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  1. Cannons for Requins and Hercules are now Stocked! (as well as cannons of all other classes) get 'em while they last. ❤️
  2. Teutonic

    Working as entended?

    It is perfectly within the rules to allow anyone to green on green as long as the person being hit has actively stated that they can be fired upon. It is also up to the person who got fired upon to create a tribunal thread if they did not allow their friends to fire on them. Green on Green also does not give any rewards whatsoever. This is a form of "scuttling" and has been stated in the past to be a valid tactic. In this case, @William Death allowed @Wraith to fire upon his ship and to scuttle it. 2 Players agreed to an outcome and there is no wrong doing or exploit here.
  3. Teutonic

    [PvP EU] France-Spain / Declaration

    Lol What a train wreck.
  4. Teutonic

    US Political Situation

    Always good to see the US still fighting enemies they can't really compete with and continuing their rather silly relationship with the Spanish.
  5. Teutonic

    WAR of the LOVERS! Spain VS France

    Looking at the gulf - no wonder - they love their comfortable PvE map section.
  6. Teutonic

    Longer Day/night cycles!

    I personally hate the night part of the day and night cycle, it's hard to see and has made me change my gamma settings as well as add a 3rd party color changing app so it is easier to see at all intervals.
  7. Teutonic

    New System for Balancing Upgrades

    Agree with everything that William points out. As liq states, admin plans to change mods....i suppose we will find out, but consistant balance changes will insure us un finding the right balance.
  8. New Announcement! Starting Wednesday August 15th there will be the following for sale. 4pd, 6pd, and 9pd longs for your easy purchase of requin and herc cannon layouts! For those who fancy the carronade life, 18 and 32pd carros will also be placed a plenty. Just a simple redeem, purchase, and off you go! No more will you have to use your 'one-a-day' tow feature as everythig you need for a ship will be available. If you demand some of the finer things in life, please contact your local VCO representative and inform them of your wishes.
  9. Oh you bet Key West will stay open. The beatings will continue, until diplomacy improves.
  10. I'll keep it in mind ❤️
  11. what is...."reasonable"? 😘
  12. The Free State of VCO has an announcement for all that sail in the Caribbean. Starting August 10th we will Offer the following: -- Scuba tours of the Spanish wreckage at Key West -- Guided Havana Excursions departing daily. -- Ship provisions for all those who need to refill on a good day of sailing. -- Fair prices on all over-night stays in our hotels and motels -- Daily drink specialties We ask all players who decide to come visit to please enjoy the beaches nearby. We hope you have a pleasant stay and thank you for choosing VCO Tourism.
  13. Teutonic

    Mission changes

    This looks pretty amazing
  14. Teutonic

    Caribbean Invasion News

    oh baby. The storm is coming. EDIT: I'd actually laugh if the Spanish put timers on every single port. That would pretty much be a win already.
  15. Teutonic

    Double Charge Perk

    Necro post but you have a point. Although, I argue that double Charge is worth while in some cases (but not all) when it comes to fighting opponents with really high thickness, lineships to be exact. It could mean quite the difference to get that 12pd cannon gundeck to actually Pen. In an ideal setting and group play - I'd say the first volley should be double charge to get through the first part of their armor, with the Thickness lowered after taking damage you can bring normal ball. Well anyway, overall - I agree - double charge is not ideal or powerful....but I keep it because of the ability to demast ships with double charge is by far the best way to do it.