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Found 63 results

  1. Hi everyone! Since everyone here has presumably some interest in the Late Unpleasantness, I thought it might be fun to try and make a thread for fun, interesting, or thought provoking questions about the Civil War! So I'm thinking this thread could be that! If you've got a question about the war or its aftermath, post away! If you've got an answer to a question, give a post! All I ask is that any responses are respectful in two ways. 1) Respectful of the person who posted the answer and/or question. 2) Respectful of academia. This one is a bit tricky, but basically I think any answer posted here should strictly rely on primary sources and reliable, peer-reviewed academic secondary sources. Basically, if you're quoting pseudo-intellectuals like Thomas D. Lorenzo, or outright anti-intellectual works such as "The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Civil War" then you're in the wrong thread, Buster ! Think carefully about where you are getting your info! If this thread is a hit, then let's keep it smart! So, fire away! How did Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation really affect slavery? What was the difference between "anti-slavery" and "abolition?" When did the Civil War truly end? What kinds of rifles did men use in the war? Which battle was really the most important and why? Can we interpret Grand Strategy in the Civil War from the lens of Clausewitz? Was the Civil War a Modern War? Was it a Total War?Why did the "preservation of the Union" matter so much to Americans? What were the Confederates fighting for? Was Chamberlain's moustache really that sexy!? (it was) Was the Civil War really caused by the institution of slavery? (it was) So, if anyone is interested, pop a question!
  2. Hi everyone, is there any option or tweak to avoid being forced to proceed to the next day of a battle ? Each time I'm finishing my battle the game takes me out of the battlefield and I'm forced to proceed to next day of battle, it's frustrating... I would prefer to be able to decide to continue my battle or to move on to next day, like in "Total War" games.
  3. On the UI, bottom right you can see ppl display on a server and the Battles that have occurred in that server window. Is there way I can pull the total BATTLE instances of the last server cycle from PvP EU, PvE and PvP GLOBAL via the API?
  4. On May 11, 1865 in Palmito Ranch, Texas, Colonel Theodore Barrett elected to send a detachment of United States Colored Infantry and Texas Cavalry under Lieutenant-Colonel David Branson on a raid. Their mission was to attack a Confederate outpost at White Ranch, destroy their supplies and capture their horses. This was in direct violation of a previously established gentleman's agreement between Federal forces and Rebel forces in Texas. In February, the Union and Confederate forces, recognizing the war was nearly at an end, had agreed to an informal ceasefire. Hitherto May 11, this was recognized by both parties. Why Barrett violated this order is a bit of a mystery. His detractors claimed it was because he wished to seize military glory before the war was over, his supporters claimed it was to resupply by the supplies of the enemy. Regardless of the reason, Barrett was about to join the last battle of America's Civil War. The movement of Branson's raiding party was delayed until May 12, whereupon the troops at last made their way to the Rebel outpost at White Ranch, only to find it abandoned. the movement, having taken all day and night, exhausted Branson's men. Branson allowed them to rest. At 8:30, Branson was alerted to Rebel troops, who had made camp at Palmito Ranch. The Rebels had been alerted to the Federal raid (possibly by Rebels or Imperial Mexicans over the border) and were preparing to counter-attack. Branson decided to meet the rebels directly, and so essayed an attack on Palmito Ranch. Branson's men skirmished to Palmito Ranch and then broke the Rebel lines there. Branson's success was short-lived. A larger Confederate force soon made its way to Palmito Ranch and Branson was compelled to retreat to White's Ranch, where he entreated Barrett for reinforcements. Barrett received word from his beleaguered subordinate and immediately took action. Branson gathered the 200 men of the 34th Indiana and moved quickly for Palmito Ranch. Barett and the 34th arrived on the morning of May 13, 1865. Like Branson before them, they initially saw success, pushing back the Confederate raiders and finishing the immolation of Rebel supplies begun by Branson the previous day. Having accomplished these goals, Barrett and the 34th began to bivouac. It was then that Confederate Colonel John "Rip" Ford attacked with 200 Confederate Texans. The Federals formed battle lines but, without artillery support, could not hold against Ford's horse artillery. Barrett, recognizing the futility of the Union position, conducted an orderly retreat, keeping up a strong skirmishing line in the process. As the Federals fell back, Union Private John J. Williams was struck and killed. This was his first and only battle. John J. Williams was the last of 750 000 to die in the American Civil War. 100 Union infantrymen were taken prisoner. The Union suffered 12 wounded and 4 captured in addition to their 100 captured men. The Rebels suffered 3 captured and an unsubstantiated number of wounded. No Confederates were recorded as killed. Officially, the war had been over for 4 days. The final battle of the American Civil War was an unqualified Confederate victory. It was, by any measure, a pointless and meaningless battle.
  5. PVE&PVP event at Stormy sea

    I miss the stormy sea on this game that i used to have fun last year so, I suggest that devs reproducing the new PVE&PVP event at Stormy sea how does people think about this??
  6. Fort Sumter Battle?

