final product and was the lesser of several evils given your constraints o7) War or Peace among nations, that's what this thread is for. Please post your thoughts for your nation and your allies/enemies. This is not a thread to formally agree to anything, just a way for us to brainstorm and get what we're always saying and thinking written formally down.
  12. Herewith the the united clans of the Dutch Nation are announcing that De Republiek der Vereenigde Provinciën is represented by the honourable Dutch Nation High Council of the Dutch clans AIE, ARSE, ASEET, CMD, DAS, DKF, Gh0st, LIONS, PFK, PPP, PVP, RL, 7UP, WIC, WOLF, XIX Chairman of the Dutch Nation High Council Oliviervdp [XIX] Spokesman of the Dutch Nation High Council Dick Brave [WOLF] and the Ambassadors of the honourable Dutch Nation Diplomatic Corps Amplify [PPP], Dick Brave [WOLF]), Niels Visser [7UP] (interim) (interim) (interim)
  13. Diplomacy post-patch

    Hi All, Something I discovered today, while watching the latest Letter to The King is that diplomacy in Naval Action is essentially run by the largest, most successful clans in the game (something that may seem obvious to most, but to a newbie such as myself this comes as a welcomed surprise) Something I am curious about though, is the ramifications that the new patch will have on this community-created mechanic, and what the developers opinions are of a concept I am calling "clan orders" - The only way that clans can retain the power they currently have over diplomacy in the game, is to instruct their members on how to vote in upcoming polls for who to and not to declare war against - essentially, clans become a little like parties in a parliamentary system, the clan with the largest number of co-operative members basically becomes the governing body for the nation (assuming the majority of players are in a clan and following clan orders on how to vote etc etc) - Which is a very interesting concept in my opinion, and adds an incredible level of depth to the game (should it work out that way) - Coalitions could form, allowing 2 large clans to have joint ownership over a nation, it gives clans even more of a reason to recruit as aggressively as possible etc. The only possible downside I can see is a potential increase in Piracy - There are going to be clans that loose out in this arrangement, which thus fuel's an internal power-struggle in a nation, the aggressive party essentially becoming rebels/pirates going forward - Entire player groups may join piracy as a result of the way a nation was being run - "The British Rebels" for instance - Fighting against the reign of the BRITS clan (For example) - Although, thinking about it, this may actually be a good thing, it fuels as interesting back-story behind a nation. So I suppose the only real question is, what is the developers opinion of, if they have any at all, the concept of "Clan Orders" - The idea of clans dictating to their members which way to vote, obviously, this is not something the developers can do much about if done out-of-game, but will there be anything in-game to actively discourage this behavior? Personally, I would like to see all this type of behavior go unimpeded, I see no issue with it and it creates an excellent degree of organisation and community atmosphere within nations, as well as creating more interesting and in-depth game-play due to the political ramifications of voting within, and thus being in, a clan. What do you guys think?
  14. NATION INFLUENCE MECHANICS Balancing the Conquest Hi Devs, First of all I would like to congratulate you on the astonishing achievement you have done so far! We have dreamed of this game, open world, naval battles and the era… Thank you! Your game is truly amazing! Please forgive me for the comments below as I’m not telling you how to make your game. But we are your players. We are here, playing and testing the unfinished game because we care. We want to help you to shape it in the perfect game blockbuster on par with those titles out there that have millions of player base. Speaking from MMO experience Alliance-War is too linear for player driven politics. You also have nations that right now mean very little, and you have player clans that mean even less. Voting: Forcing people to do something (like voting) is generally a bad idea and sooner or later you will walk away from this model. When you announced the voting system we have already start working on how to exploit this to our advantage. Democracy or voting will not work on public level. Nation’s clans will start working together and forming alliances behind the vote system. Clan leadership will decide who they are going to be allied with and tell their players to give their votes where its needed. This is what going to happen and if some players will disagree they will be kicked from the clan. Why not give the tools to clan leadership anyway? My proposal is (if you going to keep this system) if player is in the clan, then he has no vote - clan leader decides on their behalf, if player is without the clan then he votes personally. If clan leader is being a douchebag, set vote against the will of the majority and players of the clan disapprove they will leave the clan and form new one. It will sort itself out. However I’m all against this system and here is why... Food for thought on current politics system: IMO, you are working on politics way too early. We need more reasons what to fight for. There is really only one reason so far - the territory, but it's flawed because of its simplicity and lack of tools. There is no other reason really to control territory other than to annoy your enemy. Also The Caribbean is a very small territory. With current game mechanics its easily covered by 150 people that are online and its already feels tight. What is it going to be like when you have 5k people population on the server? Free Ports will be camped and become bottlenecks of the game life. Also the War on Nation level should last for months not days. The alternative: What about Nation influenced territory and Clan controlled ports that are driven by clan’s actions and Nation influence. Clans can only control ports that have enough of their nation’s influence. The Influence: All clans contribute to their Nation’s influence through their gameplay (wealth, production, conquered territory, but also by reducing your enemy influence in the area will increase your nation's influence in the area). Each Nation have capital and 2 other key ports (3 in total) with Influence level 5 (max), which means it can’t be caped. Those ports have everything they need to survive, craft and produce, but in limited numbers as its overpopulated.. The further away the territory from the capital the less influence point it has of that nation and harder to control, but the richer the resources and faster production