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Found 10 results

  1. Map Wipe

    Every day it becomes clearer that you could literally give less shits about Aussies and Americans. Why the EU map wasnt wiped when the servers were merged so everyone got a fair shot is beyond me. This is why. Take for example the Dutch right now, we have 2 port Battles happening within 2 hours of each other this Friday morning. The Dutch nation can field 25 players, but at the times of these port battles the aussies have either a 3am or 5am pb. which they wont show up to, and us Americans for the most part have jobs, and as such we cant show up to them. To state the obvious I am aware that we can set our own timers, but the clans that owned those ports did not have that much gold because trade is pretty hard for actual Dutch players since there are so few of them after the cowards left for sweden and their time zone is bogged down by constant port camping by numbers far superior to their own. Where this becomes a problem is that us Americans and Aussies from Global can not play the game to what you Devs claim can be played. We have swapped over a couple of ports to be ours by the generosity of the current dutch players, who are truly a very nice group of individuals. But we cant go take ports owned by other nations since before the merge since they all changed their port timers to ridiculous times. Which is fine, so long as Americans and Aussies both got the same opportunity. Which we didnt. We didnt get the same opportunity because the map wasnt wiped before the merge which was suggested often and just swept under the rug by the decision making team for Naval Action. It sure makes it feel like us Americans and Aussies are not wanted in this game to say the least. Take for example Jeheil, who advertised your game, Naval Action, to an INCREDIBLE extent. A truly well done series that was fun to watch and inspired people to play the game. He quit doing the series, and the game, Naval Action, I believe all together. This was due to several things that basically came down to real life> game life, and the team running Naval Action made it to where if anything was to happen, it could only happen when he was sleeping, or at work. This is the case for most Aussies so I have been led to believe. What I am calling for is a map wipe, like there should have been, and possibly looking at the maintenance schedule again. I believe then we could truly see action across all time zones, with a better blend for battles across these time zones, and possibly for players to have another chance at switching nations, testing new waters, etc. Perhaps it is to late now, which would be a bummer to say the least, but please consider it to balance out our time zone problems.
  2. Greetings, Once upon a time the developers proclaimed that you cannot hack/ cheat in this game, "because the client only renders the world and registers your input. All calculations are done on the server." And yet, I've got reports from players that have 1000+ hours into this game and are experienced players of very strange things happening when in battle against certain individuals. These occurrences include but are not limited to: Crew assignment changing to repairs, or guns being disabled. Sails being depowered or set to 0%. The ship not responding to any player input via keyboard, total loss of control of the ship. So, if the developers keep their stance that the game cannot be hacked, then the only conclusion can be that the hackers are the developers themselves. This would make a certain amount of sense, since they have the tools and more direct access to the server than regular players. So, @admin@Ink ,myself and my fellow captains would like an explanation for this. With the recent changes to the game, it looks as if you're trying to kill this game as quickly as possible and these "impossible" hacks are contributing to this. I've heard rumors that this game might be "finished" in your opinion and that another project might be in the pipeline. If this is the case, grow some balls and at least admit it and don't hide behind these game-changing decisions that most of the players hate. I'd hate to spend all my time in a game that is essentially, going nowhere, or rather backwards.
  3. Buenos días Señores: Ha llegado a mis oidos que algunos capitanes han decidido abandonar nuestras filas tras una serie de desgracias que sólo pueden ser achacables a desastres naturales causados por la ira de nuestro Señor Todopoderoso. Y no me refiero sólo al ocurrido la pasada noche donde la intervención divina ocasionó que se nos presentaran dos batallas de puerto a la misma hora. Parece ser que llueve sobre mojado. Al parecer la mierda siempre llueve sobre nuestras cabezas y hay quien se lamenta amargamente preguntándose que hemos hecho los españoles para merecer este castigo continuado de Dios nuestro Señor. Ante este hecho, que por continuado, no es ya atribuible a la fortuna, algunos capitanes han decidido quedarse en tierra y adorar a otros dioses. No les culpo. Sin embargo todos sabemos que el mundo esta aun en construcción y Dios nuestro Señor esta decidiendo si los mares han de estar poblados por liebres o sardinas, y mientras tanto alguien va a ser maltratado. Mi visión al respecto es que me siento alagado por este maltrato. Los enemigos de nuestra nación (nación de naciones, pluridad multinacional o como cojones se llame España ahora ) estaban acogotados y con pocas posibilidades de levantar cabeza, así que nuestro Señor Todopoderoso ha decidido (por medio de desastres naturales de difícil explicación) equilibrar las cosas y sacudirnos una ración de ira divina. A partir de ahora nuestros enemigos se han vuelto mucho más poderosos y el mundo no sólo ha vuelto a su equilibrio natural si no que ahora estamos en desventaja a causa de las inumerables ordas que componen la Perfida Albion. Y mi pregunta es...y que? Si siempre hemos estado en desventaja. Siempre hemos sido menos, con peores barcos, peor organizados y encima en guerra con el mundo entero a la vez. Como se suele decir, en peores plazas hemos toreado Comparado con otras ocasiones estamos hasta bien Un saludo y animo.
