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  1. Introduction Building castles in the sky! I have just about 200 hours invested in this game. Most of that during the sea trials phase when there was no open world. I have spend 40-50 hours in the open world now. I have yet to actually win a PVP fight, or buy/craft a first rate. I'm not very high level.Nor have I played any other games similar to Naval Action, or worked on a dev team. Now, having said all that, here are my thoughts on what I would like this game to be in my own personal Utopia. If you agree with any of it, please comment, and maybe we will see it implemented in future. If you disagree, please keep it civil. Nations [N] I understand the desire of many people to sail under the flag of a certain nation. I love being able to fly the flag of my mother country myself, something that I'm not able to do in a lot of games. Having said that, I'm enough of a history nerd that seeing the "wrong" nations present bothers me. I'd like nations restricted to their historical starting positions. See [OW2] for ideas on nations. Having said all this, if we get a Baltic Sea "area" implemented, and the Russian nation decides to sail over and occupy Haiti, that's fine by me. Each nation should have a national government which should be made up of repreentatives from each of the three organisations. [See N 4-12 for organisations]The national government should have the ability to decide national policies through a voting system incorporated into the UI. This system would enable a player to make a suggestion, with a time limit for his fellow members to vote yay or nay. A majority of yays would mean the policy could go into effect on expiry of the timer. National policies - A limited list of ideas for what these could include: Raise / lower national taxes on x goods by x%. Create / cancel trade tarriff of x% on x goods for x nation(s). Declare war on x nation. Sue for peace with x nation. Accept reject peace treaty / alliance with x nation. Offer alliance to x nation. Announce blockade of x nation's ports, making it illegal for citizens to trade with x nation, and making neutral ships within x distance of each port legitimate targets for citizens of blockading nation. Cancel blockade of x nation's ports. Issue warrant for player x with a reward of x for his capture. Each nation should be made up of players belonging to one of three organisations; the navy, the merchant marine or private captains. Clans should not be limited to players of a certain type, but should be able to recruit all kinds of players. The Navy - The navy should have a rank hierarchy. To rank up would need xp gained from missions issued by the ai navy, or from fighting foreign navies, much like xp are gained in-game now. Each rank would allow you to command larger ships, just like it does at the moment. I would like to see a few differences though - each rank should allow you to add more and or bigger ships to your fleet. Also, a navy player should not be able to command the largest merchant ships, and the rank requirements for merchant ships should be higher for each ship comparet to a player in the merchant marine. The ranks would also determine a players ability to initiate port battles and conquests, with larger battles reserved for the higher ranks. Battle and other groups should be limited in size by a player's rank. Players of the highest rank would be eligible for election to the national leadership. The national leadership of the navy would be responsible for setting priorities for the ai controlled national fleet, issue contracts for ship construction, and send representatives to the national government. The size of the leadership would be determined as a % of the number of players belonging to the navy and updated at intervals. AI fleet priorities - These would dictate the behaviour of ai warships, and would be set by the leaders of a nations navy within the limits set by the national leadership. They could include trade protection, defensive patrols in x province, blockade duties of x ship type [warships/merchant ships] in x province. The priorities could be set as a % of each ship type assigned to the various duties. The decisions would be voted on by the navy leadership at regular intervals, and decided by a simple majority vote. AI ship construction - The navy leadership would issue contracts for warships, to be payed for using the national budget as determined by the national leadership at regular intervals. The contracts would be open for a set time, during which player crafters could build and sell ships to the navy at the set price. At the expiration of the timer the contract would be filled by AI crafters according to crafting capacity, and assuming the navy leadership set a price per ship that allows the ai crafters to make a profit. Player crafters, of course, could choose to meet orders at a loss, should they choose to do so. Player owned warships - Individual players would acquire their ships by crafting them, buying them on the open market, or buying them from the navy. Ships sold by the navy should be offered at ai determined prices, forcing the national and navy leadership to provide them at a loss, thereby making taxes and tarrifs etc more relevant. The Merchant Marine - This organisation should have an appropriate name in each nation. For example, the British merchant marine could be called the Honourable East India Company. Ranks in the merchant marine should govern the maximum crew and fleet size, as well as how many and what type of commercial orders can be created by a player. Merchant marine players should not be allowed to command the largetst warships, and the rank requirements for warships should be higher than for players in the navy. The highest ranked players would be eligible for election to the board of directors of the merchant marine. Their responsibilities would include setting the insurance rates as a % of the value of the cargo transported by captains who desire insurance. The maney made should go into a central account from which any claims would have to be filled. Merchant ship building - Merchant ships should be bought by the individual players from AI or player crafters. Merchant marine escorts- The board of directors would be responsible for issuing contracts for the construction of escort ships to be allocated to AI escort captains or sold to Merchant marine players who wish to take on that role. The ships would be payed for with money made from insurance profits, if available. Private Captains - These captains are free to play what ever role they desire in the nation. There should be no leadership for private captains, apart from the national leadership. Ship availability and crew/ fleet size should be dependent on player rank, and players should be restricted from owning the largest warships and merchantships. Letters of marque - These should be available for purchase by private captains, and be required in order for a player to purchase any but the smallest warships. Import / Export permits - These should be available for purchase by private captains, and be required for trade with ports outside the player's own nation. A seperate document should be required for trade with each foreign nation. Sailing without a letter of marque / shipping contract - Sailing in a warship without a letter of marqu would classify a player as a pirate and make him liable to be attacked by players of any nation as well as AI patrols. Sailing without an import/export permit would classify a player as a smuggler and make him liable to be attacked by a navy player of any nation as well as by AI patrols after his ship has been inspected. Pirates Pirates should not be a nation. Piracy should be a legal status, as as such anyone wanting to