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Found 13 results

  1. PIerrick de Badas

    Why combat mark should be not link to craft

    Combat mark and more have been introduce ingame in the way to decrease the number of larges ships ingame and to put diversity into port battle fleet. But Since combat mark appears, port battle have still the same number and same quality of ship than before. So combat mark are just decreasing the ability for a defeated fleet to fight again meaning more time will be needed to be able to fight back what decrease the aciton ingame what make peoiple boring and left the game. So COmbat mark should be use for skill, paint and this kind of stuff and be out of permit in the way to authorize people to still be able to play and enjoy. We can accept that open sea ship may be valuable in mark as endemyin but the port battle ship,n the one deciding the rvr should be not concern with this thing as everyone will use the bet ship for pb and there is no way to bring surprises in an aga fleet. At least a decent rataed ship need to be CM free per rank. One good 4th rate for pb (aga), one good 1th rate for PB (victo) TY
  2. I've heard that the safest place for building a craft building or ship yard is in a Free Town. Any advice out there? What about nation capitals?
  3. Rabman

    Crafting - Subcomponents

    I've always liked crafting and enjoy the idea of building all of your own items. Though one thing that has always irked me is how unfriendly the crafting system is in Naval Action. You need to separately log down how many items you need of a various resource, then go to that resource and determine how many of those you need (Cordage and Oakum), and even further subcombines in several cases (Tar). A more fluid system would simply allow you to craft the final sub-component before final assembly of your ship. Do you want to make 3 mid grade notes? Move the slider over to the three, and click craft and it begins smelting ingots, then coins, and finally the notes. One click and no back and forth counting and clicking. If you do a ton of crafting, writing this all down when all of this can be streamlined with no loss of game play value. I can't imagine anyone likes counting up coal and iron for ingots, then for fittings, then for carriages. There are a variety of games that currently do it this way, Empyrion which is arguably a craft heavy game, allows you simple select your finished sub-component and it will make all of the lesser sub-combines without pushing the tedious burden on the player. I know Naval Action Craft exists and it helps to a degree, but it would make life easier and overall better in the game if this tool were not necessary, at no loss of game play value. I know it would take development time, but it would be well worth it.
  4. Captain Lust

    Rattlesnake & Niagara Craft

    I still can not craft the Rattlesnake or Niagara despite being max craft level and no permit or BP available for it in admiralty store/ pirate den. As you can't buy the Rattlesnake from the NPC in ports either, this is getting mildly annoying... Please fix this. Thank you.
  5. PIerrick de Badas

    Gold and Silver

    At start after the wipe, French pirates and Spanish will have Gold and Silver and Neither Danemark, sweden, us, dutch and english will have any. It mean all this 5 nation are unable to craft any ship needed furnishing exept if they farm as pig to get them from admiralty. The question: Is it fair? What may happend if a nation is gold/silverless? I've seen many players leaving the game because teir eco port were taken and they were unable to craft ships. Maybe it has to be solved before Suggestion : Stone craft give you 10% of silver and 10% or iron for 100 stone extract. It's a slow work and people will have to farm stone like pig to get enough silver and gold Coal and iron mines give you 2% silver and 2% gold for 100 ressources extract.
  6. Captain Lust

    Missing Ships on Testbed

    I noticed that there are several basic ships not craftable on the testbed server and was wondering if they were simply missed or if this is intentional. Basic ships that currently aren't craftable on testserver are Rattlesnake and Niagara as well as LGV and Indiaman. I guess the LGV and Indiaman might become available for "Trading Manifest" tokens but for the missing shallow water ships i have no explanation whatsoever. Can anybody enlighten me, please? Thanks in advance.
  7. On naval action today i asked a question: Wen can i craft The Wapen Von Hamburg? Only one person gave anwser. He said that you couldnt ever make it probably. He was not 100% sure... but it still made me afraid. I would really like to craft The Wapen Von Hamburg after the ship wipe... so... can i or not?
  8. Jean Ribault


    From the album: Jean Ribault

    Building craft window
  9. Current system tweak maybe ? In relation to the drop rate, Why not make this a visible % the crafter can see on his screen, and increase the % chance a little every time he crafts a triggering vessel without it dropping. Future system maybe ? Target BP research points for specific BP is known and public knowledge. Every ship crafted adds a value to a research pool held for the player and visible on his crafting screen. The pool is held for each rate. (Advanced versions crafted may add extra points especially if maxed out on upgrade slots.) Player can utilize other rate research points at reduced effect when researching a new BP. (Greater the rate difference - smaller the value) Minimum research points from a particular rate for each BP is known and public knowledge. (avoids crafting 6th rates all your career then eventually qualifying to craft a 1st rate) Practice So the player has a list of research points he's acquired for each rate of ship. The player knows how many research points he needs for a particular BP The player knows the minimum research points he needs from a specific research pool. The player selects his new target BP Minimal research points from a specific rate are allocated and the player chooses which research points he will use to complete the total either same rate or a combination of same and other rate pools. (Slider system from differing rate tally's) Player unlocks the new BP permanently Trade-able BP ? Once researched the player can produce additional Trade-able/sell-able BP that will construct 1 vessel. Seller must craft these using research points (x amount) and coins. Receiving crafter must expend suitable rate research points to use the BP for a 1 off build, but does not gain the BP unlock.(Smaller research tally required) Minimal research points from a specific rate are allocated and the player chooses which research points he will use to complete the total. (Slider system from differing rate tally's) Player crafts a 1 off ship.
  10. Currently, every tier of quality requires one additional note to produce. Is there a reason for this? The value of quality is not linear, would anybody chose not to put an extra note on to make a mastercraft upgrade instead of a exceptional? This seems to have created an economy where middle tier of upgrades are completely ignored as nobody will waste notes on them. and any kind of upgrade is extremely difficult to obtain for players who don't have a clan working for them. Imo we should be aiming for an economy where common and fine upgrades are much easier to obtain. I think one way to accomplish this would be to have the note requirement be far less linear and more exponential. Common upgrades should be almost free and just be a bonus for player building. whereas exceptional upgrades should be very hard to obtain and be prized. I think have upgrades be so cheap will mean that higher level crafters won't feel prevented from just putting a couple of notes into lower level upgrades if the demand was high. We could also make lower upgrades requires lower notes so new crafters can make money from them. I also hope this means that mastercraft and fine would become a cheaper option to exceptional and a viable choice to replace losses in day to day fighting. My aims with this would be: Decrease the amount of exceptional quality items, making them... exceptional items. Increase the availability of common, fine and masterwork items. Decrease the gap between pub players with no access to upgrades and clan outfitted ships with full gold meeting in OW. (so clans use masterwork or fine and pub players use common or fine in day to day fighting) Have there been discussions on this before and what are peoples thoughts?
  11. OMG Lord Lucifer

    Crafting hours a commodity?

    Some people in my nation's chat were talking about crafting hours becoming a commodity to trade, or purchase from ports. Maybe each port could even supply a certain amount of labor hours per day.
  12. I'd just like to say that I personally think the prices of AI ships should be a bit more in ports so crafters can more easily compete with them. I can't be objective here since I am spanish and we currently have a lack of resources, but even so, then at least in our nation the prices should be lower. Does anyone agree or disagree? Cheers.
  13. Hey, I crafted a snow today and included 2 CN in it. I obtained only a green snow (common). Is this normal ? In Willemstad at around 12:45. Rgds, Nico