  4. EXP Didnt Transfer

    So, the new patch is live! I did all the prerequistes prior to the wipe. Just to find out my exp didn't transfer. Its still there in the EU server, but didn't transfer to the Global server like promised. Any Devs able to help me out on this issue??? I have 850+ hours logged on the game...would hate to start over, and I probably wont sadly...love this game and I have talked several friends into playing as well... just want my exp back...
  5. I know its far off in the development cycle, and I'm not asking for it anytime soon, as I realize the singleplayer campaign is eating most of the dev time currently. That being said, have the devs said anything about their intent for a multiplayer system? Co-op campaigns or PvP or something along those lines? If this has been answered before, just let me know where please.
  6. To the Developers: It's fantastic having the ability to move about the ship and see the beautiful open world from the deck. Thanks. Just thanks ... you people are thoughtful and really listen.
  7. Since the beginning we had a lot of battle engangement changes, some good, some bad. We had 2 minutes timer, we had Sociable perk 30 minutes timer, we have now new system giving us battles closed instantly. Many players complained or loved some of these systems, but I don't know a player, that would absolutely support current battlescreen mechanic. I gathered many opinions and ideas and decided to come up with my own based on the feedback. Let me first present the bad side of current system. 1. Camping in Battlescreen. This is how players prepare ambush, I've seen it done multiple times by Spanish, Pirates, French and I guess players in all nations use it too. Very simple, there is one bait player outside or one "spotter" in distance and everyone else waits in battlescreen for target. Once the target nearby, they jump out. Easy exploit. 2. Logging out in front of enemy port before Port Battle. Some people support it, some not. Personally I do not like it, I didn't like flag system either to be honest. (No solution suggested here for this as it stays controversial) 3. One player leaving battlescreen first, to let everyone know if it's safe outside. Sometimes they leave 1 by 1, then teleport. Enemy do not engage single ships as it would save everyone else (dragging friendly ships into battle for 3 minutes, especially since dragging circle is damn huge). Very annoying when you finally find enemy fleet increasing hostility and they camp battlescreen. 4. Revenge fleets. Gankers hate them, personally I like ganking myself and I never hated revenge fleets. I met some at La Habana like 15-20 Spanish ships waiting for me. Ganking is not for babies, ganking should be hard and tough, risky as well. Why would Game Developers make ganking easy? Maybe because some gankers tend to cry to Devs that ganking is hard and bad-boy revenge fleets destroy them If you are one of these gankers crying that ganking is hard, you better try PvE Server. Ganking must be hard and risky, otherwise go play with bots. Back to topic, if few pirates attack friendly ship in front of Capital, then they are safely sitting in Battlescreen until it's safe... Having 20-30 Revenge Ships outside... Then this game turns into "NAVAL WAITING", not Naval Action. One side wants revenge, because their friend got killed in battle 1 vs 5 or so and when they finally get the Pirates out of battlescreen after 2 hours that did not expected revenge fleet being still waiting... Some gankers start to cry about unfair battle 5 vs 30 and some zerg talking. _____________________ My Suggestion: 1. Logging out in battlescreen is important feature and there should be also official button, instead of using Alt+F4 or killing game proccess or whatever else players tend to do. But it should be limited! For example player can logout once every 6-12 hours (needsconsideration what's the sweet spot). It's understandable that 1 battle can take 1,5 hour and after that player must leave game. But on the other side, it cannot be overused as advantage all the time, few times during one day. Official button + cooldown time for another use of it. 2. Battlescreen kick - Players get 5 minutes to manage ships, take cargo and after 5 minutes if they do not logout, they get kicked from battlescreen. Also make Battlescreen in form of Lobby, players can leave battlescreen before 5 minutes kick, if everyone in battlescreen lobby clicks "Ready" button, just like in groups when trying to join Small / Large Battle. Everyone in group must click ready and then players can join. This will prevent leaving 1 by 1 and trying to escape seperately. 3. As far as I know, you cannot enter battles for 2 minutes after logging in and leaving port... This is kinda outdated since the 2 minutes timer for battles is no longer in use. But it's weird that you can start tagging (attacking) enemies after 20 seconds! Make it so after logging into the game, player cannot attack enemies for 2 minutes as well. That will prevent "Battlescreen ambushes" ____________________________ The result of implementing my suggestions? Game will be no more so called "Naval Waiting" instead of Action. This is the most important thing that must be changed now. All game mechanics, events are exploited with Battlescreen! Deadman's Chest Event? I captured French Indiaman with Deadman's Chest and waited for 1 hour in battlescreen to come out. Port Battles? Logout in battlescreen before PB in front of enemy port. Ganking? Wait in battlescreen untill it's safe outside. Hostility Generation? Enemy fleet camping battlescreen as well. Changing Battlescreen Mechanics should be priority for Devs in prior to fixing all game aspects. Tons of players quit the game because of waiting and battlescreen mechanics. Tons of players are angry about it. Do not support pro-ganking changes because few gankers that want it to be super easy cry while you have hundreds of "ganked" players by use of exploits. ___________________________ Apparently as a person that do not like ganking being easy I hate having tons of towers and forts all arround the place, like a damn Maginot Line. There should be some, but not that many. Battlescreen mechanic is way more important. Make Naval Action great again o7
