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Found 13 results

  1. Contract bug

    I just tried to place a contract, and even though the price showed were for 1 upgrade I automatically placed a contract for 10 upgrades (and ofc were deducted the asking price x10).. As the richest man on the server, this isn't an issue but it will stiffle the economy for all smaller players..
  2. FYI I had contract placed in Gustavia for barrels and I've cancelled it being in Orjenstad outpost. After teleporting to Gustavia items were not there/contract was not there... even after reloging
  3. Contracts placement

    So by making a contract for a resource, it seems you need to outbid another buyer, or get to wait until another buyer bought the amount he/she wanted. The bug I find in the WS market. And I tried it thouroughly by know, and I'm also not the only one that had this problem. There is one person in the nation that somehow doesn't need to bid more, to get higher on the buyerlist, that person can put a contract for the same price, and gets the topspot. And every time does so. Other way around, it simply puts me second, the way it should. I would really like the dev's to get a look into it. I already did a bug-report. And wonder if more people have this issue? Greets
  4. Labor Hours on Contracts

    Hello people. I was discussed about labor contracts last ago and i'm "broken". Broken is too big word because it's just game, but when i check market i see only contracts for 800k+ each for 500 labor that me cancer. But i have idea - simply system on change market and prices. For now if you want sell labor hours, you must contact with player and trade with him 4 or more times. This takes too much time and you never know with who you trading. What is it about this system? Player for example, I want sell labor hours. I open bookmark for example new "ExChange" and i changing my labor hours on contract to sell it like normal item. I have 1000 labor hours , i change all on one labor contract with 1000 labor hours and i put this to market. For facilities and keep clear on market can change 100, 200,500,1000 and 1500 labor hours on contract. I hope devs will read this and change some Sorry for my suck English. Best Regards Triss
  5. Previous discussion is at http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/11063-max-amount-of-contracts/ As of 9.65 resource buildings have been added, which changes the picture and arguments presented in that topic. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/11791-patch-965-crew-and-resource-production/ I can name at least two reasons for this to change: To come to price equilibrium as fast as possible it should be possible for any player to perform any role in the market. Be it seller, buyer or market maker. To encourage open market trading. More can be found by reading up on how open markets function in real life, but I don't want to overextend just yet. For this to be achievable the maximum number of contracts needs to go. Please present cases where this would be a problem.
  6. I just put up a sell contract for Tobacco at $749/p in a consuming port that was not overstocked. While I could still sell directly for $750, the sell contract did not get full-filled. This looks like a bug to me.
  7. Hello all! So i wanted to suggest an idea for Naval Action in which a player (Merchant/Trader Intended) could hire some muscle to help protect them when transporting their ships or goods. Now that the game mechanics have changed and that we cannot teleport with items in our cargohold it is now required that players physically transport these items to where they wish to craft or sell them. Goal: To provide a Job/Contract type system in which players can be hired at a cost to escort the player issuing the contract. The Idea: 1.) The Player wishing to start the contract (Merchant/Trader) gathers their assets at a port and decides whether they wish to risk transporting it solo or to hire some player escorts. 2.) The Player plots their route Port A (Where they want to start) to Port B (Where they want to finish) 3.) If the player chose to open an Escort Contract the player creates a contract and sets the starting port, ending port, number of players they're hiring, and reward price. 4.) In the port menu on the user interface a new button will be created called "Escort Missions" or "Escort Contracts" where players can click open/current mission contracts and ask to join. The current/open mission contracts will ONLY show the starting location and not the destination for safety reasons. 5.) The player who started the group (who owns the contract mission) will see the players asking to join their escort fleet and they can accept/decline the invitation. This will be a "handshaking" system where the player asking to join sends the request and the other player has to approve the request.When a player sends a request to join the escort fleet it will tell relay the player's name, rank, and current ship. Example Rear Admiral Woody051 would like to join your Escort Fleet. Current Ship: Constitution. ACCEPT / DECLINE 6.) Once the escort group is assembled they gather up and begin sailing towards the designated destination. Once they arrive the group leader can click fulfill contract and the members or the group will each receive their payout. Pros: Adds content to the game Encourages group gameplay Creates a new job for players as a way to earn income Assists in the dispersion of the in-game resources More assets can be transported if larger merchant fleets are organized Players are rewarded for positive gameplay Cons: Some merchants/traders are too paranoid about letting others knowing where they're going Restrictions must be in place so the escorts don't just sail ahead or not stay with the group Some players might just tell enemies where they're heading. Difficulty in determining fair reward prices for hired help Escorts might "tag" or attack ships along the way against the fleet's wishes. If any of you have ever played or are familiar with the game Silkroad Online you may already be familiar with a similar system. In Silkroad there is a 3 profession system. Traders/Merchants, Hunters, and Thieves. Traders trade goods between cities for profits. Thieves prey on traders and steal anything they can to sell on the black market and they kill hunters. Hunters are like a form of "police" per say as they go around hunting down thieves and they can be hired to follow and escort Traders.
  8. More Contracts

