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Found 4 results

  1. Hello captains, yesterday during the twitch stream, gamelabstv gave us some infos about the new upcoming patch during the next 1,5 weeks! Don‘t know what is coming from the following points they talked about. -new patrolzone only for frigates -second patrolzone for shallows -item for change the name ingame( maybe dlc) or maybe something like the perk reset - something about a clanlog, I think for clanwarehouse something about a new ship called: Hercules?! What should they change too, or what could change... feel free to discuss...
  2. poh767

    NPC ships capture

    Hi, everybody! I was seriously considering buying this game, but the removal of the ability to capture npc ships completely turned me off. How is it realistic?
  3. Since the beginning we had a lot of battle engangement changes, some good, some bad. We had 2 minutes timer, we had Sociable perk 30 minutes timer, we have now new system giving us battles closed instantly. Many players complained or loved some of these systems, but I don't know a player, that would absolutely support current battlescreen mechanic. I gathered many opinions and ideas and decided to come up with my own based on the feedback. Let me first present the bad side of current system. 1. Camping in Battlescreen. This is how players prepare ambush, I've seen it done multiple times by Spanish, Pirates, French and I guess players in all nations use it too. Very simple, there is one bait player outside or one "spotter" in distance and everyone else waits in battlescreen for target. Once the target nearby, they jump out. Easy exploit. 2. Logging out in front of enemy port before Port Battle. Some people support it, some not. Personally I do not like it, I didn't like flag system either to be honest. (No solution suggested here for this as it stays controversial) 3. One player leaving battlescreen first, to let everyone know if it's safe outside. Sometimes they leave 1 by 1, then teleport. Enemy do not engage single ships as it would save everyone else (dragging friendly ships into battle for 3 minutes, especially since dragging circle is damn huge). Very annoying when you finally find enemy fleet increasing hostility and they camp battlescreen. 4. Revenge fleets. Gankers hate them, personally I like ganking myself and I never hated revenge fleets. I met some at La Habana like 15-20 Spanish ships waiting for me. Ganking is not for babies, ganking should be hard and tough, risky as well. Why would Game Developers make ganking easy? Maybe because some gankers tend to cry to Devs that ganking is hard and bad-boy revenge fleets destroy them If you are one of these gankers crying that ganking is hard, you better try PvE Server. Ganking must be hard and risky, otherwise go play with bots. Back to topic, if few pirates attack friendly ship in front of Capital, then they are safely sitting in Battlescreen until it's safe... Having 20-30 Revenge Ships outside... Then this game turns into "NAVAL WAITING", not Naval Action. One side wants revenge, because their friend got killed in battle 1 vs 5 or so and when they finally get the Pirates out of battlescreen after 2 hours that did not expected revenge fleet being still waiting... Some gankers start to cry about unfair battle 5 vs 30 and some zerg talking. _____________________ My Suggestion: 1. Logging out in battlescreen is important feature and there should be also official button, instead of using Alt+F4 or killing game proccess or whatever else players tend to do. But it should be limited! For example player can logout once every 6-12 hours (needsconsideration what's the sweet spot). It's understandable that 1 battle can take 1,5 hour and after that player must leave game. But on the other side, it cannot be overused as advantage all the time, few times during one day. Official button + cooldown time for another use of it. 2. Battlescreen kick - Players get 5 minutes to manage ships, take cargo and after 5 minutes if they do not logout, they get kicked from battlescreen. Also make Battlescreen in form of Lobby, players can leave battlescreen before 5 minutes kick, if everyone in battlescreen lobby clicks "Ready" button, just like in groups when trying to join Small / Large Battle. Everyone in group must click ready and then players can join. This will prevent leaving 1 by 1 and trying to escape seperately. 3. As far as I know, you cannot enter battles for 2 minutes after logging in and leaving port... This is kinda outdated since the 2 minutes timer for battles is no longer in use. But it's weird that you can start tagging (attacking) enemies after 20 seconds! Make it so after logging into the game, player cannot attack enemies for 2 minutes as well. That will prevent "Battlescreen ambushes" ____________________________ The result of implementing my suggestions? Game will be no more so called "Naval Waiting" instead of Action. This is the most important thing that must be changed now. All game mechanics, events are exploited with Battlescreen! Deadman's Chest Event? I captured French Indiaman with Deadman's Chest and waited for 1 hour in battlescreen to come out. Port Battles? Logout in battlescreen before PB in front of enemy port. Ganking? Wait in battlescreen untill it's safe outside. Hostility Generation? Enemy fleet camping battlescreen as well. Changing Battlescreen Mechanics should be priority for Devs in prior to fixing all game aspects. Tons of players quit the game because of waiting and battlescreen mechanics. Tons of players are angry about it. Do not support pro-ganking changes because few gankers that want it to be super easy cry while you have hundreds of "ganked" players by use of exploits. ___________________________ Apparently as a person that do not like ganking being easy I hate having tons of towers and forts all arround the place, like a damn Maginot Line. There should be some, but not that many. Battlescreen mechanic is way more important. Make Naval Action great again o7
  4. My suggestion is to turn all pirates into say Portugees, or Australians, Portugees is prob the better option. they will then have same privileges as other Nation no advantages. 1.introduce new pirate mode. Hard core Perma death or may be 2 or 3 lives. 2. Pirates cannot join clans. this does not stop groups getting together on say teamspeak. 3. No Port battles . but they can raid ports they would have to attack but obviously give defenders time to respond.( good upgrade drops for them ect), would think same as flag cost is relatively high to slow down spamming 4. Pirates can access any port to trade . but give them a island and some safe ports around the map. 5.Pirates can capture ships Traders and steal the goods. Not necessarily keep the ship, but could sink it if ransom was not paid. 6. Pirates get a bounty on their heads, put there buy there victims. this would then encourage bounty hunters chasing them down the vagabonds . bounties mount up as as a kitty from all who place them, untill the pirate is captured and hung or made to walk the plank( could be mechanism for perma death or set number of lives. The higher the Bounty the more famous they become. Have a leader board where there names are up in lights Dead or alive , this could be reset every say 3 years! 7. As pirates are hard core possibly a pirate to pirate friendly PVP mode that does not kill them permanently.( allows some training) 8. Any Pirate attack leaves the timer open for all to help the hapless victim. but not other Pirates say after 1 or 2 min the window closes for them. i'm sure you get the idea. others will possibly add to this or suggest better thoughts. Thanks for a fantastic game. you are all doing a fantastic job, Keep it up. Talbaron.