    Anyone wish that Fort Sumter would be a playable battle? Let me know what you think.
  7. Can we all PLEASE agree to change after battle teleporting to PVP battles ONLY that last at least 20 minutes. Trader Tears here please. This mechanic is abused to the point of breaking the Open World concept. So much so that sailing a LGV in enemy waters is safer than in friendly....let that sink in for a second.............Now think about how many ships you chased for 10 minutes only to watch them tag a trader cutter just before u can tag them and watch them magically dissappear to a freeport 20 minutes away. Anyone posting on this thread blasting me for even mentioning this change GET OUT OF YOUR TRADE SHIP and enjoy some pvp because if you dont all the trading you do to build all those shinny ships wont be needed because no-one will need any ships as fast as they are being built atm since 95% of the time no-one is in any real danger of losing thier ship unless they try to.
  8. My main question is stated in the title. Why are battles limited to instances? Would it be so difficult to make it into a sandbox of sorts where pvp is conducted in OW?
  9. Open World Battle Escalation

    At the moment open world battles are locked at the start to not exceed the higher battle rating. I am proposing a change that BOTH sides of the battle can escalate the battle to 1.5 times the lower br continuously This allows the battle to escalate from 300 vs 300 to a battle of 2000 vs 2000. Allowing each side to recieve reinforcements once they have lower BR. This allows the fight to stay competitive and involve more ppl and even discourages outright ganking. Any suggestions to build on this ides pls share
  10. Wanted to discuss the strength and damage rate or town forts after last nights embarassing debacle. On Tuesday The Spanish and French (25 ships ,1st-3rd rates)came to Kingston for a late night fight.Unfortunately England was only able to muster a small defence ,of mostly 4th-5th rate ships and 1 Black Painted Santisma. Forming a line at the harbour mouth.The Spanish/French waited till the wind was due north then tagged a passing ai force.England rapidly fell back towards Kingstons Forts.... However,the forts were sadly ineffectual,providing limited damage,and coordination against the enemy fleet.It was disappointing,the forts provided irregular shots,and very low damage against the attackers.It Would also appear that the fort that lies to the left of the harbour dosent work,i didnt see it fire once even when ships were close.They need to improve the forts a.i and introduce targetted volleys.
  11. Add Beta Gamemode

    My idea was about to add another gamemode seperately to the open world similar to what the game was like at Beta, because most of us are only interested in battle. What do I mean? Like when you enter the PVP2 server you will get to have two choises: campaign and battle. Campaign will be the open world as it is but battle will be the new system -no open world- and ranks but this won't be working by unlocking more crew space but by unlocking new SHIPS which you no more can lose! You won't can use those unlocked ships in the OW only in this seperate mode. Also you WILL(or will not) get some points which would be used in the campaign mode i.e. for money or exp but at just a little amount. I suggest to keep the same battle system without any perks or even upgrades for the raw strategy experience. Of course battles and duels will be removed from the campaign mode. The players will choose if they want a small or large battle and after that when a number of players is reached they will begin to vote quickly if they want an open sea battle or port battle(a random port will be chosen and the players will be given two minutes to plan their defence or attack). I recommend Trafalgar to remain the same(Including the time at which players can join). Moreover, players will join a lobby with criteria their ship's Battle Rating AND rank so it will be unlikely for newbies to face off a legend-troll and battles will be more interesting. I forgot to mention that levels will have a limit(the largest ship in game). I think this is a great idea for casual players to get back into the game, including me, and for battle-focused captains. Also this will solve the grind lots of guys are complaining for and it won't require the time of a full job.
  12. Replacement of Officers during battle

