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Found 8 results

  1. Battle Rating Between 2 Ships

    Base stats of ship 1) Broadside Weight- 765lb/880 Speed- 12.3 kt Turn Rate- 2.46 Side HP- 6500 Side Thickness- 68 Base Stats of Ship 2) Broadside Weight- 669pd/876pd Speed- 12.0 kt Turn Rate- 2.34 Side HP- 6525 Side Thickness- 71 Between these 2 ships, what should have the higher BR, or should they be the same?
  2. Proposition for New BR's

    Several topics are questioning the applicable Battle Rates. Many parameters changed, being adjusted in patches, the apparition of new ships modified choices, etc. I’m trying here to give an hand for calculation of “new” Battle Rates, from these new parameters. Forgive me, but this message will be quite long and filed with a lot of formulas. Those who prefer to skip can directly go to conclusion. What is the Battle Rate? (in this proposal) The Battle Rate (BR) has several components: Attack Rate (AR), ability to make damages to the enemy Defensive Rate (DR), ability to sustain damages from the enemy Chasing Rate (CR), ability to tag using bow chasers without changing route Retreat Rate (RR), ability to fight in retreat using stern chasers without changing route Transport Rate (TR), ability to transport a lot of cargo, guns and repairs (with little impact on performances). These components don’t have the same importance, and coefficients will be applied to limit AR to 350, DR to 175, CR and RR to 100, TR to 50. And at the end BR= AR + DR + CR + RR + TR. Attack Rate (AR) Let’s consider that a ship is good for making damages if it has a good broadside, a good speed for coming on range, a good turn Rate. The broadside weight used here will be the canon broadside weight, considering this weapon as the most used by players. The Broadside Weight is squared because louder it is, shorter will be the fight, limiting the effect of enemy broadside. AttackRate= BroadsideWeight * BroadsideWeight * Speed * TurnRate / 143536 The coefficient 143536 comes to limit the biggest AR (Santisima) to 350. Undercrew factor for Trader Lynx, Trader Cutter, Trader Brig and Trader Snow reduce the rate of fire, reason why the AR for these ships is devided by 3 compared to others. Defense Rate (AR) Let’s consider that a ship is good for sustaining or avoiding damages if it has a good structure, a good armor, a good speed for coming off range and a good turn Rate to angle enemy shots. DefenseRate= SideStructure * SideArmor * Speed * TurnRate / 116492 The coefficient 116492 comes to limit the biggest DR (L’Ocean) to 175. Chasing Rate (CR) Let’s consider that a ship is good for tagging with bow chasers if it has a good bow chaser weight and a good speed for catching the enemy ship. ChasingRate= BowChaserWeight * Speed / 6.642 The coefficient 6.642 comes to limit the biggest CR (Wasa) to 100. Retreat Rate (RR) Let’s consider that a ship is good for retreating being protected by stern chasers if it has a good stern chaser weight and a good speed for escaping from the enemy ship. RetreatRate= SternChaserWeight * Speed / 4.957 The coefficient 4.957 comes to limit the biggest RR (Endymion) to 100. Transport Rate (TR) Let’s consider that a ship is good for transport if it has a good cargo capacity and a good speed. TranportRate= CargoCapacity * Speed / 928 The coefficient 928 comes to limit the biggest TR (Indiaman) to 50. Proposition for a new BR: This gives the same min/max rates than previously (BR 30 for Lynx, BR 650 for Santi), but this is I think more balanced: Lynx: BR 30 Cutter: BR 30 Privateer: BR 30 Pickle: BR 50 Brig: BR 80 Prince de Neufchatel: BR 110 Snow: BR 80 Navy Brig: BR 90 Rattlesnake Heavy: BR 90 Mercury: BR 70 Mortar Brig: BR 60 Niagara: BR 100 Cerberus: BR 120 Renommee: BR 130 Surprise: BR 170 Hermione: BR 150 Frigate: BR 140 Belle Poule: BR 120 Pirate Frigate: BR 160 Essex: BR 130 Trincomalee: BR 180 Endymion: BR 260 Indefatigable: BR 210 Constitution: BR 340 Agamemnon: BR 290 Ingermanland: BR 240 Wasa: BR 450 Wapen von Hamburg III: BR 290 3rd Rate: BR 240 Bellona: BR 380 St. Pavel: BR 410 Bucentaure: BR 460 Victory: BR 530 L'Ocean: BR 640 Santisima: BR 650 Rookie Snow: BR 10 Rookie Brig: BR 10 Rattlesnake: BR 70 Gun Boat: BR 60 Yacht: BR 30 Santa Cecilia: BR 170 Traders Lynx: BR 40 Traders Cutter: BR 30 Traders Brig: BR 100 Traders Snow: BR 80 Le Gros Ventre: BR 100 Indiaman: BR 170 Basic Cutter: BR 30 Remarks: Some results are unexpected. Among which, I propose an improvement of performance for the Belle Poule (confirmed here why it is so few used by players), Same for Essex. The 4th rate Wasa is better than the 3rd Rate Bellona. The Prince de Neufchatel seems to be over performing too. Something should be done for more differences between Trader Brig and Le Gros Ventre. Hope this will help and not hurt anybody’s favorite ships. This are just calculating figures which don’t take into account human factor. Artificial Intelligence is in development but not yet the Artificial Emotions! The Excel File is given in attachment, for those who want to make their own opinion. New BR.xlsm
  3. Open World Battle Escalation

