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  1. Forged papers testimonials/reviews

    "Redanians hold all the fords ´cross the Pontar. Can´t get through without one of these." - Shady merchantman
  2. Caribbean Invasion News

  3. Caribbean Invasion News

    Some guys would have to look up the term "power rp" first though.
  4. Caribbean Invasion News

    After a week of...lets call it bullshittery™...we have a good, clean battle and both sides go: "Yeah, man! That was fun, GG WP." ...and then there´s this guy. @Graf Bernadotte, you never cease to amaze me.
  5. European clans setting US timers & ethical gameplay

    I think we need a mediator for this. And it needs to be a good one, when you´re looking at all these assumptions, superficial knowledge, finger-pointing all over the place, general douchebaggery and whatnot. The way our (RvR)community (as a whole) is goading each other over the course of the last week(s)...its just #sad.
  6. Naval Action Meme collection

    The regular ("chaotic good", if you like) RvR-player reading the forums after the recent events:
  7. Join Sweden for free Pretzels!

    My apologies, i´m clearly not that smart.
  8. Swedish call to arms

    Which Way to the Front?
  9. Star Citizen

    Aye - pretty awesome IF it wasn´t for the low fps you get at the moment. Makes it unplayable at times, but overall it´s beginning to feel more like a game rather than a tech-demo.
  10. Fragen zum Spiel

    Irgendwie muss ja das Geld reinkommen, um mir deine repair-Preise in Jeremie leisten zu können
  11. Fragen zum Spiel

    Du musst auf einem Handelsschiff sitzen und, bevor du los segelst, in einem freundlichen/neutralen Hafen die "smugler flag" aktivieren (neben dem "sail"-button). Um den Auftrag abzuschliessen, im Zielhafen unter "missions" wieder auf "delivery order" gehen.
  12. [PVP EU] battle results

    I´m fairly sure he already installed Albion.