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    Flags Flags Flags

    The Cambridge Flag is a US flag, not a British flag. The "Grand Union Flag" (also known as the "Continental Colors", the "Congress Flag", the "Cambridge Flag", and the "First Navy Ensign") is considered to be the first national flag of the United States of America.[1] https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Union_Flag
  2. Powderhorn

    Flags Flags Flags

    I would rename "US The Tree Flag" (which sounds clunky, if descriptive) to "Washington's Cruisers."
  3. Powderhorn

    Flags Flags Flags

    Right, and you can on the test bed.
  4. Powderhorn

    Flags Flags Flags

    At least for "seeing" them, in the test server, you can see variant flags on enemies. I believe admin means that you will only "see" your flags to select within the UI. (English is occasionally a clunky language.)
  5. Powderhorn

    Flags Flags Flags

    Could really confuse people and add the Grand Union flag to the US: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Union_Flag
  6. Powderhorn

    Flags Flags Flags

    "The armed ships of New York of [March 1775] are said to have had a black beaver for their device on their flag. This was the device of New Netherlands, and is still seen on the seal of the city of New York."source: Preble, George Henry. Our Flag. Albany, NY: J. Munsell, 1872. Page 137. Pre-Declaration is technically "Colonies in Rebellion," but the flag is no British flag.
  7. Powderhorn

    Flags Flags Flags

    I'd like to see the New York Beaver Flag as well, flown by early Revolution cruisers, but there are no pictures of it - only written accounts and interpretations off of those writings. Tonight, if I remember, I'll try to come up with something.
  8. Powderhorn

    Flags Flags Flags

    Are the Pirate Flags ready to be shown off as well?
  9. Does that tie into 4K compatibility? I'm not so rich, but I know others running 4K say the old UI text didn't scale and was too small.
  10. I was about to ask you to provide the port, but I see that's in the UI too xD
  11. Powderhorn

    Mission changes

    I'm digging it. Sneaking suspicion patch will be released when I'm out of town...
  12. Powderhorn


    Name and shame, of course. However, no - there is not much else to do.
  13. Powderhorn

    4k Resolution

    I know that the team is very actively working on UI right now. @admin - is 4K resolution well supported with the UI overhaul?
  14. Powderhorn

    Brazil's National Museum Burned

    In a sad day for humanity, Brazil's National Museum burned down last night. It is too soon to say what, if anything, is recoverable, but from the pictures it looks to be a total loss. https://www.cnn.com/2018/09/02/americas/brazil-national-museum-fire-intl/index.html
  15. Just FYI, the ones currently at sea for testing ARE capturable...
  16. Powderhorn

    Captin, we're safe! .. Are we?

    (But not so many protected ports, please :P)
  17. Powderhorn

    Captin, we're safe! .. Are we?

    That sounds about right.
  18. Powderhorn

    POTBS game Closure

    If you think everything is set to cater to RvR types, you haven't been reading admin's posts. If this is to be a thread bemoaning the fate of NA, still in utero, it will be closed.
  19. Powderhorn

    Captin, we're safe! .. Are we?

    I'm in a rare moment of disagreement with @Hethwill the Harmless. I think the idea of smaller safe zones, with hi-sec missions spawning in those hi-sec missions, is a boon to new players learning the ropes. Not these mega, coast-spanning zones, but just one safe-zone around the true capital. Low-Sec missions should just be ones that have regular RoE (for ease of use/programming). For other ports, I'm OK with keeping many of the ones we currently have as non-capturable, but I think we should remove the safe zones around them.
  20. Powderhorn

    Washington's Navy

    I bet dollars to donuts that Warren was named for General Joseph Warren, MD, killed in action at Bunker Hill. You may also note the Pine Tree in the canton of the flag of the Continental Army.
  21. Powderhorn

    Aquiring meaningful Data for calculating Battle Rating

    Then we just need stealing the wind modelled..............
  22. Powderhorn

    Aquiring meaningful Data for calculating Battle Rating

    I love the idea of variable wind strength.
  23. Powderhorn

    cargo space on fleet ships

    The increased hull capacity is only meant to impact the player vessel. It was a bug that it impacted fleet vessels in the past.
  24. Is this process automated, or are BRs manually adjusted?