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Found 59 results

  1. Today I lost my snow, so I need to collect gold for another. I took combat mission (7th rate-the easiest one) and went here with a basic cutter. But bot there have brig (6th rate) and I CAN'T kill him. Can't buy something to deliever too. Help me pls.
  2. recover sunken ships

    Hi captains, i just read the thread about multi durable ships. That brought me to the idea, that we could get the ability to recover ships that sunk or are still sinking. It is always frustrating if you lose a ship that costs a lot. It was frusttrating for me, regardless that i had only tier 6/7 ships so far. I loved my heavy rattlesnake... :-( If we slow down the sinking (what is realistic) we could recover a sinking ship, if we fix it to another ship or two. We could than tow it somewhere or fix some leaks and remove water. At shallow water we could even recover a completly sunken ship dependend on the depth it lays. Both variants should be very time consuming and have some risks like keel over the own ship and drouning crew.
  3. Solo missions/rank/ship

    Since mission progression changed a lot and no one posted something about it, I think that new players can feel a bit lost in their progression. I'm not much involved in PVE missions, but I was wondering if someone that knows the matter could write a short list of the missions, highliting: - level of missions (which - in the new system - is just the rank of the captain) - AI ships usually met in the mission - suggested ship to use
  4. Introduction I'm sure there have probably been posts on this, however I will give some more inspiration to this topic. I strongly suggest that this is done before release, since if this game gets media attention and high attention on YouTube (which it probably will) this would be a great feature. I suggest having visual crew on decks with each crew member performing actions according to their rank. After playing "Napoleon: Total War" and viewing the sea combat there I was inspired to post this. NOTE: I do not want this game to copy said game or any other. This game compared to others is done with much more detail and realism, so I find this feature should be detailed as well. I do not encourage copying in this post. A snippet from total war, where the crew moves across the deck Attention to details Not all crew should be modeled, but those who are should be very real and detailed like the rest of this game is. If crew would be implemented like this I would suggest a strong attention to detail. If you have your majority or all of your crew on gunnery, sailors should move away from cables and climb down from rigging and move to the guns. The x/y crew on gunnery would be determined on how many of your ships crew are at the guns. NOTE: Most of the crew will not have to be displayed as they are bellow deck. This means that the process can easily done with numbers and waiting times which does not reduce the frame rate compared to a drastic decrease if you would model all crew. If you have marines on board the marines should be displayed on deck. If you have extra hammocks, more crew should be on deck. If you used the Muskets & Pistols skill book there would be muskets lined up at the railing of the ship. Drummers could be on the deck on navy ships. If you have a crew shock, crew could be cowering on the deck and other crew members "shouting" at them to man their stations. You have boarding ladders or any other special upgrades? They would be shown in boarding. This would take a lot of time and probably a whole patchto implement, but it is definitely worth it. If you are a pirate your crew should be nowhere near as organized as other nations ships. Your sailors would not have an uniform and would move around the ship differently. ^^^ These are just a few examples what you could do if you model crew independently. This game already has an absolutely great system when it comes to sails and sail damage - Crew should be the same. Realism and non-cartoon ships is this games biggest selling point, so details should be there. Implementation This game is currently not released yet. There are much more important issues to tackle right now, of course. However this implementation would not be as difficult as it sounds. As said, all crew should not be modeled. Most are beneath deck in bigger ships and extensive modeling of all crew on smaller ships is not needed. Each cannon, mast, region on deck etc. would be treated as a small region of action. Although I don't know how this game utilities Unity 5 right now, I know this is definitely possible using Unity as an engine. For example, each cannon needs x/y amount of crew on it. If crew members "move" (none of this is visual except on deck) to a cannon, it would take a few seconds. Example: If you just got a broadside of grape on one side, crew numbers on cannons would decrease on that side more than on the other side of the vessel, if the grape shots even got to there. This would mean until more crew can man the cannons your reload speed would be affected on that broadside making just this a very tactical and exciting aspect in battle. Of course this crew system could be used in many, many more ways. Falling masts, stern rakes, angles in which you board a ship, sending crew to survival etc. are all possibilities. Some of these were planned to be implemented already - this could implement all at once. End note to the developers I really hope you consider and implement this way of having crew. It would add a lot of visual aspect and game play to Naval Action making battles more interesting. However I hope you tackle problems like User Interface, Tutorials, Economy... first. This thread will surely be edited a lot with feedback and more ideas. Check back later. Until then, thanks for reading.
  5. Fleet ships and carpenters

