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  1. Mmmm yummy 50MB Megapatch goodness. A slight shame the new UI didn't make it in but hopefully they're saving that to celebrate patch 20. Just a thought, but if they have given us back The telescope in the open-world, then maybe the devs could find a way to give us nation flags back? I know they say it is removed from OW due to performance but surely they could find a way as Unity is a modern game engine after-all.
  2. Bump! Still hopeful this famous ships makes it into the game. I hope a dev will see this and ask for it to be made!
  3. Ticker: [KOTO] Recruitment status: OPEN Calling all keepers of the oath back to the black. The original dread pirates of yesteryear are returning with vengeance a top priority. We vow to fly the black yet again and make the seas run thick with the blood of the traitors of our past and the new enemies laying waste to our free Caribbean. If it is a life of adventure and plunder ye are after then ye have come to the right place! Take up the black flag and fly it high with your brothers and sisters. To all who don't return the black spot will be cast apon yeee and our mighty captains will have you keel hauled before yee know it! What we offer: One of the biggest pirate clans part of the pirate coalition and the current most active english-speaking pirate guild in the game, with future plans of growth. Modern website and popular discord for comms. Fellow pirates to plunder with. A legacy to be proud of. Our Victories are well known across the seas and shall be known forever in the history of Naval Action! Structure. We are not like most clans ye will find sailing the murky waters. We have few rules and do not aim to restrict your game play. We are pirates after all! For more information Contact the following in-game: Kreah Kuthara Capt Jubal Early Bloody Hound Thunder wolf Squeeky Or join the discord below:
  4. If I delete my player account and make a new one will my redeemables still be there? (I want to change my player name)
  5. Looking forward to it!
  6. Sir Madoc

    Looking for Pirate Clan

    Another one here looking for a pirate clan.
  7. Still active? I'm looking to join a pirate guild after a long break!
  8. Sir Madoc

    [EXILE] PvP DN Clan.

    Pirate guild?
  9. Are you guys still active? EDIT: NVM this clan has been dead for some time. Mods should lock this.
  10. Sir Madoc

    Open World looks incomplete

    Open World feels like a glorified lobby.
  11. Sir Madoc

    What happened?

    Yep and I feel like I was duped. I bought the game because of seeing how fun Seatrials was and this OpenWorld is boring as hell compared to that! P.S I would hazard a guess I'm not the only one that feels this way but I am the only one that is not afraid to say it!
  12. Sir Madoc

    What happened?

    Do you think the public or potential steam customers are going to be so inclined to search through admin posts to get answers? This a fundamental floor in the Devs thinking. If I'm honest I think they are clueless about game marketing and they should hire me as the PR guy. Social media and other means of communication are important in this day and age and word of mouth simply won't cut it...
  13. Sir Madoc

    What happened?

    But you have nothing to say about the facts that I listed... Maybe that's because you know what I am saying is the truth and it easier to call someone ignorant than argue with the facts!