play as a pirate should simply engage in piracy. It should not be possible to start the game as a pirate, although a new character could make himself a pirate instantly by illegaly attacking a ship. Pirate havens - Pirates should not be allowed access to normal ports except through the smuggling mechanic. Instead, each island/ selected islands should have a hidden pirate cove. Players would identify these by engaging a mode in-game and sailing near / around an island for a sufficcient time. Once identified, a pirate cove would be claimed by a pirate as his base, providing dock & warehouse space. Smaller versions of production buildings would be constructable in pirate coves, reflecting the illegal nature of society in these places. I'm sure some unique ones could be imagined, making some form of profitable production possible for pirates. A cove could be shared by a number of pirates, such as a clan. Such groups would still not be considered nations though. Progression Different types of players should gain XP in different ways. I have listed the various player types above. Navy players should gain rank in the navy through earning combat XP. I see no reason to change anything about the way such XP are awarded at the moment. Navy players should earn less XP through trade. Let's say a 50% reduction, just for the sake of argument. Merchant players should earn XP through trade. Just like combat awards XP based on damage done, trade could award XP based on profits earned. Not simply on money made through selling things, but on actual profit. This would incentivise players to find profitable trade routes, as well as motivate them to sail farther afield depite the risks of piracy etc. Merchant players should earn less XP from combat. Let's say 10% of combat XP from battles where the merchant was the aggressor, and 90% from combat where the merchant was attacked by another player. After all, we don't want merchants to just linger in the safe zones! Diplomacy See [N 3] for how wars are declared, etc. Member(s) of the national leadership could be designated as a diplomat. A diplomat would use a UI function to propose/demand terms in order to agree a peace treaty. Once the dipomats have agreed terms, they would become available for ratification in the national leadership UI. All this should have real world time limits, enabling offensives, victories and losses to influence negotiations in progress. Diplomats should also be able to hammer out alliances using a similar system. Alliances should enable ships from separate nations to enter battles on the same side when fighting nations they are at war with. National leaderships should be able to define separate tarrifs for trade from allied nations. Intelligence Gathered by spies and networks establihed in enemy ports. Each spy/network would be able to gather only one type of intelligence. There ought to be four types of intelligence: Military, Commercial, Diplomatic and Technological. Military Intelligence- This would cover the number and type of ships based at the port as well as the number of troops and forts. Commercial Intelligence - This would cover stockpiles of goods, needs, availability and prices. Diplomatic Intelligence- This would cover any treaties, wars, orders, etc. currently in force. Technological Intelligence - This would cover the currently available technology, and perhaps give a chance to acquire same. Employing spies- Spies would be open world NPC's with skill levels and experience. They would be employable by players, nations, and companies. The employer would be charged a salary cost every day/month/year to keep the spy in his employ. Networks- A group of spies deployed in the same port by the same employer would form a network. The larger the network the more information it would be able to provide. The larger the network the easier it would be to detect. Counter-intelligence- A police chief/policemen would be other employable NPCs in the open world. They would limit the amount of intelligence enemy spies can gather, and also give a chance of capturing the spies working in a port. Ports and Capture Port capture should take place in phases. Phase one would require a declaration of war on the nation owning the port. Phase two would be a port battle as they are currently present in the game. In case the aggressor is victorious the next phase is enabled. Phase three would involve landing a force of soldiers to take control of the hinterland. The soldiers would have to be transported in on merchant ships, and there would be a timer for this activity. The troop transports would be interceptable by defending ships. The number of soldiers neccessary would be determined by the size of the target force, as well as any defending troops. If a sufficient number of troops are landed in phase three, the port is considered occupied. An occupied port contributes taxes to the occupying nation, and any buildings/ships are inaccessible to players from the original nation, except as per the smuggling mechanic. To gain permanent ownership of a port, it has to be ceeded as part of an official peace treaty. This would slow down & hopefully limit zerging. Each port should have a governor. The governor would be responsible for local taxes and docking fees. He would be able to use this income to construct defenses and improvements. Possible improvements include infrastructure, such as roads which would give a bonus to any production buildings present. Housing, which would give a bonus to population growth. The governor could also invest in crop diversification, or introducing new industries, each of which would result in new production buildings becoming available. Each effort would have a real time implementation period, as well as a resourse and money cost, and would have a chance of failure. Economy All ports should have a maximum capacity for buildings, determined by their population. Players should have priority in taking up this capacity, but any unoccupied capacity should be filled by AI producers. All goods should be produced in buildings either by players or AI. No goods should "drop" at any port. Goods should be transported by AI traders to meet first basic needs of ports lacking that good, and secondly luxury & production needs. Goods not produced in the Carribean (or any other area)should need to be imported to that area from an area where such goods are available. All production buildings should be constructable by players in ports where production of that good is possible. Production buildings should have needs. These could be basic, e.g. food for the workers, as well as advanced needs, e.g. a sugar farm would need slaves and fertilizer. These needs combined with the needs of the general population of the island would dictate prices in the local market. Crafting & Ships Each nation should rely mainly on ships historically employed by that nation. Blueprints for non-national ships should be more expensive to get - perhaps only obtainable through technology espionage. Upgrades should be craftable, and dependant upon crafting level, so that onlly an expert crafter is able to craft the best upgrades. I do like the book system that we have now, so perhaps upgrades could be "learnt" from books, and then require a certain level to craft. Crew/Marines/Soldiers Crew should be recruitable in ports subject to limitations of population size. Crew should be divided into categories according to skill levels - Landsmen (a small malus to re-load times, sail setting etc), Seamen (no bonus or malus), Able Seamen (a smal bonus) and priced according to their skill level. Lower levelled crew should be upgradeable once they gain some experience. Crew should require food and water to be carried in a ship's hold. Lack of either should lead to crew deaths. Food and