and other boogie woogie bonuses you might think of. The lowest is 0 influence. No ports can be set there by the nation if it has 0 influence there and all ports will be lost if influence drops to 0. The higher the influence of the nation the higher NPC defence. Distant territories require lots of work to increase influence to setup let alone hold territory. NPC defence tools: Higher influence allows to build higher level port strength, have more powerful cannons, have larger amount and ship size of NPC ships that patrol the area. The further away from the capital the harder it is to keep the influencer level, which means less defence tools available. Those ports will mainly be protected by the players themselves. Best resources and production bonuses should be in those distant territories. If you are an enemy NPC port patrol will try to chase you and sink when seeing you on the horizon. Nation and Clan politics: On Developer level (Game Master - GM) you need to be able to influence politics to be able to keep balance in the game. The nation's relationship needs to be controlled by GM. The Governors of the New World of the Caribbean's did not decide whether they are at war or in alliance with other nations. They were simply told by the rulers in Europe. Situation in Europe decided for them. GMs needs to be those “rulers in Europe”. So, GM must be in control of the politics on the nation level. This also give you the ability to bring deeper storyline to the gameplay through monthly or quarterly patches that brings news story, new nation relationships etc. Nation standings (set by GM through the storyline and 3-4 month updates): 1. Alliance (nation) - as per above your post, can enter ports , attacking give gruesome consequences, can assist in battles as long as the enemy is not an ally or at peace. Attacking an ally will flag you as crim for 24 hours and give some crim points. Sinking, caping, stealing cargo will increase those crim points. Ports that have high enough influence of your nation will have NPC patrol of your own nation chasing you while you are marked as a crim for 24 hours or when you get enough crim points and become a proper crim. Must pay fine or NPC patrols will keep sinking you until you lose equivalent in ship costs etc. Being a crim makes you a fair target to anyone. 2. Peace (nation) - can enter ports, can’t attack, can’t assist. Attacking another player that is in peace with your nation will also mark as a crim for 3 hours and give crim points, but not as much as when attacking an ally. Free-trade rules applied in relationship of trading. 3. Neutral (nation) - to enter ports must buy trade licence for each specific port to enter (expires weekly). Can’t assist. Attacking neutral player will not mark as crim, but give same amount of crim points as attacking player at peace. Accumulating enough crim points will flag as a crim permanently until fines are paid or you’ve been sunk enough. 4. Free Trade (nation) - same as Neutral, but no trade licence is needed and no ports fees paid. 5. De Facto or Pre-War (nation) - state that reflects relationship between the two states in practice, but not necessarily ordained by law. Can attack, Can’t assist. Can’t enter ports - has trade embargo on trade goods delivered from ports of Nation in Pre-war state unless flagged as contraband. Attacking will not flag as crim or give crim points. Taking cargo from Pre-War nation doesn’t flag it as stolen and can be traded without discounts to NPC. 6. War (nation) - can’t enter, can’t assist. Attacking and sinking gives glory points to player, reduce influence points of the enemy and gives influence points to your own state. Caped cargo traded normally as Pre-War. This system, controlled by GM will control player behavior in general and naturally influence gameplay balance where its needed through continues game progression and further relationships built or destroyed. Clan politics: Players must be in control of their clan diplomacy against other clans (not nations). Clan standings against each other are also driven by Nation’s Diplomatic standings, but in some cases can be overruled by clan’s standings. For example the fight between two clans from different allied nations over a territory is still possible if clans declare war. Declaring war is like buying a flag and lasts for 7 days making clans at war a fair target to each other. Example: France and England are allies, but French clan A declares war on English clan B and despite that two nations are allies in general these two clans can freely attack each other for 7 days and are treated as if they would have been at war on nation level. Clan standings are set by clan’s diplomats and used as a diplomacy tool only, while Nation standing still apply. Example: France and Holland are at war, however diplomats from French clan A and Dutch clan C decided not to attack each other despite that their nations are currently at war. They both have set their standings against each other’s clan as a Peace. This makes their clan members to see Peace flag on their ships when they meet out in sea. Attacking them will have normal consequences designed by politics mechanics and current political state between France and Holland (War), however this might bring a tension between the two clans or maybe even punishment from your own clan for attacking an ally. This system has multiple flows, which can easily be flowed by having enough alts in the opposite faction allowing significant influence on voting in favor of one faction and on GM level you can’t even control this. Pirates Because pirates are not a nation, a pirate character (born or made through gameplay) should have nationality. Pirates is a faction that has various pirate professions or types of activity. Profession is picked at any free port much like current smuggler tag and gives specific to this profession bonuses and has 24 hour cooldown before another profession can be picked. Filibusters - in service of no one they free roaming the sea. True to their name they hunt lone traders, trade caravans and even military fleets. You can become a pirate or born a pirate (same as now). Picking up this profession flags you as fair target to everyone. Filibuster gets bonuses in exploration, ship speed and maneuverability in the open and in battle. Corsair or privateer - in the service of a specific nation. Letter of Marque gives them license to kill a particular enemy nation. His black flag will be accompanied with the flag of nation he serves. For each player ship sunk corsair receives payment from the crown. Corsairs can also be hired by player clans to help them fight other clan. Corsair is treated as a member of the nation where he received the Letter of Marque until it’s expired. Note: This profession can also be picked by a member of any nation without becoming an actual pirate. Head