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  1. Patch 20: Important battle entry fix

    am I understanding this correctly that Battles are now open all the time?
  2. Operation Octaflip

    For all the knowing trash players, where is the trashiest place in NA so we can all meet up and trash the area? Yours truly, The Trashiest.
  3. Now that would be cool. Having the "patrol" fleet highlighted on the map for others to see. Those worried about ganking just wouldn't use this mechanic. This would be for the folks who want others to sail to them and fight them. Actually this idea seems similar to one in Albion Online with the "heatmap." As the amount of players rise in a particular area, a red circle follows their position and helps warn players that a large group is there. I think NA really needs this to excel forward.
  4. Operation Octaflip

    The Trashing will continue until timers improve
  5. Pre-patch quick number changes suggestions

    not only is the Wasa BR still too low - the BR spread is still too small. we really should have an 800 or 1,000 BR spread and not this silly 650 br spread.
  6. Little Harbour - Special Prussian Sale

  7. pls change timers

    always fun to see a server come together and hello kitty those who "timezone - tank" whoever it may be (even if it's us, everyone deserves death for those who try and hide).
  8. We have too many Nations - Remove some!

    I agree and don't agree. What should be done is dropping Nations and adding clan based FOREIGN diplomacy. Have a real diplomacy system in place. we don't want nations? yes that's actually exactly what would be nice - the Flag becomes your Clan flag, the ports you own are your clan ports. You make friends, you ally them and they can use your ports and vice versa. You make enemies, they take your ports. finally something to look forward too....if it was happening.
  9. VM's for Lord Protector Status

    no hard numbers yet but heard it was going to be something like this: 1 port - 1 victory mark 10 ports - 2 Victory Marks of course Admin will make a final decision on it once they have the patch come out.
  10. Boring map

    While I do love Eve Online and have in the past referenced it for possible suggestions to be put into NA. I just don't see them happening. but a Map is essential, I am with @koiz... will withhold judgement and wait to see how the new UI spices up the experience.
  11. Boring map

    say goodbye to the game if that happens
  12. Fun PVE for everyone?!

    couldn't have said it better than @Christendom
  13. Fun PVP for everyone!

    I wish it would act more like "daily reward" type stuff then having to get a mission. So I am in agreement here, I like the idea...I think the execution of it though is not the right direction.
  14. Questions to developers

    not bad at all actually.
  15. agree. just a fix of RoE and the circle system, making rules is the same as the PvP Mark abuse. Making a rule still hasn't changed people from doing it, you got to mechanically change it in the game to fix it.