water should be consumed over time, limiting a ship's radius of action without replenishing these supplies from a port. Marines should be recruitable for navy captains subject to the same limitations as crew. Soldiers should be recruitable by port governors for defensive purposes subject to the same limitations as crew, and the availability of defensive buildings with spare capacity. They should also be recruitable for merchant and private captains, subject to the same limitations as crew, for the purpose of port capture. Soundtrack I would love to be able to listen to a soundtrack of period music, including both instumental/classical music popular at the time as well as shanties and sailor's songs in general. To make this even better, the soundtrack ought to reflect your nationality, so that a British captain would hear, for example, Hearts of Oak, but a Danish captain would not. Open World (OW) Spotting distance- I would like this to depend on the mast height of your ship, as well as the mast height of the other ships in the area. A cutter would not be as easy to spot as an SOL, etc. Related to this, I would like national flags to be rendered on open world ships, and i'd like the ability to fly a false flag. Just like in history, it should be illigal to fire at another ship while flying a false flag (unless you happen to be a pirate!), and there should be penalties for doing so. This would necessitate the creation of a system like the RN's private signal, or, in modern terms, IFF. A hotkey ordering the crew to hoist the private signal would do. The other ship would then respond, or not. A nice ( and i hope) simple way to introduce some more tension! Size- this is definitely utopian, but hear me out. I'd like the world extended to the west coast of Africa and Europe, as well as southwards along the coast of South America. This would have several benefits. Portugal could become an in-game nation. The safe zones could be moved to the European coast for most nations. See other relevant sections for more detail. Alternatively a sort of off-map boxes could be used to achieve the same effect without having to create a huge map with all the problems that entails. Such a system could also be used to link a series of smaller maps, or theatres. The carribean would obviously be one. The Mediterranean could be another, the Baltic a third. Perhaps the English Channel and part of the North Sea would also be a nice addition. Off map boxes - These should rely on a teleportation mechanic that charges money and is not instant. I.e. to send a ship to the Baltic from the Carribean could cost 50,000, and take 1 hour of real time to arrive. It should be possible to teleport ships with cargo in the hold when travelling to/from off map boxes. The same mechanic could be used to travel between separate map areas. This teleport should not work directly from port to port. Rather it should create a random-ish exit point on your current map. Once you reach that exit point the ui should promt you in the same way it does on approaching a port, and by cicking the prompt you'd initiate the teleport. The player should be prompted to return to his outpost, like after losing his ship in battle (if the time delay mechanic is implemented). Winds- I would like the wind to be more closely based on actual weather patterns. With somewhat predictable winds, players will be channeled into certain routes/chokepoints where PVP combat will naturally occur. Of course, due to the speeding up of time, real world patterns would not work well in game, but something similar to them, with an element of randomization would be very nice indeed. Ship inspection - Navy players and AI patrols should be able to perform an inspection by remaining close to a ship in the open world for a certain amount of time. Only after such an inspection is carried out should any smuggler status be revealed to the inspecting fleet. Ports- Each port shoud have a population. The size of the population would dictate the needs of the port, which in turn would dictate prices in that port's market. Shortage- A shortage of essential goods in a port should lead to a decrease in population in that port. Workforce- the available population should dictate how many production buildings can be constructed in that port. Exploration - The Carribean was more or less fully explored in the geographical sense by our period. Exploration should follow the idea of the historical artefact good available now. These should be sub-divided into, for example, Mayan artefacts, Voodoo dolls, etc., as well as natural history artefacts, such as new species of insects etc. These should not be available in shops, unless they have been sold to the shop by a player. Instead, there should be fetch quests along the lines of the current sealed bottle mechanic. These should come from buildings available to governors to constuct in their port. These buildings would be named after, for example, The National Geographic Society, depending on the nation. They could alo be generated by ship's officers, with the relevant skill. NPC Characters All NPCs should have appropriate skills, and be able to acquire more through levelling up. The employing player should be allowed to controll the levelling up process, but if the NPC leaves his employ and is subsequently hired by a different player, it should not be possible for the new employer to re-arrange skills already gained. NPCs should be randomly generated and become available to employ in ports according to a logical system. A national capital should have more NPC available than other ports. The numbers generated should also depend on the type of port and the population level. NPCs should be transportable, just like the trade goods representing various persons we have in-game at the moment. There should be employable officers with a portrait and name available. Each ship should have slots for an appropriate number of named NPCs, effectively replacing the perk mechanic. Officer NPCs should give bonuses in suitable areas, according to the experience level of each officer. Each officer should have a chance of death in combat, and in case of capture should have a small chance of becoming available to the capturing player. Buildings should require NPC managers, with skill levels governing the output of a building. Each NPC should have, and gain as they level up, skills relevant to their position. The skills should provide bonuses and maluses, giving the officers a sense of personality. Example skills could be natural scientist, which would generate mini-quests that give the player a chance of acquiring valuable goods such as "insert name of rare butterfly here". More examples to come. Player Characters Avatar - Each player character should be represented by an avatar. I love the art style of the game so far, and I'd really enjoy a full length portrait of my captain wearing the appropriate uniform for his nation, rank and organisation. Name - I'd love for each character to have a first name, a family name and a nickname. There should be some form of personalisation or roleplaying aspects to a player character. The ability to buy a home in a port, preferrably with a nice piece of art to enjoy. To find a wife, even if she is nothing but a portrait. To have children once a wife is present. These children could then grow up to be NPCs in their own right. In-game Encyclopaedia I would like to see one. I would like it to contain entries on the nations in the game, the history of their presence in the area, as well as entries on ports containing a brief history and perhaps basic information such as what production buildings are available there, populations size and type, current owner, etc. I'm done for now. I reserve the right to add more ideas, should any occur to me.
