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  1. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    Prater made a beautiful map too. I'm still using it when i play. @George Washington There is also a install tutorial on his channel.
  2. Is this okay?

    Sorry I forgot, what are fast frigates good for again?
  3. Belle Poule vs Pirate Frigate

    Even two equally skilled captains can make mistakes. And a mistake is much more meaningful then if one has 5% more loading speed or whatever module you using.
  4. Belle Poule vs Pirate Frigate

    In the end Ships, stats, wood type and modules mean nothing. It all comes down to the captain behind the wheel. The mistakes you make in battle is what kills you the most. But if i had to pick one I would go for the Belle Poule. Edit: Teak/Teak and everything that buffs turning speed.
  5. Port Battles with limited BR

  6. Renommee, turn rate is everything.
  7. No worries Tommy, I'll share my NA Legends code with you.
  8. I Wish

    Insta close battles and bring signaling back.
  9. Hurricane Irma

    It is a monster indeed. Puerto Rico is about to get hit. Hope you all get through this well!
  10. Why did players leave?

    49 parts Sailing, 1 part fighting.
  11. Matchmaking in Legends

    Of course you can't apply the rewards from Naval Actions open world to a arena game with actual matchmaking. I'm sure we will find a way that gives everyone rewards for the actions he has done. We already had a system that gave us xp from the damage done to hull sails and crew. We could also give more xp if you damage higher rated ships and less xp for lower tier. You would get tons of rewards for killing crew of a SoL when you are in a lower tier ship. And if a frigate is so stupid to sit right next to a lineship then yes he would sink fast. But that's his own fault if he gets himself in such a situation.
  12. Matchmaking in Legends

    Nah there is no problem. As a frigate captain you have enough things to do and you are not supposed to linefight SOL's, that's the job of your team's lineships. As a frigate you are giving cover to the rear lineship, go after other frigates and swing in for rakes on enemy lineships. That's the best thing in this game that actually works, every ship has it's role. Don't know if you were around in sea trials but i can remember that most of the times you got ignored by lineships when you were not right next to them. We just need to test it and I think it will work perfectly.
  13. Matchmaking in Legends

    Prefer mixed fleets for sure. If we lock it to tiers we just gonna see a clone wars again everyone will pick the best ship of the tier and it will be just like now in port battles.
  14. Perk reset

    Yes that's how it was after they made it free. I'm talking about the system before that. Resetting costed a few levels when officers was introduced first.