    At the moment open world battles are locked at the start to not exceed the higher battle rating. I am proposing a change that BOTH sides of the battle can escalate the battle to 1.5 times the lower br continuously This allows the battle to escalate from 300 vs 300 to a battle of 2000 vs 2000. Allowing each side to recieve reinforcements once they have lower BR. This allows the fight to stay competitive and involve more ppl and even discourages outright ganking. Any suggestions to build on this ides pls share
  4. A player in a gunboat tried to attack my trader and it said that he couldn't initiate combat because BR difference was too high. What is the BR difference that prevents combats? When can I attack larger group (to pull them to battle) and when will ti fail? EDIT: typos. Dyslexia ftw.
  5. I believe hostility system is a step into the right direction, however it’s not working now. Fixing it may improve the game significantly. I’m saying this as a guy who proposed the system in the first place ( afaik ). Sometimes systems don’t work as you intended, or are modified to not to work as intended Edit: The newest version of this post is available under link below. It's constantly updated and allows you to put your comments on top of the text: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QReWu6p7LJ3hhKpi4Lf5pbKQrK9NeqDVZU8NdTJtm5c/edit# What doesn’t work: hostility mainly generates PvE, not PvP system of entering PB’s is prone to exploits (log off screen, wave of screeners jump out of harbour) without using exploits, a decently organised defender has a huge advantage, making capturing a port extremely hard and costly system generates 1-2 battles per nation per week, with no meaningful encounters in between (not counting PvE) larger nations gain big advantage in both hostility generation, as quantity is quality now war supply hostility bump is not limited, allowing for a hostility bomb tactic What is important to notice: RvR is completely a domain of clans, and as such every system related with RvR should support clans people want screening encounters, it’s worth to give it to them people want more or less fair fights, which balance out nation size difference and which require skill, not numbers players raising hostility are PvP, not PvE players. It’s hard to convince PvE player to join even a PvE hostility generation mission. That’s why hostility should focus around PvP port battle system should value people's time, giving them interesting, meaningful and fair encounters quickly, without tedious work Some ideas to improve the current system: remove PvE missions completely. Instead, when attacking fleet reaches the mission, launch a notification that the fleet is raising hostility. Allow for any defending captain in an attacked region to teleport to a battle, filling in defending fleet to a BR limit of an attacker. In case defenders don’t show up, raise hostility by X and allow to launch next mission eg. 10 minutes later. this still allows for uneven screening tactics, however it also promotes PvP battles of different fleets in even encounters it saves time of players to get a good PvP In case players won’t show up on a regular basis, you could tweak mechanism to fill in defender’s fleet with AI up to attacker’s BR create war supply encounters, where eg. 4-28 hours in advance (chosen by attacker) there’s a notice that war supplies will be delivered to a harbour. Delivery ships would be allowed to deliver goods only in the specified time (eg. 1 hour), raising hostility eg. only by 50% if all goes well. This would allow for a large screening operations and delivery operations. it makes economy significant for war effort it could be launched both by a defender and attacker it would create more of meaningful encounters at times when port battles are rare, and often happen once per week it empowers organization that clans offer multiple other types of missions could be created with a similar mechanic. Eg. raids could be set 4-28 hours in advance, requiring attacker to sail his