hunter - if there is a bounty on someone’s head Headhunter can take the job and claim the prize. This does not apply when the prize is for another pirate’s head. Headhunter is able to track his target down, pinpointing his location on the map Raider - a pirate who is set to attack and plunder settlements. Receives extra rewards in successful capture. The are no Neutral ports. There are only Free Settlements that claimed freedom from the crown and answer to no other nation. Because of that they are a welcome refuge for any pirate. Because Pirates are not a nation, but a faction they cannot claim any ports. Instead they have access to any free port that cannot be captured. Pirates make leaving through combat in the open sea, capturing traders and raiding ports for plunder. They also have easier access to rare “treasures” such as Pearls, lost Crowns etc. All that allows them to buy necessary resources to cover their ship expenses. Using a network of smugglers they are able to secretly trade with all nations. Pirate faction also has their own influence just like the other nations. Higher level of influence allow them to enter more Free Settlements and have there better prices. The Map Right now travel is done in two phases. Long and annoying sail to a destination, then a “save” of location through creation of outpost and fast travel. Sooner or later we have a nation or a faction that covers the entire map and can zip around real fast. Massive sea space becomes very little as life is now based around those Free Ports. Access is everything. It determines the value of the ports. Those ports that are closest to the free ports are valued more than the others. With the proposed Influence System there will be a zones that are harder to conquer, but have better resources and productions. This will make larger points of interest that attracts players so you don’t have to roam around for hours to find targets or any other p2p activities. ---------------- Other little things that would make this game a real pearl. 1. F2P will always attract more player base, but we do understand that you need to make revenue. Game could sell things that don’t have impact on the combat efficiency, so players who spends lots real money won't be in advantage. Instead Naval Action Store (NAS) could sell customization items for the ship and your character. Needless to say that all customization needs to be within the spirit of time. You can sell for real money even ship customization slots for each ship. For example one slot can allow you to customize sails, another name of the ship. All customization is bound to a specific ship and gets destroyed when the ship losses last dura. 2. Identification in the open sea. Simply clicking on the target is easy… too easy. Would be nice to have a spyglass that gives you the information of the ship you are looking at. The information received and the maximum distance is determined by the quality of the spyglass. Besides you could sell in the NAS componentry for decent spyglass. Among the current information we get from selecting the target the good spyglass should tell the speed of the ship and the quality. While looking at the ship through spyglass the assessment bar is filling in. It could take some time for the bar to fill in completely and to “assess” the ship. Once done you should be able to see more details such as how many dura left, upgrades installed etc. At the end of the day those things would have been visible in RL. Maybe even create Assessment Perk that will allow you to assess ships faster. Lots of cool food for thought 3. NPC trade caravans as mission for Pirates. Takes cooperation and lots of pirates to take on fully protected caravan, but rewards are also great. 4. Port battles done vs actual forts on land 5. One of a must have customization is a ship name and various designs of the carving that can be applied to display given name 6. Nation flag on the ship in the open sea. It is much better to look through spyglass and try to recognise the flag of the ship that is chasing you instead of simply clicking on the ship and get the lazy info. 7. Trader’s Network (TN) aka auction house. If you really want to drive player economy this is a must have. Make it more interesting. In order to get the info player needs to buy and maintain pigeon post. TN does allow you to buy remotely and place delivery contract so other players can pick it up and deliver anywhere you required. This promotes player trading, smuggling, and of course piracy. I can probably think of another 2-3 dozen of things but you get my drift. ------------------ More than happy to discuss in private all of the above if you decide you want to use any of these ideas. Im off to hunt me some traders. Yarrr! [bLACK] Koltes
  15. Privateers as a National Career Path

    Context: Privateers were historically contracted (carrying a Letter of Marque) by a Nation to pursue and capture/destroy the ships of hostile nations. They were in a sense mercenaries of the seas, however they were still employed and thus required to fly the flag of a Nation (lest they be deemed Pirates). Idea: As part of the Orders section, the option for "Obtain Letter of Marque" is available from the Admiralty. This can only be purchased for a tidy sum at the Capital Port (perhaps at a price that is 50% of ship value). It can only be applied to ships up to Fifth Rate (even then perhaps only up to Frigate). The result of application of a Letter of Marque is threefold: 1. The owner of a Letter of Marque receives slightly less financial reward on capture of enemy ships (reflecting the Nation's cut of the return) but secures all cargoes for themselves. Sinkings generate even less financial reward. 2. The owner of a Letter of Marque boosts "hostility" scores by X% at nearby Enemy ports when operating. 3. A modest XP boost to OW battles. To switch to a ship other than the one carrying the Letter of Marque results in a expiration of the Letter of Marque and a new one will be need to be purchased. (a warning notification would be needed to prevent accidental switching) Purpose: Letters of Marque are a financial commitment by the Privateer. The price is not small and so the commitment must be there to pursue that path of a Privateer. By restricting the use of ship type while a Letter of Marque is active it should hopefully discourage spamming of "LoM" as a step before a port battle as it would be a financially impractical and the restriction to up to Fifth Rates would enable a group of dedicated Defenders to rally a fleet to engage Privateers. The modest XP boost would encourage lower level players to range out on the OW stage to rank up faster, while the hostility boost encourages National returns on the Diplomatic front. Doubtless there are some nuances I am missing or considerations but this is what I've got so far. Thoughts?
