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Found 17 results

  1. The game crashed to desktop after exiting a fleet battle with another player on the PvE server. After the crash, the harddrive on which Naval Action is installed was not shown in Windows Explorer and attempting to reopen the game client resulted in a "disk read/write error" (Which is expected if Windows was no longer seeing the drive). Restarting the computer allowed the drive to be seen again and everything on it (with the exception of NA) is where it should be and works fine. Attempting to start NA gives the "Oops" dialogue box and creates a crash log. Attempting to send the log through the NA Bug Reporter in Steam also generates the "Oops" box. I've since verified the NA cache (which passed successfully twice) and have reinstalled NA and am still met with the "Oops" dialogue box anytime I try to start Naval Action. I can upload the logs to you - is attaching them to this message the best way to do that? Windows 7 64bit, AMD FX8350e, AMD R9 390 Edit: System specs and clarity of post.
  2. Nels Ekstrom

    Crash on Startup

    Ahoy! Whenever I launch my game through steam, it crashes right away. Crash reports attached. When I launch the game from my drive, it opens successfully, and allows me to select a server. After I select any server, it waits in the login queue like it should, but then displays "Steam: RestartAppIfNecessary need restart.", restarts and crashes instantly. My game worked fine all morning, after today's maintenance as well. I logged out on the open world, but I did that earlier today as well without any issues. My computer is running Windows 8.1 64 bit. Thank you very much for your assistance, Best Regards, Nels Ekstrom 2x Edit. Oops, didn't mean to submit it yet crash.dmp error.log crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt
  3. Lars Kjaer

    Intermittent crashes

    Game crashes a bit.. not a problem since we can immediately relog but thought I'd post the issue..
  4. Lars Kjaer


    Server crashed or was it just me? - in a PvE mission grinding for marks..
  5. Eneil le Sublime

    How can send a report crash game ?

    Hey, I just had a crash and and report has been set by the game. Where and how send to the team and support ? The option in game to report bug dont allow to put file or attach file.
  6. Hi, Whenever I play Naval Action and I get into combat my computer randomly shuts down and restarts, this never happened to me before and I have been playing Naval Action for about 200 hours. I thought that it might have something to do with the system overheating, so I bought compressed air and cleaned it firmly. This did not seem to have worked for it is still happening. Specs: Nvidia Gtx 780 - GPU Intel i7 3770 - CPU 8G - Ram 1TB HDD - Storage MSI Millitary Class III Z77A-G41 - Motherboard Thank you for your time captains, -Capn Hornigold
  7. Ozarkgator

    Major Crash issues

    To the Devs, I really like playing this game - when I can play it! I have a Fx6300 3.5GHz 6/core on a GIGABYTE 970A-D3P MoBo... Running Ripjaws 16GB DDR3 @1866Mhz... Mushkin 240GB SSD... Seagate 1TB SSHD... Sapphire R9 270x w/2GB DDR5... running on COMCAST LAN wired connect (not wifi)... OS Win 7 Ultimate with full service packs. I have absolutely no issues with playing the game. MY ISSUES are with the incessant crashes - They occur at odd intervals - sometimes within 15-30 seconds... other times right after the 120second battle entry timer runs out... then sometimes it will not crash for hours. Most often it will crash between 3-5 minutes after i get in game. this is very frustrating since i have had sessions that lasted 4+ hours without crashes. The crash always sends me to the login page - which goes to shards then to player and start button - sometimes it will error and say that my STEAM login is invalid and I have to try again. I tried to run the Connection Test - that goes to the popup bug reporter and says loading shards list - at which point nothing happens - i have been watching it do nothing since i started this post (approx 10 minutes) I open my task manager and shut down all but essential programs - I run Microsoft Security Essentials - but shut down the Anti-Malware and SpYBOT - plus all other TSR's that are not required to run games...like dropbox, Teamviewer, printspoolers, etc I have all the drivers fully updated throughout the system - i spent half the day yesterday with my two IT buddies trying to get this resolved and it is still crashing. I have experienced disconnection issues with Armored Warfare but it has to do with their server loading and it happens to many people there so I can hope it is not related to Naval Action issues. Your assistance would be appreciated
  8. Andreas Aa

    Game crashes everytime I join a server

    Just bought the game, and i'm excited to play, but it freezes everytime I join a server, like instantly. I tried starting it normally and also in beta (x86), but the same thing keeps happening. I open the game, choose a server, and right after it says "connecting (and my steam username)" it freezes, I click on the screen, at the clint.exe doesn't answer. Any idea what's wrong?
  9. Crayon