  8. So in pvp2 the French have been working to get a port battle set up for Dominica. During our big push in the past few days to get it to 100% hostility (which we did ), we had our Swede friends (and I think some Dutch?) ask if they could help us raise the hostility. However, their actions will end up raising the hostility for them, and not for the French, and their intention was to help us take the region. So I started thinking that if there was a way for an allied nation to "give" their hostility gained through their own actions, to the French, helping them get the hostility to 100%. I know that allied nations do gain some hostility increase when their allies are raising the hostility, but its pretty small and doesn't really help that much. Basically I think Allied nations should be able to fly the colors in a way of their allied nations. It certainly would help smaller nations be able to gain more territory with their small numbers. It took the french having 6 players a day probably on average just grinding to finally get the hostility need to set up a port battle in Dominica, and those 6 players are probably 6 out of 8 french players who are actually on, on a giving day, Just a thought.
  9. My opinion

    Hello everyone, First of all I want to tell all of you that I am new here. I came across this game by searching Google. I am really interested in the game, and I would like to help the developers with it in every way I can. So I sent an E-mail to the developers, and they sent me a mail back, in it they told me that I have to make a forum topic giving my opinion on the game. So here it is! The thing that immediately cought my eyes when looking at this game is that there are A LOT of people that are extremely excited about this game, like me. They take the game very seriously, and play it they way its meant to be played. I've seen some videos now, and of course it's hard to see what a game is like on just videos, but from what I saw, it is really amazing and has a great player base. Also, and that's not specifically about the game, but I thought I'd mention it anyway, is that I think it's really good that the developers don't do any huge advertising. I mean, a lot of developers these days immediately promote their game in all kinds of ways (Steam, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) And the reason why I think this is good is because this really gets people's attention that actually care about the game, and really want to help, and take it seriously. Now I've also been requested to tell what I don't like about the game. But how weird it may sound, I don't see anything that I don't like. Also, this is really hard to tell, because I've never played the game myself. Of course there will come a few things that I won't like after playing it for a while, but that's with every game. At least, that's what I think. So maybe there will be some things I won't like, but as far as it is now, I don't see anything! I hope this is enough opinion from me, to you. Hehe. Thank you for reading. - PhantomNL
  10. Dear Developers, One of the great mistakes of many games as they grow from alpha to beta to full release is the simple of beauty, of well, simplicity. Yes, the game may be stark and rustic with a gigantic hour glass on the loading screen and the stark lobby, but please, I beseech you all, do not lose the things that make this game great at the beta stage. So many games try to prolong the life by making progression longer, they try to change the way we play mid game release, realize it was horrible, but are too arrogant to see they made a mistake and change it, *cough* War Thunder. The wonderful way people feel accomplishment from finally getting 30.000 damage and getting that Snow without having to pay for it with in-game money or some other form of research. In some ways the stark and bleak manner of the lobby without all the lackluster makes it easier to access and figure out. Yes, maybe a tutorial would be nice, but just simply jumping into a game via one click, notifying people via the Global Chat that a game is starting is just amazing no matter how primitive the stage of the game. I can't give too many specific examples, but if any of you guys out there have played games from their beginning to the later release stages, you will know what I speak of. It just simply isn't the same when the devs try to add content or pizzaz or lackluster, instead of fluidity of gameplay, balancing, model fixes, and bug fixing. So, inconclusion, what I really want to leave you developers with, is that never be too arrogant to admit your mistakes and revert to the old ways, never stop fixing technical issues and start thinking that shoving content down our mouths will satisfy us, and finally just remember the old ways, the ways that made us, the beginning followers fall in love with you game. -Vizeadmiral Isaak der große des Shiffes "Frederick II"