  16. Hello there friend?

    All this diplomacy is real intriguing. I'm having a blast reading the stories from the beach. But I fear that once I get back and boot into Open World, I'll not have a clue what to expect from the first ship which sails up to me. How about when I click a ship, I see in the window the RoE state of that player? Basically hiding all complexities that the diplomatic mechanics brings down to one state: Friendly Neutral Hostile Where friendlies can not attack me (or are turned to Pirate). (The second is the "easier" option because then friendly Pirates can still attack one-another, although it could also serve as a measure against damage farming.) Neutrals can attack me, but it is likely frowned upon. Hostiles will simply run in fear of my approach. Off topic: the diplomatic mechanic itself and all current treaties.
  17. On behalf of the nation of Danmark-Norge, the Royal Danish-Norwegian Navy [RDNN] announces the launch of its national Teamspeak server. Any and all captains sailing under the white cross is welcome to join the server and get access. All Danish clans are invited to join, regardless of their stance towards the National Danish-Norwegian Council and any participation in the meta-game. The National Teamspeak is an offer to all Dane sailors, whether they are members of a clan or not. Independent players, privateers (kapere), have their own rooms and their access will enable them to participate in nation events alongside clan players. We have dedicated War Rooms for organising PvP and RvR in cooperation between clans and players of all creeds. To get access and dedicated channels for their clan, Clan Leaders should register on the website and go ahead to this forum and make a post. More information about the server is to be found here: danmarknorge.org/teamspeak Jump on the Teamspeak Server here: ts3server://na.danmarknorge.org Diplomats and representatives of other nations are invited to come on our TS to be granted access to our diplomatic channels, and communicate with our Ambassadors. (The Teamspeak server was created with the Danmark-Norge population on PvP1EU in mind, but should there be a request for it an expansion to include Danish-Norwegian players from PvP2 can be done.)
  18. Today I stumbled on the returning issue of information and communication, or rather a lack of it. Diplomacy has proven to be an important part of the gameplay. For that reason councils are in established to lead the faction politics. it is to my understanding a council consists out of clan representatives who by a defined proces, determine the faction policy of treaties, declarations of war etc etc. Often players are asking the acual status of policies or they are being told by other players, often this info is conflictive or incorrect. When discussing these issue players are often blamed by other players that they should turn to the council for information or join a big clan and inform themselves that way. It seems rather awkward to me to relay the responsibility of information to the players themselves instead of keeping this to the ones who deal with the diplomacy. In fatc as in real life they should bare the responsibility to inform the faction players. It then would be appropriate to inform these player regardless of clan or puppie status and more important they should be informed in time and via offical channels. Official channels; not random players (like it is now). A suggestion would be to create faction childboards in the forum in which a council can make an official declaration. In the current gameversion it is not possible to inform players so it would be nice if appointed council representives send the diplomacy information via the faction chat. Even better would be to create an in-game status board in which appointed moderators can announce and alter the diplomacy status, day by day. Next step would be to link this status to the same attack procedures we see with our own faction ships/players in which the user will be banned to the pirates once they continue to attack a friendly vessel. My 2 cents
  19. First I would like to add that this only works once diplomacy is added to the game, as it would probably make a lot of use out of the planned diplomacy once added to the game. So don't take this as something I personally think needs to be added RIGHT NOW kind of deal. Now I will explain the title in short here for those who are TL;DR type people. Though if you are on the forums and are like that while playing a game like this where travel can take hours and you have little to do, then why the heck are you playing this game or on the forums!! Haha! I have only been playing this game for 81 hours over a week from when I start writing this, so yeah I have less power over what should and shouldn't be in this game, but as a lover of this type of game and by that I don't mean ships on the sea in first/3rd person battling, but as a lover of tactics and trade using a faction based system. But I think I have ways of making certain aspects of this game great or maybe even perfect for all types of players. And I will list some of these and go in depth in this thread about some of them, so read on if you want but if you hate walls of text which I tend to make most the time, then skip down to the TL;DR part of each section or just read the conclusion of each! --------- Illegal Trade. Short info: We have all seen the AI ships who sail around with the big red letters in their info saying “Contraband”, we have all at a time probably salivated at the sight of these fellow faction AI who hold goodies. But I want to expand or have the DEVs expand on this concept. How? Adding a blackmarket system and need and demand to the game will help with this. This will work on a AI based soft system of diplomacy which isn't controlled by the player. How this will work is the mayor or leader/populace of the said port will have random spats or taboos on certain IRL days or even weeks which will change or jump at a certain reset day so you don't or can't just farm or prey on one location all the time and camp it. By it I mean a system of contraband items for certain ports. This will work on the reset and soft diplomacy system so that those ports will have a black market for certain goods which are already in the game or not in the game yet so the Devs can by them self expand on the idea. Things like alcohol/wine/spirits, Slaves or even weapons can be these contraband goods. So a port will put a restriction on certain things, like booze because the leader of said port just doesn't want drunk rowdiness to happen or drink related crimes. So they slap the port with this restriction, then a tab will appear for said port and the price of say, rum, will ten fold making a use for it in the world which just isn't there at the moment. Slaves can also be a part of this, having a player based vote system on how and if they want the use of slaves in their factions ports. Weapons are another fun one to work with, this will be more a part of another suggestion I have and will explain more later. What does this add? Well this adds one thing, more reason for PvP