  2. RNG and Crafting

    I hate RNG. With that out of the way: I suggest: Advancing crafting experience. Atm we have crafting lvls and the RNG that's is basically useless. I'd like to see the crafting trees expanded by for example giving the crafters increasing specialization: A clan (or individual) could have a crafter that specialized in first rates and for each first rate he moves up in the xp and after for example 20 first rates he get a choice for a trim he can add to the first rates in the future (and it is NOT random what trim he can add - it's a chosen perk just like the ordinary perks). This can be expanded to specific ships and not just ship types. If for example a crafter specializes in H.Rattlesnakes then he get's the possibility to add more and more trims to add. And most important of all: NO MORE RNG!
  3. We are a newly formed clan. We are currently looking for active players in Naval Action whom would want to join our crew, everyone is welcome to join. Requirement: That you use discord you don't need to talk just listen Nation: Great Britain Goals: Putting together a reasonable sized fleet to fill proper Port Battles. Timezone: At this time we're only EU-based, however we're always up for company from all around the world. Crafting: We currently have 2 high-level crafters. If we got your interest, contact one of the following officers (ingame, on discord or via the forums) A1vin, Mitsuko Susuki, Nick Gonchin or Cpt will Turner Discord link: https://discord.gg/9BaKMqT Or send me a message on the forums @Nick Gonchin
  4. We are recruiting, We operate mainly from Kingston Port Royale. We have many ports around Gracias a Dios. We do Fleet missions, OW PvP and PvE, Port Battles, Trade Runs, Craft Ships. We have many experienced players willing to share knowledge, helping you to level up. If you have mature nature, looking to have some fun in a respectful manner and without pressure, you can knock our door, You are welcome. Now please read below; BCC POLICY: Dear Captains, There is only one rule in BCC: Teamspeak. We ask you to join our Teamspeak and be polite. We are mostly adults and we treat all of you same way and we expect you to treat other players with respect. We have a few thing to offer: We will build all ships for clan mates. You have to deliver only the ship permit. We deliver all consumables: rum, hull and rig repairs. We will help you to level up. We are willing to help you as much as possible with all other issues if you may need it. What you may offer us if you like: Join us on teamspeak on voice378.ismett.de and talk to us. Help improving our clan. Supplying resources. Help to craft by supplying hours and craft components. Join port battles and do PvP. nation teamspeak: voice378.ismett.de website: https://bccnavalaction.wordpress.com/ forum: http://bccnavalaction.freeforums.net/ application: http://bccnavalaction.freeforums.net/board/7/application
  5. Mission boards

    My suggestion: Make every port/capital have a missionsboard/tavern where players can put up missions for other players. One thing that has bugged me since joining the game is basically that the OW is a big empty space with very little player interactions outside of the battles. I think this is a real shame and there's so many opportunities for playerbased gameplay - if it was enabled and promoted from ingame mechanics. Examples of playermissions: Escorts - self explanatory Traderuns - rent out your ship for a run to help a player empty an OP PvP - Form an impromptu fleet for those pesky raiders, or go raid yourself Fishing - I know, we all laugh... And yet all crafters love it. Crafting - get a ship crafted to your specs, or a crafter can advertise his handiwork without actually making the ship beforehand. My imagination is severely limited, but the idea is that one player can set up a contract with marks, xp (possibly), gold or other items for a mission to be fulfilled by another player. To avoid exploitation - what is given to one player must be taken from another 1:1.
  6. Hello NA Community We are West India Trading Company a new Creat Clan in the Nation of the Great Britain. We are searching for Players they wanna do PvP/PvE/Crafting/Trading in a Family Clan. We are based in Trinidad and when we grow up i think we make another Base in KPR. What we are looking for Ts3 + Headset 18+ Ambition Rank and Ship doesnt matter What we offer: Ts3 Server Familiar Clan Active Leaders Helpin each Other If ur Interested contact Laempi, Yinyangpanda or Lord Iron Ingame, or leave me a Message in Forum or Poste. Have a nice evening.