    Very simple suggestion: I think we should be allowed more contracts above the current limit of 5. I think the player economy would be more vibrant if we don't stifle the commerce between players by having a cap on trading contracts. I also think the game needs more gold sinks so... I think each contract should have a progressively higher "contract fee". Players can have lots of contracts but, eventually, they will become too expensive to maintain as the cost for contracts goes up. Inflation is very important to address. I know this game is alpha but this is the best time to handle economic changes and get inflation under control. Inflation is a major factor in new player retention.
  9. Clan Dockyard

    Hi All Ive had a bit of a search and couldnt find anyone suggesting this idea in the suggestions thread. Now we have a basic clan warehouse setup i was wondering if somewhere along the line a clan dockyard would be a viable option? It ties i to the clan warehouse where the stewards and shipwrights could allocate materials towards ships requested in clan by members, would be much more organisation and they could be stored and picked up by the member requested in the clan dockyard once the order is complete, take out the having to be online at the same time to exchange the ship, gold or goods. Clan dockyard deeds, ships built within the clan are licenced under the clan and have the clan stamp on them, so players or members cant defect and take clan resources, they can be released if allowed by 3 officers and then sold to others or on the shops, ships used by members moving through the ranks can return ships back to the dockyard for refitting and recommisioning with the repairs of durability, depending on how many durability left so like 1/5 then it will cost 4/5 of the resources to restore it to full durability, this will add quite a valuable tool to maintain control while allowing further organisation of clan ships, if anyone has anything to add or some different ideas please add to the conversation and see if we can get aomething like this up and running.
  10. The game's economy needs to allow for more transactions between strangers (via the market). Currently, this isn't allowed to happen with the restrictive 5 contract limit. I am not certain why there is such a clamp-down on contracts. It isn't a true economy when participants are allotted a limited number of transactions. In the short-term, I would suggest opening the gate on sale contracts. Supplying the economy would be helped by allowing this. When I am not worried about prioritizing contracts per the profit margin, I can spread out my profit motive over a wider set of products. Meaning I (and others) won't only be placing high profit items up for sale contracts and there will be a lot more items up for sale.
  11. I've been exploring for a while but am interesting in trying out some trading. Questions: 1) Links to some references, guides or tutorials. 2) Can I use a sell contract at any port? Or only those where I have an outpost? (And the resources in a warehouse) 3) Can I use a buy contract at any port? Thanks for any other tips or help you may provide.
  12. One of the major problems and frustrations with the market shortages is the people buying up resources via contracts. The problem is that people setup buy orders buying up all the daily produced resources at an undisclosed amounts. This allows people to setup orders leave the ports and come back at a later time to pick up what they bought and setup sell offers at insane ammounts from what they bought it for. This is creating shortages of major resources. It does not make sense to have the buy contracts if it is going to be abused in this way. Also, this allows for enemy nations to transfer money to alt characters that buy up all the resources as well (ie, a Pirate player has a USA alt account, trades money with that account and sets up buy contracts for all major resources (ie coal, fir and iron), sails it to a neutral port aand sails away with the resources to the pirate faction). This defeats the port capturing system. Im not saying this example is actually happening, but you can see the possibility of this being exploited. Also the buy contracts removes any need for traders to have outposts at the ports they have contracts in. This of course circumvents the need for pricey outposts. Therefore I propose either one or two of the following scenarios: - the removal of buy contracts all together - limiting a player to a certain amount of buy contracts (ie 2) as well as sell contracts (ie 5) - Limit the buy contracts to only manufactured goods that are needed for crafting ships (ie. fir frame parts, crafting notes, Tar) If something is not done about this problem, the manufacturing of ships and upgrades will become impossible at higher levels. With the removal or limitations on buy contracts a large factor with regards to supply shortages will start becoming a thing of the past, as it makes it more difficult for people to exploit the current economy system.
  13. Regarding Buying Contracts

    I heard some people complaining that it's not fair that richer players can buy off all the resources that are produced by one port. Well, one solution to that problem (if it is considered a problem) is to allow Buying Contracts only in ports where you have a warehouse. Since Warehouses are somewhat limited, and it's risky to set one up in every port, it would mean that Resources would mostly go to the storages, and then it would not be so much a matter of money, but about who is there first, or more frequently. Crafters could still for example put up Buying Contracts in the port where they craft, and give new players an incentive for making money in a way that is actually meaningful for their nation.