    Hi all, Just a thought here. Obviously, it is a good function of the game to represent the decreased effectiveness of a brigade when its commanding officer is killed or wounded. However, in battles that represent multi-day affairs, there is historical precedent to allow officers to be appointed to fill those positions. I am not proposing the player get "free" officers, but I am suggesting that in the event of a multi-day battle, or if a significant phase completes, an option should be presented to assign an available commander to a division, move a brigade commander up into division command, and/or replace a brigade commander with an available officer from the barracks. There is historical precedent for this suggestion. While the decreased effectiveness might still be present for an untested officer, or one new to a level of command, there were ample cases when a brigade commander was temporarily promoted, or an unassigned officer took command of a formation mid-way through battle. The Battle of Gettysburg is the best example since it was a three-day battle that saw many changes in command of divisions and brigades. For the best example of what I am proposing, consider Pender's Division of Hill's Corps. Since Pender was wounded on the second day, his division was given to Major General Isaac Trimble on the third day, who at that time was an unassigned officer attached to Ewell's Corps. So, in a battle like Shiloh, Gettysburg, etc, after each day of fighting, a brigade commander could be reassigned (but not actually promoted) to replace a division commander, or if you have an unassigned brigadier or major general in your command, could be put into that place. It would encourage the player to have a small pool of unassigned field grade or general officers (maybe a couple colonels and a brigadier general) in case such an event was required. Again, for a single day battle no change in existing procedure in the game, and even if this were implemented, perhaps still a smaller malus to the unit to simulate a new commander unfamiliar with his command.
  13. To all captains of PVP2 server, PVP events are designed to bring people together and encourage fighting by providing rewards to top 10 captains on the list. As you all know our server is greatly suffers from loss of population. On top of that people do not show up to those events in fear to be ganged. The common believe will be that if I'm not surrounded by friends there is no way I could get a fair fight. Those few of us who come to PVP Events and wait for hours just to get one or two fights can confirm that the above is not the case. Knowing how hard it is to get a group together on PVP2 we have been arranging fair fights for a few days now. Therefore I would like to propose that all PVP events on PVP2 server will follow basic rules below: 1. Everyone shows up in the middle of the circle in their ship of choice no matter the numbers; 2. There shall be no ganging, chasing lone captains or any unprovoked attacks; 3. When people get in the middle they arrange fair fights whether 1on1 or team on team based on numbers and ships; 4. Players who break this rule and attack without arrangement shall be exposed by screenshots, shamed and hunted by others for the length of the event NOTE: Copy / Paste this post in Global during the PVP event so everyone who participates and those who wanting to give it a try will be on the same page. Thank you for your attention [BLACK] Koltes
  14. Battle Screen Map - ship health

    I noticed in battles, the battle screen map (M command) no longer shows the ship health when you click on a ship. Was this intentional or an accidental change?
  15. Can anybody tell me, where a Divisonsgeneral is in battle? In my campain i had a few wounded or killed divisonsgenerals...but how is that possible? Did they fight with my 1. Brigade or where?
  16. Vertical Battle Indicators

    A suggestion: Three of the indicators in the battle screen are horizontal: the cannons, one's own life, and enemy's life. I would strongly suggest that all three of these indicators be set perpendicular, so that captains need not do mental gymnastics to translate which cannons are loaded, which side they need to defend, or which side of an enemy they need to attack. I've asked around our quite large guild and this seems to be a very common opinion. Many thanks! Sturmherold
  17. Gunboat Duel

    A great little duel between 7th Galaxy and myself in gunboats. Apparently 68 pound shot can bounce off a gunboats hull.
  18. A hastily assembled English Defence fleet,fighting off a danish 2nd/3rd rate attack on Carlisle. The English Fleet was an ad hoc force of random payers around Kingston assembled in 20 minutes,ultimately comprising of nearly 40-50 ships. The Danes were smashed final tally 7 English Sunk for 20 Danish Sunk. Special mention to Arcadian Chaos for bravery.
  19. For me pirates attacking each can be an exploit. The way i understand it is that Pirates are considered a nation of their own, and nationals attacking each other is penalized. The reason I find pirates attacking each other as an exploit, is because in certain circumstances, it can be used as an escape mechanism. I also find it unfair that pirates can attack each other without penalty, and is a privilege that is not extended to people of different nations. For other nations, it is only achievable (without penalty) via duels. The poll is to determine how you feel about the current pirate v pirate battle mechanisms and when (or if) they should be allowed.
  20. A Pirates Life