  7. Guten Tag liebe NA Community Wir die neu gegründete Gilde "West Indian Trading Company (WICO)" möchte sich hier kurz vorstellen. Über WICO: Wir sind eine neu gegründete Gilde auf der seite der Briten, unsere Orientierung gilt allen Aspekten des Spiels ( PvP, PvE, Crafting, Trading). Momentan bestehen wir noch aus wenigen Mitgliedern, jedoch haben wir später auch vor bei den PortBattles mitzumischen. Beheimatet sind wir auf dem PvP EU Server. Deshalb suchen wir Mitglieder Wir suchen: Briten 18+ Headset mit Ts3 Ehrgeiz Rank und Schiff egal Was wir bieten: Ts3 Server Aktive Gildenleitung Unterstützung innerhalb der Gilde Später auch Events Bei Interesse bitte einfach Ingame bei: Laempi melden oder hier im Forum. Lg West India Trading Company (WICO)
  8. Show the Port Settings in Shop

    When you enter a port and open the "SHOP" you see to the right of the shop-window what this port produces and what it consumes. Wouldn't it be a good idea if a few lines were added here to show the settings of the clan who owns the port like "40% Discount on Crafting" and "40% Bonus on Production"?
  9. I've heard that the safest place for building a craft building or ship yard is in a Free Town. Any advice out there? What about nation capitals?
  10. One thing that has been bothering me about ships in Naval Action is the mix between ship types/classes and actual named ships. Having a entire fleet of Bellona's or of Constitutions is just weird as the those are unique ships, a fleet of 3rd rates I can accept. Here is the suggestion I would like to make. Change crafting so we craft a ship of a specific classes/type instead of named ships. Then use figure heads to specify which ship of that class the ship is named. All the ships of that class would share the same model but the name of the ship would change depending on what figurehead the ship has. Where possible, the ship names would be sister ships or other ships of that class A ship without a figurehead would simply be named for its class. This would reuse the existing models in game and at the same time add a bit of realism/diversity and give another captain some idea how the other ship will sail. AI Ships will always be the generic "Third Rate", "Heavy Frigate" or perhaps if new ships get added they could be named called based on the class of the ship "Bellona Class" ___________________________________________________ Example: Third Rate. Using the ships similar to HMS Bellona No figure head: Third Rate Gazelle: Bellona Katherine: Superb Lion: Dragon Rattlesnake: Kent Thor: Arrogant (Arrogant Class) Whale: Defence (Arrogant Class) Elephant: Cornwall (Arrogant Class) Phoenix: Edgar (Arrogant Class) Hydra: Golliath (Arrogant Class) ____________________________________________ A heavy Frigate class or "United States Class" (Constitution) No figure head: Heavy Frigate Gazelle: United States Katherine: Constellation Lion: Chesapeake Rattlesnake: Congress Thor: President Whale: Constitution Elephant: Hudson Phoenix: Philadelphia Hydra: Independence
  11. Crafting

    This is one suggestion in a whole range of suggestions I'm thinking about, but arguably the most important for new players. Put back the experience gain from crafting parts. For new crafters it's both expensive and timeconsuming to build new ships and for lvl 50 crafters there is a need for budding new crafters. Before the wipe it was an integral part of the economy especially for new players that could sell their LH and get gold + crafting xp for the parts they made..
  12. Building Ships

    Hey Captains, I'm very new to this game but I have already learned that crafting ships is a time consuming and expensive process, however, with it's own bonuses. I haven't yet researched this topic on different places since I am almost sure that I will find the best and most updated info on the Forums. Could any of you, let me know a good Guide on the whole process of building ships and crafting and what would I need to get to have a decent start to learn the basics of these two to avoid possible stepping stones since the lack of time as I can not grind all day (perhaps you can't too)? 1. What ships should I be focusing on building first to get started and grow fast, regardless of the market cost and expenses (I care to get more XP than income in my current situation)? 2. Is it worth breaking up a ship and what happens when I do so? 3. Any tips or important things to know will be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance, HMS Victory, May the wind be with you.
  13. ONE currency

    Conquest Marks, PVP marks, PVE Marks, Gold... There are so many currencies in this game that it is impossible to balance them all. Get rid of them all except Gold. Combat earns XP and Gold. Crafting earns XP (and profits in gold if you sell your wares). All items in admiralty are priced in gold. Adjust the amount of rewards and prices as you will based on difficulty and desired scarcity. It seems to me that a) this system would be easier to get the economy right and b)would allow players to pursue their own paths to "success".
