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  1. Teutonic

    Premium Ships Break Up

    40k gold....is like 5 minutes of work. that's the least of my problems
  2. Teutonic

    Premium ships 24 hours

    Pvp happens everyday in eve, join the right group for what you want to do. There is nothing wrong with a lot of players PvEing in a risky environment where they have the chance to die. They have a good game, a successful game and they have done an MMO right. If you want pure pvp, there are game dedicated to pure pvp :).
  3. Teutonic

    Open world UI feedback (2018)

    Also. I wish the battle UI would show a timer countdown for how long you have to still be able to enter.
  4. Teutonic

    Open world UI feedback (2018)

    Potential looks great. As I said, UI looks clean and good for a release. I just hope that we get more information and less unnecessary clicks and "mouseover." I enjoy the ships pictures and some other artwork, but I wish it didn't take so much of the screen and since it doesn't add any visual information (for when you click on enemy or allied shios in OW) I am perplexed and wish it did. Basically, if more information could be given using less space, that's what I'd like. Doesn't mean you have make things smaller, just be efficient with the space used.
  5. Teutonic

    Premium ships 24 hours

    There are a few ships that have limited runs, the tournament ships. They would be like the santa cecillia we have in game. In eve, when a player loses a ship, they lose the whole ship yes...but there is insurance you can purchase to get some money back from a loss. Also there is NO ship in eve that is purchased via dlc. Ships are either created by the players, or given as gifts from the devs. Eve has "ship skins" which are purchased using Plex, Plex is the currency you purchase with real cash. Plex can be sold to other players for in-game currency or traded for ship/player skins (paints/clothes) or some training bonuses (to train skills faster or finish them sooner). Plex can also be traded in for more game-time. Eve is a harsh world and in that harsh world some players find joy. But the eve community has been extremely critical of any dlc or premium purchase addition to the game. Lets just say it's a miracle that eve has a use for Plex other than adding more game time now, there was a whole "Monocle-gate" event that you'd probably like to read about.
  6. Teutonic

    DLC Pood Edinorog

    It's like stopping a burning fire without water. I see the appeal for dlc poods but i would ask kindly for a big no. If a cannon is straight up better than it's counter part....well you'd never use the counter part would ya.
  7. Teutonic

    Admiralty DLC Extra Outposts (P2W or...)

    I would be ok with the ability to exchange pvp marks for extra outposts. Then the increased outposts would be a good pvp mark sink for some. If folks don't have it, then they understand there is an option in game to acquire it. When you make someone pay real cash to get a bonus when another person who didn't pay is unable to ever get it, that's pay 2 win. Someone paying $15 a month to get more experience and gold per battle in warthunder and world of tanks is not pay to win. Because the player who is playing for free can still get the same stuff, they just have to play more to get there. If someone pays $15 to get more buildings, better mods, or better econ that's alright as long as someone who doesn't pay it can still acquire those bonuses too, they just have to spend a lot more time in game getting to those goals. If the only option is to pay cash or you don't get X, it's p2w simple as that In order for something to not be p2w, there must be a way in the game for players to get something that a player can get by spending real cash. If that means they need to spend 100s of hours to get to the same point that is perfectly fine. I want Paints, and I will pay some real cash for paints. And paints are great because they are cosmetic and give no advantages over anyone else.
  8. Teutonic

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    More outposts is only ok in my book if everyone gets it.
  9. Teutonic

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Can i just say that I am highly against this form of DLC :/. and 5 extra building slots? God damn. At least it doesn't give extra outpost slots.... borderline p2w again.
  10. Teutonic

    Open world UI feedback (2018)

    Impressions on the UI I like the OW UI, it's clean and definitely more fleshed out. I dislike that some of the UI windows cannot be changed to be more Opaque. I wish we could so that we could still see the ocean "behind" the window. If there could be an option added in for that, it would be great. I dislike the fact that we have to constantly click to get extra information that I would wish to have. For example: I wish the 2nd image was the info we got instead of having to click the "i" every single time I click on a ship Also for players: Same thing, I wish we got the "I" information without having to click the "i" all the time and to have it stay there. In fact, almost every "extra information" button I wish was just standard information we got for everything instead of constantly having to click and re-click because the info only is up for as long as you "mouse-over" it.
  11. Teutonic

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Couldn't have said it better than @rediii and it isn't a bad patch, it just feels like it does nothing....which i suppose is how a UI patch would feel. Not really even any new ship eye candy.
  12. Teutonic

    Gun Packages

    Some iron and some coal and a warehouse....that's all you need for cannons.
  13. Teutonic

    Safe zones and Newbies

    Could always grind for weekend port battles.
  14. Will you be part of the US council?
  15. Teutonic

    Safe zones and Newbies

    You know... There are more opponents who aren't the USA, but that would be too difficult eh? Can't be fighting more powerful enemies now, that wouldn't look good.