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  1. Pada

    Santa Cecilia vs Constitution Refit

    Compared to the current 4 year old model yes. Maybe you change your mind when the "real" Connie is in game. I'm super hyped, was waiting so long for a reskin of Old Ironsides.
  2. Omg do i see a new Connie model there?
  3. Pada

    Pain Scale (Let's have some fun)

    For me it's crafting. Game was way more fun before we had crafting. Haven't had to worry about losing stuff cause you could capture anything from open world.
  4. Pada

    Naval Action Meme collection

  5. Sry but longer open timers are not realistic at all. On the open world travel speed is much faster than inside the battle. Instant closed battles is the most realistic we can get.
  6. Pada

    About 'Skill Book' (I'm Newbie)

    I answered your questions with red text.
  7. Pada

    Naval Action Meme collection

  8. Pada

    getting the exclusive ships in another way

    Will everyone see that event or is it only for you?
  9. Pada

    Reinforcement fleets: feedback

    There are OW fleets that require a group. Nothing holds you back to get some people together and hunt that big fleet you always see sailing by.
  10. Pada

    Future Additions after Main Core completed

    Please keep sails clean. You can do with flags what you want but leave sails how they are now.
  11. Pada

    Naval Action Meme collection

  12. Pada

    Waiting for E3?

    I'm only interested in Mount&blade II Bannerlord.
  13. Pada

    Chain shot feedback

    I like limited chain. But the damage at close range and drop off at large distance is too big imo. It deffinitly helps in smaller or even battles. Ganks are the same as before. So good change overall, some minor tweaks would make it great.
  14. Pada

    Renommée Commanders Wanted!!

    Thank you for sharing, looks interesting. We have the same taste in ships. The Reno used to be my main ship in game.
  15. Gives you a better tagging chance for targets far away. Also in notice it again and again that when using random you get more reload shocks on enemy. Maybe because you deal more damage in shorter time idk. And it looks cool and is nostalgic, there was a time where we only had random fire.