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  1. I am with Jodgi where I like ships being able to be converted viz combat marks - I'm just not sure that the Hermione and the Wasa should be those ships...I'd prefer ships that aren't used nearly as often as the others. For example, have the Belle Poule and Ingermanland be the combat mark ships.
  2. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    Updated Diplomacy EDIT: Updated Again Brit/US shit is complicated, for now there are both alliances and Wars between different Clans - quite interesting if I say so myself.
  3. US Ship of the Line USS Ohio (1820)

    No argument here. If i had my choice - each nation would have 1 1st rate (7 1st rates would be in the game then because pirates don't have one, they would just steal them). You would get a very nice diverse set of ships and each nation could have a prize vessel. We should keep in mind of balance though, we already have a crazy amount of "power creep" with new ships coming out (i'm looking at you Wasa).
  4. Best advice I can give for folks is to get all your friends and tell them to come back and try the game again - it really is a nice patch, sure we still want improvements, but people aren't complaining about the grind and that is a biggy. If population is an issue - we can fix it by putting reviews up, talking to players who are interested, and bringing folks back who you know would like the current iteration.
  5. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    From what I heard, Legends is what small battles were, but worse. Interesting to see that somehow finally there is talk to a "thunderdome" who would have thought lol. Anyway, beside all the bantering if you want updates please post here or message me and I will update diplomacy as soon as possible. Also we need more juicy port battles and pvp engagements screenies. Please post your fights! Seriously if you guys can - encourage folks to come back and try the game. This patch has really helped players I know enjoy the game once again. The only issue left seems to be the low population, if more players came back to play, more action can take place.
  6. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    Updated on Clan Diplomacy
  7. Reinforcment Zones - Yay or Nay?

    I said to reduce the zone's range - but I feel it's largely fine. But I think what we need are more (and bigger/better) incentives to leave the safe zone. the ports players can capture definitely need more boosts.
  8. Good hotfix, Thanks for the continued prompt updates Admin.
  9. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    Key West Port Battle (the first port battle between nations on Patch 11) Outcome - US successfully take the Port 14 US vs 8 Spanish While the US have taken the port, it seems they have gotten the attention of other nations who look poorly on this outcome.
  10. thank you - someone incorrectly told me x3 it seems, or it was my mind playing tricks on me.
  11. ok thank - then I am doing it correctly :). The threshold for the price is correct too?
  12. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    I have updated Diplomacy for the Nations - keep in mind this is a generalization of what seems to be taking place from port battles and Combat News as well as what I have been told.
  13. @admin Would you be able to describe how to use "EU Traders" again? Correct me If I'm wrong 1. You must go to a port that "produces" the resources 2. You setup a contract for the resource/material you want at 3x + 1 the price (of the building extraction cost) 3. you wait for the next server tick for the contract to be filled Or do you have to go to a freetown? Or can it be done anywhere?
  14. Sweden declares war on France

    I play on both servers mate. If you believe that to be trolling then so be it. So again, the current patch makes it easier to get ships and by doing that, pvp. So it is just a little eye popping to see folks seemingly run from a good fight. Now don't get me wrong, I prefer OW pvp and I did a lot of that in the previous patch, but this new patch also makes pprt battles a more common occurance and the option to have some good fights. Maybe I will put it another way. Does the french community on EU plan to fight anyone? Speaking as someone who was going to join KoC and WO in france, i can see why they decided to stop playing the game due to others simply not wanting to pvp.
  15. Sweden declares war on France

    I....so has your group and other french just sailed south of FR to get away from all Swedes....? Is it that you wish to fight on your terms? Or are you just saying that you won't fight any swede no matter how many ports are taken from you?