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  1. Very easy, actually - sail with a friend.
  2. Is this an unacceptable exploit?

    I'm just spitballing here. But the problem is people hide in the fight until it is safe for them to leave. Gunboats carry... what... a 24lb bow chaser? And some sort of stern carronade, if memory serves. It seems it would be less profitable to hide in a fight if 24 gunboats (24x24lb guns), came out to smash you up a bit. If nothing else, you'd have to run, which would throw off the timing of your escape. Or you'd take some damage, and need to use up some repairs.
  3. Is this an unacceptable exploit?

    What if, around port battle zones, fleets of AI Gunboats would come out to defend the port? I wonder if that would help do something about hiding in a battle? It'd at least get that model back in use...
  4. Battle Sails, another suggestion.

    I don't know enough about the sailing requirements for Battle Sails. It sounds right, but, @maturin would be able to answer more intelligently on that. I think there might be something about an increased turn rate under battle sails? Or maybe it was proposed and never implemented? Hard to keep track of what was, what is, and what has merely been proposed over the last few years (at least for me).
  5. Eliminate small ship griefing

  6. And there are likely input / output logs to support it. I honestly wouldn't be worried.
  7. I am not a part of any of the investigations or the metrics for what constituted farming, however, I would suggest something like this: Sink a player once, good on you. Sink a player twice, bad on him. Sink a player thrice, something might be afoot. I highly doubt that any warnings or asset seizures were unwarranted.
  8. Very happy to see this. Hope it's not pulling too much away from development to hunt down these malefactors.
  9. A clear warning to the french and dutch

    So, I'm skimming through, and not seeing cause for warnings, or anything like that. However - We have the "Suggestions" section for suggestions. We have the Clubs section for mud flinging. Where does this leave National News? There aren't formal rules in place for National News, codifying it as an RP section. (Some are written, but we have not found it pressing to publish and implement them.) However, when I look at the subforum, and its subforums, just scanning the topic titles, it is clear to me that the community actually desires the National News subforum as an RP haven. With that in mind, and with the existence of forum clubs in mind, I simply request, for now, that you all respect the desires of your co-players and keep this to an RP section. Similarly, your own threads to be respected. I do not want to nag admin about changing how we handle National News, so he can focus on developing the game.
  10. A clear warning to the french and dutch

    17 hours and 11 pages of stuff. Tons of reports to sort through at some point in the future. Remember, if you want to fling mud and be schmucks to each other, you have the clubs specifically for that.
  11. PVP Mark abuse solution

    My main concern with PvP marks rewards is that there isn't a hard negative to them. 6% OW speed is a solid chunk, with no detriment. As far as farming goes... I'd argue for something that checks to see if one account is sinking another account repeatedly. If it gets flagged, hard reset of everything that account has ever had. Come down like the Wrath of God.
  12. PVP Rewards

    Arguably, no rewards beyond XP and Money should be given in protected zones. (My opinion only.)
  13. Please only provide feedback from real port battles that you participated in under the new BR Capped mechanic.
  14. You don't even need to do anything that complicated. Simply strip names of vessels from the OW, and list them by rate. "Captain Player in a 5th Rate." "Lieutenant Player in a 7th Rate." "Admiral Player in a 1st Rate." Even traders listed only by rate, so an LGV would simply be, "Captain Player in a 5th Rate," a Trader's Lynx would simply read, "Lieutenant Player in a 7th Rate." Make players have the onus of identifying ships at sea. And if paints are represented on the OW (I cannot recall myself, having not had a paint in some time), players will come up with their own ways to misdirect.
  15. Who's Your Favorite General?

    Buford. I'm not one much for Cavalrymen, but, allow me to just snip some things from his Wiki page: And, let us not forget that it was Buford who picked Gettysburg, held on with dismounted cavalry long enough to get reinforced, and, I would argue, won the day (and set the stage for winning the battle). I think he would be much more celebrated had he lived long enough to live out the war.