    Would installing a carpenter upgrade in a fleeted ship make a difference? Will it actually self repair while in battle?
  6. hello dear captains, im looking for a fast pvp ship, i didnt do much pvp if we dont count my first 1v1 with a cutter(won). im looking for a renomme or suprise atm, and also im open for any advices. its fast so i believe i can choose my fights,? i can reach and help people who are in battle since its a fast ship? if i got outnumbered i can run? its a cheap ship so its expandable? feel free to recommend any ship, but it shouldnt be too expensive so i wont feel bad if i lose it. my crew size is 350 atm. will be 650 in 1 or 2 days.
  7. Shipshape

    Most of the problem with PvP right now is the fear of loosing your kitted out and cannoned out ship to random encounter , accident or stupid mistake. On one hand players put countless hours to build and equip they dream ship with the best kits, modules and equipment they can find, and on another hand game need money/resources sink and crafters need an income. My proposal: Create new items 1.Ship salvage rights - when your ship sink you can craft/purchase ship salvage certificate which is ship specific and crafted by crafter who can craft original ship using portion of original recipe. 2. After every battle when you taking damage by using repair kits or even on port you are not able to fully restore your ship to original specifications. to do so you need to acquire a Ship refit process (working title) - which is required to fully restore your ship to original specifications. Ship refit is ship specific and crafted by crafter who can craft original ship ans cost portion of all mats required fro original recipe. 3. Make all cannons ,lost in battle- be lost forever or make cannon refit kits, that work the same as ship refits. Salvage process and ship refit process is time gated, take 48-72 hours for salvage and 24-48 hours for refit, which may force people toward lower level ships for a time.
  8. Ship unusable in port

    Hi there, Last time I played (about 2 weeks back) I bought a navy brig and did some missions with it. Today I logged back in with a friend, and I cant do anything anymore with my navy brig besides putting crew on the ship. When I select the ship, it automaticly displays anothers ship inventory when going to equipment. When I press ''Sail'' nothing happens, even tho the game can see I dont have repair kits on board of the navy brig. I uploaded a screen where you can see the navy brig selected, but it displays the basic cutter. Also when I sell my basic cutter, it doesnt do anything and my cutter is still in my list of ships.. :\ Please help..
  9. Ship dissapeared from inventory

    I was trying out the fleet commands and my fully outfitted snow disappeared from my ship list. How do I get it back? On pvp global.
  10. Ship Song

    Ship Song
  11. I would like to have ships and cannons listed in somekind of search tool, it feels kind of booring that you need to sail to KPR to efficiently sell ships and cannons. Id like them to be searchable in trader tool or have different mechanism to search for ships sold in distant ports or just ports even in my current region.
  12. not paid for sold ship

    I just received a notice of a trader brig of min selling at Brunswick to mcmanis I was not credited with the money. I put in an F11 and the sgathering information blinked but did not say sent.
  13. Fire Ships after the Wipe

