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  1. Because players avoid each other rather than sailing out and looking for fights. I'm one of the players that would die for a good pvp battle a day but I just can't find them and i don't want to waste 4 hours just to gank some people, so I stopped playing for now.
  2. Which nation to join on Euro?

    Nice where is that? Please don't say at their capitol.
  3. Which nation to join on Euro?

    Fixed it for you...
  4. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    Have the same video card and this happened to me as well. F11 was sent.
  5. Make Repairs x4 more effective on the OW

    Have not played in some time but I can remember in the short time I played after wipe, when one side was damaged 20% it used up almost all my repairs and forced me back to outpost which was 20 min away. My motivation to sail back was nearly 0 when I arrived at the outpots.
  6. Thanks for the news! Really like that you add randomized battles. That would have be the only thing i miss from the open world.
  7. Why do people think that forever open battles is a good idea? It only leads to chaos and frustration. I really don't get this.
  8. Balancing gank vs. revenge

    Bring back signaling perk that allows entry of 1.3 or 1.5 times the BR for the inferior side. With this you can help and can get more ships in the battle then the attackers if they gank. Even or slightly uneven fights are the best thing about this game. With 1.3 or 1.5 times the BR all can have a nice fight that is not unfair for anyone. Good players still can defend themselves and win or escape or you die fighting. Everything is better then get crushed by a fleet you can't see waiting outside ready for you to come out. Revenge fleeting is just lame for all sides and it has to stop.
  9. So kann's nicht bleiben

    Die meisten, wenn nicht alle, die ein Problem mit der momentanen Spielmechanik haben waren nie auf der anderen Seite. Revenge fleets sind das unfairste was es gibt im Spiel. Sie machen von chat und der schnelleren OW Geschwindigkeit gebrauch was man auch als "Science Fiction" bezeichnen kann. Also ist es nur gerecht das die PvP Spieler einen Vorteil nach einer Schlacht bekommt, wenn man sich schon nicht mehr ausloggen kann. Gegankt zu werden nur weil man aktiv nach PvP auf einem PvP Server sucht ist einfach nur BS. Mit den anfängern stimm ich dir aber zu. Warum die Dev's die rookie zone rausnahmen verstehe ich nicht. Das war meiner Meinung nach eine gute idee wie man Anfänger von den anderen trennen konnte.
  10. It's Time to Merge the Servers!!

    Let us bring together what belongs together.
  11. The current ROE is a huge middle finger to all that seek out for some PvP on the open world. The risk is way to high for the little fun you get and the countless hours you waste finding that fun. Just going to wait for Legends because I lost all hope in the OW Naval Action.
  12. When PVE takes over PVP, analyzing the causes

    Make the mission spawn far away from port, how it was at steam launch. And remove the ability to delete them at the port you accepted them.
  13. I expect a new Connie model.
  14. Chain shot

    Yes, limiting the amount of shots for chain is the best way to stop the chain spam.