  14. Trade, PvP & Crafting suggestions

    So I should start by stating that I haven't gone as in depth as some other more veteran players here, I'm sure you can tell by my amount of posts. My play time isn't that absurdly high either, but I have listened to as many players as I could and though I don't know a tremendous amount about the game, I thought of some things that hopefully veteran gamers could either expand on, run with, or completely shut down. Either way, it's a learning experience for me. I've noticed that this game is focused on OW PvP and Port battles (I think that awesome and it drew me to this game on the first place), but what I'm also noticing is a lot of grind. Now I've grounded a lot, I don't mind grinding for a good cause, as long as I can see a reward in the not so distant future. The major problem I'm seeing is that grinding is on EVERY front in this game. Gold, Character XP, Ship XP, Crafting XP, PvE Marks, PvP Marks, Conquest Marks, I mean even mission runs, delivery missions, and Trading runs! This whole thing seems very disconnected with each other. PvP seems to be completely counter to Trading. Why can't we come up with a different solution? Bear with me as I break with down as best as I can, and my suggestions that I think could help the game, traders, PvPers, Roleplayers, and RvR. First and foremost: Trading Trading should be the lifeblood of any major empire, it dictates the market for its Captains and its military might! Why not have all ports consume goods? Use this to push traders to transport more goods of a particular type towards specific places. This already occurs to some ports in the game, but what happens if you make it all ports? What happens if the price of the goods reflect this. What would happen if after a while, those ports weren't getting their shipments of goods? Maybe a small bonus to grinding out hostility in that area(small bump)? Maybe less powerful AI fleets would appear. As time goes on, the less and less shipments that get through, the more damage it does to the port (accumulating negatives). Either way, it's a benefit to those who would possibly want to nab that port. What happens if that port is well supplied however? The traders are doing their jobs? Maybe a small negative (just hamper) to would be hostility hits. More powerful AI fleets? Maybe a cheaper crew cost, since they're in a wealthy area and there's a surplus of sailors or scallywags? Why not have all ports producing goods? I mean every hour on the hour, more resources or goods show up. Have them be on sale for more than what a player can make, as to preserve the need for buildings, but when an AI trader comes into port, have them at least have a higher chance to carry that ports produced items out. Both of these could work into a wicked PvP mechanic. Port Raids Blockading a port should hamper it, Raiding a port should strip it of most stockpiled resources that the port was using to survive. While I think, having players items be stolen could be realistic, I would think having the trading goods, food, and port products from its own production be a much easier hit on the economy. PvP Bounty missions/Letters of Marque I detest these marks, absolutely hate them as they only benefit those that are already playing in PvP, so they can obtain better ships. (It's like how WoW was with Grand Marshal gear way back when. It's pretty easy to pummel down a guy with green or blue gear when you have epic gear.) I actually liked it how it was before the patch in that aspect. Wars should be decided by two things; Battles of men and the battles of Wealth. With Dura being 1, I fail to see the need for this as another grindfest. But if the game has determined to keep them, maybe using a bounty system on specific Nationalities might better help the choking bottleneck of these items. You could even add letters of Marque by clans to hire other nationalities to attack specific ports or nations. Having PvPers earn more than what they earn now. Crafting Let players cap unranked ships. This will not only help them get out of the monotonous grind for gold when they start, but get them into a ship they can PvP with. Likewise, they can deconstruct them and use that to help them push their Crafting XP. They become more useful in PvP AND they start having a goal to become investors in crafting, pushing the economy more! I know I'm not a veteran, nor do I post much, but I do want to make this game better, and I want to bring in more people. But I can see why some are getting slightly aggravated with everything right now and why some are reluctant to join. Thanks for your time.
  15. Hi, Most Gold and Silver resources looted from ships and Shipwrecks are often in the form of Coins. Also, cannons drop as loot, often not the caliber of gun you want or need. Therefore i suggest the following: Reverse Engineering for some items. This should be the case for Silver Coins and Gold Coins, that could be re melted into Ingots. Also for Cannons, since they could be taken apart and have the barrels melted down and recast again as ingots to be used in Cannons of a different caliber. As we can break down ships, i find it makes sense to be able to do the same with other materials that can be reworked into a previous state. This would help with the Gold and Silver being scarce, and being essential to building ships. @admin So perhaps, a break-down button for certain materials, which refund x % of the resources used to make them. Remelting Iron, Silver or Gold does not really lose that much material in the process, so the percentage could be fairly high, say 75-80% of the original required resources. Remelting 100 Silver coins would then return some 70-80 ish Silver Ingots. Since you need to work a forge to to this kind of work, perhaps coupled with a operation cost of Coal? I suggest the same Coal cost as the casting of these Ingots. It would give the Silver Coins and Gold Coins a second purpose, next to being used in Refits and such.
  16. Books

    I recently bought a book note (Hammocks 5th rate), at the Admiralty store, clicked "use" and it disappeared. I am hoping that this book will add Hammocks (extra crew), to the ships I craft in the future. Can anyone tell me if this is correct or if not, how do you use the Books function? Thanks
  17. Level crafting.

    What is the best ship to grind in order to level up crafting since we do not get exp from making ship parts anymore, i would like to know the best ship for LH.`My craft level is 32.
