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Found 103 results

  1. To whom it may concern, Yesterday may 20th 2018, during a pvp combat, after some sinks, escaped and so, another Spanish faction player (sailing mortar) and my self (sailing prince) remain in combat vs a Prussian faction player sailing another prince. We manage to put down both sides and hit some hulls, but the structure bar remained full all the time, making that Prussian player indestructible. Because of I believe its a bug, I've omitted names, and I don't think I have to post this in tribunal forum, but it would be nice if someone can take care of this issue. Many thanks
  2. William  Death

    BUG-Capsized Rattlesnake

    SERVER: PvP1/PvP Caribbean TIME: April 24, 02:30 Server Time (April 23, 10:30 PM Eastern) PLAYER NAME: William Death [note: two spaces between the words] I was sailing my new Rattlesnake against an AI Trader's Snow. After messing around with it for a bit, chaining and seeing how much damage I could take, I went in for a boarding action. I touched the stern of the TSnow and pushed it upwind to board. When I pulled the AI for boarding, my Rattlesnake capsized. I won the boarding and was put aboard the TSnow. I sent an F11 after the boarding was over and took a few screenshots. This seems a lot like the Ingermanland and Wasa capsize bugs others have reported. The Rattlesnake I lost was a blue Mahogany/Teak (which I mistakenly referred to in the F11 Teak/White Oak) with 4 permanent slots. I had equipped: Navy Hull, Bovenwinds, and Light Ship Hammocks. I'd appreciate another identical ship (or you could...ya know...upgrade it to a gold/orange Mahogany/Teak/Very Fast version ), thanks. Be careful handling the Rattlesnake around other ships! also #TSnowOP Hope this is in the right forum section...
  3. Hullabaloo

    tutorial bug

    Just had a go at the tutorial. Got stuck on the 'grape' section. Told me to load grape, but wouldn't load it
  4. Vile Executioner

    Game crash

    Major problem I had a game crash and when I pulled game back up I was in combat with no repairs on my ship. This has been a known issue for almost a year now and yet nothing is ever fixed. I would like a refund on my ship I lost it was a prince de Neufchâtel, I sent in an F11 report around 18:40-18:50 server time.
  5. Well I went to a treasure fleet wreck and for the first time ever SUCCESS! I found a dead mans chest wooo!!! I sailed nervously back to land in my trader brig (Dead mans chest = 1500 weight / Trader Brig capacity 1750) I docked at the first port I came too (it was a Bahamas Fleet a few days ago) which was a Swedish port, little harbour I believe. The Treasure chests also seem to have timers active on them... only 2 hours. I wanted to log off, but I figured I could open the chest, learn any cool skill books enclosed, squirrel away any nice upgrades and put any other treasure back in the trader brig and sail off when i got back online. SO ... I opened the treasure chest annnnnd! I got a upgrade (hurray!) AND a 3rd Rate NOTE! Nice I thought, as I was thinking of getting a SOL. Then I saw the SOL NOTE was bigger cargo weight than the CHEST! it was just under 3k weight! WTF??? So I was stuck in a SHALLOW port, with a NOTE bigger than my ship could hold, with no way of making the ship and selling it (or the NOTE) . So basically after all the time and excitement of my first treasure hunt all I got was an upgrade and a lot of disappointment! I had to scrap the note so i could leave port...... 8(
  6. Hullabaloo

    bug logged out at sea and lost ship

    Hi Logged out in Openworld and used 'wait' function. Logged out safely. Logged back in about an hour later (5.30pm 9th April 2018) and found myself in port and have lost ship I was in (Endymion) Clan mates have checked Combat News and there were no kills of Pirate players in that area over that time. I understand it is a known bug Cheers
  7. Paradoxi

    bug with outpost

    At the night around 00:50 - 1:05 i try to do clear my mess with outposts move from down to top. I have teleport to Sale-Trou there i have ships, i have remove outpost with sale-trou but i dont leaved a port, after that i have create again outopost but on other place on the list. Ships were still there , i have do the same with Portobelo same situation, removed outpost and create new one on one of top place on the list, still ships were there. When i have teleport from portobelo to sale-trou all ships have desapear .... All stuff in warehouse i have but ships disapear. i understand if i will delete outpost from other place from other port but i was inside just i want change place on the list.... I have send email, report with no reasults and i dont have any solution from you. Do i receive my ships back ??'
  8. В бою против шведов океан вдруг перестал набирать скорость выше 4.2 узлов. Один раз дернулся до 7 и все. Это привело к утоплению корабля противником. Просьба разобраться с багом и компенсировать потери.
  9. Wojtek