and more reason and possible gains for players who want to make money in alternate ways. It will increase PvP because in certain areas around or near the said port will become no go zones for those items you hold in your cargo. So when you enter with these items in the circles around the ports (SHOWN HERE: http://imgur.com/tStIB0A) which have said item under restriction you will be highlighted or seen as someone holding contraband and can be attacked by your own faction and allies which have diplomatically aligned with you. I know this is why the contraband system was added for in the first place and I totally did take this idea from the DEVS them self as I can see they plan to line this contraband system up in a later patch or update. I just want them to know it is a very good idea. Conclusion: Contraband system for ports and players so they can be targeted by allies and have some kind of risk in safer areas and possible more gold earned for that risk in trade. This will help piracy and trade adding more PVP and PVE content to the game and being more realistic/fun. ----------- REBELLION AND UPRISING Short info: A system which works along side the diplomacy. When nations all band together, port citizens and people who live in the towns around the ports may be upset or will become upset about some of these alliances, so what do they do? They rebel against these decision and fight or take over the port. Also if something is contraband and isn't supplied by black market from players they will try overthrow or take over the port. How does this work? Basically the diplomatic system the Devs add will most probably cause some nations to just band together and never break away from each other ever. In the start of these merging of cultures and alliances will cause a lot of citizens to act out and cause problems for their towns as visitors come and enjoy their port, food and their daughters . So what do you think they would do in this situation? Well they act out and try a show of force to challenge the powers in place to get things changed. How it works with the illegal trade is these ports who have high risk of rebellion and incited rage will ask for weapons and explosives. And you, can chose to sell it them and supply them with the means. Or you can help quash the rebellion/uprising by stopping players selling to these ports. Once and if the port/citizens are successful the port will become a neutral type or hostile port where no one is able to sell to the port or the buildings are razed in the port so production for a week or so in real time is no longer producing at the rate they were prior. Also killing other players or boats around these ports will also add a fear based reaction. The more pirates attack or plunder a port(if and when added as a means to not just take over a port), the fear of the citizens will increase. It will also work the other way around, the more missions done for the ports and kills of pirates around these ports will decrease the fear. Also adding a system where the pirates can pay and support rebellion/uprising to make it later easier for pirates to take over the port for them self. This adds more tactics for the pirates to expand their reach over the other factions and makes them a bigger threat in the game other than someone who will kill you on sight. Now you will have to watch out for the port screwing you over due to a crafty pirate who helps them out. Conclusion: This will add more for pirates to do as well as non-pirate factions to watch out for, causing some ideal trade locals to lock down and for more profit and expansion in the long run. Also countering allying with to many factions and causing a power Vacuum. The more players a faction has considered also by allied factions will cause more ports/towns to rebel against it and want their own ways only and giving a closer to home problem to deal with in game other than staying close to front line ports for your PvP action or fun. This will also help PvE players have something else to do later in the game as you can add anti-rebellion based actions similar to the mini-game you have for boarding a ship. Making it so you can add troop ships to the game where you hire buccaneers or military from said faction to 'board' the ports and clear/stop the crazed citizens. Overall I think this would add a hell of a lot to the gameplay and would be very exciting for people who like management based gameplay. ---------------- PIRACY Short info: Piracy needs more things to make it more viable in game. How I plan on changing this in a suggestion is to add certain quality of life things. Also a possible system which helps players do mean things to other players and still not be considered instantly a pirate for those actions until properly caught or they 100% agree to switch sides. How will this work? Simple. We add more aspects of piracy that existed in the first place. I will do this in order instead of in a huge mash of words together. First. Hideouts, I will list things this can do below. 1. Add a cave/hideout system to the game. Basically you make ports of your own but without all the flashy side of real ports. You as a pirate in a clan(must be a clan, or you are just really really rich or in a group), will put your money and resource together and if in a good location you can place a small hideout which you can dock/hide your ship in. 2. These hideouts will hide you so you can make a base of operation close to a faction or deep in the factions territory, think of routes where traders take in their goods, you can have the hideout close by and use it to launch attacks from the inside and make some good cash and cause a ruckus. 3. Hideouts will be hidden to all factions but Pirate. And all will be shown on the map if invited to see them by other pirate clans and you can pay for using them to hide in. You can pay that said clan to be able to hold loot in said camp. 4.You will only be able to hold one ship in this hideout with a max amount for players, so if you have a clan of 20, and the hideout can only hold 10 players worth of ships in it, then you can't place your ship or keep a ship in there until someone takes away one of their ships. So another hideout will be needed to be made as more ships would make the hideout bigger and visible to other nations. Or a system where you can have unlimited ships here but a limit to how much until it becomes visible to all on the map. As more ships and people the more known around it will become to info brokers. 