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Found 4 results

  1. Greetings, Once upon a time the developers proclaimed that you cannot hack/ cheat in this game, "because the client only renders the world and registers your input. All calculations are done on the server." And yet, I've got reports from players that have 1000+ hours into this game and are experienced players of very strange things happening when in battle against certain individuals. These occurrences include but are not limited to: Crew assignment changing to repairs, or guns being disabled. Sails being depowered or set to 0%. The ship not responding to any player input via keyboard, total loss of control of the ship. So, if the developers keep their stance that the game cannot be hacked, then the only conclusion can be that the hackers are the developers themselves. This would make a certain amount of sense, since they have the tools and more direct access to the server than regular players. So, @admin@Ink ,myself and my fellow captains would like an explanation for this. With the recent changes to the game, it looks as if you're trying to kill this game as quickly as possible and these "impossible" hacks are contributing to this. I've heard rumors that this game might be "finished" in your opinion and that another project might be in the pipeline. If this is the case, grow some balls and at least admit it and don't hide behind these game-changing decisions that most of the players hate. I'd hate to spend all my time in a game that is essentially, going nowhere, or rather backwards.
  2. Norfolk nChance

    What Is Bad ALT behaviour?

    @admin @Ink fellow Captains, http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=917654264 Admin just re-edited an POST regarding ALTs. The STEAM Guide I did above is a BASE point to start moving the ALT question forward. So, if we had a Rule Book on ALT behavior what five things are a big NO...? Just a quick additional note. I'm not too far away from a Modulated Modifier that can run a fleet delivery system and avoids players. This area of bots is closely related and will need addressing in time. Norfolk.
  3. Captain Pickle

    PvP 2 USA problems

    i have been noticing something rather strange going on i am a pirate now and i hang out near many ports but the problem is simple people are leaving and there not coming back i seen some of the most greatest pirates walk away because the dev's have been running the game into the ground ill line this bag of ugly snakes out for you all to see first off we have the ports around Mort all produce materials which rely cant help you in any way to so anything for example Port Au Prince is the only port for miles that produces silver and its under british control its too close to port royal they wont ever let it go port battles takes way too long example kids island the US tried to take it for a week they didn't even get 50% on hostility they were hammering it so ya what good is that to make an exceptional quality ship now you need fine wood example exceptional fir ship needs fine fir and fine oak i have seen the most best ship builders just grind to a hualt as they cant get the mats now to make a ship things to shoot ok so i am out at Baracoa right and i sit there for 4 hours in real world time i am running back and forth along the coast guess how many traders of other nationality i saw 2 out of four real world hours i head closer to port royal guess what same thing theirs nothing to shoot no ships to loot and this ones been bothering me i am out trying to do missions to lvl up and 2 British players come along and gank me the had 1 3rd rate a frigate and 2 privateers i had a 2nd rate exceptional teak bucatuar and all the cannons were at the max they could be i get flanked by the frigate hammer its side a bit he runs off and then i get to hit the 3rd rate right perfect broadside but one problem it barely did any damage didn't even move to one bar but when he follows up well he pulls more damage than me how is this real what does he have world war 2 deck cannons for armaments. so it goes on for an hour real world i am trying to kill them and the frigate returns using chain shot my ship cant turn on a dime so hes safe from harm as hese using the wind to protect him they try and push me into the wind didn't work eventual my sails are shredded i am sailing the 3rd rates right behind me and guess what happen'd the game logged me out mid battle ya i got booted i rush to get on and what do i find my ships in a dead stop this is not very realistic the ships don't stop like that in game so why when you get booted from it it stops like it dropped the anchors needless to say i lost my prize ship i remember a time when all ships had the same 5 durability i cant take that ship out now because i don't want to lose it and my upgrades which i cant get now exceptional powder monkeys is one of them you cant even get that from sealed bottles now you cant make those types of upgrades and you cant get them so why bother using them. to top it off ever since this madness started with the new crafting changes no ones building ships those who are sell them for outrageous prices for instance a 4th rate frigate exceptional teak nothing on it going for 6 million i asked the guy why so high his answer was because it was murder to make the ship in the first place so he felt he should be getting that to compensate his troubles with the growing ganker's sailing around. not very fair on a nation that's been hit hard by this madness. so ya i don't know what the dev's are doing but its ruining the game more and more people are leaving because of it hell the pirate nations most wild and uncontrolled clan the BLACK clan there high leaders are never on now there minor clans are doing the same slowly. and the last thing i am having a pain with is the closest you can get to mort for a mission is far west of baracoa that's where i lost my ship to the ganker's and even better yet to far away to get to help maybe the next time i am going to get ganked i should just walk away from my computer and say go get a sandwich by the time a would get back it will be over since theirs no equal footing and ganker's live to be total cheaters. i have played many types of games that are like this out of 10 of those many games i would say 1 would not have these problems why simple they made it so equal that its not possible to have these problem's. o and whens the Santa Cecilia going to return we have been waiting so long for it or many its just another cheap trick like the BP events to make everyone angry towards the dev's. maybe i am a terrible player who knows all i know is i am not the only one hit by this.
  4. I was in a battle recently with a number of players and AI ships on either side (in my brig). Twice during that battle larger player ships joined the battle within a couple hundred yards of me. We were all quite close together and in both instances, the new players appeared in direct contact. The second ship in fact suddenly appeared 100 yards in front of me. Not only was our battle suddenly very one-sided (something I have no issue with), I had no opportunity to escape or break off because these larger ships were right on top of me. As a result I was sunk. Are players getting placed in battles based on how close they are to the open world battle marker when they join? Is this just a bug? It would seem fair to me that new players joining a battle always start a minimum distance away based on the direction they came from. Maybe those battle markers should be rings (you have to be in the ring to join the combat) or the new players could just appear at that minimum distance from the furthest ship in that direction. Anyone else experience this?