    "Flying Dutchman" For real :P

    I was in battle with Spanish, i was sailing next to the Bucentaure, as Ingermanland. Some screenshots and video. Vid
  10. RedNeckMilkMan

    Patrol Damage mismatch

    Just got out of a battle in the patrol area The Connie repaired hull during the fight would this be the cause of the number mismatch? btw gf Wy
  11. After finishing a battle against an npc trader, all the french ships suddenly showed up in red letters, as well as the ports. I was still in french nation chat, and they started reporting me as a Pirate. At that point I tagged a swedish ship, together with some french, and we all sailed under the pirate flag. When I relogged, it actually said Pirates as nation, and i joined the Pirates chat as well. I guess im a pirate now.... If anyone can help me becoming french again, I would appreciate it. I haven't tried using forged papers yet since i'm not sure how they work. I can still see my outposts and ships though from a free port.
  12. I was at Atwood and we attacked a pirate Trader close to the Fort. I chsed the player running for the suqare fort and he got himself stuck on land. I sailed so he was between me and the square fort and got myself stuck on the shallows next to him. I Started pulling him and all of a sudden my ship started sliding forward over the shallows so the square fort killed me in boarding. I F11 reported the Bug as well. Lost my Endymion with Copper and Navy Hull.
  13. RedNeckMilkMan

    Can't join battle

    I think a similar post was made yesterday. Cannot join battle Pirate Smuggler is a french player. No one joined the GB side. I think this stems from the Pirate Smuggler flag.
  14. Fox Proudfoot

    Sailing Crew Required -0.01

    Ok so I set out to understand what the last line of text means in survival books. Upon reading my initial interpretation was that when using this skill-book the amount of crew required to repair the hull/sails would be reduced by 1%. (I have already been informed this is a text error artefact and is intended to say -0.1 which would be 10%) https://gyazo.com/9d60b79e82243f148febe3ebb4e42862 Naturally, I was wondering how powerful this effect was due to the ambiguity in ship knowledge text and set out to test it. I placed it on my usual Niagara set up and went out to tag an AI trader snow. After he fired upon me once I hit the hull repair. It read as 27/27 crew to repair. I disengaged from the battle and docked up, removed the skill book, changed nothing else, then sailed out and re-tagged the same snow. I let him fire on me once again and hit my repair. This time my repair showed as 15/15. I found this quite odd, as the total number of crew required had decreased significantly. So I thought maybe the bottom line on survival books was intended to be a malus and just poorly worded to look like a benefit; however, I dont believe this to be the case because in the pvp store there is another book with the same effect called Boatswain Combat Reports which gives me same effect of -0.01 repair crew requirement. So unless this is a bonus only worded the same, or intended as a handicap for elite pvpers at the cost of 150 pvp I would assume there is a negative error somewhere in the coding causing this mod to increase repair crew required. https://gyazo.com/8ed7383b09b671c689ff840a5d655e35 Perhaps I have misunderstood the calculation used for how much crew is required to repair, perhaps it is based on how much damage has been sustained at the time of hitting "repair hull" ? In all tests the ship had enough repairs for a full repair. I will run more tests now and post the results. Whilst on the topic of this effect I would like to make a further comment: boatswain combat reports is objectively inferior to survival handbook; therefore, the only rational reason to run it would be to stack the effect on top of survival handbook to achieve -0.02 sailing crew required (or -20% if text is incorrect). I would argue that given survival books is already considered pretty useless (out of meta) that having another book to exclusively stack with it is probably a little redundant. That said, I also appreciate on larger ships/over gunned vessels it is a niche pick to help reduce the strain of splitting an already overworked crew.
  15. As I dont have access to Perkon account, I had to register again. I already wrote about issue while naming saves 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 etc., they simply do not work at all [or just some of them], and instead of starting in the game at the last saved position, you end up in a camp. I have not been playing for months, just installed, and I will not say it is a suprise. Fix the game.
  16. Farrago

    Flipping Indefatigable

    At approximately 2/10/18 00:30 UTC I was moving in to loot a Dane Ingermanland. I tapped him and my Indefatigable flipped like someone flipping a pancake, landed upside down, and sunk. PVP marks were awarded to the dead Dane I tapped. I'd like this Indefatigable (Teak/WO) with edinaroogs on bottom and carros on top restored to me. I submitted an F11 in game when it happened. Thank you.
  17. Suppenkelle