5. AI will be able to make them randomly throughout the week, only player made hideouts that have been upgraded properly will be able to hold loot in them. Also you won't be able to keep your boats here as they will randomly move every week. 6. Information/interrogation. A mini-game system added or just a flat out way of getting information from a pirate player. Once and if you capture a player pirates ship you not only take the ship, you take the pirate and interrogate them for information on the location of their hideout if they have one. This gives factions a reason to takeover the pirate ships no matter what they are sailing to get information on what they are up to in the region. Second is info brokers. Info brokers. This is needed in game. Someone you can go to in port and pay them a certain amount of money to tell you where pirates have been sighted, or where a AI based Hideout is so you can attack said hideout and get their loot and just out right root out the pirates from the area. This will show a general area of where pirates are, in a circle bases highlighted area so you can have a possible warning system as to where not to go. Of course this circle will not move at all so you constantly know where the player pirates are. But it will help some traders out possibly or scare the hell out of them. This is also a good money sink for the game! Info brokers can have multiple functions and things you can pay them to do. Such as giving you info on what is selling/a price list on items in all ports in a certain area. Telling you where pirates are that are player pirates not AI. Telling you what ports plan on rebelling or what their fear level is. Telling you where a pirate hideout is that is AI based and more. There are many things this broker can do for you the possibilities are huge. Third is Bounties, faction relation/fame and infamy. As a pirate you want to be known. Infamy can make a player feel proud that his making an impact on the game as a whole. A list can be added in major ports which can be taken down by players as names to remember. The players deeds can be added on this board as info and money can be put on their head by AI and players. So if you even attack a enemy ship which is AI this will impact and put your name on the board as wanted by that nation. To receive this bounty you must capture the said pirate and in a quick yet functional way they will be jailed in some way and you will be paid for it. A dead or alive system for this could work too. Alive you get more but dead you just get a set amount. This system wont hinder the captured player. Once Captured you will just instantly spawn at a port of your faction but the bounty will be taken and your infamy will reset or lower considerably. You will also gain fame. More ports you capture for your faction, or actions you do for the populace of the Caribbean will increase your popularity meaning you can be a lawful player who gets things done for the good of the sea you travel. This would just be more a Epeen stroke and not really gain you anything other than the bounties you collect but overall this adds a reward type system to players who want to play a certain way. Fourth. Ship capturing. The idea to remove AI ship capturing was smart in my eyes. Sure with the state of crafting at the moment it was kind of the worst time to make that update and remove this cheap source of fodder in game. But it was needed for crafters to actually profit and make more types of ships. But as I said, it was flawed due to the poor crafting system in place (not saying I hate crafting I just think it is too slow for the pace of PvP. And the sake of PvP). I think Pirates should be able to capture AI ships. It makes sense for them to do this so why not. Players doing it who aren't pirate it just makes it to easy but it is a must for pirates as it is a dog eat dog world for them and they can be ripped off easy by their own. Maybe like someone else had suggested, you make it so only Overworld roaming AI ships can be captured, or make them a little weaker then the fully crafted versions. But still let them be captured. They are pirates for christ sake not people who are meant to do good. The change at the moment only makes sense for non-pirate factions as taking a ship for your self is against the laws of some nations at the time. Fifth. Bribes/Ransom. This is pretty self explanatory. Players can pay pirates to not be engaged in battle. This happens before the battle starts in the prep phase. A player can offer a amount, and the pirate can counter offer or set the bribe/ransom price. This will let pirates have a possible gain on cash and get away before enemy ships enter the fray on the traders side or let the Trader get away with all his/her resources. Overall this would add a gamble situation to pirate ganks or even nation ganks, making things more interesting. Another thing to add to this system is a cooldown. Once a bribe/ransom is done, the pirate player becomes invisible for 300 seconds or more, giving time for them to leave. And for 24 hours of real time that pirate can't attack the same person that gave them the bribe, nor can the person who gave up his/her money, attack the pirate in question. Conclusion: Well all these things make sense if you read it. But it opens up pirate play or reasons to be pirates on the PvE and PvP side of play and increases both play styles for normal nations and pirates all at once. Why would we not want that? ----------- I hope you guys enjoy this idea or ideas and add your own thoughts in the comments! Thanks for your time.
  20. As a compromise, I propose that the Pirate Nation as it currently sits, be split up into a loose coalition(think EU4 HRE) between pirate clans. In other words, each pirate clan that owns at least one port becomes their own "Nation". Non affiliated Pirates or clans without any owned ports could still port up at these different pirate clan ports so newbies aren't left without anything other than free ports to use. In order to give Non affiliated pirates a chance at having a nation this would be the only case someone would be allowed to pull a flag from a free port (but only once per day or something like that). This has the effect of potentially having small enclaves of pirates setting up shop outside of the main pirate hub in the Bahamas. With the eventual introduction of diplomacy between nations, these same mechanics should then be applied to pirates between their loose coalition of "Nations", however Pirates and National's should never be able to make a peace treaty between each other. That does not exclude the possibility of some kind of ceasefire agreement where the National party in question pays some kind of tribute every week or so to the pirate clan or clans that signed it. This proposal would make Pirate internal politics closer to history (just "closer" not exactly) while still remaining fun and interesting. TLDR - Split Pirate Nation into a loose Coalition of PCN's (Pirate Clan Nation) - Only Clans that have captured at least one port are a PCN - Non affiliated pirates or clans without a port can port at any pirate port - Can still assist with port assault/defense - Non affiliated pirates or clans without a port can pull a single flag per day(make it cost labor hours and gold) from a free port - capable of creating pirate enclaves outside pirate coalition borders - National's and PCN can never be at peace - National's and PCN can have a temp cease fire but will require tribute by the National - tribute comes from the admiralty coffers(once implemented), amount decided automatically by game, no 0 tribute exploit for constant peace - if tribute can't be met hostilities continue - PCN's can make treaty's with other PCN's the same way Nations to Nations would be able to with each other - This includes war, peace, port access, etc. TLDR;TLDR - Pirate Nation split into Pirate Clan Nations (PCN) - PCN can only make treaty's with other PCN - PCN can not make treaty's with Nationals except to offer cease fire for tribute - Any questions you may have, might have been answered above so please go back and read
