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  1. Pilatus70, between 23:51 and 23:54 there is a gap which from the screenshots we cant say if there is more said. But as you have repeated now this is not about a game mechanic issue but that someone have accused someone of cheating/exploiting. This is not to be reported by tribunal but to (if in-game chat) right click on the players name on that chatline and then press on the button "report" (if on forum) press the button report on that post. Rule on this is to be viewed here Closed
  2. Remember the tribunal way people. Only people which is the accused, accuser or got more information is allowed to post. Pilatus70 please provide full screenshots of the conversation as I see that there has been an exchange of words between the accused and Massimo. This is to get a fair judgement in the case.
  3. Serious Abuse in Chat

    This is no matter for the tribunal. Chat violations are to be reported with the ingame tool which is accessed by right clicking on the offender's name in chat and then pressing the button called "report." Closed.
  4. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    Sjöhistoriska museet @Demsity
  5. Simulate Territorial Waters Better (i.e. more realistically)

    This thread has run its course due to the insults being thrown around in this thread. Locked.
  6. "In this matter we recommend captains to not sweat much about conquest until this feature is done because map will be reset to its original state once this is implemented. " If nothing is said, please ask instead of presume it will be this way
  7. Um no. " Captains who are not a member of a chartered war company will be able to enter any port in any ship. "
  8. "Captains joining war companies will have to serve a minimum time period and will not be able to exit the company for certain time After exit they won't be able to rejoin a company for a certain time (to avoid jumping back and forth between war companies)." Another user has already answered your other questions but I will answer them again. "Nations will allow chartered war companies to freely attack each other even if they belong to the same nation. This will allow chartered war companies to settle score between each other if they believe someone is interfering with their chartered activities" This means that if I'm in a clan but not in a war company and you're in a war company you won't be able to attack me if we're in the same nation, but if I were in the same nation and in another war company you will be able to attack me.
  9. The rule also says " If you do not have video or other effective proof, but instead suspect there may be wrongdoing, you may use F11, or Private Message Ink and/or an active Moderator on the forums. Please provide as much evidence as possible, and please F11 and note the bug number where applicable. If you're messaging Ink or the Moderators, it helps to have bug numbers (they look like NAB-12345, but bug numbers are not required) so that your complaint can be properly investigated. "
  10. Ship unusable in port

    Captain, Can you please share your characters name and/or if you got an f11 of the issue post the report ID in this thread so it will be easier to find and fix the issue? Thanks. test
  11. How Did Ship Get Into Fleet?

    The report ID is the thing you get when you send in an F11, but as you haven't done that there won't be an ID, the ID usually looks like NAB-27583 or something like that and when you F11 it's auto copied so you can paste it without having to copy it yourself.
  12. How Did Ship Get Into Fleet?

    It would really help if you stated your player name or had a report ID on the case.
  13. Started playing again after 6 months and my XP won't transfer?

    Umm no, it was said clearly that for Global server the DB from Pvp2 were used and for EU Pvp1 DB were used and thus to get it in redeemable on either server you needed to have a character on either server and it was recommended that you did one battle just to be sure.