  18. Last update 25/1/2018 - Latest hotfix changes added. Hey all, I recently created this spreadsheet to help me figure out useful framing and planking combinations for ship crafting. I'm sure someone else will also find it useful. It allows for mixing and matching different woods for the frame and planking, as well as comparing two different builds. Please let me know if you find any mistakes, or have any suggestions for things I should add. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hfF3vMSeVFMJVX392y6guaGFVKh404vx7qaKYlcGywI/edit#gid=1282085938 Data obtained from here: Please don't try to sabotage the sheet. I can't protect the dropdown menu cells, so don't ruin it for everyone else. EDIT: Added data source EDIT: Speed Update - http://imgur.com/Siq9RRa
  19. Cannot craft PvP marks

    Hey there! If you haven't noticed it yet; you can exchange marks in the admiralty by clicking on one of the marks if you are looking at a permit / bp / ... I'm not sure if this feature is removed or simply doesn't work but as of now; it's bugged (?). Every time i click craft, the menu tells me it is crafting but no goods (in this case PvP marks) have been received. The PvE marks still remain in the inventory (be it in the warehouse or in the captain chest). Any idea what's going on? Thanks! o7
  20. I am cp 50. I was in my outpost at Brunswick. I went to Admiralty store to exchange 40 PVE for Trader Brig Blueprint. Admiralty store took my 40 PVE, BUT DID NOT give me trader brig blueprint. I checked in my crafting under Ships but no trader brig blueprint. I logged off. still no Trader Brig Blueprint. Where is it? Do I need a shipyard to purchase a blueprint? Has anyone else use admiralty store to get a blueprint was there a problem. I logged an F11.
  21. ☸ Part I - Modifier series guide: Wood and trim modifiers ☸ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ █ Ship crafting: █ Wood and trim modifiers █ Permanent Upgrades: █ Store - Refit & Note modifiers █ Store - Bow figurines modifiers █ Loot - Perma Upgrade modifiers █ Regular Upgrades: █ Store - Admirality book modifiers █ Loot - Upgrade book modifiers ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ Since there are a bunch of new wood types for crafting i will share the stats according to the API with you guys. I am not getting into details what's what and sorting them for armor thickness, since its probably the most common known variable. The RAW data indicates: Slot | MappingId | Value Wood Types Live Oak Wood Type Caguairan Wood Type Teak Wood Type Sabicu Wood Type White Oak Wood Type Oak Wood Type Mahogany Wood Type Bermuda Cedar Wood Type Fir Wood Type Trims White Oak Planking Sabicu Planking Oak Planking Teak Planking Mahogany Planking Bermuda Cedar Planking Fir Planking Crew Space (State as of Patch 11.0) Edit: Apparently i missed an older post on the woodtypes, not sure if it will be kept up-to-date tho:
  22. Edit: after reading responses, and thinking things over, I've decided to update my post from yesterday with fixes, which will be at the bottom. So I attempted to do crafting... Yea.. guess I'll stop playing already. I want to point out I really like 99% of all the changes in the last patch. To me though many of it was just.. implemented wrong, or badly imbalanced in terms of economy. To make a Brig for instance, will cost me between 47,000 to 30,000 gold.... The NPC's are selling the Brig for 18,000..... Yea, never going to make a profit in a million years crafting ships at this rate. Not without spending 24+ hours pulling teeth to get the absolute best price at a steal discount price for every single part. To break things down, lets forget the Brig, and go back to a 7th rate, the lowest end of ships that beginners will be looking at. Lets choose a pickle. Breaking everything down this is how it looks for a crafter: PIckle: Final resources: 184x Oak Log = 13,432 76x Fir Log = 4,560 57x Hemp = 3,420 20x lignum vitae logs <Buy at 80 per 1> = 1,600 48x stone blocks = <Buy at 25 per 1> = 1,200 60x Iron Ore = 4,800 100x fish meat <Buying at 42> = 4,200 8x salt <Buying at 40> = 320 Final cost= 33,532 <If you ignore fish meat and salt since those are easy to come by> Final cost= 29,012 The costs are what it costs me to pull out of my buildings, naturally a crafter is most likely going to build the buildings that he needs the most of to save money. The "Buying at" price is me adding 5g to whatever it'll cost a person to pull out of their economy building to sell to me. costs a person 75-70 gold per lignum viteae log to pull from their building as an example so I'll buy it at 80. So assuming I don't buy the fishmeat and salt since those are easy to come by just by sailing around. That'll be 29,012. To make a reasonable profit i'll probably want to sell it at around 40,000 - 50,000k to make it worth my time and effort. So this is how it looks to a new player. Pickle: 45,000 12 36lb medium cannons: 83,304 (atm they are being sold for 6,942 per 1) Rig repairs (lets say 5) : 3,025 Hull Repairs (lets say 5 again): 5,800 Rum well its cheap cuz you can buy it from NPC for 144 each. Final Price for a complete beginner: 137,128....... By the time a beginner has that much gold grinding atrocious missions, or ganking NPC's in the OW, they'll be ready to be sailing 5-6th Rates, which cost about 2-3x this much. Progressions, economy, and crafting is completely out of whack. -------------------- WHy is it like this? Because of the buildings. For instance.... Iron Ore Mine, costs me 20 gold more per iron ore than just buying it on the market at market price... Why? That seems so backwards. Arguably you could say as players buy more the costs will go up alot when the market isn't flooded with the item, which is fair, if there wasn't only 100-300 people on and that situation actually happened more often than it does now. Not worth the time, or effort for 90% of the players who want to play. -------------------- Like-wise, with the limited building space, it would make sense to lower the price you're forced to pay workers to a more reasonable level. You'll never be able to "harvest" everything you need to build a ship and will always have to buy stuff in one way or another on the market, that's the point of having a buliding and sinking so much money and resources into getting your crafting setup, is so you pay less and can actually make a profit by crafting... ---------------------- Now with the cost being insane to craft items, and players having to buy cannons individually, you run into the problem that its going to cost players 10x more than ever before. Not only is crafting ships more expensive