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  1. Powderhorn

    Let's see how 400 players look in NA world

    There are no such things as "trash woods." Only woods that are not fully appreciated for their various characteristics.
  2. Powderhorn

    Let's see how 400 players look in NA world

    I personally think that exceptional quality ships should not be able to be made in uncapturable ports. All those dockworkers must be exhausted! (And it forces crafters who want to be the best to actually have some skin in the game, ie - risk)
  3. Regarding ship ID: Just because Wally and his wife's second cousin saw the Acheron out of water doesn't mean that every ship could ID another from sight. The French fought, I believe it was the Constellation during the Quasi-War and thought she was a fifty gunner, just because of the rate of fire!
  4. People forget that mission spawn distance already is closer in the lower rank you are. No more rear admirals cancelling missions over and over so they can grind first rates in peace. Three a day is plenty for a casual player, who might only DO three missions in a day.
  5. Powderhorn

    Banned From Chat.

    The appropriate place to seek clarification on chat bans is here.
  6. This is a reminder. BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH.
  7. Powderhorn

    New Musket upgrade?

    Can get a kit made by The Rifle Shoppe. $500 would get it nicely assembled by a builder. http://www.therifleshoppe.com/catalog_pages/english_arms/(789).htm
  8. Powderhorn

    New Musket upgrade?

    I recently advocated for depleted uranium frizzens, but alas, they were not implemented :'( https://www.orau.org/ptp/collection/consumer products/dufrizzen.htm
  9. Powderhorn

    Remove the damn forts from OW PvP

    Why not take a Mortar Brig with you...?
  10. Powderhorn

    Please, more PERKS slots.

    I personally would be interested in a revamped perk proposal, detailing what each perk does and what it should cost. As programming resources are tied to UI, Tutorial, & Localization, it should require minimal programming changes. For myself at least, the perks seem a bit dated.
  11. Powderhorn

    Please, more PERKS slots.

    Everything should be perk-based, in my own opinion. Even fleets. Captains should have to make more decisions. I only wish the decisions they had to make were tougher than they currently are.
  12. Powderhorn

    Unequal battles

    You know where else you could go with this... False flags...
  13. Powderhorn

    Unequal battles

    Even in battle, names should be removed. Perhaps only ID the name after the battle is over.
  14. Powderhorn

    Unequal battles

    As long as player is identifiable from AI, awesome. I also agree with the above posters: Remove ship names as well. Simply ID it by class: 7th Rate, 6th Rate, 5th Rate, etc. etc. etc. If people want to know what ship it is, they'll have to actually recognize it. This would also make paints all the more important... Further, guns would have to be modeled on enemy ships on the OW, so you could actually see what armament it is carrying before engaging (instead of all ships being en fluyt on the OW).
  15. Powderhorn

    Unequal battles

    Need the ability to leave the game after a battle. Fighting off a bunch of fir/fir speedboats only works when you don't have a literal circle of enemies waiting for you when you exit the battle. Also, remove F11 Coordinates so people can't send GPS locations to your battle instance.
  16. I generally like all the ideas as presented, however... you're describing almost an entirely new game. If nothing else, a very weighty expansion. I think that might be out of the scope of what is possible in Naval Action as we currently play it.
  17. Powderhorn

    public chat moderation

    This, honestly, is a pretty tame screenshot. There's not much going on in it. Keep in mind, historically, it was not all powdered wigs and fragile china. By 1800, the election between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, America's second and third Presidents (respectively), had deteriorated so far as to have this written of it: Generally, efforts are made more against racism, homophobia, Nazi ideology - things like that. Each moderator uses his or her own judgment in an effort to keep things from devolving too far, however, many users will attempt to "push the line" to see just where that line is. The moderators themselves are of course, human, and make mistakes. Generally, we also encourage people to right-click and report those you think might be "crossing the line" in chat. Those reports are gone through regularly. Further, of course, is the option to ignore, as you mentioned above.
  18. Powderhorn

    Questions for the Historians

    My impression comes down largely to cost. Frigates are cheaper to build, and can be built in a larger variety of cities, whereas ships of the line are more expensive and need more advanced shipyards to construct. If you have 10 frigates and 5 ships of the line, odds are you're going to keep the ships of the line as a home defense fleet and use frigates as scouting vessels which can look into more nooks and crannies anyways. (My own impressions only.)
  19. Does the control perk that is taken have any advantage over the one that is given for chaser-less ships?
  20. Powderhorn

    historical port ownership for nations

    I've long since been a fan of exponential increasing maintenance costs.
  21. Powderhorn

    1 Pood cannons imba

    11 days until the Chinese New Year Also, Congreve's birthday is May 20th, so.................
  22. Powderhorn

    Need more PvP? Join Prussia, while you can!

    You need to have your possessions in a free port first, but, if you do that, and use the forged papers, you'll keep what you had.
  23. Powderhorn

    False accusations

    There is no question that the exploit rule as written is to refer to things such as duplicating ships - things that are obviously bad, that even a child should say, "I'm probably doing something I ought not be doing." The exploit rule is not meant to be some ever-expanding hydra that players use to try to libel their opponents in an effort to weaponize the moderation team. There is a stark difference between something such as duplicating ships and simply using a mechanic in an unsavory way (such as teleporting into port battles). If you are unable to make that distinction - ask.
  24. Powderhorn

    Port swapping for marks

    Swapping of ports is legal as seen here. It is also likely to become obsolete, as seen here.