ships into the harbour within 30 minutes. Any ship that would get in would have to reach a certain area and eg. stay there unattached for 2 minutes to raise hostility, while defenders could join battle only to a limit of attacker's BR already in the mission. This could raise hostility eg. by up to 30% adds variety allows for experiments with different mission mechanics, defining which are fun, in the same time not influencing player's experience so much creates another opportunity for screening encounters Those are more or less rough ideas. If they were thought through and modified in search of corner cases and exploits, I think after implementation they would improve experience a lot. They would also make game available for much more players who don’t have time to sail for 3 hours in search for PvP, however would likely invest 30 minutes in order to do so. It would make organized even PvP battles more often, which is probably the best side of NA. ps. My first post wasn’t noticed probably since it was in on 5’th page of a large thread, and as such TLDR. That’s why I create this one in a separate thread.
  6. This is a suggestion against ganking and to increase low risk/gain ratio in uneven PvP situations to create more incentive to fight instead of running away in different ad-hoc OS fight scenarios. If a battle rating system to enter instances, like the group strength in PotBS, might be added or not, is irrelevant for this concept. Here the battle ratings are being used to dynamicly adjust the XP and gold gain in various OS PvP fights. Dynamic PvP Reward System: After the battle is closed, the battle ratings for both sides are being used to calculate an extra PvP loot factor according to the BR ratio (Battle Rating) both for XP and gold. Lets say you are in a 3v1 battle and battle ratings are 200 for the attacker and 100 for the defender (one ship). The lonely ship might have a slight chance to sink enemy ship(s), but usualy this risk won't be taken by the majority of players. However, according to the extra loot factor introduced here, whatever damage he does, he could get double XP and gold for his efforts due to the fighting in an outnumbered and outgunned situation. On the otherside of the coin, each player of the ganking side would recieve half of the XP and gold compared to if they would sink the same ship in an even fight. To sum up, in a 200/100 ratio battle, this concept means double XP and gold for the defender and 0,5x less XP and for both attackers. PvP Loot Factor = BR of your team / BR of opposing team Final XP/Gold = Current Loot Gain / PvP Loot Factor Different scenarios can be seen from the table/graph. This could be enough incentive to demote the ganking, however, if the ganking still occurs, this would also give the ganked side a reason to fight back despite the fact being outnumbered and outgunned. An example for the realization of similar concept, the Microsoft Gaming Zone used to have similar rating system for many years, for instance in the legendary Age of Empires series matchmaking. The proposed loot balancing/stabilizing concept according to battle ratings would be a nice feature for the good of the game. Poll removed by mod team for being non-essential to the discussion.
  7. Change the BR of the Renommee

    I already mentioned this in the thread for feedback of the current progression. Change the BR of the Renommee to 100. Quoted from the topic: Now I know this might not be the final progression system but it really felt like this needed some attention.
  8. The lethality of each ship can vary greatly dependent on Rate, Type, Quality, Number of upgrades, Quality of upgrades and Rank of commander (Crew on board) Observation. A basic fir 74Bellona with 1 common upgrade slot and Flag Captain with 69% crew is NOT the same BR as an Exceptional Live oak 74Bellona with 5 upgrade slots all exceptional and a Commodore with full crew. Will the end game allow for such variations in deciding the BR of each ship or will all ships continue with the set single BR rating.