  21. Hello all, Just a few things i was wanting some input from the player base. First off I personally feel like the entire game is headed down the same path as Pot BS. With that said the developers seem to be trying to make a certain group or player base happy, and not focusing on the game mechanics as a whole to make everyone equally happy. Lets take a look at port battles, who can organize in just a few short minutes and then only have 2 mins to join after that. Nothing like that even makes any sense. You would think that the developers would want to see a fair fight for that port in general but instead all you see is this one sided battle that get blockaded by the bigger force leaving but a 25 ship battle vs 5 towers. Is this even a fair mechanic? Every nation is left out of their own ability to participate in defending this entirely. DEVELOPERS rework this please! There should be a count down with a 24 hour timer so all the time zones can coordinate to defend properly. and the defenders should have the ability to teleport directly to the battle to defend since you are not giving us any other means to get there. The mechanic as it stands is the bigger force gets there prior to the flag being pulled and blockades it then pulls the flag with an equally sizable force and a screening fleet. How are we even suppose to get to the battle? this leaves the bigger nation the ability to take as many ports as they want. There is ZERO balance to the port battle system and it needs to be reworked seeing how this is the only way we are able to even craft ships period is through conquered ports and trading between them. How is a nation suppose to even exist when u make it so easy for the biggest nation to sweep and mop up the all the smaller nations. Maybe make it more and more expensive to pull flags after you conquer so many ports? That would slow them down enough to let the beaten up nation regroup at least a little bit. But this last min 45 min flag timer has got to go, you are leaving no room for all the time zones nation wide to participate and make arrangements, It would be nice to "accumulate points" either from sinking traders, or players to initiate your intentions to raid that port. Once there is enough chaos in that area they can start the conquest and have a 24 hour period to begin. that would slow the conquest of the map down considerably and make these port battles actually worth something besides a 100 xp and 2k gold power house sweep for these overpowered nations. Port battles are a huge deal, you are stripping a nation from their property, people live in these cities operate business' and live life, is it really realistic that a port can change hands 10 times in a week? Really now this is not a realistic concept that should be embraced by our development staff. Again, make port battle a great feat!!!! Make people want to be there, Make it a worthy spectacle and let others who cant join be able to spectate!!!! that would give the game alot more meaning in my opinion. What do yo all think?
  22. Over the last few weeks its become apparent to me that the current diplomacy system is not managable. On 2 occasions I have seen our coalition forge alliances with coalitions in other nations only to have them undermined by a single clan that nobody can police or punish. 2 sides enact diplomacy and then any clan who refuses can strike out at the other nation from protected ports making them invulnerable to being attacked back but free to attack eventually disolving the entire alliance see RAE in the alliance of spain/britain. In my opinion the clans that go rogue and attempt to disrupt alliances by attacking ports while hiding in protected territory are not to be punished they are only doing what the game allows them to do. That being said the system makes no sense and creates heartache for hundreds of players because of as little as 25 who decide that's what they want to do. The following is my solution to the current problem, I believe it will encourage clans to cooperate and forge lasting alliances while at the same time allows internal clans and coalitions to rise up and go to war with each other within a nation creating more than the current diplomatic landscape of 7 Factions because it allows endless sub factions to fight each other within factions creating complex cross nation and internal nation politics. 1. Each nation should have somewhere between 5 and 12 uncapturable ports. These may or may not need to be in the same location but could even allow nations to branch out creating divisions in the nation map lines by for example spain might have a cluster of 4 uncapturable ports at la habana and 4 uncapturable ports at cartagena de indias giving them access to all their resources in both locations and allowing new players to those locations to never be oppressed and chased out of the game before they even get to see whats good about it. I would put some kind of industry negative production buff on those ports somewhere between 50-75% output so players are encouraged to setup buildings in capturable ports but worst case scenerio they at least have somewhere to fall back and create industry and can never have their individual fun or warfare capabilities reduced beyond a certain point. There would always be hope of turning a fight around knowing the flame of your nation cannot be completely extinguished beyond repair. 2. Clans should own any ports their members are Lord Protector for with control over who may dock. Docking access options would allow lord protectors or clans to set who may dock in their ports. Example if the port is British there would be a checkbox to allow all british players to dock at this port, to allow other specific other nations to dock at this port, to allow certain clans from any nation to dock at this port and of course to deny certain clans from any nation to dock at this port. It's more likely that this setup would be tedious and best managed by the clan leader rather then each lord protector but it could be good for a lord protector to have his own override control allowing him to create custom docking setup in the event a clan wants to establish a cooperative dock for members of another nation without giving them access to all the clans ports, this could be for war reasons or trade reasons but offers a more interesting political landscape as well as diplomatic options and cooperation. 3. Clans should be able to form physical alliances with clans from other nations that cannot be broken by individual members and must be disolved or withdrawn from by the head of clans. This allows certain clans to work together without being undermined by other clans from their nation or individuals within their own clans. It encourages advanced complex politics of clans in one nation working with other clans or mercenaries from other nations to help achieve their own personal agenda. 