    This is a topic for only the pirates nation as it holds no water to other nations i have seen a rise in pirate on pirate action most wait for there intended target to leave the sanctuary of there home port of Mortimer as a suggestion to the devs perhaps it should be made so pirates must ether choose yes or no to battling each other as its clear there is a problem. this is Captain Pickle of the Royal British Navy and the Freedom Corp. saying bubye
  21. Looking at http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/15441-friendly-fire-bountyhuntersorry-pvp1/ Personally I think it makes more sense if a Pirate - Pirate battle was simply a free-for-all. We can very well determine who we consider to be friendlies and who not. So let us just duke it out. The silly double Pirate joining circles would also be "fixed" then. It may only need a means to say, we are done battling. (And if Nationals join in, even better. )
  22. TL;DR Hard work and skill needs to be rewarded. Hearing reports of a British 6th rate fleet near Baxo Nuevo, I quickly readied my Suprise and set sail to intercept. With The Lone Wolf scouting out their movements I had no trouble lining myself up for the gank. There I was happily fighting along side some British flies. I almost had them, when I was forced into a surrender. Then gasp, only 16076 gold and 189 XP for such a good gank, fight and general entertainment? Not to mention the other party not getting too much, because hey, I surrendered. What would you do? And the details. But there are many more details: Hull x286 Sails x15 Shock x1 Leak x40 Cannon x2 Crew x21 Casualties x103 So rather than having a simple reward for damage, I would like to go to a more elaborate model. For example (and I'm just making up numbers here): Hull $10 Sails $5 Shock $1000 Leak $500 Cannon $25 Crew $10 Casualties $10 Then added to that we do an entertainment modifier, which is basically: damage received / damage sent This to prevent damage farming and such. Plus it rewards good gankees. (On traders you do little damage to get the goods, so that should balance out as well.) It would boil down to a reward of $40,395 as opposed to the current $16,076. Not too much, just good enough to ensure people go into good PvP fights. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VIzDMmnXiq59XBjVmlIvntCm2RTcoypymowm4Qh7S4A/edit#gid=1106635557 Note that the whole kill/surrender is no longer part of it. If someone wants to scuttle and go for the whaleboats, so be it. It might even be a dynamic money faucet or tied to diplomatic agreements. The most important is rewarding players for providing content. For reference here is the log from my end:
  23. I was on my usual afternoon resource run back to Kingston, unloaded & sailed off to my holding port for this ship at Pedro Cay. It was a beautiful day so I thought I'd take the scenic route out to the east of Pedro - had picked up a bottle in that area before so thought i might as well go round - you never know. You never know was right, out of the shining sun to the east comes a French Rattlesnake who must have noticed my trader's snow at about the same time I saw him. Zoom, he turns toward me & away we go - knowing that I would not get away & that my hold was empty, I decided to play with him for awhile, twisting & turning & just making his play so much harder. Naturally informed nation chat & by the time he had me, we had 3 ships awaiting his exit. I too jumped into Pedro & grabbed my rattle & sailed out to search for him. We did manage to find him but were unable to re-engage him .... The ode to the frenchman comes from the fact that while searching for him I picked up 3 bottles, lost no resources & only lost a traders snow that i had taken from a Frenchman a week earlier. Cheers Bloke ...
  24. Battle ready all the time??

    Battle ready all the time? I rerally like this game, and the feel of sailing the carribean... however, there is one thing that it lacks.... the differenciation in ships appearance between open world and battle. In the open world have the impression, as if I always sail cleared for action. Gunbs ports are always open, cannons are run out, not boats are visible.... on the other hand huge bright firery lanterns are burning in the middle of an ship to ship engangement.!!?? I really would love to see and think the games reasim would benefit from a few small adjustements on the appearance of the vessels in open world and battle. Imho it would be great if the the following adjustments in the ships apearances could be implemented: Battle: most things are fine as they are, only the lanterns should always be out, as one of the first things every ship of those days did when clearing for battle was to extinguish all fires and lanterns (with exception od some fes, exspecially secured ones in the lower ship). That there are no live or work boats is ok too, as they were mostly cast overboard (if not towed) to lower the risk of splinter injuries. Some small things however that could be done - even so they are not important but would add to the realism. There could be added some chains, which were used to secure the yardarms better than with rope only There could be nettings added which where streched across the weather deck (above the heads of the sailors) to shield them from falling parts of the rigging The hammocks could be put in the nets at the gunale and in the mast platforms, where they were placed to protect the crew and marines from musket fire etc. Add some more crew (Officers on the quarter deck, helmsmen and maybe marines - if they are equipped) Open world: Here on the other hand, the live or work boats should be visibly abord, e.g. hanging at the rear davits and/or palced on the gratings midships. Also the gun ports should be closed and the guns on the weather deck inside, so not protruding, as on the voyage cannons were fixed so that the muzzles were inside the board walls. It would be great to have some crew in the open world too, at least an officer of the watch on the quarter deck and a helmsman, as without, you always have the impression to command a ghost ship! :-) I think this diffeence and the transition from traveling to fighting vessel would add a huge bit to the realism of the game. Thanks for considering and for the good work done on a great game till now!!! Harry McHackou, Commodore
  25. Small Battle escape issue

    A little while ago I accidently hit the small battle button (yes it was unintentional); before I had a chance to esc out of the small battle I was thrown into a battle. Finally I decided to out-run the attacker with hopes of escaping and ended up outside the engagement area and was program sunk. The button to escape or cancel the small battle seemed outside my screen area if there was one at all. As a result my new Bellona lost one of it's few durabilities. I have asked for the dura back and so far nothing; what am I missing?