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  1. Powderhorn

    Flags Flags Flags

    Oh, and from the War of 1812 section, we cannot forget the Revenue Service, which saw a lot of victories in the beginnings of the US:
  2. Powderhorn

    Flags Flags Flags

    For the United States, some other interesting flags would be those of the respective Naval Militias that had flags: http://www.loeser.us/flags/revolution.html New York Naval Ensign, 1775
  3. Powderhorn

    Holy Grail of Shipwrecks

    The question, of course, is who owns it? The finders aren't interested. Arguably it goes to Spain...?
  4. Powderhorn

    unable to login

    Apologies you're having some issues with the game client, and apologies it's taken me this long to help you out. Hethwill's post from the other day very cleanly describes my first recommendation, with pictures. So, assuming he doesn't mind, I'm going to blatantly plagiarize him. Please confirm this is the same on your own steam client Also please do Verify Integrity of Game Files Try again and report results. Thanks.
  5. Powderhorn

    World Cup (annual event)

    I could likely do some of the volunteer-work, particularly Sundays & Mondays.
  6. Powderhorn

    Fleet ships getting a free teleport.

    Only if there is an enemy still to fight. Some will try to work around that with false "enemies," but a balance must be struck. If a fleet ship escapes combat, it is presumed to have escaped.
  7. Powderhorn

    Fleet ships getting a free teleport.

    What if friendly fire were disabled AFTER "Battle Over" appeared? Seems it would resolve the issue without breaking anything else.
  8. Powderhorn

    Patch 24: Properly depowering your staysails

    I'd actually be in favor of not seeing the enemy ship stats at all. Just have to eyeball it with experience.
  9. Powderhorn

    Let's see how 400 players look in NA world

    There are no such things as "trash woods." Only woods that are not fully appreciated for their various characteristics.
  10. Powderhorn

    Let's see how 400 players look in NA world

    I personally think that exceptional quality ships should not be able to be made in uncapturable ports. All those dockworkers must be exhausted! (And it forces crafters who want to be the best to actually have some skin in the game, ie - risk)
  11. Regarding ship ID: Just because Wally and his wife's second cousin saw the Acheron out of water doesn't mean that every ship could ID another from sight. The French fought, I believe it was the Constellation during the Quasi-War and thought she was a fifty gunner, just because of the rate of fire!
  12. People forget that mission spawn distance already is closer in the lower rank you are. No more rear admirals cancelling missions over and over so they can grind first rates in peace. Three a day is plenty for a casual player, who might only DO three missions in a day.
  13. Powderhorn

    Banned From Chat.

    The appropriate place to seek clarification on chat bans is here.
  14. Powderhorn

    New Musket upgrade?

    Can get a kit made by The Rifle Shoppe. $500 would get it nicely assembled by a builder. http://www.therifleshoppe.com/catalog_pages/english_arms/(789).htm
  15. Powderhorn

    New Musket upgrade?

    I recently advocated for depleted uranium frizzens, but alas, they were not implemented :'( https://www.orau.org/ptp/collection/consumer products/dufrizzen.htm