    [CRASH] Forced to Surrender

    Hello, On 2/28 I was dragged into a 3rd Fleet battle. It is important to note, I did not manually join so the loss of my only deep water vessel, my Trinc, was completely out of my control. How it happened was I was fleet farming that day. I was quite pleased at how I was progressing! My normal routine in Naval Action mainly involves trading, which as you can imagine, does not involve much, if any experience. So as I'm following the 3rd rate, battle is started. That's when the bug hit. I sat in a loading screen for over 5 minutes, until a previous experience with this particular bug sparked my decision to restart Naval Action. However, after I shut it down, and restarted the client, I was still not able to get to access a shard list, let alone my character selection screen. I come back about an hour later, and try to start the client again. This time, everything is working smooth. I ask my mates how the battle was going, and if my ship was still intact. To my horror, they inform me I had surrendered. It was quite disheartening. I had no input into this decision, and it was indeed a sad day. I had atleast 100k in upgrades into this captured, 1 dura boat, and I prided myself every time I looked at it. Every time I saw it in port in Cabo I thought "I went from a bcutter to this!" Only to see it lost in the most dishonorable may imaginable, the game took it away from me. Not in battle, not by a decision by me, but by an action of nearing theft. I now refuse to open the client, or log in to my character, because of this loss. I humbly request a full refund including upgrade costs and lost ships in the course of capturing this vessel, or the safe return of the vessel from the depths of Naval Action itself. If the request is not fulfilled, I fear that I may never return to the deeps. Yours truly, Captain Crayon
  10. LarryFromSales

    Repeated crashing?

    So recently (the past week or so) client crashes have become more and more frequent, but the crashes I am experiencing aren't just crashes to desktop, they crash my entire OS, and I am forced to reboot my computer. They seem to occur most frequently on the open world, but have also occurred in battle. The game drops to 0 FPS and my monitor turns off. I will still hear sound for a while, and then the sound freezes, looping continuously. Alienware X51 GTX 555 Intel I7 quad core 32gb ram
  11. Whenever I start the game, I get an immediate crash to a white screen with the "Client.exe has stopped responding" message. It was working beautifully 3 hours ago, and to my knowledge nothing on my computer has changed since then. I'm running it with a gtx 860m, and so far I've tried validating and restarting the computer, of course, as well as confirming that the client runs with nvidia from the geforce control panel. I sent in a crash report; NAS-129931.
  12. Sandgar

    "client.exe Not Responding"

    Hello guys.. I have recently bought the game two days ago on steam. It worked fine until today... when I launch the game with steam, the game won't start up. It crashes instantly and a message "client.exe not responding" shows up. I am not sure if this is a graphics card issue (it worked fine yesterday) or the cause of the new update. Is there any way to fix this? I'm using GT 450 graphics card, 8GB RAM, 3.4GHZ processor.
  13. LTCjRet

    Patch 7 - Can't Enter Open World

    Game seems slow loading. Once in port seemed to work OK but in trying to leave port it goes into a long delay then crashes. Deleated local content and reloaded game. Problem still exists and is repeatable. I will delete the game and reload from scratch. I will post a followup.
  14. EdJaws

    Linux Problems

    Let me say right from the start that I and all the other Linux enthusiast really, really appreciate that Game-Labs ported UG:G to Linux. I hope y'all continue Linux support and I'll most definitely be coming back for all your games. There is definitely value in your products. I've run across 2 problems: *** No window mode except 2 options. Trying to run the game in window mode only gives 2 options no matter what setting you choose. I've outlined in another topic about defaulting to 1920x1145 on each game start up instead of 1920x1200 even though window mode is off. Further testing shows trying to run the game at any other resolution, whether 1024x768, 1152x768, 1280x768, etc... all the way to 1600x1200, nothing sets but 1920x1145 or 1920x1200. *** Multiplayer doesn't work. Choosing multiplayer in the main menu causes an immediate crash to desktop. The game is updated to Version: 1.5 rev.9268. Neither of these are a problem in Windows 7 and both work as expected. I'm running Linux Mint 17.1 fully updated. If you need any other info or want me to do testing in Linux, let me know. BTW, this is all for future reference. I don't expect y'all to drop everything to work on these problems especially now since you're moving on to a new game. If I can help in the future, don't hesitate to ask. Ed
  15. I was in the middle of a game yesterday and this (editing?) screen popped up. I lost all keyboard control and could not exit from the screen. I closed the program and sent a bug report, but I wanted to post the screen shot in case this has happened to anyone else.
  16. Witte de With

    4K screenshot CTD

    A few times now I've experienced crashes to desktop when making a 4K screenshot. I want to make sure that its source is not the game (cuz I'm expecting it to be sth about my vid card). Happens mostly when doing the shots on ultra settings, btw. First two shots are no problem, yet after those the CTD kicks in. Also, slightly off topic: where do the 4K screens go? Can't find 'm..
  17. pezzotto

    Nvidia Timeout Error

    If I play a new campaign as Union, towards the end of the first battle (when the third reinforcements arrive), the game crashes with the error: " The NVIDIA OpenGL driver lost connection with the display driver due to exceeding the Windows Time-Out limit and is unable to continue. The application must close." This error is listed at http://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3007/~/opengl-message-%E2%80%9Clost-connection%E2%80%9D I'm running a laptop with NVIDIA GT 555M 2GB on an Intel I7 with 8GB RAM. I tried lowering the resolution with no effect. I still have shadows and transparency on. The crash seems to happen always at the same time (right after the third wave of union reinforcements arrive).