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  1. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    I came in the rant, but I see Arsilon has gotten it all down so I don't need to say anymore.
  2. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Originally it was stated to me that a portion of the brits wouldn't show up, leaving an "easier" battle. Later i was told the brits came to an understanding and all decided to show up, things are always changing. It was talked about for further staging to fight brits, dutch, and sailing north. Primarily I and a few others wanted it so that we wouldn't have to deal with not being able to teleport. So yes and no on the importance of the port. I would like it so i and others can teleport and not sail 2 hours every day back and forth. Anyway the brits showed up and france didn't have the numbers this time to contest properly. You win some and you lose some.
  3. "Nesting" or "Rafting UP" a real world capability

    I like the idea
  4. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    If the EU server did not have restrictions on port battle timers I would be there. Unfortunately my time I can play is nowhere within those times so it's not worth it.
  5. National Diplomacy forum

    On one hand I like the idea. On the other hand I don't want to restrict other players from posting what they want to say on a public forum such as this. Essentially what seems to be proposed can also be done on a discord server or through private messages? I like the idea, although I'm not sure if it's something we really need. EDIT: I get heated at times, so I know others that would get more heated...and the mess that national news becomes would roll over to whatever restricted area we had for diplomacy or clan leaders or whatever. Which is something i fear and prefer if it stays in one section like it does currently.
  6. @Taurus454 If sweden continues their hostility grinding against france, you will be in direct violation if this agreement. If Sweden continues then France will come knocking on your door. Don't try our patience. @chailang France is commited to keeping the ceasefire with denmark.
  7. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    And that is what honestly sucks about all this. Thought we were gone from this crap but it seems the same people keep bringing the same crap back. Join the new French way of thinking, attack anyone you like, and don't care what they think of you.
  8. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    VCO and TF came down to defend it. They defended the region by holding the port. I didn't see you around, in fact TF and VCO stayed and fought to death, the rest of you guys ran when you could in the battle or hid in ports. I won't deny it was a slaughter in the end, but you throwing blame around to folks who decided to take time away from where they base to go defend it it hilarious. Don't blame the loss on VCO and TF - because you in fact didn't lose the port you seem to care so much about.
  9. Port Battle - Santa Marta Outcome: Brits defend the OW PvP outcome Needless to say the French got exactly what they wanted. Captured Ships were mainly Aggies with Latron capturing and then using the Pavel we took from the Dutch.
  10. Wanted: British Patrol Captains

    Personally I actually think for overall "activity" population the order is this Brits/Pirates France US Dutch Denmark Sweden when I mean activity, I mean a player group or community that actively takes part in PvP or RvR. Crafting is there too, but You can't really get an active read on it without going deeper into the numbers. If we talk about "raw" player count and people doing any type of "thing" or even just sitting in ports, then this list certainly would change.
  11. I think the rarity of victory marks is the key - being a weekly generation. But nations that clearly cannot get to 1st place need something to keep them going instead of switching to the biggest nation. I see 2 options 1. Give all nations 1 victory mark a week and then 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, place nations get bonus victory marks 2. Allow combat marks to be converted to victory marks on ALL servers. I prefer #1 but if nothing then players absolutely need to be able to get victory marks some way. Everything in the game should be obtainable, but there can be easier ways to obtain said item. No item should be "unobtainable" because you decided not to play with the largest nation. I like this patch, but we just need a tweak to the victory mark generation "for all" and I think we can then say this was one of the better patches.
  12. Wanted: British Patrol Captains

    Once you decide that ports don't matter and that you can get all resources you need through trading and combat marks and your capital region, you feel enlightened and everything becomes more fun. Go out, support each other.
  13. Conquest Ladder Zero

    Ok thank you.
  14. Conquest Ladder Zero

    So "old control will move to next round" means it will be reset to 0? I don't need a copy paste of a quote i have already read.
  15. Conquest Ladder Zero

    Wait. The points won't get reset after every week? I thought that was the plan and this week was just the culmination of conquest from after the wipe patch?