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Found 21 results

  1. RSC V RUBLI First Rate Fight

    The following is battle on tuesday between the RSC and Rubli Clan The RSC comprised of a Buc,Victory,Snow engaged a lone Rubli Victory,leading to a 1 hour slugfest. Sadly better seamanship prevailed.
  2. This guide is aimed at new players who are done with the small ships missions. When you get good at capturing bot Le Gros Ventres it is one of the most time-efficient ways of getting xp, money and combat marks. Ventres are everywhere and you don't need expensive ships, friends, fleet ships or other elaborate schemes to get going. Buy the cheapest square rigger in port, medium guns, crew and nothing else to start.
  3. Hello there, I think that we found some kind of problem about help fleet... that can be called outside the safezone. Yesterday night we get 2 player outside safe zone and the call help. (16 first rate? ) I don't know if this is a bug or a exploits using, but i post video anyway for better comprehension.
  4. My Thoughts on the patch and changes,i know a few of you will disagree and the less mature will say get gud ,but as it stands this game is very unfreindly on casuals and new players.
  5. J Class Endeavour

    My god she's a beaut!
  6. A quien le pueda interesar. ENLACE :
  7. Wanted to discuss the strength and damage rate or town forts after last nights embarassing debacle. On Tuesday The Spanish and French (25 ships ,1st-3rd rates)came to Kingston for a late night fight.Unfortunately England was only able to muster a small defence ,of mostly 4th-5th rate ships and 1 Black Painted Santisma. Forming a line at the harbour mouth.The Spanish/French waited till the wind was due north then tagged a passing ai force.England rapidly fell back towards Kingstons Forts.... However,the forts were sadly ineffectual,providing limited damage,and coordination against the enemy fleet.It was disappointing,the forts provided irregular shots,and very low damage against the attackers.It Would also appear that the fort that lies to the left of the harbour dosent work,i didnt see it fire once even when ships were close.They need to improve the forts a.i and introduce targetted volleys.
  8. All video reports in Naval Action! 1. name 2. youtube link 3. little battle report
  9. How to put videos in posts?

    I'm a total dummy in these kind of things. I would like someone to explain me how I can put a video (let's say a youtube one) in the post of the forum. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  10. Video Thread

    Hey all, I had a great fight yesterday and recorded the whole thing. 30 minute battle with some Russian guys in [FLOT], it was a pretty fun 4v4. Here's it is: Post your videos below!
  11. Quick start video for new players

    Hi all, I've put together a brief video based off the things I've learned over the past week or so! It's a QuickStart guide for those who have just grabbed the game. Hopefully it covers a bunch of the frequently asked questions in the help channel. I have to upload it in parts because my internet is terrible. I've probably missed things and I'm fairly new myself but...it is what it is.
  12. Bonjour, j'ai accès a la bêta depuis un moment et j'avais fait une grande pause avant que l'open world sois dispo pour tout le monde. J'ai lu quelques articles, mais je suis encore un peu perdu pour le moment ... Voilà pourquoi je serais preneur de vidéo Youtube explicative (ou gameplay) en Français, pour pouvoir apprendre, les bases et le fonctionnement globale. Merci d'avance
  13. Une petite vidéo de Scilabus sur le vent, ça pourrait vous intéresser. Sinon, il reste les "C'est pas sorcier" ! (On y voit les débuts de l'Hermione)
  14. Steam broadcasting

    Hello, Steam has added a streaming feature, with the clever name of "steam broadcasting" http://steamcommunity.com/updates/broadcasting (Beta steam client needed) I wanted to show the game to some friends so they could decide to buy the alpha version, but it seems it's not working for NA. Have you tried already ? Is this related to Naval Action being in alpha stage ?
  15. Ship Destruction Animations

    So i was think that maby instead of the normal one were you just watch your ship sink from up in the clouds instead maby you could take our ship we are using and put it in a video like say a fire hit our powder and we blow up, go it a side view and let us watch as our ship is blown in half then go under water and watch as our ship sinks and things slowly sink and drift out of it. Or if we get rammed hard enough from the side, instead of just our masts breaking and we flip go into a 1st person view at the wheel so we can see the other ship plow through ours then watch as the ship starts to sink slowly in the middle and as things slide to the center into the water. Or if we take to many shots to one side we go to a side shot and watch as we flip on that one side then watch as everything falls into the water. This i think would make death a bit more interesting. And since we are dieing its not like we will have a instant respawn or anything and make it if they dont want to watch they dont have to. But make sure its randome based on what kind of damage it was and were it took place such as center, port, aft, bow, etc. Examples given below.
  16. This was how my first match in the Lynx went, Gusty and Dread seemed amused at least! Though, it goes to show, you're not dead until you sink. Also, for new sailors, watch that blue line go up the ship, had I known that was.....
  17. I was going to show my earlier matches first, but the way Dred Zeppelin took being outnumber some 5-6 to 1 and didn't complain or rage made me want to share. the narration somehow got off time a teeny bit, ahwell. That's what I get for sticking to Windows Movie Maker. Hope yall enjoy! I also have the one where both of my masts where shot off, haven't uploaded that one because it's late/early, and if I watch it again I'll laugh really loud.... I live in an apartment.
  18. The Current Decatur Armada Recruiting Video
  19. Hey guys and gals, I made a video describing what is in the game, what is planned for the game, including explorations, open sea mechanics etc, and what I think of the game and plans! This is the first time I've done serious voice work for a video so give me a break! But that said any input is much appreciated!! PS. The devs released more info right after the video came out! So check the forums! PSS. Youtube made me use MPEG-4 due to a server issue in my area! PSSS. EVERYTHING IN THE VIDEO MENTIONED IS ALPHA AND SUBJECT TO CHANGE Enjoy! and feel free to share it to people asking about Naval Action! https://www.y.outube.com/watch?v=QToheruywyI&list=UUF5_gKTILzIUoFquEnEFC8Q ( remove the dot to use in browser ) My channel full of POTBS stuff: https://www.youtube.com/user/FlipFlopsPOTBS/videos
  20. Naval Action on Youtube

    --A thread for all Naval Action YouTubers to post their video content.-- Firstly, I would like to congratulate the Developers of Naval Action for some truly splendid footage! For anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about, Game Labs has released some new videos to Youtube. They are between 15-30 seconds each, so I highly recommend you check them out in full HD! The Official Naval Action YouTube Channel can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Navalaction Secondly, feel free to share your own videos of NA!