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  1. UGCW Feedback v1.0+

    Oblique Control is the thing I always needed, but never seemed to have, in any game. I hope that this becomes industry standard.
  2. Notification when player ragequits or DCs

    Unless something changed without me noticing, AI never "takes over" for a player vessel.
  3. I'd be interested to see only 6th & 7th rates allowed in cross-faction ports... and only can enter during the night cycle of the game.
  4. Wise counsel. I would strongly encourage this idea added into the plan as written. However, this would cause multi-national War Companies an issue.
  5. While discussing taxes, it should also be considered to include exponential taxes on port holders for maintenance. Own one region? 10,000 gold a day. Own ten regions? 1,000,000 gold a day. Otherwise they cast off their war company. Would go a long way to prevent hegemonies.
  6. Nations as a whole will form War Companies, I expect. So all of France will likely be "Napoleon's Guards." Until a rogue clan tries to take over. This allows nations to deal with their own issues. Further, you could have, in the case of Spain on Global, a War Company from the Dutch taxing them at 25%, but then a Swedish War Company coming in and offering to tax it at 5%. There are a lot of intricacies that have yet to be realized.
  7. (Also, this opens the door for regional improvements by a War Company)
  8. I think this is the best of current solutions on the table. I would echo Slamz above, and suggest a war company is joined in addition to a clan, so that one might be in Clan ROVER or clan PURGE but also be in War Company "Napoleon's Guards" (for example)
  9. Forum actions and game actions can bleed into each other. There is certainly no hard line between the two for players, as the game often continues between both mediums. Issues in one can have impacts in another. As this is virgin territory (as far as I know), it must be looked at by Ink or Admin.
  10. National Diplomacy forum

    Coming at it from a moderator's standpoint: What you propose, and who you propose to include, typically involves the vast majority of the reports I have to handle. It is not the small clans that bring the egos into play. It is not the individual players. It is the large clans, and particularly the large clan leaders that seem to have a "chip on their shoulder."
  11. Permanent upgrade removal option?

    You have the makings of a nasty Q Ship. Depending on your server, I'll be happy to take it off your hands
  12. Combat news channel added allowing you to see whats going on in pvp right now What's that?
  13. False accusation

    It is unacceptable to make frivolous Tribunal posts, wasting vontunteers' time, on a Sunday no less, to try to "make a point." If you wish to have a discussion about how Tribunals are done, make the thread. Do not try to play mind games.
  14. You have some books to add to your collection
  15. The alt question is still under investigation. It might be an alt to alter the port battle, it might not be. I won't know until Ink concludes the investigation.