    Missing Wasa after tutorial

    After not finishing the endurance challenge in the tutorial my Wasa was gone from the Docks. Probably filthy thieves who stole the beauty while I was at Sea. Any chance to hunt them down aka get compensation? Thx for reading Suppenkelle
  18. RedNeckMilkMan

    Tutorial ate my Vic :'(

    Post Portbattle I was sitting inside Ays bored. Decided to take a look at the tutorial. After completing the basic missions I went on to try the challenge. When I returned to port my Victory was gone and so were my repairs. I did not have an outpost in Ays and I guess it treated it as me leaving port. So I lost my LO/WO Vic with Cartagena, Navy Structure, and French rig. I had over 350 hull repairs , 120 rig and about 450 rum.
  19. John Sheppard

    Didn't get victory mark

    hi so i am lord protector of 6 ports according to the game and i participated in a successful port battle only couple days ago , got the usual congratulations mail from the clerk (wich i deleted as usual) but i didn't get a victory mark today for some reason .. could it be somehow connected to the fact that i was in the middle of the ocean when server maintenance happened and had a smugler's flag? or is it just a bug? is there anyone who was in open world and DID get a vic mark ?
  20. Le Raf Boom

    Carronade/long cannon combination bug

    32 pd carronades bottom deck, 6 pd long cannons upper deck - renommee. The result is carronade balls seem to shoot at an angle that's about 25 degrees higher than the long cannons, disabling long cannons does not reduce this weird angle. This results in the carronade balls going high up into the sky for some reason. Please fix I should note that my heel angle is about 12 deg, distance to target approximately 30m. I aim at the mid section of the masts - balls go way over the top of the masts at what seems to be an angle that should not even be achievable, and definitely not the angle at which I am aiming.
  21. John Sheppard

    Not all Battlegroup dragged in

    Hi so as far as i know when there is 20 people in a battlegroup and they are attacked then all of them get draged in the battle (as long as they are in the circle) correct? how is it possible that from 20 people in battlegroup that were within 1 ship length of distance (to the point that you can't make out how many and what kind of ships) only 3 were pulled in battle? is it a bug or i'm missing something?
  22. I was watching Naval Action videos and found a strange case in which a ship's cannons are destroyed, and then immediately repaired. The ship was not repairing and had been done repairing for some time. Here is a link to the video in question: At 18:10, the NavyBrig is shooting into the stern of the mercury. Look closely at the gunnery jobs as well as the loaded guns suddenly reloading.
  23. Banished Bezerk

    Sail repair bug/ sails fail to repair.

    Hello. Last night I was in Battle With a few pirates. I feelt I had the upperhand. Then a sail repair bug kicked in. yes I had over 100 Rigrepairs on my ship. I hit repair sail, and the sail made its flipp whatever that is. The cooldown was activated and crew went of to the repair. The usuall time they stay in repair also was ok. But my sail HP % never changed from 56%. I have seen this before 1 or 2 times, thinking I did somethin wrong. What would that be? I lost the Battle to two fairly inexperiensed players, but unable to turn and move much in a Bucanture wich already dont are so good at it, I got sternwrecked and borded...
  24. Bronze Republic

    Lost Fleet Ships

    So I was in a battle against an ai Bellona in my Aggy with my usual fleet of an Endy and Surprise. Long story short, by the end of the battle, both were the usual AI and were pressed up against the shore. The Surprise was even bouncing up and down. After leaving the battle, I went back to port. To my horror and surprise, my Endemyon was not in my fleet at the port. So I lost my ship. The ships had almost full health at the end of the battle as I was looking at it to laugh at the beaching, so I did not lose it by it sinking. And it was not beached as much as the Surprise, who came with me. She was a great ship and I am worried that happened as it happened to a Belle Poule of mine earlier. I assumed she was sinking that time, but now I am skeptical. I hope this can be resolved soon before I or other players lose perfectly fine fleet ships!
  25. blazingman255

    Not able to enter battle BUG

    I am not able to enter a battle with my mercury it just makes a sound every time i hit the sail button I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling, restarting the comp, verifying game cache and exiting and entering steam its as if the server thinks my mercury is not repaired when on my screen it is repaired whatever the bug is its clearly serverside and has nothing to do with my client