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  1. Prussian Ports For Sale

    I am just here so i don't get fired...and for global drama. Chris has let me graciously stay without rent for a while now. Best job I ever had.
  2. agreed. if you aren't aiming for casuals, if you want your PvP server and full risk and reward. remove the safe zones, remove missions, make everything OW only. the truth hurts and we know what would happen.
  3. Hostility poll V2

    Finally a good poll with good questions. Hope this gets noticed
  4. apologies for editing the previous post - but I agree. I'm all for finding the balance, but I dislike the seemingly knee-jerk reactions. in the past it's been the following: 1. Devs make multiple changes to the game in the past big patches 2. Players give feedback and say "we didn't like this, but A and B are ok and I feel we should work with it." 3. Devs come back and say "since you didn't like the changes we are going to scrap it and do something else." To name one example, alliances/diplomacy. We gave feedback saying generally "it's not in the right place but we do want to expand on it, lets try this or that." and what we got was it just being thrown out and here we are now. To some degree that may be the Admin finally figuring out what they really want this game to be for them, but to a number of players it was just seen as wasting "time."
  5. that's the big thing here that I hope gets across. Admin has stated they will look into fine tuning repairs, or limiting them... Limiting chain shot and keeping unlimited repairs is not going to give the desired outcome that the Admin wants, that is my opinion. I hope it doesn't become reality but past experience has shown otherwise.
  6. agreed fully Edit - this will only work if repairs are limited too
  7. Players Take a Look at Yourselves

    to think you're dealing with the same shit that VCO dealt with on the global server, well history is just repeating. ALL HAIL the taking of Neutral ports and defending KPR because it needs a mighty defense boys!
  8. PvP marks should they be scaled

    The mere fact that we have mods/books that give better rewards from pvp marks is absurd in terms of a long term viability of a game. It just further emphasizes the gap between "elite" and casuals and the only thing it does is makes casual players stop playing. PVP marks should not be a thing.
  9. Players Take a Look at Yourselves

    True, i was refering to port battle organization mainly and I apologize if it came as "any battle anywhere."

    @Louis Garneray Just goes to show that no group is perfect or that there are bad apples everywhere. I never said VCO are all saints. In any event the general consensus on the US nation's teamspeak is that folks enjoy fighting the prussians and english players more than some players in the french nation. Although as we have noted before, ever nation seems to have players with ego and it's easy to point them out. You know that i don't care who or what is fighting me across the field because this game is about the battle and everything else is extremely boring. It's easier to say " how about you tell x, y, and z to stop shit talking and we'll tell a, b, and c, to stop shit talking too." But we both know that doesn't work.

    there is a stark difference in a battle against an adversary when it goes like this Prussia - GL HF US - you too end of fight Prussia - thanks for the fight US - you too it was really fun we sank some and we lost some ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- France (KoC) - hey you scrubs come and fight us US - men, we have sighted an enemy engaging our patrol fleets lets engage End of fight France (KoC) - haha you guys suck, you're so bad - wait don't leave, come back so we can sink you again US - nah, we'll go do something else thanks, actually it looks like Prussia brought a nice fleet to fight, we'll go there.
  12. Players Take a Look at Yourselves

    I must add that bringing the ships that a fleet commander asks with the right wood trims is also part of organization and discipline and it just amazes when folks continue to ignore it. (mainly just for port battles though, so this is only a niche situation) I myself have been on both sides of the coin.
  13. Players Take a Look at Yourselves

    it's so interesting, playing Naval Action with others on Teamspeak was the first time to witness breakdown in comms discipline and people shouting over each other. Never in other games was it ever as bad as it seems to always be in Naval Action - I'm not sure why honestly. A few clanmates have said it best though (time and time again) "There are too many Chiefs and not enough Indians." games like Eve Online, WoT, Warthunder, Albion Online. All these games I played with groups and still do - when someone isn't following comms Discipline they are booted - simple. If they want to continue then they must follow comms discipline. Does it make friends? not all the time. Does it keep the battle calm, Orders given out clearly, and information being clear? Yes, yes it does. When you've been in a Eve Online teamspeak with 200 other people in fleet and only 2-5 fleet commanders are giving orders and everyone is following commands? That's heaven. come to Naval action? got 7 guys in teamspeak in a battle and they all are trying to tell the others to do what they want and it's a mess. heck I've been in a mumble server with over 1,000 people and it's just wonderful with how organized it is. If i'm in a battle and Teamspeak has everyone yelling and no organization? i just leave the battle now and just hook up with folks I know won't be running around like headless chickens, makes it much more enjoyable.

    I cannot agree more same as before. I remember offering these suggestions before and talking with folks about it months ago. suggestions in different threads to the admin. I'm still astonished as to why we haven't gotten bonuses like that in game for owning whole regions. Regional bonuses in the past were actually really cool, just implemented poorly due to other factors in the game at the time (as usual trend). So they were taken out instead of worked and iterated on.... now? only reason to own a port is to control rare woods, which honestly with alt abuse it doesn't even matter, and to maybe have a labor hour or trade bonus, which are nice - but with how easy it is to just farm combat marks and trade for labor contracts why even bother risking warehouses/shipyards/buildings? and trust me, I love the labor hour/trading bonuses on capture-able ports, but there is just not incentive to use it when everything is safer in the ports that cannot be captured. On the plus side there is absolutely no downside, no debuff, no increased tax, nothing - just absolute safety for your items - awesome. @Banished Privateer absolutely brings up a perfect suggestion. Having a region owned should reduce maintenance cost, or it should give a regional bonus in crafting ships, or...well just about anything really. but hey even after our shouting and pressure to balance BR, the BR on ships is still hilarious and needs adjustment. A lot of good suggestions have been shot down or been written off as "failed" when they never got a chance to be even adjusted.
  15. EXILE moving to Denmark

    if not a April Fools, it's a good decision, enjoy it .