now from what I can tell, but building cannons is incredibly pricy as well, meaning those long cannons, and higher grade cannons are going to cost you an insane amount because of how expensive it is to craft things in the first place. ---------------------- Crafting should take time, and be limited, I agree. Crafting should have a gold sink. I agree with this as well. Not everyone should want to craft due to how much time you need to spend to do it, this I agree with as well, and this is everything the game has in terms of crafting... just implemented in a way that also severely punishes the player base and crafter by being implemented in a way that's severely imbalanced Edit: Out of frustration I forgot to finish my conclusion. With how expensive buying ships and cannons are going to be, people are going to play extremely passively on the PvP servers. I don't see this as good. While yes losing a higher end ship between tiers 1-4 should be a big loss, at the same time it shouldn't cost people an arm and leg and their first born when they lose a tier 7 ship like a brig either, if someones buying a brig from me a tier 7 ship, at 30k, then dropping another 30+ k down on guns + another 20+ k down on repairs, and crew, and loses the ship due to no longer having more than 1 durability (which I do like the fact ships are lost immediately with only 1 durability), then the cost of ships and the cost of constructing ships and cannons really needs to be pulled back and balanced out. ---------------------------- Fix Suggestions: The issue is a spiral. It seems to me the devs want us to sell things at the same price we are paying for them, which.. doesn't work on many levels... To build a Brig as I explained above will cost me 30-50k depending on prices. That's alot for JUST the ship at tier 8 and a player who's been playing for maybe a day or two, that's of course assuming I sell the brig at that price.. the cost I spent to make it... not gonna happen, I'm gonna sell that ship for at least 20-30k more so I can make something out of it for my troubles. so a new player has to dish out over 100k easy for a tier 8 ship + cannons + crew + repairs.... Ridiculous. Problem Crafters rely on players filling the market with the resources they need. Since you can't buy these cheap from NPC ports anymore..... Getting oak from a oak building costs roughly 80g per 1 oak. That's ridiculous. For a player to supply a crafter with oak they'd then have to turn around and sell the oak for at least 85g to make any meaningful profit. Fix: Cut the cost for getting supplies from buildings down by half. This creates an economy where all players can build economy buildings and feed the resources to crafters in the market. With the price being cheap IF you own a building, this allows for prices to fluctuate with supply/demand, which is essential for a healthy economy. -------------------------- Personally I think there should be a difference in crafting, different experiences and crafting tree's. Ship Builder, Cannon Maker, and something else for the permanent modules you can install. Each having their own leveling tree. Level 1 cannon maker can only make low tier medium cannons, as they go up they unlock long cannons for that tier, then the next tier of medium cannons, etc. But that's an entirely different monster.
  23. Niagara

    It seems the Niagara can not be crafted anymore, even at level 45. Is it intentional or just a glitch? Thank you.
  24. Decentralised Economy

    After the return of shipyards on the testbed it seems the concentration of the population around the capitals will be even more pronounced than before. These suggestions might hopefully reduce this and create a more organic spread of players on the open world Resources -- At the moment there are no limits on resources coming out of a port so the vast majority of crafting, trading and sailing is done around each nation's capital. This leaves massive areas of the map feeling empty (meaning a lot of conquest battles could be undefended for a while). While I'm against hard limits on the number of buildings etc in a port I think a soft limit of some kind could be useful. For example, after a certain number of mines/farms/buildings have been built in a port (depending on the % of players in a nation/a certain number with buildings there?) the cost in gold/LH will be increased and the amount of resources will be decreased on a sliding scale (depending on the size of the empire/number of ports/buildings present etc etc). This will help create shortages in ports with massive populations and push people towards other regions, as well as creating lots of opportunities for haulers, traders and pirates. If those nations and clans want to continue crafting ships in one central area the resources will have to be hauled from further afield to make it economically viable. Buildings -- While it's nice to see new buildings I don't think it makes good sense ingame to make each player individually create their own dockyard or foundry to progress in their crafting. Most clans will have dedicated crafters so dockyards will just become a nuisance (if you personally don't have one) rather than something which adds to the gameplay - resources will simply be passed over to the crafters creating even more downtime between sailing/pvp. The current shipyards also tie players and clans to one area, if you've spent the last week getting a level 3 shipyard built you're not going to want to move any time soon or use up another building slot for another shipyard somewhere else. Perhaps a shipyard or foundry needs to be a national project? Once a certain number of resources are taken to any port and 'paid in' to the shipyard building project a shipyard will appear in that port and be usable by anyone in that nation. This price could increase exponentially with numbers of shipyards and distance from capital etc. These projects might also need upkeep in the form of resources per week but i'll leave that to another time. This would also help create new trading/crafting hubs in areas away from the capital. Any comments/suggestions/insults welcome
  25. Missing Ships on Testbed

    I noticed that there are several basic ships not craftable on the testbed server and was wondering if they were simply missed or if this is intentional. Basic ships that currently aren't craftable on testserver are Rattlesnake and Niagara as well as LGV and Indiaman. I guess the LGV and Indiaman might become available for "Trading Manifest" tokens but for the missing shallow water ships i have no explanation whatsoever. Can anybody enlighten me, please? Thanks in advance.