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  1. Further, be advised that your screenshots did not post. Please post any evidence you have in this thread.
  2. Just to make this more readable:
  3. Change teleport again

    Tow to Port is meant for unstuck, correct? Getting stuck happens exceedingly rarely (if at all). Why not just change the cooldown timer to 30 days? Has anyone ever gotten stuck more often than that?
  4. Weird Encounter

    Thank you for understanding why we need video evidence rather than just an oral testimony. Also, just bear in mind, "word of mouth" generally means "rumor." Sometimes misunderstandings can happen when many languages are spoken by the community.
  5. Anything New comming?

    Last week was Christmas.
  6. Masts made of glass?

    Have you tried using any of the mast thickness modules or skills? You may find that this helps significantly.
  7. Concerning hacks/ cheaters with vid

    This thread has run its course.
  8. The Portrait of the Native America

    Thank you for a thoughtful and informed post. It is useful to bring these things up for consideration. If nothing else, it can prevent a company from being blindsided.
  9. Carronade/long cannon combination bug

    Hrm. We've actually had a similar bug once before.
  10. I wonder... is it possible to capsize...?
  11. Leeway warning! Important!

    A "lee shore" is when the wind is blowing towards the shore. You are inexorably pushed ashore, as Christendom's post humorously illustrates.
  12. Always interesting to see what new names pop up. I keep this on my bookmarks bar for easy reference.
  13. Rainbows

  14. Key Bindings Reset

    Just as a heads up to everyone, today's patch has reset key bindings. It would behoove you to ensure that your keys are what they need to be before you go into combat.
  15. The PvE server deserves a name too

    Lake Placid is a beautiful place in Upstate New York with the distinction of hosting two Winter Olympics (1932 and 1980). Similarly, it conveys the idea of "peace" without suggesting that a different portion of the map is opened up.
  16. The PvE server deserves a name too

    Respectful/Serious responses only, please.
  17. The PvE server deserves a name too

    "Lake Placid"?
  18. Terse? I know Turtledove did a series where the South won the Civil War (without time traveling slavers), and what I thought was the most interesting and compelling hypothesis was that the northern states tended to favor Germany, while the southern tended to favor England and France - leading to eventual trenches across N. America during WW1. Dunno about the immediate effects, though. A race to the Pacific? A semi- second war for independence, a la the War of 1812?
  19. Remove random ships from ports

    There are many opinions as to how best move the game forward. Hopefully, we can determine the most prudent course of action without insisting those who disagree leave.
  20. got too much xp redeemed ...

    Santabeard gives surprising gifts sometimes? Thanks for the report, likely a result of the merger. I'd not sweat it too much.
  21. Shader Model 5 required

    So, this seems to be why you are running "DirectX 11" even though on paper your card does not support it: Source Specs for the GTX 260 can be found here, among other places. (Also showing Shader Model 4.) In regards to holding off on a video card until you get a new PC, it is entirely up to you when to upgrade your PC / Video Card. I would say this much: If you were to upgrade your GPU, you could always take that out of the old computer, and put it into the new one when you upgrade. (But you'd need to ensure your old computer & new computer could power it appropriately. Looks like with 2 6 pin power connectors, you should be fine with most cards. But again, I'm just an amateur, not a pro.)
  22. Concerning hacks/ cheaters with vid

    Please F11 if it happens to you. If there is a bug, it needs to be found. However, slandering the devs over and over, saying they are trying to ruin their own game to push players to a different game... well, as I said above: Extraordinary accusations require extraordinary proof.
  23. Concerning hacks/ cheaters with vid

    Please refrain from doom and gloom. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.
  24. Shader Model 5 required

    Hrmmm... wasn't there a shift to Unity 5 lately? I suspect that could be the reason behind the difference. GTX 260 seems like the weak link though. Isn't that card 10 years old? Any chance you can get a cheap 760 online or something? (Keep in mind, I'm just a volunteer spitballing. The pros I suspect are on holiday.)
  25. Shader Model 5 required

    A good start to this is always, "What sort of hardware do you have?" So, more specifically, what sort of video card do you have, and do you know if the drivers are up to date?