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  1. Teutonic

    DLC in the future?

    Why couldn't we just get a redeemable surprise dlc in the past, instead we are stuck with what we have now and it creates problems. More ship DLCs? Not until they make sure the ship won't break the game.
  2. Teutonic

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    Reals/gold/paistries whatever it will be called would be infinitely better as a resources used for this fee.
  3. Dicussion thread for econ and crafting changes made on the testbed (and to be added onto the live server in the future). 1. Piastries/reals/gold (whatever we call it, i'll call it silver from now on) and doubloons Hard to say because we still get rewards lile we do on the live server. Just a change really and i'm fine with it. 2. Materials wiped and only resources left. Good change in my opinion, it allows crafting to be less clicks, made more understandable for players to know exactly what they need. I will give praise to the devs where it is due in my opinion. 3. Mission rewards as an economy change. Are fine by me, and variety is a good thing. 4. Lineships costing a TON of doubloons. A good change, I support the decision to make larger ships cost a lot more. Specifically that a player is still able to craft all craftable ships, but lineships are now rightfully more expensive. The part I dislike is that I can only compare feedback with rewards we get now when we have been told it is changing.
  4. Teutonic

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    Personally the way they are making it easier to just go from resources to *craft ship* instead of the material nonsense we had. I prefer that a lot more, Now I know i need 100 fir logs to make something instead of having to calculate how many logs make *this* to eventually make *that* it streamlines the process. ...but that's for a different thread. Someone please make a econ/crafting thread and I'll happily talk about that there.
  5. Teutonic

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    Then we really shouldn't have teleport fees in the game UNTIL the changes to prices and rewards happens. Instead we get the teleport fees and no change yet and are told "it will be ok, don't worry." Now we get "don't worry, changes will go on live server and won't be on testbed to test". That has never ended well. Again, I could be wrong and this will end up being a moot point but... I get maybe 1-2 hours to play during the weekdays, i use that time to teleport, get resources, then go out and do group activities of pvp with friends. You want to make teleport fees happen? Then give me the ability to access all my buildings for extracting and assets information without having to constantly look around to find them. Realize that players ask for things from the warehouse, and the only way to give them stuff is through an officer roled player in a clan being in that port. This interaction between players is going to now cost them extra to do with no benefits? Fuuuun.
  6. Teutonic

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    I'll bite. What will doubloons represent, how will you get them? How much do you get? Is there a way to convert other currency to get doubloons? My gripe with teleport fees is that I cannot access anything in my other ports without going there. Half of my teleporting is due to me extracting resources from buildings and checking what i have there to see if it's worth me sailing over. The other half is teleporting to an outpost nearby a patrol zone or an area with a high density of players so i can engage in pvp. So is it possible for me to be able to access all my asset information without having to teleport? Can I extract resources from buildings without being in the port? That's where the frustration comes for these fees.
  7. Teutonic

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    😑... If the game you want is players sailing for 3 hours or 3 months and only have 1 battle pvp once in a blue moon...that's not a game, that's a simulation of life. Is this a game to enjoy battles, interactions with players? Or a game meant to have players sailing and not find other players? Look, seriously. Doubloons for teleport fees is the wrong answer. I no one has issue about sailing here, we sail in this game everyday and already we sail for hours and sometimes find nothing. But now you want it so it costs more to teleport to areas that players are sailing and instead soend days sailings or time grinding to do it "another day?" ...i can't even.
  8. Teutonic

    Replace EU Trader with new mechanic

    I must ask @John Jacob Astor where do you value labor hours? Even If you value labor hours at 100 gold per hour then 1 iron Ore is worth 72.5 gold while the EU trader price is 240 per iron. That's still a significant gap of 177.5 gold difference, I also regularly see iron ore being sold between 100-150 gold per iron ore which is well between a labor adjusted value and the EU trader price. Personally with the ability to get labor contracts through converting victory marks, or the ability to farm combat marks for labor contracts, i do not value labor hours as highly as it was done in the past. Without going further into some detail I would like to see how you value a labor hour. When you look at it, labor contracts are 15 combat marks each at their cheapest "price."
  9. Teutonic

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    True, I am just worried that it creates a higher chance of "never coming back" players response instead of "I am back to play again, thanks devs" response. Fine fine. Sure, lets test this, i am alllll good with testing. I just feel this is what the testbed is for, to test it like we have done, and my feedback is "as teleport fees currently stand, this is going to be detrimental for the main server and the game." Can I be wrong? Of course, but I don't think I am on this one. Say "no" to "doubloon teleport fees."
  10. Teutonic

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    I'd prefer to get the fee to the correct level of cost before it hits the main server. EDIT: I can only base the current econ with these changes - and I'd much rather have the econ changes before adding a teleport fee with them, but nonetheless A combat mark is roughly worth 2-5k each on the main server on port markets, I know it's cheaper in some other places so we will make it an even 3,000 gold for this example. 1 teleport for level 1 rank would be 3,000 gold/piastries instead of 1 doubloon (which honestly will probably have a higher price value anyway). 1 teleport for level 10 rank would be 30,000 gold/piastries instead of 10 doubloons. God would I rather have have that fee instead of doubloons.
  11. Teutonic

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    I said it before and I'll say it again. I hate teleporting fees, BUT I won't mind a fee if it is not prohibitive to gameplay. I have played games with teleport fees and those fees have NEVER caused disruption to my gaming sessions, they were a money sink and rightfully so but they never infringed in a players game to the point of making life difficult. The current fee the teleports in the testbed are both too expensive and too prohibitive. This is the same experience with crew costs BEFORE the devs lowered the costs to todays price. Teleport fees should not be doubloons. Period. - Eve online's teleport fee is literally pennies, with a limitation of 1 teleport every 18-24 hours depending on your skill. Warhammer online's teleport fees to different realm regions varied based on how far they were and what difficulty it was. After a few iterations (and before the game died) they did away with the fee. Albion online has a fee for teleporting BUT it is infinitely easier to just travel to the destination you are looking for and it only takes a few minutes, to at most 30minutes. Edit - you also can't be carrying anything when you teleport. Just to name a couple of games.
  12. Teutonic

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    It'll put a stop to my playing habits - no reason to leave the capital area anymore, all I'll see are cutters afk sailing if I even see any players. Using doubloons as the cost to teleport is such a killer for so many players, and even more so in making it more expensive for higher ranks. This will not work, it will not 'kill' the alt problem the way the devs think it will, it will make it worse.
  13. Welp. "how to not de-escalate a situation 101."
  14. Teutonic

    My port, my monopoly.

    I'll take a port off your hands if you don't care about one of them <3.