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  1. tankgame

    Development priorities

    well i have played the game since jan 2015 and for me the you have worked so hard to get the game were it is today thanks
  2. if the devs do increase the outposts could please lend me the gold say for the next 2 years
  3. 9.97 looks good to me lets get on and test it
  4. tankgame

    Game time played

    well done dragonfire 3200 but you keep going
  5. tankgame

    I am back

    welcome back mate and take care
  6. tankgame

    Credit System for NA Veterans

    Hi captains and scallywags i have been playing the game since sea trials puttin over 3000 hrs and climbed to top rank at least 4 times, and level 50 crafter twice. I have sailed with lots of different nations and made a lot of friends on the way.I have enjoyed every min of the game down to a cutty and then back up to a vic. I mainly do pvp but also enjoy pve. I have read every post that has been put down an the only one i totaly agree with is wind, have a special flag on the ships of the veteran players an keep adding more flags as they grow with the game. As for getting credits for your xp is concerned i should imagine mine will be in the millions and that would not be fair to some of the vets that i have been playing with over the last 2 yrs who has not had the time to play the game as much due to work commitments keep on sailing and grinding captains its all fun
  7. tankgame

    Time for a wipe?

    I was not going to reply to this post but having second thoughts i have to.All first rates are exploite. This is total bull, if you have been playing the game as long as me you will no there are certain members that put a lot of hours into this game its there life so hats off to you guys who are now in 1st rates which ever flag you fly.
  8. tankgame

    Ship turn nerfed too much?

    the trinc did not turn well before the patch so after several games with it this morning i could not tell eny differance but that might just be me
  9. tankgame

    visibility and weather

    This is probably not a new topic but i am not going through 60+ pages to find it. Ok this is my complaint, after 14 months of playing this game i am now to a point where i do not want to play it, you asked us monthes ago what was main annoyance. Well the game is unplayable, visibility is the worst it has ever been, the weather is a nightmare you cannot see a hand in front of your face at times, we are supposed be playing in a sunny warm climate sailing around with blue skys and blue seas and stars out at night like it used to be. We used to sail along in the earlier testing days where you would plot a course and spot Islands and features miles away, it was a pleasure and i never got lost. Now i cannot even see the Island or the port 500 mtrs away. I am sick of it get this problem sorted out bring some sun into our lives, i hope this is not falling on deaf ears
  10. tankgame

    [PSF] New german clan support Sweden.

    yep welcome. see you soon lads
  11. tankgame

    Sorry, I quit. Refund?

    what wipe is this do you meen pve is rank only and no gold? just loged in pvp is fine the same rank ships and gold no probs
  12. hi i live in portugal my self the ships are very nice.well done sir
  13. tankgame

    Compatibility warning

    i think you will find 4 core cpu is minium and yours is 2 core intel i5 4200 and the one at the top is intel i5-4210u allso 2 core cpu along with low end hd family graphics card will not run this game.sorry but you can upgrade your pc
  14. tankgame

    FPS drop and computer shutdown.

    wind is right cx430 will not have pci-e power cables that means you have got to use your 4 pin connecters for the graphics card.650w is good.and happy hunting on ebay. :)sorry it as1- 6+2 pcie cable for normal use not hi end gaming.lol
  15. tankgame

    Dell XPS 8100... seaworthy?

    Olav I am not doing bench marks on different graphics cards, this is a price comparison of one computer to another for the same money. As you said above dell alianwares is expensive. But if he can build one himself then i do not think he would be asking questions ,so buying one is the only alternative. So look on ebay even i cannot build one for this price new