    Currently you need a module to make an effective fire ship. Modules are going away, and there will be learned skills related to ships sailed. How will fire ships be handled in the new version of the software?
  14. Anuncio importante sobre el inminente reseteo de barcos hecho por @admin hoy mismo: Queridos capitanes: Anuncio importante. Como se prometió el pasado otoño, vamos a implementar cambios significativos a vuestros barcos que agilizarán y mejorarán la experiencia, eliminando quebraderos de cabeza a la hora de fabricar y diseñar los barcos. Esto también solucionará el problema de que los barcos sean más baratos que algunos upgrades. Esto es lo que pasará: BARCOS: 1. Los barcos perderán sus niveles de calidad. 2. Todos los barcos pasan a tener 1 durabilidad, como debió haber sido desde el principio. 3. Todos los barcos capturados/fabricados son grises 4. Se acumula experiencia navegando en cada barco en concreto. 5. Navegando en ese barco se desbloquean mejoras para esa clase de barco. Si se pierde ese barco en batalla, se conserva la experiencia y se pueden usar esas mejoras en el futuro. 6. Ejemplo: después de muchos meses navegando en una Surprise, dicha Surprise le dará una "sorpresa" a un capitán novato de clase leda (trincomalee); si pierdes esa Surprise todavía sabrás cómo jugar con ella bien. 7. No necesitas buscar o preocuparte por upgrades raras/escasas nunca más (si las tuvieras). UPGRADES: 1. Upgrades/refits ya no son fabricables 2. Upgrades/refits pierden el nivel de calidad y ya no se pueden perder 3. Upgrades/refits finalmente tienen requerimientos de tamaño: grandes bombas de achique de agua (pumps) solo se podrán instalar en navíos grandes 4. Upgrades/refits pueden ser recibidos en el Almirantazgo (admiralty) o como objetos de botín (loot items) 5. Upgrades/refits se transforman en habilidades del barco 6. Ejemplo: si tienes "vela de seda española" y una "figura de ángel desnudo en proa", no las perderás aunque pierdas ese barco. CRAFTING/FABRICACIÓN 1. Los bonus regionales se transforman en objetos de mejora o blueprints (planos) 2. Se introducirán de nuevo los astilleros 3. Ejemplo: puedes comprar la mejora "bermuda refit" en Bermuda, llevarla al astillero de Port Royal y mejorar tu barco allí. TODOS ESTOS CAMBIOS CONVERTIRÁN LOS BARCOS ACTUALES EN OBSOLETOS E IMPOSIBLES DE USAR DESPUÉS DEL RESETEO DEBIDO A CAMBIOS EN LA ESTRUCTURA DE LA BASE DE DATOS. COMO RESULTADO, TODOS LOS BARCOS Y MEJORAS ACTUALES SERÁN ELIMINADOS. TIEMPO ESTIMADO PARA EL RESETEO: en 30 días (pero no menos de 2 semanas desde hoy) Estos cambios se introducirán primero en el server "test bed". - Todos los barcos actuales fabricados o capturados serán eliminados. - Todas las "upgrades" (módulos) serán eliminadas. - Todas las mejoras permanentes serán eliminadas. Los planos (blueprints) de barcos no cambiarán significativamente, así que se puede (y se anima a) acumular materiales y recursos para fabricar barcos después del reseteo.
  15. Where can I find

    I found this information on the NA crafter assistance site. Powder monkeys - 25 x Shipboy Recruit Order 13 x Gold Coins 4 x Mid Grade Note So my question is, where can I get a shipboy recruit order? If the answer is you can't anymore - why/not? And part 2 of my question is; can they be brought back as it will be a big time seller! http://www.navalactioncraft.com/craft-module/powder-monkeys
  16. When the games goes full release, limit the ships available at the start of the release, and as time progresses, gradually add more and more of the ships to give a gradual increase in the firepower and speed for the ships introduced later. At the beginning, no 1st or 2nd rates, no ag;s wapen's, endy's, indiamans or heavy rattles. Just an assortment of vanilla ships - then every few weeks introduce new ships. This will give new players starting more chance, and limit how quickly anyone or any nation can become dominant.
  17. Event Redeemables 9.97

    I would like to analyse what you get in the redeemables from the events. please only comment what you got from the Paints Chest and Ship Chest. I´ll start with mine: Ceberus - French Constitution - Sicily Rattlesnake Heavy: Fir Wood, Stiffness, Regional Strong Hull Bonus Rattlesnake Heavy: Oak Wood, Stiffness, Regional Strong Hull Bonus
  18. Event Reemables

    I would like to analyse what you get in the redeemables from the events. please only comment what you got from the Paints Chest and Ship Chest. I´ll start with mine: Ceberus - French Constitution - Sicily Rattlesnake Heavy: Fir Wood, Stiffness, Regional Strong Hull Bonus Rattlesnake Heavy: Oak Wood, Stiffness, Regional Strong Hull Bonus
  19. I advocate a more flexible construction/modification feature in the shipyard. I want to be able to trim the ship fitting my play - in this case making my traders fast, dumping all main guns to achieve more speed and fitting a couple of HEAVY stern guns to slow down pursuers. The ship mod section (and initial construction page) should have sliders to select weight, speed, gun sizes, gun placements, rigging quality, hold, powder storage, ammunition, crew selection (number of gunners, sailors, marines...) and all of course having results in speed, stability tonnage and so forth shown... Then I can make fast raiders with light broadsides, speed traders with only stern guns or heavy Corvettes for pirate hunting.... All in all this will make gameplay more interesting as all will have different preferences, so you never know exactly what you are up against. And in fact more period exact - just look at how all the ships stolen from Denmark were outfitted with heavier armaments by the brits and thereby got slower..... regional bonuses and some upgrades could stay in slots but many would be better integrated here
  20. Ship Wipe - Gold?

