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  1. 4. Unstable situations might be added (having a ship with large yard power but using it irresponsibly can result in capsizing of the boat). MRW I see everybody around me capsizing.
  2. Regarding port battles

    Number 1 increases open world hunting. The immediate port battle will lead to increased open world travel and you know where to expect enemys.
  3. Why does the Bucentaure have such a good turn rate for it's length?
  4. Naval Action Meme collection

  5. An Argument For Dismasting

    Use your rudder for example.
  6. My NA Legends Wish List

    Can we have snowy weather for Christmas?
  7. Bring back multiple durability

    Removing mods and giving us more options in crafting is worth trying, actually it's the best idea in ages. If done right this could motivate players to sail out of the safe zone and fight again.
  8. Naval Action Meme collection

  9. Teambalancing

    Also it seems you base the matchmaking of the biggest ship in the group which really sucks. You force everyone to take the same ship and that will lead to clonewars all over again. Why can't we have 2 players in lineships and 3 in frigates for example? Diversity will be key for this game, pls don't make it so tedious like the old port battles. As a solution to this, count the BR of the group and give it a multiplier in favor of the enemy team. This way we can have mixed fleets and challenging fights (which I love btw).
  10. Teambalancing

    Bigger groups are broken atm. 4 and higher are hopelessly outnumbered outgunned. Not fun.
  11. Surrender without losing your ship

    If you surrender you save your crew. It's not just a fast way to skip the battle.
  12. Good night, sweet prince ( OW NA )

    Are these all players?
  13. limited ammunition

    What if we limit it like double shot/charge and ammunition refresh after every battle by it's own. Like limit chain and grape shot to 10 broadsides for example, normal round shot should stay unlimited.
  14. Graphics stuttering

    The stuttering was driving me nuts. Then I realized it appeared because I had my internet browser running in the background usually with a video on Youtube. When only Naval Action was running the stuttering disappeared. I'm not sure if this will help you because I never had any fps drops like you but I thought I throw my 2 cents in.