4. Clans should be able to go to war against clans or players within their own nation. By allowing clans to go to war against others in their own nation the larger nations like britain and usa can be more divided internally as they fight for power within their nation. The current politics are rather stagnant with huge 2 side wars drawing every nation into them simply because of lack of options there are only 7 factions and only so many combinations of diplomacy even less based on the player base of certain nations. 5. Add far more ports to the game With nations potentially fighting internally and having 2-3 sets of uncapturable port clusters allowing the 7 nations to have 14-21 stronghold locations there would be far more division around the map and more places for clans to find their own little corner of the world to control. In the event all servers are merged more ports will certainly keep it interesting. 6. Add more resource production and npc trade ships/convoys to freeports. I would like to see freeports producing every resource presumably via trade but allowing and even encouraging pirates to setup in freeports and migrate away from their 'pirate empire' to claim a small corner somewhere and make money striking fear into merchants and clans operating in the region while treating the freeport almost like a pirate cove. Freeports might even allow players to create any industry rather then restricting them however such buildings would have a far higher extraction cost and lower production making them possible but only in a dire situation or when you have no other ports nearby and not very effecient. 7. Do not allow level 3 shipyards in freeports. With rogue clans and pirates setting up in freeports i don't believe they should be able to build 3rd rates and above in such secure territory. I would see a game where pirates are encouraged to move into freeports and harrass areas but i do not believe they should be able to wage all out war from freeports like unloading massive rate fleets to screen nation wars for cash. 8. Add a set of building upgrades for the Lord Protector allowing him to collect a portion of trade/market taxes, improve garrison soldiers and fortifications. This just creates a benefit to controlling ports and encourages internal power struggles as well as clan cooperation to upgrade the defenses of important ports at huge expense. 9. Add custom clan icons inside the port circles and recolor the circle background to match the nation color, also make pirates and danes ports more distinguishable. To create a sense of expansion and ownership and to watch clans spread across a region it would be cool to see all the icons on the map inside the circles to watch clans expanding their borders. 10. Allow a lord protector to transfer his title to any other player in the game. Sometimes deals are struck or players no longer want to play. We currently have a player with 8 ports who quit and we can no longer touch those timers, allow a quick method to transfer the title of Lord Protector to another player remotely for the purpose of diplomacy as well as leaving players or those taking vacation. Some members simply don't want to manage their port timers these members should have the option to relinquish the title to another clan member who will. 11. Display port timers and dock access on the map including friendly port timers. I'm sick of making defensive and offensive photoshop maps of port timers and updating a port timer spreadsheet for our clans 40 ports it's a game not a job, why not give us that information on the map itself so i don't need to keep building them. 12. Allow a 25 player pb fleet and give them priority access to a port battle When fighting around populated areas we've have found clanless players in low level ships are jumping into port battles before experienced clan members in powerful ships can get in if the Port Battle fills it disrupts the entire attack. Allow for a 25 player 'raid' fleet or something that simply marks other fleet members visually and secures a place for each player in a flag carriers raid fleet for 3-4 minutes. Allowing them to get into a port battle before public players nearby can join. The same could also be done for members of a clan who own a port that are defending. 13. Flags may only be purchased in nation starting ports or your clans owned ports. Also flags may only be planted during 2 hour window and last until end of window. Currently the longest you can be forced to defend is 4.5 hours if your port window is 22-24 and the enemy buys a flag at 23.59 and holds it until 00.59 to plant you may then be stuck in a battle for another 90 minutes. Meaning that even though your defensive watch started at 10pm you could be forced to defend until almost 2.30 in the morning. I believe this could be reduced to 3.5 hours while allowing flags to be run further then they currently can. If the flag lasts for the duration of the 2 hour window buying it at the start of a window would give you 2 hours to attack allowing your fleet to travel further. While also enforcing that the enemy must plant the flag during the window means you wont be stuck up an extra hour if they choose to buy it at the last minute. This system could be tweaked even further if say the capture window was 2.5 or 3 hours long but the battle ended at the end of the capture window. Meaning their time inside the port was not a flat 90 minutes but based on how early they get into the port to start the battle, waiting too late could cost the fight. This also reduces the amount of time required to defend and makes it more accessible to casual gamers to participate and doesn't require players to stay up past reasonable hours. These changes are not designed to be historical but are suggested to improve the game and make it far more enjoyable for everyone to play the current system is burning players out and they are leaving we need a more interesting system where politics shift faster and more locally/internally from far more factions making the game more interesting and less frustrating with people in your own nations that you can't attack.
  23. Призываю русскоязычные кланы открыть свои посольства в прикрепленной теме англоязычного форума Ambassador Office. Форма размещения посольства: Нация Название клана / клан-тег Ник на форуме официального представителя клана (желательно связанный ссылкой с профилем на форуме для переписки в личной почте) Язык для общения послов (желательно владеть в том числе английским)
  24. Призываю русскоязычные кланы открыть свои посольства в прикрепленной теме англоязычного форума Ambassador Office. Форма размещения посольства: Нация Название клана / клан-тег Ник на форуме официального представителя клана (желательно связанный ссылкой с профилем на форуме для переписки в личной почте) Язык для общения послов (желательно владеть в том числе английским)
  25. British Marauders is a Panama Based Clan. Mostly American Players however we accept all nationalities. We have a TS. Were experienced and we accept new players!