    Now i know that ALL of our ships will be deleted.. i ask myself....are we gonna get something back for it? Like Gold? If we dont get gold back yet, is this then a option? [Option: Getting gold for all of our ships that we lose.]
  21. 1 DURA ships and less data

    First, some of my own view about one dura ships: at beginning i hated the idea. Later, as i started to search endymions and indefatigables on AI fleets, i became a bit addicted to cap these ships and started a little colection. Each encouter was exciting cuz made me think what kind of ship im about to get, what bonus, what upgrades, etc...Then, i realized that these unique ships has an special "aura" once they are unique and total different from each other. That made some of them precious to me and, at some point, more close linked to me as a real ship is linked to their owners. (yes, crafted ships can be unique too, but once captured, they become disposable garbage to pass away. So, that remembered me and old discussion (already answered by devs) about the possibility of implementation of ship logs, captain journal and custom names to ships: at that point it cant be done because will produce lot of data that servers can handle with it. The question is: "IF" one dura ships be implemented (in that case, all ships, even crafted) that huge amount on data can be drastically reduced at the point to implement, at least, the possibility to name your ship or creat a ship log? i would love to have it and for sure i trade the current system for the one dura if i can name the ship and have the ship log or jornal.
  22. Suggestion for Ship Durability

    Small suggestion for ship durability. Instead of ships being completely destroyed after durability is brought to zero, penalize the player by giving negative stats to his "sunk" ship until durability is refilled. This allows the player to keep his ship, allowing him to sail it if necessary, but with some type of disadvantage until durability can be refilled. Negative consequences can be things like: slower speed, ship starts battle with less structure / armor, longer reload speed, etc. Or maybe even set it as a "basic" ship with no advantages until durability is refilled. Obviously, this would require some changes to the current durability system. As of now, there is no way to "refill" durability on an existing ship other than just buying a new ship. It might be challenging if the same wood type, selectable bonus (speed, build strength, crew space) and regional bonus were required to refill you durability for the same type of ship since there can be many different combinations. However, that might encourage variety for crafters. Maybe allow same type of ship with different qualities refill another? Scratch that, it could be exploited if cheap ships were just used to refill exceptional, so something like that should not be possible. Anyone have ideas to find a solution to this? Should not affect crafting or ship building in any way as new ships would be needed to keep durability filled. This would encourage more players to participate in PvP, especially casual players. I cannot see it changing anything else (let me know if you catch something?). Sincerely,
  23. Easy Trader

    I really want a weak trader for cheap money or something that will be effective and fast and also double as a 6 rate ship with 80 - 100 crew or something. Mass And pls send more suggestions of ships that can be added.
  24. There is some wonderful art work in these ships that the NA artists have captured nicely (imho). I was wondering which ship(s) are your favorites and why. I'll start: 1) the Bellona has captured my imaginings as a beautiful ship, the NA ship itself is very nicely done. In battle it almost seems immoral to hack to bits and sink one BUT this is war after all. This ship has nice handling vs gun balance and really nice to sail. 2) the Victory- it's just a nicely crafted ship, the looks are wonderful and for a 1st rate it still handles reasonably well. And the Guns, guns, guns... need I say more. 3) the Rattlesnake, Niagara and Mercury - are nicely made and look cool graphically. The Rattler because it's fast and low and the Merc due to it's good guns- handling balance given it's rate. 4) the Bucenture/Ingermanland, I think they look great for big ships and still hold their own in battle. Both have canons that should rate them one level higher but I'm glad they are in the rating they are. 5) the Trincomalee, a real life ship that NA has captured very nicely in game. I have crafted many and its' construction has moved up the crafting rank to 50. 6) finally the Snow, only because it started my Naval career and has lots of pebble throwers. Nicely done to all team/graphics departments for creating these wonderful works of art. Now if only I could sailing (more often) in real life it would make my day. My least favs are: Santi - a fortress doesn't need maneuverability. L'OCean - same as Santi. Indiaman/LGV - but it's for movin cargo Cap'n. Lynx - delicate and good for learning, not for battles imho. St Pavel - kinda homely looking but has strong guns and armour, to bad about the front chasers. Ships I would like to try but haven't: St Cecil, Agamemnon,and Heavy Rattler (I know it isn't out yet). Good hunting fellow Captains, Let's Splice the Main Brace soon.
  25. Ship wind angle Rose suggestion

    I suggest the wind angle rose at the bottom right of the screen change colour according the effect wind has on the sails for example; red could represent bad wind force and approaching sail irons, yellow could be in between green and red with green representing best wind to sail angle. Comments?